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Mars In Sagittarius – Divine Retribution or Transformation

With Mars entering Sagittarius today, the heat is on! By the time many of you read this Mars will have exited the shadowy depths of Scorpio where much has been reckoned with and released and burst through the gates of the house of the fiery archer. There is an excitement in the air that tells us we should change direction, try something or go somewhere new, and commit more deeply to a pursuit for freedom and truth.

Pozhara fire godSome people may have a tendency to become too pushy about their version of “truth”, particularly of the religious variety (Mars in Sagittarius has often been known as a crusader) , while to others it will simply become more apparent as what they believe is repeatedly met with confirmation.

The greatest danger with Mars here is that we or others will fight mercilessly wherever injustice has been witnessed, without weighing out the pros and cons of any particular execution.  Sparks and tempers may fly, but facts and intentions should be double-checked before definitive action taken with Mercury slowing down to Retrograde in Libra, holding every word said in its scales.

We have an especially great opportunity over the next few weeks – until October 26th to push through some major obstacles in our way if we don’t let the destructive energy of Mars get the better of us. We know how miscommunications can wreak havoc on relationships but we also know that certain misconduct is or has been intentional…and this is what may enrage the Mars in Sagittarius person and those with planets being activated by this transit. We can either explode and place blame on things and others that make our lives more difficult than they should be or we can direct that passionate energy to our own transformative and evolutionary process.

Mars forms a square to Neptune in Pisces on September 21st, ironically on “International Peace Day”. This is when nightly dreams might really start getting weird as will possibly interaction from those who wield some kind of religious or seemingly magical power and influence over us or the world. It is equally possible that heightened spiritual states liberate us from oppressive outside influences.

Into the first week of October Mars begins to square Chiron which might bring up some very raw emotions that need physical outlets for release and expression. Meanwhile we receive help from a Grand Kite that trines Mars to Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and the Sun in Libra. There is an optimism and readiness to act on our convictions with fairness and level-headedness rather than cruelty or rashness, thanks to Libra’s inherent desire for peace and equilibrium. After all, we need friends and allies to achieve many of our goals for as alien as we may sometimes feel we are not islands unto ourselves.

With Mars in this sign and Mercury Retrograde we are in for a wild ride, but the harmony between Sagittarius and Libra indicate that we got this – we can do this without running ourselves into the ground or losing our minds. If either of those things start to happen, don’t be afraid to stop, recalibrate and “reboot”. Cheers to wild adventures and revelations! <3

Hidalgo conjunct the Galactic Center

The asteroid Hidalgo (#944) was named after the Mexican priest and revolutionary known as “the father of Mexican independence”, and has thus come to represent the principle of self-assertion and standing up for one’s beliefs, particularly in relation to oppressed people and societies, or those whom the mysterious “majority” call the “minority” on this planet. Mexico’s Independence Day, Grito de Dolores is celebrated on September 16th, during which time Hidalgo will be making its final transit to the Galactic Center since February 2013 before moving into Capricorn late October. This asteroid does stay in both Scorpio and Sagittarius longer than the other signs due to its eccentric orbit, but it may be worthwhile to observe relevant trends in consciousness and media that are arising at this time and while conjunct the GC.

Every day during the past several weeks whether working online or through the grapevine I hear and see more accounts of people waking up, expressing their truth, standing up for their rights as human and divine. Conspiracy theories are no longer denigrated to mere theory but as unraveling the lies of history and paving the way to freedom for future generations.

miguel-hidalgoHidalgo doesn’t advocate for what is right or wrong according to religious standards but for what it deems as necessary toward truth and justice. This asteroid’s influences lean toward political causes, globalism, revolutionary ideas, and those of Spanish or Latin American descent. There is a strong desire to liberate those who are confined and constricted due to to racism, classism, and sexism and to protect and defend the underdogs of society.

One example of Hidalgo’s influence is chronicled by Zane Stein:

When Anwar Sadat set foot on the ground of Israel, Hidalgo was conjunct the IC. When agreements were signed in Washington DC, it was conjunct Pluto. And when the actual treaty was signed it was transiting in square to the above agreement’s Jupiter.

The year of Hidalgo’s discovery, October 31st 1920, the asteroid was in Aries and the Sun was in Scorpio. Communists in Soviet Russia had consolidated power, there was formation of the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations by which all nations may advocate for themselves in a cooperative manner, and the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, giving American women the right to vote, among many other things recorded in history.

Hidalgo, denoting men of the Spanish and Portuguese nobility translates as the “son of something” or of someone, usually implying that is someone who is great. Wherever this asteroid falls and transits in our charts may indicate where we show our greatness, how we stand up for something, and what we advocate through both our words and actions. As an intermediary between Mars and Jupiter, Hidalgo helps summon within us the courage to act upon our beliefs and convictions – to not just talk the talk but walk the walk.

The more we recognize that we have all been oppressed and divided as a species, the more of our own power we reclaim to make amends and join forces as we slowly but surely disentangle from eons of mass slavery due to fear and greed.

So, go Hidalgo go!

Anxiety and Awareness

In case anyone wonders why the past few days have been so emotionally intense, mind bending, and unbelievable, it might help to note that with such strong Neptunian energies present, next to nothing’s been what it seems (but is it really ever?)…

Neptune was opposite the New Moon in Virgo on August 25th, conjunct the Full Moon in Pisces on the 8th, and Venus has been opposing  Neptune since September 5th until the 10th.

Pisces, ruled by Neptune brings the following qualities to light every year while the sun transits this sign during March, but with Neptune Retrograde in its own sign and activated in so many ways these qualities are amplified seemingly a thousandfold: The Power of Neptune 

For some of us, things have been as sweet as surreal, but for the majority, the heartache of being faced with more than can be reasonably dealt with has prevailed. With subjects such as ebola running as viral as the virus itself, threats of further war, banking and money scams causing people to lose their homes, along with Hollywood’s dramas and distractions it’s no wonder that so many civilized people suffer from an anxiety so deeply embedded that it begins to rule every facet of their lives.

As we move closer into the sign of Libra with Mercury leading the way, we are exploring ways of achieving balance with both the dark and light aspects our of psyches as well as forces of the Universe. This is especially pertinent as Mercury is squaring Pluto (corruption, scandal, and combustion) in Capricorn and approaching a T-square with Uranus (explosive change, rebellion, and reversals – as well as intuition and freedom) in Aries. The missing point of this edgy cardinal aspect can be found in the nurturing, self-preserving sign of Cancer – a sign that never leaps before it looks. Before we can truly find our ways out of the sticky webs we’ve been stuck inside of in a corporately dominated society, we must come to grips with where we are and then utilize the “superpowers” of our higher, perhaps Neptunian mind to free us. After all, it is this same kind of power that got us there in the first place. That means that awareness is a major key to breaking anxiety. This anxiety refers to a highly charged emotional state mixed with myriad feelings of confusion, depression, fear, and overstimulation.

The more awareness we have, the less we are capable of being lied to, manipulated and made anxious, even by our own erroneous thoughts.

Whether life crippling or free-floating, anxiety can be produced by, masked by and eventually released by the powers that Neptune represents.

Take what you wish from this viewpoint and if it produces anxiety just dismiss…


Full Moon in Pisces 2014

“I am liberated from striving and careful choosing for I have sewn my sleeve to the hem of the robe of God” – Rumi

These next few days leading up to the Full Moon on September 8th are sensitizing beings in all ways and accelerating the evolution of consciousness in all of life. The Moon reaches fullness at 16 degrees of Pisces, and forms a conjunction with the comet Chiron who represents the wounded healer, shaman, teacher, Christ consciousness and the potential spiritual warrior in us all. We are born of Earth and to her our bodies shall return. We are made up of stardust, nebulae, and water, but we forget this…. feelings of vulnerability as well as vagueness at this time may only be covering the deeper sense that something very powerful is surfacing from within the depths of the Collective Soul.


Yemaya – by Danilo Lejardi

This something could be the realization of our oneness and interdependence – that if we don’t change collectively and awaken collectively, our lives on earth will dramatically shift in difficult ways beyond our imagining as it has already begun to do in many places. This is not to generate fear, but to simply state that that we cannot expect resources to be infinitely available on a finite planet that is being bombarded with toxins daily. We are simultaneously on the cusp of great new discoveries and possibilities with many solutions to our problems now finally within reach. With kindness, knowledge, respect and combined effort we can tremendously ease our transitioning into this realm that many of us have come to call the New Earth. There is yet another key ingredient for this alchemical process of turning the base metals and foul conditions of our lives into gold – and that is our ability to simply Be. It is our ability to be still, to listen, to cogitate, to dream, to let go of clutching to the notions that we have control over circumstances that we actually have absolutely no way of changing outwardly, especially when there is so much resistance.

At this time our egos may cry and oppose our possible transformations and spiritual ascension by exhibiting strong bodily symptoms, mental and emotional agitation…

“Help – this hurts! I’m dying!” or “No! I don’t want this, I won’t go there! I don’t want that to happen!” And yes, there are parts of us that are dying, as represented by the sweeping transits of Neptune between the Virgo New Moon on August 25th and this highly superfluous Pisces moon on the 9th. Venus in Virgo is also in opposition to Neptune in Pisces during this time, further reminding us of our interconnectedness in a way that seems almost unreal because we are not yet living the perfect ideals that we know deep down are possible in the grand scheme of things. Despite our doubts and fears, abundant synchronicities are flowing and propelling us forward…

When we completely surrender – not to lower conditions or unseen gods but to our internal knowing or divinity, we can do things that we could never do in our ordinary states of mind. This surrender is heart based rather than logical and linear. This is where the Holy Clown or Fool within us takes us on healing journeys and wild adventures of body, mind, and spirit that might seem totally far out to outside observers.

Things that were previously identified with and for long periods of time are now in a sort of disappearing process, or suddenly obsolete, which seems strange to behold. If you are feeling especially tired, confused, depressed or overwhelmed this could be part of the shift of attention going deeply inward, and for many into the very nature of existence itself.  Some surfacing memories may be unpleasant so allow them to be what they are and pass. Many gifts will be given, many special contacts be made (and many released), and many key moments of resonance will be had – such as in the “Eureka effect” prompting us to remember and act upon our dreams, visions, and aspirations from this and lives beyond.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon’s degree placement in Pisces:

“An Easter Egg Parade; the Capacity Inherent in all Great Sociocultural Images to Unite the Members of a Community in a Display of Excellence”

Whoever and wherever, this is a time to unite with soul family, like minded community, spirit guides, tribal elders, and the stars…as well as to access the multi-dimensional self. It is also time to size down and simplify in areas that have become far too complicated (It may help to remember the saying “Simple living saves lives”)… the Sun in Virgo opposite of the Moon in Pisces is helping us to do just that!

Unschooling and Saturn through Sagittarius

Saturn is about tradition, discipline, delays, rules and learning while Sagittarius is about soaring to new heights in physicality and consciousness. The planet and sign are not necessarily opposed but they don’t speak the same language either. By the time Saturn has firmly laid the groundwork for any given plan or established a set of criteria for some purpose, Sagittarius says “Great!  Seeya…wouldn’t wanna be ya!” In one scenario, on Sag’s way out the door of a monotonous setting he stumbles, realizing that he can only go so fast with a fractured hip. But that doesn’t stop him. By the time he has the will to act contrary to what he has been sold as truth, he will stop at nothing but death.


This is actually similar to an internal dialogue that can occur for those born with this placement of Saturn, and when the planet transits Sagittarius as it will from December 23rd of 2014 until December 19th 2017. There is a conflict between the way things have been done and worked thus far in the outer world, and the creeping sensation that there are huge limitations to old systems and programs. The attempt to move beyond them seems very daunting, so for long periods of time a Saturn Sagittarius person will cling to the status quo. The danger for any us during this period of time is that if we are personally affronted in some way or suddenly find some terrific flaw in a model of behavior that we have blindly followed for a time, we may be tempted to charge against it with upraised weapons or vehemence without thinking things through at all, and the results can very possibly be to our own detriment.

A period of time that people may feel quite stumped by Saturn will be when it turns Retrograde back into Scorpio from June 14th to September 18th of 2015. There may be some karmic retributions and backlash felt by those who didn’t use any of their opportunities in 2014 to clean up their acts. Climate control and pollution comes up for debate with even greater prominence than before. Not doing anything about it is less and less of an option for the “middle class”, while being proactive will be the rising trend now and over the next few years.

Since Sagittarius relates to travel and transportation, cars that run on air may become more easily accessible and widely used. New forms of free energy may be re-introduced to our society, particularly during the later degrees of the transit during 2017.

Raising the Bar, Raising Awareness 

At the onset of this transit late December of 2014 Saturn joins with the goddess asteroid Pallas Athene, while Mars and Jupiter face off, ringing in a new year of great vision and tremendous aspirations, not to mention a thirst for power and domination. Religious and spiritual warriors from the jihad to Christians or children of the New Age may either be fighting for their ideologies or exclaiming for joy their victories.

While Saturn transits Sagittarius our own levels of understanding within religious structures, widely accepted philosophies and traditions will be greatly challenged. Certain things get worse before they get better, so before awareness is raised a narrowing of vision may initially appear most evident during this time and the “Billy Grahams” of the world will probably have a lot to say about this. A marked rebellion will likewise rattle within the collective and certain individuals such as whistleblowers that are able to reveal the vulnerability of those wielding and abusing ultimate authority. Protests, campaigns and boycotts are likely to crop up seemingly like out of control weeds, while governments crack down with the same levels of ferocity on those who oppose them. Through more inflictions upon both innocent and guilty parties alike, people will eventually realize that they have indeed been basically sold into slavery as corporations but that this is a very ancient battle that cannot be won through any ordinary means, and certainly not by outrage. In this way, our similarities are greater than our differences as cultures, as races, and as those who have long conformed to various world views, wherever on Earth we may live. Winning together will call for extraordinary means that combine willpower, clarity, compassion, love, precision, and an inner form of discipline that tempers the emotions and enables us to unite as family rather than tear each other apart as enemies.

Knowledge vs Wisdom

Saturn in the realm of higher learning poses an interesting challenge to education and philosophy in general, in that it can initially inhibit these areas but potentially strengthen them considerably in ways that many people would not have previously imagined. Saturn is not here to take away our goods and progress or prevent us from success but to work harder for them.  This means harder work for us all, in both the development and maintenance of a more efficient or fair economy. Fairness might seem impossible goal, but by the time Saturn reaches this sign we have already recently been schooled on the ineffectiveness of greed and segregation which does not make anybody happy. By this time we will at least attempt to make appropriate adjustments where necessary, even if that means more of us risk looking like idiots in the process.

Knowledge itself as a collection of memorized bits of information can easily go to waste but Saturn in Sagittarius shows us that wisdom is what is required for true progress to be made. We must unlearn the fear of making mistakes, and especially the insidious fear of being punished for good deeds. Sometimes to become wise we must consciously be willing to first be (or least appear to be) fools.

Saturn’s Unschooling Methods

Far be it from me to tell anyone how to seek education or raise their children, especially since I myself have not given birth or raised any. However, I find the Unschooling philosophy and methodology to be very resonant in my heart, as well as a relevant topic to Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius. The term unschooling is a relatively new one and refers to a radical practice and philosophy that rejects compulsory school as the primary means of learning. Similar to homeschooling, it stretches even farther from the norm by insisting that a child should not be forced into specific pursuits but be supported in the uncovering and fostering of their own particular skills and interests. Whether homeschooling, unschooling, or some other such method it is apparently imminent that a parent or guardian devote some of their own precious time toward that child’s progress rather than merely leave them in the care of a system that primarily teaches them to bow to authority and doesn’t necessarily impart true life enhancing skills.

During high school my disgust with what seemed like a mental prison camp for youth and my avid passion for a genuine acquisition of higher learning compelled me to crumple up homework and toss it into the trash can on my way to the library or local bookstores. A love of reading was perhaps my saving grace, as it may be for many who experience Saturn’s transit through the sign of freedom and exploration of a higher purpose in the cosmos. It will be a game changer, that much is sure.

Let Go and Laugh

With Saturn’s most recent and upcoming transits we will have effectively learned a few hard lessons about our interconnectedness, equality vs inequality in various areas (Saturn in Libra ), money, distribution of wealth, secrets held by those who seek control over others (Saturn in Scorpio), expansion of ideologies and philosophies (Saturn in Sagittarius) and greater resourcefulness and responsibility (Saturn in Capricorn). At some point during all of this we will also beg for and almost certainly receive comic relief from the myriad ways we take ourselves far too seriously.

Whether more people begin crumpling up their so-called homework, their taxes, or their contracts to organizations that have made more than their share of profit from the poor, the peculiarities of religion, education, medicine, and politics will become less important than their effectiveness and putting them into practice for benefiting others. Unschooling is a term, a practice and an appropriate metaphor for our breaking free from rules and falsities that have kept us gripped in fear as they no longer make sense to us, no longer serve us, and no longer sustain us, highlighted by Saturn’s sojourn through truth seeking Sagittarius.

New Moon in Virgo 2014

The New Moon at 2 degrees of Virgo on August 25th brings a heightening of many collective goals, dreams, visions, and actualizations that have been percolating over the past several months. Opposite of Neptune, we are stirred by the sense of touching and attaining the impossible.  Although focused in an Earth sign, this is a highly spiritually charged new moon, bringing us into alignment with the timeless values of its polar opposite, Pisces. We’re challenged to let go of what our rational minds so desperately seek to survive us by. Mercury in Virgo several degrees away opposes Chiron in Pisces, enabling us to understand our wounds in a new light, and to communicate more clearly and calmly in situations we would otherwise be too influenced by either physical or emotional pain.

Virgo being the sign of the earth maiden can easily take the role of a temple priestess, bedside nurse, or a city janitor. Her work is done quietly, efficiently, and with a certain level of self-sacrifice. Many people are inspired under her strong influences to take better care of themselves,  or to devote some of their time to helping others who are ill or troubled. This New Moon and the days following are optimum for beginning a new health regimen of some sort. All forms of cleaning and decluttering are also favored.

Mars is tightly conjoined with Saturn in Scorpio, emphasizing a need for correction of the use of power and its direction in our lives. The conjunction receives  a square by Venus  in Leo and a trine by Chiron. Our ultimate empowerment must be infused with love, otherwise we unfortunately destroy others and ourselves rather than appropriately destroying the harmful tendencies of our egos. Meanwhile Venus’s trine to Uranus helps us to broaden our perceptions of and capacity for love in its myriad expressions, from whatever forms and walks of life we may happen to find ourselves.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is “Two guardian angels; invisible help and protection in times of crisis”


We are reminded that even in the midst of catastrophe, war, and devastation there is an invisible life force energy from which we all came and are all a part of. It can be called God, the Universe, god particles, infinity, or the great void. When we tap into this life force energy we can overcome the challenges of gravity, stasis, and the status quo. We can seemingly move mountains and  ride the waves of the wind rather than be knocked down by them. Most of all when we trust in a power that is greater than our ordinary sense of self, we come to understand a far greater depth of a reality that is normally obscured from view.

This is a New Moon where practical meets mystical, discipline meets devotion, and many of the solutions we seek are found within our problems – as though questions answering themselves. Virgo has a tendency to highlight the flaws that make us feel ashamed and unworthy of the good that life has to offer, but we need not be harsh drill sargeants or bullies to ourselves in order to effect change in our habits or health and to refine our character. Actually, we need a more gentle approach…. as Anita Moorjani states in her book Dying to be Me:

“Cherishing the self comes first and caring for others is the inevitable outcome…our world suffers from too little self-love and too much judgment, insecurity, fear, and mistrust. If we all cared about ourselves more, most of these ills would disappear”

Staving Off Psychic Vampires

In our modern age vampires do exist. They may not drink blood or sleep in coffins, but after just a little while of being in their presence a significant drop in energy is definitely noticed. Symptoms and levels of psychic vampirism can range from mild to severe. Left unchecked, relationships to psychic vampires can lead to extreme illness and psychological distress. Being a vampire or a victim of one has nothing to do with ethnicity, class, or gender.  It can occasionally relate to ones religious practices if those are invasive.

Vampirism in action frequently goes unnoticed to untrained eyes. Rather than sinking their teeth into a neck, a psychic vampire will often aim for another’s solar plexus or sacral chakra (the energy vortex around the navel), where great quantities of emotional and psychic energy tend to be stored. Sometimes they will energetically attach their own mind-stream to another’ in order to dominate and influence it. It is possible for them to attach to virtually any chakra or hole in one’s aura (an area where one is weak or vulnerable). Furthermore, the person who is doing the draining may or may not even be aware of his or her habits.

One of the most common ways that people can energetically drain others is by preying on their sympathy and empathy. That person might have a specific type of pain, whether physical or emotional that they never stop talking about or they may tell you things about themselves that you wish you hadn’t heard, because they are seeking not only for your pity but your vital energy. The more frequent, urgent and disruptive their manner of dumping their issues onto you the more obvious it should become what’s going on. Recognize that you will not be able to truly help that person because their need for your energy is as vast as a bottomless pit, which is pitiful indeed.

Forms of psychic vampirism:

  • excessive talking (the chatterbox who just doesn’t seem to know when to quit)
  • staring and glaring
  • constant complaining/need for sympathy
  • constant button-pushing through debate (the person who says something contrary to everything you say or do just to get a rise out of you – gives them something to “hook” into)
  • verbal attacks
  • flattery, bragging, or claims such as “I have something you need”
  • sexual manipulation and “games” without the other person’s consent
  • excessive body odors when bathing is an option, colognes or perfumes (it takes a lot of energy to ignore the effects that excessive odors and overly strong fragrances can cause, particularly in those with allergies or when the person touches, hugs or rubs against you and leaves their scent on your skin or clothing)
  • gifts with “strings attached”
  • physical assault, robbery, and rape (these can be the methods used to take psychic energy from others)
  • drug and alcohol addictions and outbursts
  • refusal to grant others privacy (those who either eavesdrop or engage in gossip are in essence psychically draining others and themselves simultaneously – that does not include instances where one happens to overhear or see something they did not choose to hear/see although that can cause stress also)

How to Spot a Psychic Vampire

Heavy feelings around certain people often indicate that something “sucky” is going on, regardless of whether or not they are doing any of the things listed above. If that person appears often in your mind’s eye in a way that is disturbing they could be tapping your energy field. A sun sign alone won’t give any clues to whether a person is vampiric but certain aspects and patterns within their birth charts can sometimes show such tendencies. Potentially any sign and any element can be used to manipulate and extract energy from others. Highly Lunar, Neptunian and Plutonian types and astrological influences can generate vampirism or cause suffering through others’ vampiric habits.

How the elements suck and drain energy:

(remember, a Sun sign alone will not indicate these tendencies)

  • Unbalanced Earth types (corresponding to the signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) can inhibit vampirism through uninvited physical touch, abuse of authority, sitting too close, nit-picking, withholding money or sex.
  • Unbalanced Air types (corresponding to the signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are the ones most likely to drain others through excessive talking of some kind, or asking too many questions such as through interrogation.
  • Unbalanced Fire types (corresponding to the signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) can exhaust people with their devil-may-care attitudes, “playing with fire” so to speak in their affairs, and with their explosive tempers.
  • Unbalanced Water types (corresponding to the signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) sap others energy through whining, criticism, seeking attention through the manifestation of illness and physical symptoms – which is not to say that someone is a psychic vampire just because they are ill.

One must be careful not to project their own issues onto another and assume they are a psychic vampire just because they occasionally feel tired after spending time with them. If repeated exposure to that person or group of people winds up in energy drain it would be fair to assume that it is an unhealthy connection.

Psychic Self Defense:

  • First and foremost, if you spot a psychic vampire, avoid giving them time of day if that is possible (that is trickier to do if they are a close relative that lives in your vicinity, so finding the most tactful way to avoid over-involvement and getting drawn into their drama is key)
  • Taking good care of oneself physically and emotionally is one of the most practical and effective ways to prevent energy drainage from others and in general.
  • The old time remedy of Garlic probably won’t help fend off psychic vampires unless they hate the smell, but the use of herbs like Sage and Mugwort may help when burnt or worn before and after encounters.
  • Tourmaline in a variety of colors helps to deflect negative energy and Opals help to amplify your own energy field, making it harder for other entities to tap. Amethyst is a protective crystal to hold or place in ones environment.
  • Salt baths can help to wash away the stresses of the day and to discourage entities from approaching you while in one of your most openly psychic times – during sleep.
  • Humor – psychic vampires absolutely loathe not being taken seriously! It diminishes their powers and abilities to drain.
  • A positive attitude along with a daily meditation practice can considerably strengthen ones energy field making psychic attacks and drainage less frequent and easier to recover from if and when it happens.

Psychic vampirism does not necessarily come directly from human or alive beings in the typical sense. It can come through deceased entities and via brainwashing commercialism on the internet or television set. Sometimes, you just have to know when to walk away, shake it off, or unplug!

Energy drains happen to the so-called best of us occasionally but if you find yourself troubled when this happens to you, refuse to be another person’s filling station, and don’t let a bite become infected. Forgive yourself for the experience, get clear on why it happened, and move on, for everyone’s own good.


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