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New Moon in Aries 2015

roller-coaster-amusement-park-artA New Moon occurs on April 18th at a walloping 28 degrees of Aries, finally setting us free from unnecessary inhibitions and a huge panoply of outmoded junk. Nature abhors a vacuum as well as stasis, and the possibility for stuckness now is next to nil. We’re in for a ride, ultimately so that we can move on. Ready or not, this whole process can feel like a lot like a thrilling wild safari adventure or a roller coaster through hell. Prior to this, Pluto stations Retrograde on the 16th, still in a square with revolutionary Uranus but slowly edging out of it. Just when it seems every last button has been pushed… there may be a few more soon, but this time they should come as no surprise. This means we have been warned of the many threats and obstacles to our well being and prepared for what will be needed for the desired progress to be made. What have we come to terms with and what major lessons have we learned over the past three years during the seven-hit square between these two planets? With Pluto’s retrograde influence we’ll have opportunities to uproot some deeply buried habits, beliefs and unhealthy ties that have choked our life force energy for far too long. Many of the unconscious drives and conditionings of the collective have recently risen to the surface in full view, as have recurring issues that go way back into the family tree. Pluto’s Retrograde will continue until September 15th.

Aries’ ruling planet Mars in Taurus is squaring up with Jupiter in Leo, adding fuel to fire. Their fixed positions indicate that those who want something strong enough now just won’t take no for an answer. This can easily lead to breakthroughs or disasters, amazing creativity or absolute destruction. There is no in between with this aspect.

The asteroid goddess Vesta is conjunct with Neptune in Pisces and squaring Venus in Gemini. The desire to embody or merge with the divine feminine can seem overwhelming if not motivating in a psychological or spiritual sense. Attention to artistic pursuits during this time could become very fulfilling in the long run.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is The Music of the Spheres, indicating an attunement to Cosmic order and divine inspiration:

“The individual advancing “on the Path” should seek to understand and realize his place in the vast scheme of mankind’s evolution, in the immense Chord of the harmony of the universe.” – Dane Rudhyar

Those of us who got this far are here to recognize the unique vibration that we each offer to the Whole, that if missing would shift the entire existence of all that is. That being said,

“Folks, it’s time to evolve. That’s why we’re troubled. You know why our institutions are failing us, the church, the state, everything’s failing? It’s because, um – they’re no longer relevant. We’re supposed to keep evolving. Evolution did not end with us growing opposable thumbs. You do know that, right?” – Bill Hicks

So if the ride starts to hurt, cause motion sickness or otherwise terrify the living daylights out of you, remember…

it’s just a ride.


Jupiter Direct!

The deepest hopes, dreams, wishes of our hearts and souls have slowly been brewing for the past few months and are now showing signs of their readiness for manifestation.

heart_of_lightFrom December 8th 2014 until April 8th 2015 Jupiter was Retrograde in Leo. Since Jupiter is the planet of higher vision, expansion, and all the “good stuff” and its energies have been turned inward, this has been a particularly challenging period of time for many on both emotional and financial levels. It was as though gifts, abilities, and even certain people or objects could not be fully accessed during that time, because they were being processed and related to more on internal levels. The positive side of this Retrograde may have given us a clearer understanding of what truly supports our visions and what blocks our progress so that we can make changes accordingly. In Leo the willpower is strong, as is the desire for love and creative expression. Now that Jupiter has turned direct, it will be easier to express ourselves and experience more of the fiery exuberance that Leo represents along with the simple joys of living.

Although many of the seeds we planted last year are now bearing fruit, they are not quite ripe yet. As with all Retrogrades, we ought to allow a few weeks for Jupiter’s change of direction to “normalize” the associated affairs and any houses and personal planets being transited. Throughout the Summer season, many goals and projects that were put on hold since the holidays will move forward. In early July Jupiter will re-transit 23 degrees where the Retrograde began in December 2014, and there will be a resolution, release, or completion of what was happening at that time.

Big sighs of relief…

Mass Suicide, Money & the Uranus Pluto Square Aftermath

Now that the Uranus Pluto square from June 2012 to March 2015 has been finalized and we barely made our way through a mini-series of rude awakenings, get ready what comes after. Shocking Uranus in fiery fast-moving Aries has just popped the lid off a can of explosive Pluto in hard-working earth based Capricorn. If you think the smell of cow manure is offensive, the toxins being released into the air now are the foulest possible things one could imagine flying from Pandora’s box, apparently leaving us nothing but a trace of mere hope to survive.

However, from my perspective there is also an evolutionary progress being made with powerful breakthroughs in science, medicine, and metaphysics. Spiritual advancements in both individuals and groups are taking place. This is a period of deep healing and transformation on our planet, along with creativity and profound illumination. That doesn’t mean we should ignore the ugliness around us and simply pray that all is well (not that we have that luxury). It means that the more aware we become, the more responsibility we each have to live and share our truth, without preaching and invading other peoples’ rights. There are fewer places to for inauthenticity and fakery to hide, yet still so many people have yet to wake up or even have the means and knowledge to become responsible for the terrible mires they’ve been stuck in.

Do we really have a collective death wish or is something hidden going on that should be brought to our attention? Mass suicide and murder affects the entire world and not just the highly unfortunate areas like Syria. Suicides over bankruptcy and especially prescription drug induced states in America have skyrocketed over the past decade. There is always money to be made at the expense of our suffering, and biotech companies such as Monsanto are waiting with baited breath for the spreading starvation of our entire species, so that in our desperation we become dependent on their mind-numbing systems.

Meanwhile, there is always someone, just as in the Wizard of Oz, pulling strings behind the scenes that we haven’t even thought to ask about, while something or someone else is thrown in our face to distract and capture our attention. If we follow that something or someone wherever it leads, we may find ourselves at the point of no return.

741px-Pied_Piper2Beware the Pied Piper of the Modern Age, who comes in many guises, sometimes as jester, and other times as an authority figure demanding our respect. A common guises is one that comes greasily, to sell us something – something that already belongs to us and has been stolen, repackaged and laced with poison. The Piper hypnotizes with his tunes, and snatches children away from their homes and hearts. With Saturn in truth-seeking Sagittarius in a square to fog-producing Neptune until September 2016 we are challenged to look below the surface for what and who can be trusted. The masses will question both authority and reality, along with the invisible chains we’ve been whipped around with for so long…

Isn’t it so that money and the lack of both it and self-worth often cause people to self-destruct? The significance of money is found in the sign of Taurus the Bull, a beast that has been deified since ancient times as a representation of life force energy, power, procreation and unwavering strength.  As the sun passes through this sign (this April 20th until May 20th) we may have the extra inspiration and opportunities to “take the bull by the horns”, hone our own skills, grow our own foods, and discover our own inner and outer worth, having more tangible effects than at other times in our endeavors overall. Keeping our bullshit detectors on as we’re continually barraged by advertisements aimed at our every weakness would also be ideal.

6fd71237a8e463efabbdc1edef4f521dOur task at hand is a lot like what Brian Froud’s Faerie Oracle card, the Undressing of a Salad represents, which is to do and juggle the impossible. If at all a thing is impossible and yet must be done, it will become possible in the very process of doing it. A sort of deconditioning is also hinted at here, in order to reach the pure state of a thing’s beingness before it became “dressed”, embellished, or conditioned in a certain way.

Fortunately, into the spring season we are put in touch with very stabilizing earth energies, rocks, and surfaces that assist us in achieving balance, giving us a better chance at doing the impossible and fantastic. Perhaps some of the stabilizing stuff at our disposal could be money, jewels, or similar forms of value and exchange.

May you be blessed during this month that celebrates the fertility goddess Ostara, the court card Queen of Hearts, and Hathor, the goddess of music, dance, beauty, and love…

Lunar Eclipse in Libra 2015

On April 4th, a Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon strikes at 14 degrees of Venus-ruled, beauty loving, and graceful Libra. But we must remember that the seventh sign holds of the scales of justice, and is only ready to take decisive action when all things considered have been carefully weighed. Here we are met with the karmic meter of the zodiac, in opposition to unpredictable Uranus edging out of its last recent full-on square with Pluto in Capricorn. The aftermath of the final exact square between these two that occurred in March might actually be more intense than its seven hits during the past three years. Those who have misbehaved had better hope that the Cosmic Mother, as represented by the “empty” space in Cancer has some mercy on them. It’s that special, if not compromising moment when a person should straighten their act or might as well sell their soul to the devil.

This eclipse takes place amid a fire trine between the Sun in Aries, Jupiter in Leo, and Saturn in Sagittarius, provoking and evoking all forms of passionate expression. As always during eclipses, emotions are running high and currently the expression of anger seems especially taboo and difficult to channel. Contradictions and some degree of confusion is also probable with Retrograde Saturn’s square to Neptune. The feelings coming up strongly are seeking our attention for a reason, and it wouldn’t hurt to sit down and listen to what they’re saying. If anxiety and anger are allowed to fester inside the adrenals can become exhausted, so it might be not only helpful but necessary to find appropriate outlets for them now. This Eclipse conjuncts the lunar nodes that have been moving through the Aries/Libra polarity since February 18th of 2014. Other people definitely need to be taken into consideration because even certain personal acts and decisions will take on obvious consequences for many.

iron fistWishy-washy as Libra may often cause us to be, the Iron Fist In the Velvet Glove is as dangerous now as Edward Scissorhands and is finally ready to call the shots. On the other hand, it may become easier for many of us to cleanse both our bodies and minds from toxicity and experience renewal where we need it most now and in the weeks and months to come. There were significant endings with the Solar Eclipse in Pisces during the Spring Equinox, and if there are lingering contracts that need to be broken, burned, completed, or otherwise altered this is the time. If there was any doubt as to where one stood before, the answer is being made clear.

Not feeling romantic yet, seeing hearts and flowers or bubbling over with joy? Don’t worry…you’re in good company. If you’re lucky enough to be in love, well, wonderful. We’re all being put on alert as to who our allies are as much as becoming aware of our enemies, for those who have remained hidden are now exposed or willingly stepping into view. Accordingly, Libra can be as much of a shit-disturber as peace-maker, for as much as conflict is abhorred sometimes it must be faced and engaged in before clarity, truth, and agreement comes. And when that agreement does not come, the proper balancing action must be decided upon and taken without further delay or hesitation. Negotiations and new agreements might need to replace the old ones.

When it comes to the backward ideas of peace, Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, for example, has come to mean nothing to some people but a twisted glorification for the bombing of the Middle East. So, we can hate our politicians till we’re blue in the face and cry about our victimhood, but we – those of us who still have the so-called privilege of choice are the ones who have forgotten that it’s up to us to stop playing their games. The Libran words we and us seem so attractive and widely misused, and the concept of an autonomous self has become utterly terrifying to many. The irony of our relationship oriented eclipse is pushing us into this greater awareness of selfhood, and what it will take to achieve and preserve its integrity, especially in the face of betrayal.

full-moon-kissThe evolving self must meet the world and engage without losing itself. It must learn proper discernment, and a lot of our social media severely bars its progress. Having a cell phone in hand 24-7 competes with genuine human interaction which is so critical to our ultimate survival and enlightenment at this point.

What are you doing and with who, and why? Do you have a partner in marriage or a partner in crime? How do you relate to yourself? The Universe is both asking and telling. Surprising revelations with regard to who’s in the relationship for thrills, kills, or a sincere desire to share, give and love is off the charts this week and during this full moon eclipse. Be ready for Truth or Dare. At the very least let’s recognize whether we’re acting from a place of love or fear. Yes, much easier said than done.

Spring Solar Eclipse in the Natal Chart

The Solar Eclipse this March 20th at 29 degrees of Pisces precedes the Spring Equinox when the Sun enters the sign of Aries. Due to this extra potent Supermoon eclipse many significant phases and situations are coming to end as new ones are about to begin.

piscesBecause this eclipse falls at the last degree of the watery and nebulous sign of Pisces, the energy around many changes taking place may seem dreamy, confusing, dissipating, or inspiring in their effects. The trick with the Neptunian realm we have been swimming or being carried away in lately is that logic does not necessarily have a place. Common knowledge and practical solutions don’t apply in this realm. We are reminded that sometimes the only thing we can do when confronted with great challenge is to surrender our problems to the Divine and our infinite self that safeguards the answers to our most pressing questions until we are ready for them.

As we move into the sign of Aries during the following days and weeks, vitality and clarity will increase. Many current stresses , losses, and blockages will soon be followed by personal renewal.

What is coming to an end in your life as something is simultaneously coming into being? To better understand how the eclipse might be affecting you personally you can check your natal chart to see what house it is transiting and what planets are being aspected:

Basic Meanings of the Houses  

1st: Identity, personality, appearance

2nd: Values, possessions, self-worth

3rd: Communication, studies, short journeys, siblings

4th: Home life, heritage, parents, security

5th: Children, creativity, love affairs

6th: Work, health, nutrition

7th: Relationship, marriage, commitments

8th: Death, legacies, transformation

9th: Philosophy, religion, rituals, long journeys

10th: Career, reputation, personal power

11th: Visions, goals, friends, group endeavors

12th: Secrets, selfless service or suffering, spirituality

Basic Meaning of the Planets

Sun : father, soul energy, life-force

Moon: mother, personality, memories, nurturing

Mercury: communication, mental processing, travel

Venus: love, beauty, affection

Mars: aggression, strength, sexuality,

Jupiter: fortune, expansion, higher learning

Saturn: restriction, delays, foundations

Uranus: surprises,  ingenuity, intuition

Neptune: inspiration, confusion, music, spiritual illumination

Pluto: destruction, intensity, transformation

Spring Equinox Supermoon Eclipse

The coming Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere (Autumn in the South) is an extra potent one, as a Supermoon and Solar Eclipse fall on this day of March 20th at 29 degrees of Pisces. The super closeness of the Earth and Moon the night before the eclipse are what make this a “Supermoon” event. It will be a total solar eclipse mostly visible in Europe.

fire pegasus

There are no major aspects from this eclipse to the other planets, but being at the anaretic degree of Pisces in the decanate ruled by Mars/Pluto it is very powerful in its influence. It is also conjunct the fixed star Scheat in the constellation Pegasus, at the leg of the horse. Effects produced in this position can be very very good or very very bad, depending on how the energy is and has already been flowing overall. There are many endings taking place, and the trick is to remain present for them rather than dwelling heavily in the past or gazing too far into the future. These are ultimate endings, taking place at the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac. We are at the point of “no return”. There is a strong desire to move in new directions but many may feel lost or without footing, or overcome with free-floating anxiety. We need only to pause and reach inward for answers, healing and solace. The winged horse represents a magnificent sense of freedom that reminds us we are more than these physical bodies and can reach anywhere – into infinity with our consciousness.

Now and leading up to the solar eclipse on September 13th there will be radical planetary shifts that push us to make some long overdue changes, many of which will become conclusive by August. Some of what happens will likely entail further destruction and catastrophe that force people to simplify, size down, and cooperate with each other more than they ever have. With our dwindling oil and water resources and increased pollution we will need to become a lot more solution-oriented as a Collective.

If we are inner-directed rather that other-directed we will be able to see more clearly into the nature of reality, our own and in general. A crystal energy that may be helpful to work with at this time is selenite, which can enable us to understand and integrate lessons and experiences from past, present and future lives.

This solar eclipse may be the mark of a perceptual and experiential shift in our relationship with what we call God, Creator, or the Matrix. Time and space travel will become increasingly accessible to us both on inner and outer planes in the months to come. It may indeed seem that time is bending itself to accommodate our expanded perceptions and occupations within space.

“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us…”

Virgo Moon Musings

The sign of Virgo, being ruled by Mercury and being a feminine, mutable earth sign pertains to things of the earth and physical body, and to their purification and preservation. While the moon transits this sign and particularly when she reaches fullness in this sign as she is doing now and March 5th, it benefits us to pay special attention to both the needs of the earth body and our own health.

Virgo is symbolized by the Virgin, or Angel that holds a sheaf of wheat. This indicates a gathering of material needs, while also maintaining a level of purity or in some cases spirituality. The greatest fulfillment in this sign is found in being of service to others. Who can we help this day or this week, with or without them knowing of our aid?

Virgo has a tendency to be self-critical and prone to perfectionism, so we should look for ways to loosen up if we are being too hard on ourselves or expecting too much from others at this time. This is the perfect time for a make-over of body, home, or land, applying such techniques as Feng Shui to improve the flow of qi in a place of work or residence.

Water is very important to this sign – to drink, cleanse with, and bathe in. Perhaps it is just stagnant energy that needs clearing from your space, and a bit of smoke from pine resin, sage, or frankincense could do the trick. Remember to hold an intention and give thanks while using any herbs.

There are mundane and mystical aspects to each sign, and for Virgo the highlights would include such activities as:

  • nursing & caregiving
  • organizing
  • purification rituals
  • green witchery & herb magic
  • tending animals
  • Feng Shui

I found it hilarious and timely that a friend sent me the following link today regarding “Fairy Control” in Somerset to bring order to a profusion of fairy and elfin homes that have been cropping up. The Feng Shui thing is not limited to humans! It of course includes homes for other animals and of course Fairies ;)

I love the work of Sally Smith who has created many elegant Fairy Houses and has photo image calendars available:



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