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Chiron Direct, Hidden Forces Brought to Light

“The process of healing begins from within. Even before the cast is set on our broken bones, our bones begin to knit themselves back together. Just as there are physical laws that effect healing of our bodies, there are laws that affect the healing of our minds. We have seen how our intellects can override some powerful instinctual forces of our organisms.” – Peter Levine, Waking the Tiger

Chiron goes Direct at 16 degrees of Pisces today on November 27th. Having traversed Plutonic swamps and Neptunian fogs since June 24th the Wounded Healer gradually emerges from dark, arduous terrain and rises like a phoenix from the ashes of a false self. This liberation is both excruciating and ecstatic.

Orbiting between Saturn, builder of structure and Uranus, great awakener, Chiron retraces his footsteps since February of 2015, stirring the depths of our being and calling us forward in the reclaiming of lost hopes and dreams. Whatever we have found too painful to cope with during the past several months is up for review now. The causes of our deepest ills and emotional unrest have recently been uncovered. As though through an X-ray we have seen the cracks and crevices of the internal workings of things, however miraculous or wicked they may be. This does not mean we were yet able to come to grips with all that we saw…

This may seem to be a rather enchanted time, one suited toward the breaking of hexes, the procuring of charms, shattering of illusions, and driving out of hungry ghosts. The myths and legends embedded in our psyches and DNA have been reactivated by trauma or its final release. The effects may last for several weeks. Synchronicities may now appear that guide us on the path to recovery and empowerment.

The nurturing of children or the inner child at this time is also of great importance, as we were all children and served as crystal clear reflections of our environment and early experiences.

Journey of the Wounded Healer

Journey of the Wounded Healer by Alex Grey

For the past month during Jupiter’s opposition to Chiron, many of the things we’ve seen may have come as a huge relief on one hand, and a terrible shock on the other. What’s important is how we deal with our new found knowledge. Knowledge in and of itself cannot save us. The application of knowledge eventually becomes wisdom.

The real test is yet to come: Will the visions, dreams, and revelations of the soul be remembered in the face of future trials? Will the broken, battered fragments of body, mind, and spirit be mended now that the remedy has appeared? Will the voice of truth be heard? Will intuition be followed?

Gemini full moon musing

There is fierce battle taking place on the Earth between good and evil, caught between the polarities of wrong and right, truth and lies.

When we have emptied our minds of the thoughts, commands, and imprints of others, what is left?


“Idols crumble and fall, but the skies lift their unmoved arch of blue, and the earth sends forth its rhythmic pulse of green, and in the blood of youth there comes the fever of rebellious art…” – Hamlin Garland


Hang On To Your Ego ~ November 25th ~ Full Moon in Gemini

Source: Hang On To Your Ego ~ November 25th ~ Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon in Gemini 2015

The Sun’s recent transit through Scorpio was brutal. And it was also rather enlivening in many ways. For the past five weeks a ton of muck has been raked up to the surface of our daily affairs and relationships. If we didn’t see the face of God in our reckoning, what we saw was close enough. Wouldn’t you rather experience uncomfortable emotions than be as numbed out and apathetic as the mind-controlled herd who continue to march, fumble and crawl hands-and-knees toward their own demise?

The Full Moon on November 25th is 3 degrees of Gemini, in a mutable T-square with Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Saturn’s square with Neptune is exact on the 26th and is an ongoing influence until September 2016, revealing how little we really know about certain topics and how much we need to rely on our tried and true knowledge or intuition for other ones. Common sense meets cosmic consciousness, and since they are coming at each other from unexpected and rather awkward angles they may crash and collide like petrochemical blasted air and ocean waves full of Fukushima nuclear waste before they are able to work in unison. This aspect has already begun to dissolve boundaries and destroy illusions, but has yet to begin seriously unraveling outworn narratives, especially those that have been touted by religious and political leaders for centuries. We also shouldn’t be surprised to begin seeing the pedestals being ripped out from underneath self-righteous bigots.

The missing leg in the table with this Full Moon indicates that we need the practicality and attentiveness of Virgo (the North Node and Jupiter are transiting this sign together) to help us get through the haze and vagaries that fill up our media and collective mind. Almost nothing’s what it seems or what it used to seem, but that is nothing new! We must be discerning and perhaps in some ways a little bit detached, because the Twins are super unpredictable right now, with one working for and the other against us – it can be hard to tell which is doing which service.

The Full Moon lies in opposition with Acrab, a pale whitish star on the head of constellation of Scorpio. Acrab, literally translated as “the scorpion” in Arabic has an ominous reputation, believed to cause extreme acts of violence and malevolence. It’s easy to say something is all good or all bad, but seldom do people see and understand the way duality functions in their lives and all of life. Power and its abuse is highlighted with this influence, which points toward the importance of maintaining integrity in the face of fierce struggles, or else paying the price for the violation of one’s own sacred space or that of others. Whether one violates what is considered to be a holy church, home, precious books, a flower bed, a person’s body or soul, the damage is both cruel and profane. It means to spit on another’s sense of the sacred, and of their safety and perhaps their only known refuge in this world. Similarly, when magical prowess is used to deceive and manipulate others, it ultimately results in self-defeat. The higher or more aware aspect of Scorpio has no tolerance for this kind of cruelty, and with the influence of Acrab, backlash comes swiftly and sharply. Many of us have been seeing or hearing about this phenomenon the past few days from news reports.

fairy mischief - Hannah Bear

fairy mischief – Hannah Bear

The Moon’s trine with Mars in Libra encourages those who have been down on their luck to man or woman up and do something about what isn’t right. The Sun in Sagittarius fosters courage and supports taking action where needed, so we have at least as much if not more help coming from many directions as we do opposition. There’s also a touch of air fairy mischief in this combination, which may be best suited toward creative endeavors.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon 3-4 degrees of Gemini is:

“Holly And Mistletoe Reawaken Old Memories Of Christmas”.

There is a lot of symbolism here that goes beyond what most people would imagine with a phrase like this. The wood and mistletoe from the holly tree were both sacred to the Druids, and often they would them to fashion their magic wands. It is from this tree that Hollywood derives its name, and it is both behind the scenes and on screens that many “enchantments” and curses over the population take place. One of the meanings of this Sabian symbol is the “longing for the preintellectual state of consciousness”, when ancestral images held great power and totem animals spoke with us all directly. If we don’t want to completely lose touch with ancient ways and magic, we must take a stand against all of the spiritual and physical impositions to our freedom and our connections to nature. On another note, Dr. Edward Bach (September 1886 – November 1936) discovered that the vibrational flower essence of Holly could be used to release toxic emotions such as anger, envy, and desire for revenge. I’d say that this seems quite relevant to the times we’re in.

Communication is a major highlight for Gemini, as is playfulness, family ties and cooperation…

Neptune Direct 2015

With Neptune going Direct at 7 degrees of Pisces today (11/18/15), emotions and impressions are heightened to the nth degree. Many of the dreams, visions, and spiritual states that have been experienced since June 12th of 2015 when Neptune went Retrograde are now being amplified and are under review. Neptune Retrograde these past few months has shed illumination on several important topics for us. Some became liberated from patterns of addiction, abuse, or escapism, and others have found new sources of inspiration.

In light of Neptune’s directional shift and the recent Beirut and Paris attacks, many have lost their way. People in all parts of the world are swimming in a sea of bewilderment due to recent traumas. Fight or flight is a natural response to danger and extreme stress, but there is a gigantic monster of fear, hate, and denial that simultaneously seems to be seizing people from their own bodies and minds. This monster has been formed and fed over many eons, as invisible to us as Neptune and its workings, and as hardcore as Pluto and its plunging into the heat of battle.

The current square between Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius into 2016 heralds massive changes taking place with regard to religious, cultural and spiritual beliefs. The intense focus between these two Jupiterian signs challenges us to have compassion for those less fortunate while practicing our street smarts and expanding our education about our human rights before they’re all stolen from us. Our perceptions have been too limited and we have recently seen more of the big picture than we have in a long time. All across the globe we have been divided by external differences and preferences to the point that we’ve sacrificed our own authenticity in favor of the hand that appears to feed us but actually suppresses our life force energy.

Much ignorance about certain issues has been squashed during the past 5 months and an assimilation phase has just begun. Many of the stories we have told ourselves for so long and the ones we’ve been told by so many others have suddenly become obsolete. We have to leave behind much of what we thought was real, and hopefully to not settle for anything less than the truth. When there is serious doubt, we need look no further for the truth than within our own hearts. Truth can be both objective and subjective, depending on which angle one views it from. On a purely “factual” basis, truth differs from opinion in that it exists regardless of our conscious knowledge, feelings and attitudes about it. We need both kinds of truth to navigate in this world.

Circe by John Waterhouse 1891

    Circe by John Waterhouse 1891

Neptune is in conjunction to the asteroid Circe named after the goddess of sorcery and herbal potions. She turned her enemies into animals, and from this myth stems the common fairy tale depiction of witches turning their victims into toads, crows, pigs, and insects. Neptune stationing direct with this asteroid in the sign of Pisces may signal the forces of magic and sorcery are at work on a broad scale, both for positive and nefarious ends. Beware of manipulations, illusions, and negative projections from others. For true witches, wise magicians, and spiritual healers this is very potent time for transformation.

Sensitivities are extremely high so it can help to be gentle with oneself and loved ones during the next several weeks.

Scorpio New Moon 11-11-15

The New Moon on November 11th 2015 falls at 19 degrees of Scorpio, heightening an awareness of our mortality and leading us into the depths of our souls. This moon highlights our relationships to our ancestors and the legacies, blessings, and curses that have been handed down to us through the ages. It is a time to remember and to honor or to further study our history, as citizens and sovereign beings.

snake skinJust as a snake sheds its skin, we all experience personal and global cycles of shedding and renewal. New Moons signify emotional, psychic and physical renewals that occur each month, enabling us to leave the past behind, move in new directions and embark upon new projects with greater ease than when the moon is waning.

The Scorpio New Moon is in separating trine with Chiron in Pisces, in part signifying the arduous yet healing journey that many have been traveling , many worldly treasures that have been lost and many spiritual riches that have been attained. Whether in search of answers, medicine or inspiration, it is time to at least acknowledge how far you have come on your own healing path, even though the struggle is not over. It is appropriate now to pause, to rest, and to ponder. Although not all answers have been uncovered nor have all wounds healed, our ability to celebrate our victories motivates us to continue on.

The medical symbol of the caduceus with its two snakes wrapped around a staff represent the double-helix of our DNA that has been manipulated for thousands of years. The Roman Mercury carried this caduceus staff, delivering messages to and from the gods, and he also ushered souls into the Underworld. He did not discriminate among merchants and thieves. He was a patron both of poets and con artists. How is Mercury, planet of communication working for or against you at this time?

As November 11th is a 9 of Clubs day in the Destiny Card system, we are challenged to let go of limiting beliefs, habits, and thoughts about ourselves and the world we live in. We are encouraged to both seek out and share universal knowledge and truth. Mercury in conjunction with the New Moon is a supporting factor to this. Sometimes the truth hurts, but unlike lies it unbinds rather than constricts us. It tends to shock us, to propel us into necessary action rather than to transfix or hypnotize us.

The New Moon’s sextiles to Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn bring a sprinkle of good luck and magic to our endeavors, and assists in moving forward despite fear or obstacles. The Sun and Moon are also aligned with the fixed star Zubeneschemali, also known as the Northern Scales (of the constellation Libra). This placement emphasizes the value and worth of whatever is being focused upon. Like Jupiter, may bestow a benevolent influence that engenders optimism, generosity, and gratitude. Directly following this New Moon it is wise to tackle goals involving finances, business, and livelihood.

A yod involving New Moon’s inconjunct apsect to Uranus in Aries, also inconjunct to Jupiter and asteroid Hygeia in Virgo (highlighting the physical aspect of healing and purification) makes clear what we can and cannot do to change the status quo, and points toward personal development and inner change rather than trying to control others. Jupiter and Hygeia in opposition to Chiron also indicate that there are tremendous opportunities to pinpoint the cause of our ills and to finally clear them from our systems.

The New Moon’s semisquare to Venus which is conjunct the North Node nearing the end of its 18 month transit through Libra on November 12th brings a crisis in consciousness regarding desires, needs, equality, and justice. There is a growing need to experiment with new types of forms, thoughts, and relationships that reflect our true values rather the ones that have been adopted by force of habit.

No matter who we are, what we do, where we live, and whether we realize it or not, almost all of us on the Earth today have suffered terrible injustices to our humanity. This is the time to recover lost dignity and self-respect, and to act according to a renewed sense of worth.

America, know the history of your holidays, your constitution and your sacred land:

Transiting North Node in Virgo 2015-2017

The North Node enters Virgo on November 12th, crossing paths with Mars exiting Virgo and entering Libra that same day. The South Node joins Retrograde Vesta in Pisces, deepening the emotional introspection that has lately caused so many to feel alienated, cut-off, and confined to their own worlds and imaginings.

Until May 9th of 2017, the focus will be on taking care of business, getting things squared away, finishing what has already started, and clearing the messes that have been made. The True Nodes are approaching their exit of the Aries/Libra axis, temporarily releasing us from the concentrated themes of war and peace, hate and love, give and take, unity and separation. After a bloody war, somebody has to clean up the dead bodies. That’s where Virgo comes in…

Since the North Node entered Libra on February 14th of 2014, relationships both great and small, collective and personal have collapsed, turned inside out, and undergone major reconstructions and revisions. In general, many already married or seriously involved couples divorced, companies crumbled and financial deals went sour. Many of these relationships were based on falsehoods or superficiality and their structures have not stood the tests of time.

Aries’ ruling planet Mars was Retrograde in Libra in the early phase of the North Node in Libra’s transit in 2014. The South Node, also known as the Dragon’s Tail with its Martian emphasis made combative tendencies very difficult to overcome. The South Node conjunct Uranus in Aries heightened the backlash of passive-aggressiveness on a massive scale.

Libra is concerned with justice and equality while Aries wants freedom to act on its own terms. During the North Node’s transit through Libra gay marriage rights shifted dynamically, the reality of widespread brutalities by police officers were brought to the eyes of the public, and the Canadian extramarital affair dating website Ashley Madison was hacked and faced with a class-action lawsuit, exposing the infidelity of thousands of customers.

Simple Living Saves Lives


With the South Node in Pisces transiting Chiron early 2016, there exists a challenge to heal very old wounds in the self and collective psyche, whether these wounds stem simply from times past, childhood, or miasmic levels. Transiting Neptune later in 2016, long-standing addictions surface, and how they are handled will vary according to each person and situation. Some will experience breakthrough and others will fall deeper into their rabbit hole.

With this nodal influence martyrdom must come to an end and confidence in one’s inner divinity and guiding light reclaimed. Along with Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius we are ready to break free from the shackles of illusion and delusion and to recover a true sense selfhood that has been lost, largely to governmental and religious abuse. The harder life gets, the more we tend to seek out distractions, tranquilizers, and anything to numb us down from the pain. The many ways that we have been persecuted – in this and past lifetimes is to be reckoned with and finally released. Out of the Piscean whirlpool of confusion we are struggling to rise.

Throughout this transit it will become paramount to take the initiative in solving problems and healing ourselves instead of hoping that someone else will come along and fix them and us. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be a proper time and place to ask for help, but that the change comes from within, and external actions to match inner knowing are required for desired results. While Pisces has a lofty dream, it is often the task of Virgo to actualize that dream on the physical plane.

The North Node’s conjunction to Jupiter for a bulk of this transit gives a boost of energy and much-needed optimism to all of our endeavors. The main downside to this pairing is that it could make us more busy than we’d like to be. However, there is so much to do, so little “time” that Jupiter in the picture is a blessing to help us become more effective in our work. It may be very helpful to begin writing a list of goals and intentions for this period and to keep a log of key experiences.


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