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The New Galactic Assignment

1103182318551sacred_geometry_36_Winter Solstice is one of the most powerful times of the year, and as a dear Pleiadian friend used to say it is when we receive our new “galactic assignments” for the year ahead. If you haven’t already this would be a great time to list those new year resolutions or simply an an outline of what you most desire to both release and bring in to your life at this time. It may not be the most physically energized time but spiritually this is the the moment to commit to positive change rather than just let things happen!

This Solstice is a potent one. Uranus as the planet of sudden reversals, change and ingenuity goes Direct just prior to the New Moon on Solstice on December 21st, having been Retrograde in Aries since July 21st. Its exact square to Pluto amplifies whatever thoughts, emotions and actions that have been suppressed and repressed since then that are about ready to explode. We are definitely in for a few surprises, whether they seem pleasant, unpleasant, or some of both.  Time to “check yourself before you wreck yourself” as Uranus won’t encourage anybody to hold back on what needs to be said and done. On the other hand, there may be grand revelations that liberate us from clouded perspectives and conditions.

The New Moon is 0 degrees of Capricorn on this day, clustered together with Mercury, Vesta, Pluto, and Venus. Responsibility and resourcefulness are the highlights as well as being as connected to and considerate of the earth as possible. Another huge highlight is Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn will soon transit out of Scorpio into Sagittarius on the 23rd.  We are adjusting on multiple levels.

The exchanging of gifts and lighting of candles during the Winter Solstice is a fairly universal one… whatever culture or religion you observe if any, may your celebrations of the Return of Light be filled with joy!

immunity in eye of the storm

Here in the final throes of Saturn’s transit through the sign of the seer (moving into Sagittarius on the 23rd of December – he’ll revisit Scorpio though next year into the Ides of March), we’re seeing some final injections of Scorpionic poison into mass consciousness. We are also approaching one of the most powerful midpoints of the year, Winter Solstice. It is a time of great transformation for the collective on Earth.

lightning_stormWe are in the eye of a great storm, which is either as ferocious or benevolent as we choose to view it. Stormy weather can wreak havoc on electric appliances and automobiles, and sometimes seems to lower our immunity. It can also be incredibly purifying to the atmosphere and to our minds.

One essential key to wellness is to pay attention to what comes up rather than suppressing it, whether it’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. We should not ignore the signals our bodies and minds are sending us, whether they seem good or bad. If world news is important enough, we’ll hear about it in no uncertain terms. We don’t have to watch that or spend time in a city slum to get the impression the world’s gone to hell in a handbasket, that we are under attack, subjected to all manner of pollutants, mind control, and injustice. But what does that make us – constant victims of a hopeless world? We need to ask ourselves why we’re so ready to point our fingers out there and sulk in this perpetual cop-out, and why it’s much less terrifying than the actual turmoil – or the marvelous inspiration in our souls.

Immunity starts in the mind. Immune boosters are fine, but let’s trace to the cause of our many susceptibilities. We think we need confidence and reassurance – can’t get enough of it. Almost everybody’s out there trying to get something from the other not paying a bit of attention to your needs. Therefore, our misguided and sorrowful sense of need is like a bottomless pit, and that plays out differently according to various personalities and conditionings. What most of us really need is to trust in our innate sense of what is wrong or right in any given moment, and then to act on that without delay.

As Marianne Williamson has said:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

So all too often we give our power away to the darkness. How we use our power is a choice, and it is coming up right now, larger than life.

The anonymous adage “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional” is an important one to remember. Pain only hurts. We should not necessarily avoid it, nor should we feel defeated by it. A sickness or a wound or a worry comes along, sometimes minor and sometimes major, and we so often cave in under its pressure. During illness we usually don’t know whether to stop in our tracks or push forward, and that is because we are not paying attention.

immunitySickness and discomfort itself is not the problem – the problem is how we identify with it, give all our power away to it, until we have lost ourselves in it, become slaves to it, temporarily as individuals, almost irrevocably as a species. Sickness, depression, and many of our discomforts are natural responses to a sick environment. Furthermore, our bodies are the barometers of what is taking place within our psyches.

Many years ago I lay in my bed, physically disabled and utterly traumatized by my existence on earth overall.  Like the rape of Persephone, a piece of the underworld had opened up and swallowed me down. Seven years of battle with entities, illness and most of all myself reshaped my view and understanding of the entire Universe, and for that I give thanks today. That is because my Inner Eye became opened through this extraordinary ordeal, and it is this Inner Eye that can be still and see clearly even within a storm.

Humanity was never meant to get sick in winter, nor were we originally designed as such feeble creatures, at the mercy of every storm both real and imaginary that life throws our way. This so often happens because we’ve been so cut off from nature and its cycles that we literally go against the flow in our lives. Bears don’t over think this, they go into their caves and everything shuts down until it’s time to come out into the world again.

A few ideas for giving expression to deep feelings, dreams, and sensations, whether they are painful, disturbing, or even overly joyful:

  • draw or paint a mandala that includes symbols for your personal recovery – these could be animals, geometric shapes, runes, or whatever
  • go to a secluded spot in nature and talk aloud about your concerns
  • scream into a pillow or punch into a punching bag
  • sit quietly for awhile and listen to what that troublesome emotion or sensation is trying to convey

The willingness to experience our own unique pain and discomfort cannot be understated as an essential aspect of developing our immunity to our own personal hang-ups first and foremost, and the world’s sickness at large secondarily. Ironically, often when we give our pain the attention it seeks, it begins to subside. Then, true transformation begins.

Full Moon in Gemini 12-6-14

The Full Moon is 14 degrees of Gemini on December 6th of 2014, just days before the sixth of a series of seven exact and revolutionary squares between Uranus and Pluto (December 14th) that began in 2012 and will finalize in 2015. With this luminous culmination a major chapter of our human history is coming to an end. Contrary to our not-so-distant past when our daily civilized affairs were blatantly controlled, we now have so many critical choices to make about what comes next that it’s overwhelming. Gemini’s planetary ruler Mercury is conjoined the Sun in Sagittarius, indicating that many people may be feeling at odds with themselves in some way, for instance their familiar minds could be saying one thing while their intuition is saying another. Who to trust, what to believe, and what to do about it are pressing matters, as the limited scopes of our understanding in any given situation has become all too obvious. The Full Moon’s square to Chiron in Pisces exacerbates this uncomfortable uncertainty and urges us to heed more of the unseen dimensions of our existence – the inner sanctum of the heart, the Higher Self, the supreme intelligences of the Universe. What we see is not always what we get, and the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is particularly relevant now. It’s time to open that book to get a true sense of what it’s all about.

The Twins are mirrors to each other,  and what often happens when the moon is lit up in this sign is that we either fall in love with our reflection, or we bitterly hate and reject our shadow. Just as the left and right hemispheres of the brain are both important and interactive, we cannot successfully disassociate from the things in ourselves we don’t like.

With the recent Ferguson case and numerous other countless legal abuses brought to the eyes of the public this past year, our widespread fascism and racism indicate how terribly our evolution is hindered by such narrow vision and divisions in consciousness. The cardinal Uranus-Pluto square is bringing out all the muck, as fire and brimstone rebellion meets materialism and long-established dictatorship. Those “with eyes to see” are being strengthened in their resolve to speak and act with greater truth and integrity, but it is questionable how far talk will get any of us.

Fairy_Wallpaper_Background_FallingMoon_by_JulieFain1024Asteroid Ceres is also conjunct the Sun, drawing to our attention the degrees to which we have been divorced from nature and our authentic selves. Being opposite of the Moon she is revealing where we’re still broken, what we are hungry for, and what are the true bonds and bridges that can heal us emotionally.

The Sun is conjoined with a deep-space point called the Great Attractor, written so eloquently about by Philip Sedgwick. The importance of having both hindsight and foresight are highlighted, as well as the ability to remain present with what is. This mysterious glob in space is swiftly drawing countless galaxies into its aura including our solar system and Milky Way. We can only speculate what that means for us personally, but it may for some symbolize the turning inward of energy, to bring us Home.

Sagittarius’s ruler Jupiter is harmoniously aspected to the Full Moon as it slows down to Retrograde in Leo on the 8th until April 8th of 2015. While Retrograde the planet of higher learning, expansion and fortune encourages to act on our truth and convictions rather than merely ruminate.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is:

“Two Dutch children talking to each other, exchanging their knowledge”, the keynote meaning:

“the need to clarify one’s experiences through actual contacts with like-minded individuals”.

This symbol pretty much speaks for itself. We’re invited to release our biases, judgments, and assumptions at the door before we proceed with deeper work that must be done.

New Moon in Sagittarius 2014

For many it’s been a weepy, weird, and wistful week as the waning moon with Sun in Scorpio dredges up the last of what it can in our murky depths before entering the next sign. Chiron is also stationing to go Direct in Pisces on the 24th, recalling to our hearts and minds many deep wounds that we have buried and carried for far too long, now finally ready to let go.

The New Moon at Zero degrees of Sagittarius on the 22nd is the second of a series of five Zero degree New Moons in a row and serves as a kick-starter for greater tasks and adventures to begin in the new year of 2015. One of these tasks has to do with becoming more aligned with personal inner truth. There is a paradox that oftentimes the farther out into the world one goes (in exploration of both physical or mental kinds), the deeper they come in touch with themselves. This sign loves travel and exploration like no other and also has no qualms about speaking its truth in any given situation.  The need to be truthful and honest first and foremost with ourselves is indeed pretty much reaching a “critical degree”, a turning point that indicates it is no longer possible to be anything less than authentic in some area where there was previously too much to hide behind.

We’ve come far along enough in the labyrinth of hard edged squares this year that we’ve reached some rounder, softer terrain – which means it’s time celebrate for a minute. Uranus and Pluto will have at it again on December 14th, but regardless of this, during this New Moon and the days that follow there may be many sensations of emotional release, relief, exhilaration, and levity beginning to emerge even amid those with sniffles and other winter discomforts.

Jupiter as the planet ruling Sagittarius makes a slight square to the New Moon from Leo which excites us to action with greater confidence than previously this year. The Moon’s square with Neptune should alert us to a need to be practical about this however. Nothing, however virtuous or beneficial it may seem is foolproof, especially now that this planet has just come back into Direct motion (as of the 15th, since June 9th) where ironically it is less direct in motion than when backward.

With Venus in Sagittarius not too far ahead of this New Moon more people are beginning to let go of some of their insecurities, jealousies, and dissatisfactions in love and simply be willing to live a bit more in the moment – after all this moment is all we really have.

I don’t know who the artist is of this image but it speaks to me of the coming energies associated with this New Moon…


Friendships are beginning to heal and blossom. Nature draws our attention to its magic and great splendor. Inspiration, passion and renewed enthusiasm for life and love are on the horizon!

Neptune Direct 2014

With Neptune going Direct in Pisces this Saturday the 15th, let’s not get cozy with fantasy, illusions, and delusions. Let’s not fall asleep in the middle of our pain, drop the ball after we’ve made commitments, or quit the race when we’re so close to the end.  Let it hurt, keep it real. Crying is fine, especially if it means staying awake instead of numbing out. Let’s not opt for the seductive Blue Pill that puts us back into a stupor as individuals. The planet of smoke and mirrors, higher love and compassion has been Retrograde for the past five months since June 10th, causing us to wake up and get real on several levels. With Neptune in Direct motion, we tend to breathe a sigh of relief and become more comfortable with our discomforts because it’s easier to find an escape. Sometimes when we’re so close to a revelation or a deep healing, there’s a certain kind of demon that rears its ugly head and bars the path. Don’t let Neptune Direct cause you to take that demon any more seriously than a lottery ticket that might win you a million dollars. As we dive back into the deep ocean of dreams, wishes and visions, we may indeed become inspired and moved in spiritual and creative ways. With openness, fluidity and nonattachment, “be like water my friend” (Bruce Lee)

Taurus Full Moon 2014

On November 6th the Full Moon reaches 14 degrees of Taurus, bringing us closer to terra firma, raising the conscious awareness of our bodily senses, and the significance of the psyche in shaping our somatic experiences. The Earth is alive and magic is afoot…we upon the earth are becoming more aware of our place here, how we relate to Her, and how we influence each other by how and where we place our values.

hathorThe Full Moon is conjunct with star Almach in Andromeda, which is believed to give “success in Venusian occupations” as well as artistic abilities. This could certainly enhance Taurus’s talent for singing and other expressions of beauty. The goddess Hathor is also energetically aligned with Venus-ruled Taurus, as this highly revered, celestial cow goddess presides over music, dance, the arts, and the sky itself. A group of Venusian beings known as the Hathors have been channeled through Tom Kenyon, to share with humanity the ways of ascension, circular breathing, sound healing and harmony.

With the Moon reaching fullness in Taurus we are put in touch with both the needs we know about and have repressed, in ourselves and upon the earth. It is becoming evident that certain factors must be addressed in order to prevent breakdowns or disasters. The ability that each of us has to play a part in What Is by what we choose to be, do, or focus on, is also being highlighted.

With the moon now opposite of Venus which has been close to the Sun since the new moon eclipse of October 23rd, that which we most desire can be made tangible in this sign, but not without a price. Taurus doesn’t mind this, but will seek out the best “deals”, making both efficiency and affordability equal priorities when it comes to purchases as well as launching new endeavors. Taurus understands that we pay not only with money but with our time, energy, and other resources. Money is just a metaphor and a methodology we’ve all been trained to utilize, not a means to an end in itself. Self worth becomes an even more pressing matter in the unbeatable race against time, society, and possibly those who don’t or won’t agree with what one represents or with who one is – or what we don’t dare to express and share because it is too taboo. We may recall the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, finding comfort in being methodical, persistent, and on target versus either overly confident or not confident enough and ultimately distracted. The second sign seeks to help us stabilize and in its highest expression seeks quality versus quantity, authenticity versus mediocrity, and genuine aliveness versus bare survival.

Mercury exiting the shadow of its recent Retrograde and the Moon’s trine with Chiron in Pisces makes many of us more sensitive to sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and other sensations especially as they evoke past memories and wounds that we may finally be ready to heal if we are not overly identified with them to this day. A trine to Pluto in Capricorn puts us deeply in touch with emotional nuances, those of ourselves and others around us. It goes to the point where empathy may need to be curbed and replaced by the resoluteness to hold the frequencies opposite of other people’s pain, trauma, and drama.  That means exercising or developing our ability to remain cool and calm in the midst of the storm, as transformation happens easiest when we don’t resist. Sometimes a little smile goes a long way, under otherwise unsavory circumstances.

We are also challenged to be truthful as possible and trusting in the appropriate settings. This is very much a balancing act that Mercury and the North Node in Libra has helped to facilitate in the past couple of weeks. How can we affect positive change if we are constantly pushed around by the tides of human emotion, knocked hither and thither by the moods, words, and deeds of so many people out there from politicians to publishers, coworkers, relatives, friends and neighbors? Taurus shows us how by making our own emotional experiences and sensations so big that we just have to pay attention to what our inner selves are telling us instead of what the world seems to be telling us.

It will be a day as this is a week to visit the secret caverns of our psyches, the buried pages of our history, and the sacred gardens of our precious planet. In rare, still moments such as these… recognition, remembrance, and revelations may be had that change the course of our destinies.

Scorpio Solar Eclipse 2014

flower of lifeAs the Solar Eclipse at 0 zero degrees of Scorpio on October 23rd ripens within our consciousness we are approaching the critical stages of many understandings, negotiations and contract agreements within our interpersonal relationships to others and Self. There is strong significance in the Zero degree symbolizing Openness to experience and new beginnings, and this is the first of a series of four zero degree New Moons in a row. The 0 shape being circular may represent the snake that bites its tail, the danger of obsession, the unique window of opportunity, or the portal to another world. In a fixed sign such as Scorpio, the things we begin during this time will have very long lasting results, but particularly for those with planets at or aspecting this position in their charts.

Venus’s exact conjunction to the eclipse highlights both the power of love and beauty and conversely the love of power in those who are misguided or energetically cut off from their hearts. Because the effects of eclipses can be carried out for up to six months and in some cases years afterward those shifts that we are undergoing now will continue to show up in myriad ways and reveal various insights to us during that time. Both the Moon and Venus are passionate in Scorpio but can be extremely emotional here. Thankfully the Sun involved with a sextile from Mars in the late degrees of Sagittarius is creating some lightness and levity in some otherwise heavy situations. Love relationships, romance, and sexual exchanges are pushing people toward altering some aspect of life that has remained the same or stuck for quite a time. Money and how society relates to it is also changing rapidly, whether by individual choice or collective “force”.

The accelerated levels of stress that have been taking a toll on many people’s mental and physical health has been both timed and aligned with the sorts of erratic energetic pulls people often feel several days between eclipses. It is timed because the White House for example is no stranger to the use of astrology for its delivery of its words and actions. Scorpio stimulates a desire in us to know more of what’s going on beneath the surface (this sign helps us better understand taboos and arcane areas of life), but while we’re still in the sign of Libra, the kidneys and adrenals need more care, indicated by a need for adequate rest, water, and serenity, all of which seem so hard to come by with fears of ebola, climate control, ISIS, and global dictatorships filling up our digital screens and newspapers.

Meanwhile, infinite possibilities are being stirred and awakened within us, as Neptune’s trine to the New Moon casts a magical glow on our paths. This in itself can seem daunting – we may feel like the bear whose zoo confines were suddenly removed, hesitant to go beyond familiar lines. The line in an old Depeche Mode song Enjoy the Silence… “feelings are intense, words are trivial” might summarize what is taking place in the collective emotional body. It all boils down to some thing or things that demand acknowledgement right now that may or not require words to realize, reconcile or release.

Mercury is Retrograde until the 26th so we are better suited toward releasing now than seeking to gain. Communications will become more clear by month’s end. The anxiety that the phrase Mercury Retrograde even brings up for people in this day and age can create more tension than necessary. It’s simply a time to review subject matter and communications relative to the sign and houses that are being transited.

Whether things we see in the media are true or not they bring many of us face to face with our fears as well as our personal values. We each have choice points that present themselves to us, giving us the option of whether and how to react or to respond. In Scorpio we’re confronted with Death, symbolically and physically whether this means people dying, or objects we once cherished collapsing back into the seeming void, nature’s once vibrant leaves browning and falling. What or who are we willing to release in order to be reborn, renewed and transformed?

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon Eclipse is:

“A crowded sightseeing bus on a city street”

This symbol speaks of society as a melting pot of various cultures, styles, and achievements all clumped together that formulate a collective view, and hints at a need to broaden our horizons and expand our perceptions about ourselves and our world.

The city represents the womb of connectivity that contains all of these different elements and keeps them intact, withstanding the street as the passage of time. Crazy things happen in big cities and in our world, many of them seeming to be strange and brand spanking new. Those who have been around for awhile know that some things never really change and aren’t really new but just get recycled or presented in new ways. When this realization hits it indicates that we are ready to break out of the viscous circle and into the great unknown. What a glorious playground we have been given!


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