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Virgo Moon Musings

The sign of Virgo, being ruled by Mercury and being a feminine, mutable earth sign pertains to things of the earth and physical body, and to their purification and preservation. While the moon transits this sign and particularly when she reaches fullness in this sign as she is doing now and March 5th, it benefits us to pay special attention to both the needs of the earth body and our own health.

Virgo is symbolized by the Virgin, or Angel that holds a sheaf of wheat. This indicates a gathering of material needs, while also maintaining a level of purity or in some cases spirituality. The greatest fulfillment in this sign is found in being of service to others. Who can we help this day or this week, with or without them knowing of our aid?

Virgo has a tendency to be self-critical and prone to perfectionism, so we should look for ways to loosen up if we are being too hard on ourselves or expecting too much from others at this time. This is the perfect time for a make-over of body, home, or land, applying such techniques as Feng Shui to improve the flow of qi in a place of work or residence.

Water is very important to this sign – to drink, cleanse with, and bathe in. Perhaps it is just stagnant energy that needs clearing from your space, and a bit of smoke from pine resin, sage, or frankincense could do the trick. Remember to hold an intention and give thanks while using any herbs.

There are mundane and mystical aspects to each sign, and for Virgo the highlights would include such activities as:

  • nursing & caregiving
  • organizing
  • purification rituals
  • green witchery & herb magic
  • tending animals
  • Feng Shui

I found it hilarious and timely that a friend sent me the following link today regarding “Fairy Control” in Somerset to bring order to a profusion of fairy and elfin homes that have been cropping up. The Feng Shui thing is not limited to humans! It of course includes homes for other animals and of course Fairies ;)

I love the work of Sally Smith who has created many elegant Fairy Houses and has photo image calendars available:


Full Moon in Virgo 2015

Now and until the end of March 5th is the perfect time for prayers, praises, chants, giving thanks, and for “random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty”, as all are being heightened in ways we can only vaguely imagine. Whatever we focus upon is being magnified on all planes of existence. If feeling lost or unsure, we have only to request assistance from our inner, wiser selves to help direct our energies in the most auspicious manners. We are finally exiting the shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde which lasted from January 21st until February 11th. A sense of lightness and clarity is emerging.

tree spiritsThe Full Moon on March 5th is at 14 degrees of Virgo, in a harmonious trine with transformative Pluto. A central theme of this moon is one of manifestation, from the realms of spirit into matter and physicality.The Virgo/Pisces axis indicate that we are seeking self-improvement and an integration of both earthly and mystical energy, but since the Full Moon occurs in Virgo we are specifically seeking a body-mind-spirit integration, and one that helps us function more efficiently on this plane. This could take the form of adopting a new health regimen, organizing a business, acquiring medical or scientific knowledge, growing herbs or making herbal medicines for examples. The Moon’s conjunction with the Black Moon Lilith suggests a profound awakening of both inner and outer senses, desires, and psychic impressions. The opposition with Neptune and Chiron further increases this misty, swirly, in some ways confounding combination of energies that indicate it is time to surrender an unhealthy version of our self and many of its outdated pains, gains, stories, traumas, and dramas…and it is time to move forward into a new life. The somewhat indirect connection to the ongoing Yod between Jupiter, Chiron and Pluto that began last year and is being repeated now continues to push our buttons and open doors to us this month that were previously closed. The North Node, Mars, Uranus, and Venus together in Aries inconjunct the Full Moon also mean that we can expect heaping in-the-face dosages of the unexpected, of course in the areas that we least expect.

This is a sacred Moon in Tibetan Buddhism, called Chotrul Duchen, and is believed that all virtuous and non-virtuous thoughts and actions are multiplied 10 million times this day. Wherever we may be it is a day and a time to rejoice in the beauty and bounty of the Earth, and if possible to contribute in some way to her preservation and flourishing…


May all beings be happy, may all beings be free <3

New Moon 29 degrees Aquarius

“It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how they are themselves” – Carl Jung

We had a New Moon at 0 degrees of Aquarius on January 20th, and this second one on February 18th occurs at the very last minute of the last of 29 degrees of this sign. It is also the second of six Supermoons this year. These details strongly suggest that we have reached a significant completion and are not only on the brink of a new year (Chinese new year of the goat begins the following day), but also of a new and profound realization, and in many ways a new life. At the border between the airy realm of intellect and the watery depths of emotion, this New Moon beckons us to move forward from wherever we may have been stuck, struggling or on pause since the Winter Solstice in and into the next phase of our journey.


In Aquarius the emphasis the past few weeks has been on clarifying the goals, visions, desires, and innermost wishes both for ourselves and the world at large. We’ve noticed the many ways that we are alike and the particular things that make us unique. Who’s company, if any, do we keep in our darkest hours, and in our brightest? It may be time to reconnect with friends, colleagues, and team members toward specific pursuits. For many, a weeding out of what doesn’t work or fit into the picture anymore has been a central theme, and for others a dedication to what is true and what resonates has finally been made. The current New Moon is challenging our ego’s attempts to figure things out and thrusting us into the vortex of the unknown, so that as we fly, land, or swim we may trust in our hearts to lead the way.

Neptune in Pisces being closely aligned with the New Moon forms a square with Saturn in Sagittarius, presenting the opportunity to face and eradicate deeply embedded or crippling fears, illusions, and delusions. The Jupiterian energy behind this square makes also us more daring or outgoing than usual. Change will be more readily embraced by many and celebrated by those who have long hoped, prayed and worked toward this monumental moment or moments of release from limitations.

Mars and Venus together in the last degrees of Pisces indicate culminations that may bring peace and harmony into many relationships. The asteroid Eros is joined with this planetary couple, highlighting the various expressions of erotic, romantic, or spiritual love that may be present.

As the New Moon peaks amid the square between Pluto and Uranus and in the next few days to follow, a sought after solution might be found within the problem itself, an answer within the question, with the result an opening or exit formed within an enclosed space or situation of previous constraint. Whoever and wherever we may be, it has suddenly become apparent that we have come a very long way from who, what and where we have been…

February Full Moon 2015

The Full Moon on February 3rd is 14 degrees of Leo, a shining light in the dark of winter and quite memorable round of Mercury Retrograde. Conjunct with Jupiter this Full Moon comes as a saving grace just when many of us thought all our good luck had run out and we saw more of the bad headed our way. Optimism, humor, and magnanimity may surprise those who have perceived themselves as heading further into debt or darkness. The Full Moon’s sextile to the North Node in Libra and trine to Uranus and the South Node brings people back into alignment with planetary consciousness, personal meaning and vision. The inconjunct to Pluto indicates that the tense square with Uranus is not letting up, so this is not a time to throw caution to the wind. It is a time to clarify or simply remember what it is that we are purging, releasing and transforming and why. We are not here to experience one meaningless struggle after another but to evolve.

In Leo, children and creativity are highlights, so there may be themes to address around both the children in our lives and the expression of creativity, both theirs and ours. Romance is another area that Leo lights up, indicating that affairs of the heart hold a special significance at this time. Drama is a danger in this sign so be careful how things are being said and interpreted, especially since Mercury in the opposite sign, Aquarius continues to be Retrograde until the 11th.

Josephine-Wall artThere is an Inner Child that lives within us all, for some this child is painful to connect with and for others a conscious connection brings a refreshing break from monotony and the rigors of adult life. This Inner Child needs attention in order to thrive and heal from its wounds. It is this child who is now being stirred to new heights of imagination and love with the Leo Jupiter Moon, if we so allow him/her the journey and expansion to take place.

The Full Moon’s trine to Pallas Athene brings inspiration and a reconnection with intuitive faculties which may have been severely interrupted during the past couple weeks. Overall this is a favorable Full Moon, and one that could potentially invite more joy into our lives.

New Moon Aquarius 2015

There is group mind, outer mind, and inner mind. There is past, present and future. There is right, wrong, and neutrality. There is love, hate, and indifference. Somewhere they all meet up, while certain ones meet up at certain times, but they are obviously not all the same. The New Moon on January 20th highlights the ways that each of these states of being both merge and break.


As the New Moon occurs at 0 degrees of Aquarius, its ruling planet Uranus makes an exact conjunction to the South Node at 12 degrees of Aries, which is still in a square with Pluto in Capricorn. There some definite endings taking place, particularly in the social, technical and political arenas, and for many in their personal lives. With Mercury slowing down to go Retrograde in Aquarius on the 21st until February 11th the outcomes of certain situations seem impossible to predict.

During this first New Moon of 2015 we are given a glimpse of what will unfold throughout the year. It has become so clear what we need to release in order to experience renewal.  A deep evaluation of past experiences, actions and reactions can be useful but it’s time to move out of the ruts that keep us locked into the same-old, same-old.

It is as if the 6th chakra of the world is rapidly awakening, and this New Moon marks a new relationship to ourselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience. Dreams, visions, and intuition are all being heightened in ways that the current era has not yet seen. It seems scary at first to trust a dream, hunch or vision that comes as foreign, outrageous and unlike anything accepted as “normal”. It is precisely these dreams, visions and hunches that we must pay closer attention to, as we follow the threads of synchronicity and heart wisdom to guide us to more fulfilling lives.

Mercury Retrograde checklist!

I can already hear the moans of dread and protest…yep, here we go, again. As if life wasn’t hard enough with Mercury supposedly going “Direct”.

Mercury turns Retrograde one week from today – on the 21st until February 11th – now is the time to tie up important loose ends, cush up with supportive tools and provisions to help cope with the vibes of confusion and review. Get that appointment set up if need be, send out those documents, clean that car, whatever.


It can be helpful to buy or prepare special items you think you’ll need or use before Mercury actually turns Retrograde, from matches and batteries to dried foods and medicines. Here are a few suggestions but your personal needs, goals and concerns could be quite different from mine:

  • specific herbs and vitamin supplements
  • inspirational books
  • flower essences to address states of mental agitation and stress
  • crystals to wear or hold
  • a box of tissues or handkerchief for emergency crying
  • fix or replace broken items to be utilized during the next 3 weeks
  • clear up any banking or legal issues, delay important new actions until mid-Feb
  • happy music
  • sad music
  • clean blankets, lots of blankets…
  • an old or fairly new journal – pick up where left off

Hug a tree, kiss a fairy, light a candle, wish upon a star!

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

What are the lost or buried hopes, dreams and wishes that are rising to the surface in your heart and life at this time? These are the ones to pursue in the next few weeks to come. Who are the friends, allies, or spirit guides that you yearn to reconnect with? It is likely that several of them will reappear throughout January and February of 2015.

mercury_retrogradeAlthough we have already entered the pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde as of January 5th, Mercury officially turns Retrograde at 17 degrees of the sign of Aquarius on January 21st until February 11th, stationing at 1 degree of Aquarius. Beware of miscommunications and focus on reviews and repairs rather than launching new projects which are best saved for the stirrings of Spring. Highlights in Aquarius are friendships, goals, groups, intuition, and wishes. Mercury exits the post-shadow phase on March 3rd.

Because Mercury rules communication and Aquarius is an air sign ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, the typical breakdown of electronic appliances and other gadgets are to be expected during this Retrograde transit. The emphasis in air makes it less emotional and physical overall (but there are exceptions to every rule) and indicates that we are dealing more within the mental realm, where a great deal of recalibration and release is taking place. The location of Aquarius in a birth chart is the area where a person is likely to be undergoing great changes.



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