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Venusian Reviews 2015

Mercury enters Libra today, August 27th until November 1st 2015, making an extra long transit through this sign due to Mercury’s Retrograde motion from September 17th to October 9th. During this time we have the challenges of relating, listening and responding, rather than debating, reacting, and sabotaging in various ways. Since most people who are aware of Mercury Retrograde tend to look for or predominantly notice its negative occurrences I suggest considering an alternate view. Sometimes what is lost is found, who is sick becomes healed, what is malfunctioning becomes fixed or more likely replaced. If there’s an area you’ve been stuck in, it could be that you suddenly break free.

With Mercury in Libra, it becomes important for more of us to get our priorities straight. If vacillation or uncertainty has already been an issue somewhere in your life, you may discover the ability to finally decide and act. In some cases, injustices will be reviewed, and justices will be served.  Since Mercury will be going Retrograde it may be that ideas must gathered and plans thoroughly laid before they are acted upon. Some of them might have changed altogether by mid-October.

Meanwhile Libra’s ruling planet Venus is in the last phase of her Retrograde motion thrsun-goddess-7-2ough Leo and the consciousness of the divine feminine is rising to the occasion. She goes Direct on September 6th, having been moving backward since July 25th. Venus entered Leo on June 5th and will complete her transit in this sign by October 8th. Currently joined with Mars and forming a grand trine with Uranus and Vesta in Aries and Pallas Athene in Sagittarius, she is highlighting the fiery feminine qualities associated with the Sun, which has not always been a masculine symbol.

With the Full Moon in Pisces on the 29th and Saturn in its last degrees of Scorpio, there are many endings of an emotional nature that are taking place. Whether experienced perhaps as cathartic, traumatic, or ecstatic, closure is being brought to issues that have long been present – a major chapter is over and we now pause and prepare to turn the page for another. The Sun’s conjunction to Jupiter in Virgo expands the capacity for understanding and healing, particularly in relation to the physical body and medicines of the earth.

On September 17th Mercury goes Retrograde at 16 degrees of Libra between two eclipses, while Saturn reenters Sagittarius for the next two years. This happens right before the Autumn Equinox when the Sun enters Libra on the 23rd, which should be quite a dandy this year on so many levels. Pluto, lord of the underworld goes Direct on the 24th, after being Retrograde since April 16th. Retrograde Mercury forms a square to Pluto and Mars enters Virgo, squaring Saturn that same day. I’ve heard that basically all hell will break loose around this time, but if we know what we’re dealing with here it can be a lot more fun for us to navigate.

With Pluto Retrograde for the past six months we’ve been releasing something or someone significant in our life; the way that we relate to it or them has either been destroyed or has radically changed, whether we have been conscious participants of this change or fighting it tooth and nail. On a massive level, the world has been receiving a serious reality check in regards to broken infrastructures and business ethics (Pluto in Capricorn). For some people this literally means an identity crisis will finally be coming to a head, blown up so big it must be faced once and for all. The hardest person to love and forgive is often oneself. Afterward a new sense of self will emerge. By the time we made our way out of the thick of so much Retrogradation in early October, what we have left behind and how we have grown from releasing the past will become much more apparent. We will be able to integrate what we have learned and received from our experiences and to move forward with deeper wisdom than before.

If we can hang tight throughout the rest of this year’s push-and-pull planetary alignments and highly volatile transits we might just have some things to celebrate by winter.

Destiny Card Playlists

A month ago I started making playlists themed around the 53 Cards of Destiny, including the Joker. For those unfamiliar with these terms, the Destiny Cards are the same cards used as game playing cards, but with the original intention of the cards observed and expressed. These meaning of the cards are derived from an ancient esoteric system that incorporates astrology, numerology, and the shapes and symbols contained in the cards.

Each of us has a Birth Card, indicating the traits, gifts and challenges we were born with and some birthdays share the same card. Although the overall qualities remain intact, each of these days the card will express itself in a unique manner, according to calendar and astrological factors.


One of the most widely known authors and experts on the subject of the cards is Robert Camp. On his website 7thunders you can get free card readings, based on your birth date. One of my favorite authors on the subject is Sharon Jeffers, and you can listen to an interview I did with her awhile back here. Sharon’s website is starofthemagi and she also frequently posts the card of the day on her facebook page Cards of Destiny.

My first playlist was created for the King of Hearts on July 28th, and now on August 26 it is again a King of Hearts day. It seemed a perfect time to begin such a project, since the King of Hearts has rulership of all things related to love, creative expression, and music. With Venus Retrograde in Leo it’s been fun and funny flipping through so many oldies, although not all songs in the lists are very old.

King of Hearts Birthdays: 6/30 (Cancer), 7/28 (Leo), 8/26 (Virgo), 9/24 (Libra), 10/22 (Libra), 11/20 (Scorpio), 12/18 (Sagittarius). A person born on a KH day is often a powerful leader of some sort, a proud and honorable parent, a prolific artist or musician, and quite headstrong in their relationships. On a King of Hearts day the power of love is both a lesson and a blessing. Beauty and artistic expression is important, as is compassion for those less fortunate.

The playlists I’ve been creating are mainly a fun way for me to become more aware of the qualities of each card and share them with others. I don’t always “love” the songs I choose but certain ones just seem to work perfectly for the overall theme of the card. In many instances it will be obvious why I chose certain songs, but sometimes one will have to dig a bit deeper for the symbology :P

Here is my playlist so far, for the King of Hearts:

I will announce when all 53 have been created but feel free to check my Youtube channel periodically to see the new playlists being added.

Full Moon in Pisces 8-29-15

The Full Moon at 6 of degrees Pisces is conjunct its ruling planet Neptune, heightening moods, dreams and strange impulses. It is stirring memories and longings that have been safely tucked away in the depths of our souls, bringing up sensations similar to those experienced in a psychedelic trip that many will recognize whether they have tripped or not in their current lifetime.

We are invited to surrender our egocentric orientation to the universe and step into a sacred abode in the sea of stars, an astral temple if you will, that reflects our holographic and microcosmic interpretations of the infinitely stretching unified field.

Since April of 2011, Neptune has been transiting Pisces where it will travel until 2026. This highly sensitizing transit indicates a dramatic shift in the consciousness of life on planet Earth that will have served to dissolve thick barriers and open even the most tightly shut 3rd eyes, clearing away very deep, dark karmic imprints to make way for a new wave of future generations. This work is being highlighted now.

The Sun opposite of the Moon is joined with Jupiter in Virgo which magnifies the already full effects of encounters and connections made during the days leading up to this one. There is equal potential for good fortune or wastefulness to occur with Jupiter so closely involved. Broad spectrum healing and insights may be more readily accessed through the intangible channels of Neptune.

The “mean” position of the Black Moon Lilith zero degrees of Libra, having just entered this sign on August 25th. There are many ways to interpret the BML spot, and I consider the mystery of this placement to be part of the nature of her influence. Together with the North Node and Mercury in partnership-focused Libra, there is great emphasis on communicating with as much raw truth as with tact at this time, which can be extra tricky business.

Venus and Mars are paired up in Leo forming a grand trine to the major goddess asteroids Pallas Athene in Sagittarius and Vesta in Aries. This dynamic aspect combines the qualities of courage, inspiration, fiery passion and alchemical union of opposites that we may either choose to apply creatively toward some purpose or to ignore.

The Full Moon in Pisces is conjunct the fixed star Deneb Adige – Arabic term for “Tail of the Swan”, enhancing the very Neptunian theme of dreams, visions, and connection to spirit guides. With who or what do you wish to connect at this time? How closely do you currently align with your visions for manifestation?

“The sky is no longer the limit”, to quote Nixon …if the sky ever was.

Here is a glimpse of the heavens through the beautiful temple I recently visited at Isis Oasis in Geyserville, California:


Hexagon hits the streets!

Happy to announce that I helped “birth” Hexagon astrology magazine into the world on August 19th 2015 at exactly 11:59 AM in Sebastopol, California!

Two articles by me have been included in the premier issue – 7 Ways to Defend Yourself Against Psychic Vampires (title featured on the front cover) and Saturn in Sagittarius & the Search for Truth

The magazine pages contain a great deal of helpful and heartfelt information bound to push buttons and get people thinking and speaking in new ways.

“This is one smoking hot publication…”

“Cages are going to be rattled”- Willow’s Web Astrology

You can order a copy of this magazine here

Black Moon Lilith transiting Libra 2015-2016

The Black Moon Lilith is nearing the end of her transit through Virgo and preparing to enter Libra on August 25, 2015 until May 21, 2016. BML is not a planet or even a comet, asteroid or any other physical object. The geometrical point of the Black Moon is basically the shadow or apogee of the Moon’s orbit around the Earth – the place where it is farthest away from Earth.

Adam & Eve by Hugo Van Der

Adam & Eve by Hugo Van Der

Because the Black Moon Lilith represents the Dark Goddess, Eve as an outcast of creation, temptress and sinner, she indicates where and how we, whether man, child, or woman, express the feminine aspects of rage, guilt, fear, envy, lust and revenge. Her powers are formidable and unpredictable, as she holds the keys to both creation and destruction. She is both the serpent on the Tree of Life offering wisdom, and the innocence of Eve destroyed. Insatiable succubus, bride of Satan, and Queen of the Faeries, the Black Moon Lilith has become to us as an untamable monster that man has created out of his own greed, terror, and self-denial – a sort of female Frankenstein of the Otherworld.

Since November 27, 2014, the Black Moon Lilith has been transiting the unassuming, yet highly hygienic sign of Virgo, where we’ve struggled as much with the fear of disease as with death by doctors. Although the influence of BML often goes quiet and undetected as an owl in the night, those who are sensitive and aware sense her presence in no uncertain terms. They might not be able to put a finger on it, or they might not know to call her by name, but they know nonetheless that there is something strange slithering through the consciousness of the masses. Several holistic doctors have vanished and been killed during the past couple of months, and an pandemic of vaccines have been forced upon wider pockets of civilization. We’ve seen many fatal mistakes made in the field of medicine during this transit. We’ve also seen or experienced an overall obsession with work ethics and trying so hard to get things right, with effects particularly noticed by those with planets in Virgo.

Although those who have planets in Libra might be especially affected by BML’s transit through this sign, we are going to see a significant shift with regard to interpersonal relationships on a very wide scale. All those “iffy” connections, whether they are on romantic, familial, or business levels will be coming to a head. We may be confronted with our indecision and fears around commitment or betrayal and will need to exercise complete honesty first and foremost with ourselves, secondly with those we are closely dealing with – unless of course there is some life-or-death situation or one that calls for a protective cover-up. With the Pluto-Uranus square aftermath, aspects from the North Node in Libra, and ample Retrograde action, we’ve encountered many explosive episodes over the past year with legal abuse, racial discrimination, and threats of martial law. With the Black Moon Lilith in Libra the war of wits will be full-on.

Unless the masses wake up and recognize that the destruction of life and the violation of natural law on this planet has been deliberate and is no accident, humanity does not stand a chance of survival.

Sloppy policies should be avoided at all costs during this transit. We should be alert to intrigues and not make any promises that we don’t intend to keep – false ones will quickly backfire. Injustices will continue to be witnessed by the public because that’s what we’re being fed by the media, but more individuals will need to stand up and fight whether they feel supported by a team or not. On the mental plane, more of us will need to just say NO to bullshit. Forgive my lack of Libran tact for a moment but there is no protection in pretending things are OK when they’re on a downward spiral to hell.

lilithAll that being said, there is sweet magic and beauty that can be experienced with the Black Moon Lilith when we are attuned to her energies in an open, unbiased way. It could be that relationships that have already been on the rocks for a long time finally break or begin to heal during Her transit through Libra. BML in this sign deeply intensifies bonds, sexual and otherwise but challenges us to find balance and fairness in our interactions. Libra represents the other person and the feedback that we receive from those around us, so it will be interesting to see how both our sense of self and connectedness to others in all of this becomes illuminated throughout this time.

Upbeat Times Horoscopes – August 2015

Upbeat Times August 2015website

Celebrating 4 years of writing for Sonoma County’s Upbeat Times!

Here are the horoscopes as seen on page 31 of the current issue:

Aries (March 20th – April 20th)

This month you’re likely to be on fire, fired up, or feeling quite high. While things are mostly going well, family members might push your buttons in some way, and it could be tricky to not blow your top. If you’re not falling in love or somehow seeking elevation from mundane or cumbersome circumstances you should reassess the importance of what you’re doing. Reach deep inside for the realness and rawness that sets you on course with dynamic experiences that make your heart sing.

Taurus (April 20th – May 21st)

A stabilization of finances and long term or large scale projects is occurring for you now. Although it might seem as though there is a lot of pressure on you to perform or produce certain results, your energy is high and you will probably exceed the expectations of others as well as yourself. You can also expect a few happy upgrades to your home life or family circle this month, as there will be a lot of stirring and blossoming in these areas. You’re the life of the party!

Gemini (May 21st – June 21st)

This month certain rare opportunities will present themselves that you won’t want to miss. At the same time you are challenged to remain in your integrity, take care of your health, and not just take whatever sounds good. You are quite motivated toward making adjustments now that you would normally resist, especially around home life. It is actually more inspiration that finds you ready to leave a rut, drop a habit, or exit comfort zone that no longer fits who you are becoming.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)          

Things are looking good in the financial department for you Cancer! Your popularity is expanding which might also bringing in more cash flow as well. It might be tempting to spend big. Later month you could be teaching, speaking, or just sharing more of yourself with the world in general without being covered in your protective shell. You could be deeply considering a spiritual journey of some sort, whether this takes the form of inner or outer travels.

Leo (July 22st – August 23rd)

This is a very magical month for you, not only due to your annual solar return but there is a strong and clustered planetary focus in your sign. Things might not all come easily but they will show their worth, as your own work and efforts will be appreciated by others. The powerful energy available to you now enables you to break down barriers and overcome obstacles that could have or would have otherwise taken years. Shine bright and show your best qualities to the world.

Virgo (August 23rd – September 23 rd)

Opportunities are appearing in your life to make some very large changes that may seem daunting but would ultimately be for the better. It is time to make decisions based on what you truly need and want rather than what you think is proper or how you feel obligated to act on others’ behalf. There could be a relationship on the brink of ending or at least a pattern of relating to that person that must shift. Speak clearly but without hostility. The “ball” is in your court.

Libra (September 23rd – October 23rd)

A lot of your recent ideas, dreams and visions may seem too delicate yet to share with others and you would be wise to save a few of them for autumn. Some of your long held wishes are beginning to come true. You may be surrounded with friends and may find it the perfect month to attend business lectures, workshops, or to organize gatherings with like-minded others. This is a key time for either the making or breaking of joint investments, depending on the matching up of values.

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 22nd)

It might seem that you’re suddenly on the spot, expected to perform a certain way because people are depending on you, looking up to you, and admiring you in ways that are possibly more intimidating than flattering. You are rising to new heights in your career or social circles! The spotlight comes with its own set of responsibilities but you are well equipped to handle what life brings your way. Is it time to delegate some of this responsibility to someone else,  or hire a secretary?

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

Not only will you find extra room to breathe but a probable break from confinements within work or living spaces of the indoors. The great outdoors beckons you to take a leap into the unknown with total faith that you will find safe landing. If you have been absorbed in the toils and troubles of necessity, you can anticipate a reunion with the loves in your life – and a return back home to yourself. Late August and early September brings success and recognition of your achievements.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

Your love life may be intense or complicated this month but that should not stop you from pursuing meaningful ventures and deepening the commitments you have in work and business. If anything your work will help you to keep your mind and self out of trouble by giving you something positive to focus and let other areas sort themselves out. It would be a great month for thrift shopping, antique hunting, and selling used items. Remember the moderation in all things.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

A relationship is sizzling hot and has you dancing, daydreaming, and maybe at some point considering deeper a bond of commitment to officiate your love. On the other hand this bursting energy of hotness could manifest in the way of business partnerships and endeavors taking shape that you’ve waited for or tried pushing into motion for a couple of years. Now everything you need to succeed or move forward is here, and the monetary flow is increasing.

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th

You might be considering a relocation, a refurnishing or a total makeover for your personal rejuvenation and beautification. In some ways you seem unsettled and unsure, while in others you are freer than ever. It is the time to seek out and experience new or unusual forms of healing, particularly those that incorporate sound and light. A love relationship could develop with someone you work with or even for. Then again, you might just decide to hit the road.


New Moon in Leo 8-14-15

Lion-cubs-image-lion-cubs-36139610-1920-1200Love is the flavor of the week and of the New Moon 21 degrees of Leo on August 14th. Whether falling in or out of love, there is an expansiveness of heart and soul that moves us to the next level. And whether a love affair with another or a love affair with life, there is so much passion and energy behind each action and sensation that everything may seem brighter, more inspiring, and more worthwhile than ever before.

The New Moon is conjunct Venus as well as Eros, the asteroid named after Venus Aphrodite’s son. This fiery stellium signals an exaltation of all forms of love, affection, and sensuality and it heightens them to the nth degree. Just to make sure we got the drift, Jupiter paired up with Cupido – another of the 4 great Love Asteroids during his entrance into Virgo on the 11th.

This is the peak phase of Venus’s Retrograde through Leo, bringing many happy returns in love, creativity, money, and all the good stuff that makes the world go around. Certain things we thought were lost are now showing up in better condition than we left them. Other things we gave up on as pointless are now proving to have been either great learning experiences or things of value in ways he hadn’t previously considered.

Mercury in Virgo opposite of Neptune in Pisces leading up to this New Moon might be making it hard to see the forest for the ocean, the trees for the seaweed. There’s a lot going on and at times like these it can get tricky to tell the difference between what’s coming and going, what’s wrong or right, who’s for or against us. A few moments turned inward can help bring clarity. Remember to breathe!

Asteroid Vesta approaching Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn indicates a great deal of conflict or fear around internal power and outward aggression, and particularly sexual power that must somehow be expressed, released or transformed so that harmful implosions or explosions do not occur. Plutonian power can destroy or heal from the inside out. If we’re consciously tuned into the currently heightened Venusian frequencies of love, we are driven not by lust and self-concern but by altruism and appreciation, automatically infusing powerful acts with love.

The New Moon forms a trine with Uranus so a few surprises are inevitable throughout the weekend…


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