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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini 2015

Mercury goes Retrograde May 18th until June 11th. Mercury is at home in the sign of Gemini but out of its element when squaring Neptune as  it began to do on May 9th, will revisit May 28th, and for a third time moving forward June 23rd. Things can seem so hazy and confusing with Mercury in hard aspect to Neptune that it is its own kind of “retrograde” influence in and of itself. Emotions are going this way and that way, and their cause is somewhat uncertain. So much is going on, and yet what is going on exactly seems difficult to pin down and explain. Ideas and conversation abound, but where do they lead? In addition Mars joined in for the planetary and perceptual shift inward, kicking off this cycle with an opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius, kind of forcing us to find the humor in some our most cherished dramas rather than taking them so bloody seriously. From a sky raining spiders in Austrailia on this day to people in America finally recognizing that we are not the only intelligent life forms in the cosmos, I’d say that we are in for an interesting ride these next few weeks.

The Sun is still in Taurus until the 21st, so there is this amplification of earthly and monetary concerns. All that relates to the physical body – what feeds, nurtures and comforts us as well as the source of our food is of utmost importance. We are each a microcosm of the Earth, processing the same changes and recovering from the same abuse that she suffers. Some of us are happy about what’s changing and others are experiencing severe withdrawals, on both psychic and physical levels. Fast food chains such as McDonalds are slowly going out of business while other companies favoring organic, non-GMO ingredients are rising in popularity. The way I see it, this is not just a cute little fad for young folks but it’s one very small step to what has to happen for the survival of humanity.

The Sun enters Gemini on the 21st and will further highlight the Mercurial qualities of this sign and its ruling planet. The planet that appears to be going backward exerts a stronger rather than weaker influence in our consciousness, which is why many people consider it to be malefic. Combining the luminous Sun, Mercury’s frenetic energy with aggressive Mars and disorienting Neptune, we would do best look toward what tunes us into our sense of spiritual will rather than going-nowhere-fast mode. This is a time to strengthen what in shamanic terms is called the Dream Body, which relates to our abilities to dream lucidly and astral travel on purpose. While Neptune sometimes throws us off course in waking life, it can help us to navigate more skillfully on the inner planes. This is especially so when slowing down to switch direction and go Retrograde, as it will do on June 12th.

gemini-mercuryAlthough Mercury Retrograde generally doesn’t favor new experiences or beginnings it has its exceptions. Specifically this one is about awakening our senses, looking around more at what surrounds us and what resources are available to us rather than being trapped in a “grass-is-greener” mentality. We’re encouraged to explore our own neighborhoods, to walk, cycle, or drive the routes we’ve rarely or never travelled, and to entertain relatives or kindred spirits that perhaps we haven’t seen in awhile. Last but not least, with all this Geminid energy we are looking a lot at the duality in our lives, with the need to either choose between “wrong or right”, or to integrate our light and our dark selves in a way that allows us to more effectively function in our unique wholeness.

New Moon in Taurus 2015

The New Moon at 26 degrees of Taurus on May 17th highlights our desires for comfort and our needs for sustenance. Insecurities about money, fidelity, health, and other areas of concern have been making themselves known over the past few days leading up to this. Taurus’s ruling planet Venus is transiting through sensitive Cancer, in opposition with Pluto. This opposition further brings up issues of jealousy, possessiveness, and may trigger highly charged episodes of “OCD”.  On a positive note it can facilitate deep intimacy through nurturing rather than dependency through manipulation. We are fed and nurtured as much by giving as by receiving in certain ways. Venus’s trine to Neptune gives us and appreciation for the gifts that may not necessarily be tangible, which is usually what Taurus prefers.

Taurus is a deeply sensual and earthy sign, helping us to slow down and savor the finer things in life. It’s helpful to keep in mind that importance of time-outs, tune-ups, and slowing down in general as Mercury stations Retrograde the very next day (18th) until June 11th. The irony is that people might actually be too hasty, sharp-tongued and reckless with this Retro period since Mars is pairing up with Mercury in chatty, quick-moving Gemini. Add to that Mercury’s set of triple squares to Neptune, causing complete and utter confusion or lack of direction. On the other hand we can receive a lot of inspiration during this time and be energized in our release-and-review process. Mercury’s stretched out trine to the North Node in Libra also helps to make amends in personal relationships.

taurusThe New Moon at 26 degrees of Taurus is conjunct the fixed star Algol which is associated with the eye of Medusa. Typically feared as a malevolent influence Algol is known as a star that unleashes both intense rage and sexual energy – not a good combination for bonding. In Greek mythology, Medusa was a priestess who was raped by Poseidon and then punished by Athena for her own misfortune. However, just as in the rape story of Persephone being pulled into the underworld by Pluto, the power of this goddess only grew in the darkness. We may be hard pressed to look at our own repressions, oppressions and coercions not only as the terrible challengers they are but as teachers and bringers of wisdom. One possible lesson to consider is that just as external beauty can easily decay or be destroyed there is a beauty that can be cultivated that eventually transforms us inside out.

Taurus is the sign associated with Gaia, and as such this New Moon encourages us to reconnect with the Earth Mother in ways that heal both ourselves and Her. Spending time outdoors on the grass, in the flowers, hiking, gardening, cleaning up litter or simply and consciously breathing with gratitude can profoundly shift the ways that we perceive ourselves and our world.

Scorpio Full Moon in May 2015

As we often hear in Hindu philosophy “birth is death and death is birth”, there are times we are met with such profound change or awakenings that our life seems but a dream, and our dreams or even near-death experiences seem more real than life. Life is fierce, bold, beautiful, and sometimes brutal. Life is not for the faint of heart, and we are reminded now of what indeed makes us tick on levels that involve more than just our complex bodily functions.

dali clocksThe Full Moon on May 3rd is at 13 degrees of Scorpio, unraveling the deepest of buried emotions, revealing hidden agendas, stirring both wounds and gifts that have been locked away for a very long time. In Scorpio we tend to want all or nothing, and with Jupiter forming a T-square to the opposition of Sun and Moon the feelings that arise now as a response to whatever life presents us with are as strong as feelings can be.

The Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio opposition is wedged up by Pluto – our oh-so-philanthropic pal of the zodiac. Actually, Scorpio being ruled by Pluto can in its darker manifestations influence power and financial developments and schemes at the expense of others. Governments and corporations are well aware of occult symbolism that they use to manipulate both their slaves and their buyers. Since Pluto is here to help us out this time, it is possible that we are capable of receiving information now about the way things really operate so that we can become more discerning in the future about who and what to trust and engage in. What comes up from the murky depths of the subconscious or the vast network of the Powers That Be is less important that what we choose to do with it.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon 13-14 degrees of Scorpio is “Telephone linemen at work installing new connections”. The importance of establishing new channels of communication is highlighted, which includes non-verbal forms of communication such as sign language, art, and telepathy. Scorpio is also the sign that can facilitate deeper levels of communication, healing, union, and spiritual breakthroughs than we have experienced before.

There is a magic in the air this week that can be tapped into for transformation and manifestation. This potent Full Moon closely coincides with Beltane, the midpoint between Spring and Summer long celebrated in European cultures with maypole and fire dancing, flowers, sex, and fertility rituals.

Mercury enters the pre-shadow of its Retrograde in Gemini the day after the Full Moon, on May 4th and turns Retrograde from May 18th until June 11th. A few mundane affairs might begin falling into disarray and electronic devices may need some extra attention. My motto for MR cycles is to go with the flow and “don’t try to push any boulders uphill”.

New Astrology Magazine

Sharp. Smart. Subversive. Hexagon Astrology Magazine is coming out this August!

There hasn’t been a new astrology-based print publication on the market in North America in 30 years, and this one is sure to blow some minds and resonate with seekers of truth. Astrologer Matt Savinar of North Bay Astrology is the founder and editor of this high quality, thought-provoking, and potent magazine. I’m very happy to have my writing included in it!

If you can support this mag with a pre-order of $10 and spread the word it will help get copies out and widely accessible by August 19th. If you contribute a larger amount your name could be listed in the magazine’s acknowledgment section, along with a a steel “Founding Supporter/Patron/Financier” card, a possible advertisement in the magazine, and being invited to the official launch party.

Hexagon Kickstarter Campaign

Having read numerous forecasts and flipped through umpteen astrological books, I can say with confidence that this magazine is both bold and original, containing a wealth of material that has not been easy to come by. Contributing writers from various walks of life share uncommon knowledge in addition to astrological insights…cheers to Hexagon! Let’s bring it on!

New Moon in Aries 2015

roller-coaster-amusement-park-artA New Moon occurs on April 18th at a walloping 28 degrees of Aries, finally setting us free from unnecessary inhibitions and a huge panoply of outmoded junk. Nature abhors a vacuum as well as stasis, and the possibility for stuckness now is next to nil. We’re in for a ride, ultimately so that we can move on. Ready or not, this whole process can feel like a lot like a thrilling wild safari adventure or a roller coaster through hell. Prior to this, Pluto stations Retrograde on the 16th, still in a square with revolutionary Uranus but slowly edging out of it. Just when it seems every last button has been pushed… there may be a few more soon, but this time they should come as no surprise. This means we have been warned of the many threats and obstacles to our well being and prepared for what will be needed for the desired progress to be made. What have we come to terms with and what major lessons have we learned over the past three years during the seven-hit square between these two planets? With Pluto’s retrograde influence we’ll have opportunities to uproot some deeply buried habits, beliefs and unhealthy ties that have choked our life force energy for far too long. Many of the unconscious drives and conditionings of the collective have recently risen to the surface in full view, as have recurring issues that go way back into the family tree. Pluto’s Retrograde will continue until September 15th.

Aries’ ruling planet Mars in Taurus is squaring up with Jupiter in Leo, adding fuel to fire. Their fixed positions indicate that those who want something strong enough now just won’t take no for an answer. This can easily lead to breakthroughs or disasters, amazing creativity or absolute destruction. There is no in between with this aspect.

The asteroid goddess Vesta is conjunct with Neptune in Pisces and squaring Venus in Gemini. The desire to embody or merge with the divine feminine can seem overwhelming if not motivating in a psychological or spiritual sense. Attention to artistic pursuits during this time could become very fulfilling in the long run.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is The Music of the Spheres, indicating an attunement to Cosmic order and divine inspiration:

“The individual advancing “on the Path” should seek to understand and realize his place in the vast scheme of mankind’s evolution, in the immense Chord of the harmony of the universe.” – Dane Rudhyar

Those of us who got this far are here to recognize the unique vibration that we each offer to the Whole, that if missing would shift the entire existence of all that is. That being said,

“Folks, it’s time to evolve. That’s why we’re troubled. You know why our institutions are failing us, the church, the state, everything’s failing? It’s because, um – they’re no longer relevant. We’re supposed to keep evolving. Evolution did not end with us growing opposable thumbs. You do know that, right?” – Bill Hicks

So if the ride starts to hurt, cause motion sickness or otherwise terrify the living daylights out of you, remember…

it’s just a ride.


Jupiter Direct!

The deepest hopes, dreams, wishes of our hearts and souls have slowly been brewing for the past few months and are now showing signs of their readiness for manifestation.

heart_of_lightFrom December 8th 2014 until April 8th 2015 Jupiter was Retrograde in Leo. Since Jupiter is the planet of higher vision, expansion, and all the “good stuff” and its energies have been turned inward, this has been a particularly challenging period of time for many on both emotional and financial levels. It was as though gifts, abilities, and even certain people or objects could not be fully accessed during that time, because they were being processed and related to more on internal levels. The positive side of this Retrograde may have given us a clearer understanding of what truly supports our visions and what blocks our progress so that we can make changes accordingly. In Leo the willpower is strong, as is the desire for love and creative expression. Now that Jupiter has turned direct, it will be easier to express ourselves and experience more of the fiery exuberance that Leo represents along with the simple joys of living.

Although many of the seeds we planted last year are now bearing fruit, they are not quite ripe yet. As with all Retrogrades, we ought to allow a few weeks for Jupiter’s change of direction to “normalize” the associated affairs and any houses and personal planets being transited. Throughout the Summer season, many goals and projects that were put on hold since the holidays will move forward. In early July Jupiter will re-transit 23 degrees where the Retrograde began in December 2014, and there will be a resolution, release, or completion of what was happening at that time.

Big sighs of relief…

Mass Suicide, Money & the Uranus Pluto Square Aftermath

Now that the Uranus Pluto square from June 2012 to March 2015 has been finalized and we barely made our way through a mini-series of rude awakenings, get ready what comes after. Shocking Uranus in fiery fast-moving Aries has just popped the lid off a can of explosive Pluto in hard-working earth based Capricorn. If you think the smell of cow manure is offensive, the toxins being released into the air now are the foulest possible things one could imagine flying from Pandora’s box, apparently leaving us nothing but a trace of mere hope to survive.

However, from my perspective there is also an evolutionary progress being made with powerful breakthroughs in science, medicine, and metaphysics. Spiritual advancements in both individuals and groups are taking place. This is a period of deep healing and transformation on our planet, along with creativity and profound illumination. That doesn’t mean we should ignore the ugliness around us and simply pray that all is well (not that we have that luxury). It means that the more aware we become, the more responsibility we each have to live and share our truth, without preaching and invading other peoples’ rights. There are fewer places to for inauthenticity and fakery to hide, yet still so many people have yet to wake up or even have the means and knowledge to become responsible for the terrible mires they’ve been stuck in.

Do we really have a collective death wish or is something hidden going on that should be brought to our attention? Mass suicide and murder affects the entire world and not just the highly unfortunate areas like Syria. Suicides over bankruptcy and especially prescription drug induced states in America have skyrocketed over the past decade. There is always money to be made at the expense of our suffering, and biotech companies such as Monsanto are waiting with baited breath for the spreading starvation of our entire species, so that in our desperation we become dependent on their mind-numbing systems.

Meanwhile, there is always someone, just as in the Wizard of Oz, pulling strings behind the scenes that we haven’t even thought to ask about, while something or someone else is thrown in our face to distract and capture our attention. If we follow that something or someone wherever it leads, we may find ourselves at the point of no return.

741px-Pied_Piper2Beware the Pied Piper of the Modern Age, who comes in many guises, sometimes as jester, and other times as an authority figure demanding our respect. A common guises is one that comes greasily, to sell us something – something that already belongs to us and has been stolen, repackaged and laced with poison. The Piper hypnotizes with his tunes, and snatches children away from their homes and hearts. With Saturn in truth-seeking Sagittarius in a square to fog-producing Neptune until September 2016 we are challenged to look below the surface for what and who can be trusted. The masses will question both authority and reality, along with the invisible chains we’ve been whipped around with for so long…

Isn’t it so that money and the lack of both it and self-worth often cause people to self-destruct? The significance of money is found in the sign of Taurus the Bull, a beast that has been deified since ancient times as a representation of life force energy, power, procreation and unwavering strength.  As the sun passes through this sign (this April 20th until May 20th) we may have the extra inspiration and opportunities to “take the bull by the horns”, hone our own skills, grow our own foods, and discover our own inner and outer worth, having more tangible effects than at other times in our endeavors overall. Keeping our bullshit detectors on as we’re continually barraged by advertisements aimed at our every weakness would also be ideal.

6fd71237a8e463efabbdc1edef4f521dOur task at hand is a lot like what Brian Froud’s Faerie Oracle card, the Undressing of a Salad represents, which is to do and juggle the impossible. If at all a thing is impossible and yet must be done, it will become possible in the very process of doing it. A sort of deconditioning is also hinted at here, in order to reach the pure state of a thing’s beingness before it became “dressed”, embellished, or conditioned in a certain way.

Fortunately, into the spring season we are put in touch with very stabilizing earth energies, rocks, and surfaces that assist us in achieving balance, giving us a better chance at doing the impossible and fantastic. Perhaps some of the stabilizing stuff at our disposal could be money, jewels, or similar forms of value and exchange.

May you be blessed during this month that celebrates the fertility goddess Ostara, the court card Queen of Hearts, and Hathor, the goddess of music, dance, beauty, and love…


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