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Last Hurrahs & Wakeup Calls at the Gate of Shock in 2016

I don’t know about you, but 2016 has been pretty crazy for me so far, and that’s putting it mildly. I’m no expert at Human Design (TM) but when a friend and mentor recently explained to me that Uranus is in the Gate of Shock right now, basically shaking us out of our ruts, it was almost all I had to hear to get the drift along with the confirmation needed that I wasn’t losing my marbles or being punished by some patriarchal god. 

Uranus in Aries has been in Gate 51, the “Gate of Shock” since June of 2014, very much involved in the square with Pluto in Capricorn. It got me thinking that maybe Gate 51 is a lot like Area 51. You never know what the heck is going to show up. Whatever your recent story is, if chaos, mayhem, disturbance, and madness fit into the picture, great going – you’re right on track! A UFO landing on your house in broad daylight, perfect! If not, not to fret, please just continue to enjoy these enormous shifts or move along with ease, sharing your gifts and spreading your grace to those in need. 

that's what happened

that’s what happened

What’s happening right now is that we’re receiving some major wake-up calls from the Universe about what’s not working in our lives. Like the goddess Kali if she is invoked upon, this aspect of the Universe doesn’t care whether we’re aware of our blocks and comfortable with changes or not. It will do as it sees fit to bring hidden forces to our awareness and either usher us into a environment or a new understanding about our situation here on Earth, so that we can choose next what to do about it.

The chaos will continue until and probably even past May 16th of 2016, when Uranus moves into gate 42, the “Gate of Increase”. Assuming we’re able to gather our wits about us after all that has occurred we’ll be ready to move forward with a greater sense of confidence and security, allowing us to express more of the things and ideas that are deeply meaningful to us.

Since Uranus has a way of pushing our buttons which are unique according to our personal issues and Design, we we need to be alert to the signs and messages showing up, tapping us, tripping us or sometimes coming down hard on us like a two-by-four. Interpretation can be a project of its own.

it's like this

it’s like this

I admit, keeping cool in all of this is VERY HARD to do as a self-motivated/will-based Manifestor (my Human Design type). Year of the Monkey and I’ve been about ready to clobber somebody. But it’s just so not-me. I don’t want to hurt anybody ever! Anger is the Not-Self expression of the out-of-sync Manifestor. When I remember that this world is filled with illusions, my peace is often restored.

With multiple upgrades taking place in numerous areas of our lives, we’ll need to be adaptable and open to new concepts and experiences in 2016. If you don’t already know your type according to Human Design it might be worth looking up to see what your primary Not-Self struggle is and how you can achieve the best results by aligning with your true Self and signature during so much craziness.

  • Generators – Not-Self struggle frustration & annoyance – signature is Satisfaction
  • Manifesting Generators (a Generator sub-type) – Not-Self struggle is both frustration & anger and signature is a combination of Satisfaction and Peace
  • Manifestors – Not-Self struggles are anger and rage – signature is Peace
  • Projectors – Not-Self struggles are bitterness and grief – signature is Success
  • Reflectors – Not-Self struggle is disappointment – signature is Surprise

Have fun with all this if possible and hold on to your Self instead of your hat…you’re gonna be needing it in the months to come!

Free Readings! Email your question – tune in 2-9-16

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painting by Stanley Mouse

painting by Stanley Mouse

Only on special occasions do I offer freebies like this, usually in response to massive crisis, energy and earth shifts…

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February New Moon 2-8-16

The Chinese New Year is marked by the New Moon of February, this year falling on the 8th at 19 degrees of Aquarius. In the northern hemisphere, many breathe a sigh of relief at reaching the end of winter’s dark tunnel and seeing the first signs of spring. We are entering the Year of the Monkey, which could bring a high degree of playfulness and success in our cherished endeavors. Monkey years are more progressive and fast-paced than other years, helping us to get out of our ruts and get a lot done.

A theme during this New Moon is around recovering from the many of the sharp blows experienced during Mercury’s retrograde cycle throughout January and dealing its post-shadow still in effect until February 14th. The Gregorian New Year started off with a breakdown in our major channel for communication (at least in astrological terms), Mercury, which formed an agitating T-square between Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and the Black Moon Lilith in Libra. The byproducts of this weren’t exactly pretty to behold. Now Mercury forms a constructive trine Jupiter/North Node and an inspirational sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Solutions to our myriad problems are beginning to appear with greater clarity than before the Retrograde began.

With the New Moon in opposition to asteroid Pandora in Leo it can be a challenge to “keep a lid on” things or maintain hope and positivity in the face of shit storms and hardships. The sign of Aquarius relates to some of our deepest hopes, wishes and goals as well as our methods of reaching for and attaining them. While we are individuals on the one hand, we are interdependent on the other, seldom reaching our goals alone without any sort of aid or intervention, seen or unseen. Whatever our walk in life may be, many of us have allies, teachers, or friends and occasionally those whom we call “kindred spirits” who show up in our lives to assist us or join our cause. Sometimes we choose to join the cause of another group of kindred spirits.

In very tumultuous times such as those we are in we tend to discover who our “real friends” are – those who don’t turn away from our grief, sickness or calamity but stand by and stay tuned, lending their support. We tend to be shown what levels of care, trust, and capacity exist within our interpersonal relationships during crisis whether the difficulties are our own, those of our closest friends or if they are shared. In group settings both positive and negative we also get to see “what we’re made of” in some sense. Do we conform, cave in under pressure, laugh a lot, be a love bug, sulk, go with the flow, throw a fit, take the lead or rain on the parade?

The New Moon is squared by Mars in Scorpio, which has been bringing up uncomfortable confrontations for several days, and in some instances stirring the pot to create trouble where there should have been none. Willpower is strengthened and egos can easily go on a binge in their preferred flavors at this time if extreme emotions are not curbed. The New Moon inconjunct Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo is showing us where we become stifled and stymied, and how we sometimes get in our own way. If we have recently found ourselves barring our own progress, then we have the chance now to step back and reroute.

Sometimes you could go along living your life a certain way for awhile, and then realize one day that you’ve been living in a holographic realm consisting of other people’s ideas and emotions rather than your own. In more acute cases you could be sitting by yourself in a cafe or even in your living room and be blindsighted by a huge wave of energy and anxiety…”is it a bird – a plane – a ghost?” – well it could be any one of those things. It could also be a case of Hive Mind, buzzing its way into your personal space. A dead giveaway that whatever this is is not coming from yourself, per se, is that it has absolutely nothing to do with what you were focused on before it hit. When you discover this, the question is – then what? This is the moment that accentuates your individuality or blends you into the hive.

The airy New Moon’s sextile to its ruling planet Uranus in Aries fluffs and fans our creative energy and enthusiasm, enabling us to break out of stuck areas and open ourselves to new opportunities. Uranus and Vesta in Aries in opposition to the Black Moon Lilith in Libra indicate that the Goddess is alive and afoot, pissed as hell, and taking up arms where least expected. Certain aspects of destructiveness may be regarded as sacred in our lives, when we align ourselves with the divinity within and around us to make necessary changes. A suggested ritual for this New Moon could be centered around ditching a lame energy-draining habit and all the physical baggage that goes with it and committing to a fabulous new one that reflects your true desires and values. Toss out old junk, clear the space for what you really really want. We can call upon the flaming fires of the Goddess of Transformation who goes by many names to burn away all that inhibits and blocks the flow of love, joy, and productiveness in our lives.

Aquarius by Susan Seddon Boulet

Aquarius by Susan Seddon Boulet

The Sabian Symbol at 19-20 degrees of Aquarius:

A Large White Dove Bearing A Message

The keynote of this Sabian symbol is “the answer of spiritual agencies to thorough, sustained and victorious efforts”. It is a sign that efforts made toward spiritual growth, however challenging they might be will show their worth in due time. We are also being reminded of our friends and helpers, and how we can ourselves be of assistance to others around us. Take heart, for at the end of a long struggle, peace will eventually come. This is a day and a week and a month for the purification and renewal of our spirits, allowing those of us who are ready to move forward together with victory and ease in this New Year.

January Full Moon in Leo 2016

The Full Moon at 3 degrees of Leo on January 23rd occurs as the New Year really gets cracking. It brings our past year to a conclusion and prepares us for the new one ahead. In the Human Design system of astrology, what is called the Rave New Year always begins on January 22nd, rather than on the 1st. There is good reason for this. The Gregorian calendar that we tend to use is not truly in harmony with the earth’s rhythms, which is perhaps one reason why we tend to struggle so much with seasonal changes that signal what we “ought” to be doing, feeling and experiencing as a collective and individuals. In several cultures around the world the New Year actually begins late January or February. A few of these and especially ancient cultures were more in tune with the earth’s cycles than many of us are today.

The Full Moon in Leo forms a grand fire trine with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, sparking playfulness with creative genius and a refreshing dose of truthfulness. Stifling tensions and fears can be confronted and released, finally making way for some physical progress in 2016.

by Emily Balivet

by Emily Balivet

The expression of individuality is accented now, so in areas where making a positive impression or gaining influence is desired, today and the next few days following this Full Moon may be supportive of this. Creative endeavors that were pushed aside since late 2015 can now be resumed with greater ease and enthusiasm than before.

Mercury is stationing to go Direct on the 25th and making its second of three exact conjunctions to Pluto in a little over a month’s time (December 19th 2015, January 22nd and 29th 2016). Communications are likely to be intense, but we should not obsess about this. We may simply need to stand back in some instance and recognize where we do not have control, but rather we have choice. The choice is in how to respond, and hopefully not react. Easier said than done when people and things are pushing our buttons. Mercury’s close involvement with the Uranus Pluto square encourages us to become more mindful indeed throughout the rest of this month, bringing to light all of the rather unconscious thoughts, patterns and tendencies that undermine us so that we can consciously change them. When we change our thoughts, we change our circumstances. Throughout 2016 we are going to be exercising more of our mental abilities to affect desired changes in our overall productivity and life.

Mars is nearing a conjunction to Juno, heightening many aspects of intimacy whether negative or positive. Both Mars and Juno in the sign of Scorpio indicate the desire for emotional intensity and deep merging in partnerships or projects.

The Sun is conjunct the fixed star Dabih and opposite of the Full Moon, within the left eye of the Goat in the constellation of Capricornus. Dabih is known to exert a strong influence in political customs, and in relation to the Sun and Moon can indicate public criticism, loss through “friends”, censure and trouble between the sexes. In a positive light, this star’s prominence can be favorable for wealth and material success.

Pallas Athene in Aquarius opposite of the Full Moon calls our attention to intellectual pursuits and realizations, particularly those of the revolutionary variety! Our thoughts about what we deem important enough share might not be comfortably aligned with our feelings but the drive for contributing to something greater than ourselves is making itself known.

The asteroid Ptah is 8 degrees Capricorn, loosely conjunct Mercury and in trine to Neptune in Pisces. This asteroid is classified as a highly eccentric and potentially hazardous object, giving us some clue as to its energetic influence upon us. Ptah was the Egyptian god of creation, architecture and craftsmanship and in astrology the asteroid named after him does seem to relate to arts and crafts. Being the designer of the Earth (as was Ptah) is a pretty huge task, so our own responsibility to both our home base and spiritual path is indicated here. Most of us wouldn’t trash our living rooms or beds, so why do we do it to the earth? It might be time for a Feng Shui makeover in the home and office to ring in the Chinese New Year. Ptah will also conjunct Venus at 12 degrees of Capricorn on February 4th, helping to rebuild or solidify the structure of relationships. Ptah pairs up with Pluto on the 7th and 8th, bringing some significant changes to the fore.

With the Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo, we are linking our uniqueness with our connected-ness in ways that enable us to enjoy being social creatures (not necessarily in the company of humans).We are also bringing something meaningful that we have been working on for awhile closer to fruition. This heart centered Full Moon marks a New Year which is worthy of celebration and quality time spent with loved ones.

As a side note, this is a great time to schedule for a reading and/or a list of your own personal Power Dates with me for the year ahead :) In accordance with your birth date and natal chart, Power Dates include the dates and times best suited for new beginnings, endings, and your particular list of plans and goals.

New Moon in Capricorn 1-9-16

The New Moon at 19 degrees Capricorn on January 9th is about getting down to the nitty-gritty, you know all those corners, nooks and crannies of the home, work, and relationships that we’d usually rather brush under the rug or shove into the closet, saving them for a rainy day. That rainy day is here.

If organization skills don’t come naturally, consider the Universe to be offering divine intervention at this time. How and whether or not we receive the help being offered is another subject that could take up pages.

capricorn goddess

a Capricorn goddess (if anyone knows the artist please tell me)

A renewal in feminine, earth based Capricorn ruled by the cosmic Lord of Time is bringing our attention to our physical and spiritual lineages. Mercury has just backtracked into Capricorn placing an additional focus in the reviewing of our ancestry, forces of government, patriarchal and parental issues. Adjustments are being made in our relationships to all forms of authority, be they physical or spiritual.

A trine from Retrograde Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo is enabling us to clear blockages that have been carried through the ages and heal deeply embedded wounds. All forms of healing are highlighted but what many of us are looking at in particular are those chronic nagging health issues. We’re finally getting to the root cause of some of them! If we perceive ourselves to have been mentally and emotionally floating aimlessly in space, out on a limb, hanging by a thread or lacking direction or purpose in our lives, this New Moon is bringing us down to earth.

The Black Moon Lilith in Libra is intensifying the Uranus and Pluto square (seven aspect squares between 2012-2015) which continues to have an effect on mass consciousness. Since the New Moon is conjunct Pluto, it is also involved in furthering our awareness of recent transformations that have taken place in our lives and those that are still underway. A few times in past posts I mentioned that the aftereffects of this square would probably be much more intense that what occurred during them, and so far that has proven to be the case. The effects from the Uranus Pluto square will be present with us throughout 2016.

With Venus conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius we’re being asked what we’re really made of and with whom and how do we wish to share this. We’re reminded of the importance of planting our feet on terra firma without neglecting to look up at the stars.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is: A Hidden Choir Is Singing During A Religious Service

This Sabian symbol has many layers of significance. First, it is “the fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through his participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity” – Dane Rudhyar

It represents the heavenly qualities of community endeavors. Philosophically, it relates to the music of the spheres. I imagine that the power of the voice in song and of mantra is heightened at this time.

The New Moon’s sextile to Chiron in Pisces indicates childhood memories, and maybe traumas up for release. Here is a song that carried me through some hard times growing up. Perhaps it will be relevant to some of you now…


Blessings, happy new year and happy new moon to all

Reviewing what’s old in the new year, January 2016

At times it may very well be better to prepare than to repair, but at others we have much to gain by repairing what has become damaged, learning and improving along the way. Since Mercury will be Retrograde, spending additional time in Capricorn this month we will be reviewing some very old ties and themes as the new year of 2016 begins.

Capricorn is an earth sign nudging us to become more closely connected with the earth we inhabit. Its ruling planet Saturn rules age and time, so what better place to sit and review our lives than beneath a favorite old tree?


ancient tree – Beth Moon photography

Mars exits Libra on January 3rd and enters Scorpio for an extra long transit due to Mars exiting Scorpio on March 5th, going Retrograde in Sagittarius on April 17th, and back into Scorpio from May 27th until August 2nd. The passion planet has the potential for profound healing or terrible destruction in this sign. “Kick ass and take names” could be Mars in Scorpio’s motto, but for much of this year that Martian energy will have to take back seat and temper its go-get-it strategies. The backward motion could also point to a need to refine sexual energy or heal from sexual abuse.

Mercury goes Retrograde on January 5th, in an irritable square with Mars in Scorpio, on a 9 of Spades day – all together signifying changes, endings and deep emotions. In the Cards of Destiny, the 9 of Spade card strongly influences January 5, February 3 and March 1. It is the ultimate card of endings, death, and life changes on a massive scale. Ask anyone born on one of the dates above if their lives have not seemed to consist of one rude or huge awakening after another, and if they have reinvented themselves many times over. This card represents part of the energetic kick launching us into a cycle of review throughout the entire first month of 2016. In addition we have entered a 9 year universally, which indicates a collective focus on completions and endings.

On the 5th the Sun approaches a conjunction to Pluto and amplifies a building T-square including the Black Moon Lilith in Libra in opposition to Uranus in Aries. It’s one of those weeks we can basically agree to disagree in advance, just to be on the safe side…

Mercury backs into Capricorn on the 8th, joining the New Moon on the 9th, and moves into a conjunction with Pallas Athene by the 12th. Words take on extra meaning and impact during this time and should be spoken and written with great care. It will become evident the ways that words harm or heal, create or destroy.

Mercury stations Retrograde on the fixed star Altair, the brightest star of Aquila, the Eagle at 1 degree of Aquarius. This is Aquila’s power spot, signifying spiritual sight and healing ability. Spiritual sight can be misused and healing abilities can be twisted into forms of psychic manipulation. In the case of lower consciousness at work, we are challenged to become more attuned to the love, intuitive knowing, and wisdom within our hearts for true empowerment.

Mercury stations Direct the day after a Full Moon on the 25th at 14 degrees of Capricorn (right where the Sun was when Mercury turned Retrograde on the 5th) conjunct Vega. This star is fixed in the constellation of Lyra, seen in the shape of a vulture holding a lyre. This star may attune us to very subtle vibrations that yet again may either be used for healing or toward manipulative ends  – not without consequences. The vulture represents some rather intense medicine in Native American traditions. In the Animal Tarot deck that I often use by Ted Andrews the Vulture represents the Major Arcana card the Tower. Since the star Vega has some correlations with thievery we’re sure to receive some sort of wakeup call around who and what can and cannot be trusted in our environment. Musical healing and inspiration may be a more pleasant outer manifestation of this influence.

Throughout the month Mars is doing a little courtship dance with Juno in Scorpio, heating up relationship issues, questioning the levels of commitment, amplifying sexual vibes and interpersonal sensitivities. A conjunction, and perhaps a conclusion between these two is reached by the time Mercury goes Direct on the 25th.

Saturn in Sagittarius separates from a square to Neptune in Pisces while Venus steps in to take Saturn’s place the first week of January (don’t worry – Saturn will be back for more, and this square is in effect all year!), formulating what I like to refer to as an aspect of “divine discontent”. It’s great for revisiting artistic projects and spiritual pursuits, not so great for establishing trust and good feelings in a new relationship. If you take those rose colored glasses off before the seat of viewing gets too comfy you’ll be all set for whatever comes. Well almost. Needless to say, we’ve got enough squares to keep us busy for awhile.

The Moon will be in Scorpio when Mercury goes Retrograde on the 5th, another signal of a fierce of wave of emotion upon us. We are still releasing some of what came up for release last year and we’ll also be reviewing some of what went down when Mercury went Retrograde in Cancer (intense stellium in this sign) in the very steamy summer of 2013. Family issues will again be reckoned with. This all seems like a lot to deal with considering that many people haven’t even recovered yet from the last Mercury Retrograde between September and October of 2015, as the aftermath was more severe than the Retrograde itself. If we can embrace our shadow self and its experiences we develop greater understanding of why it has appeared in our life, also sparing ourselves a lot of unnecessary grief in the future.20a34b34ac6414c8f02cacd06ac0e4a2

We are never completely out of luck. Jupiter, turning Retrograde on the 7th, and the North Node in Virgo are in a trine to Pallas Athene as the month begins, and trine Mercury and the Sun in the days ahead. Our brains could be processing a lot of old information and understanding it in brilliant new ways. Knowledge is power!

In wading through much muck, somewhere in the gutters of our subconscious, the Sea Goat may come upon a genuine treasure chest in the first few weeks of 2016. By the time we’ve exited the Year of the Goat and entered the Year of the Monkey on February 8th, we’ll be moving out of Mercury’s post-shadow and onward into what may be a round of actual new beginnings.

2016 – 9 Universal Year of Completion

2016 rounds up to a 9 Universal Year in numerology, so there will be a collective focus on completions, endings, and regeneration. This will be a year of raised spiritual awareness and breakthroughs on many levels. At times it will bring people inward and make them more reflective than they may be accustomed to if they are not introverted by nature.

2015 was very challenging but it made us stronger and got us ready for what is yet to come. There were many breakups, business collapses, and betrayals, particularly during the last three months. As is usually the case during periods of testing, challenge, and delay the areas of our lives truly in harmony are not the areas being “messed with” so to speak. Those areas may become even better, if we continue to feed them our attention. The things we tend to struggle most with during such periods are the ones we have been struggling with anyway – for quite awhile. Suddenly it seems that they get worse. What we can look forward to in the weeks and months ahead is finally being freed of many of the limited perceptions we’ve had and the outdated, burdensome contracts we’ve carried through with others.

In 2016 it will become important to avoid unnecessary stress when possible and find adequate time to rest. Those who have been abusing their health for years might find that it finally catches up to them and they have no choice but to slow down and make the appropriate changes. Relationships on the rocks will crumble and possibly cause many public scenes.

Major turning points this year could be a reflection of changes and decisions that were made in 2007. Many projects that we began in recent years will also become available for their desired completions. The endings that occur may bring great relief, as the ghosts of the past are ushered into their next level in the universe and unable to haunt us anymore.

Because 9 is such a spiritual number it would help us to approach it as such. Practices such as yoga and meditation may be very helpful in achieving the calmness and clarity needed to face life’s challenges with ease and grace.

Since 2016 rounds off to 9 in numerology, it relates to the Hermit card of the Major Arcana. This is the card of wisdom, discernment, completion of unfinished business and going quietly within. It is a card suggesting both silence and determination as methods for advancement. At times the best mode of operation will be to retreat from everything external and to find resonance with inner truth.rider-waite-03678

Since the Hermit card bears relevance to the constellation of Virgo we will want to resolve any issues with Virgo people in our lives, and for the Virgos out there, it will be a powerful year for self expression and actualization!

Last but not least, the Hermit card, the number Nine, and the sign of VIrgo all correspond to healing in all of its myriad forms. This is a year for seeking out of healing or exercising and honing of personal healing abilities as healers. Healing through the hands (massage, bodywork, Reiki, etc) will be particularly effective as will be healing through creative endeavors.

If we are willing to let go of what is no longer useful and beneficial in our lives in this very potent 9 Universal Year we will experience the emotional fulfillment, mental clarity, spiritual strength, and material prosperity that supports our well being overall.


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