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MK Ultra Interview

On August 7th 2015 I interviewed one of the last of the first generation survivors of project MK Ultra, named John Stormm. It was shared online several days later and then a movie came out on the 20th called American Ultra. Having just watched the movie a couple of nights ago I will say that although it was apparently designed for (intense) comedy and entertainment, I understood many aspects of the content to be accurate after having spoken directly with someone who actually went through many of the ordeals alluded to.

A friend helped me to upload this interview to Youtube since many people seem to prefer listening and watching programs from it these days. In the future there will be an online video archive of several of my past radio shows as well as more recent interviews.

About 40 minutes into this conversation there was a disconnection due to a power outage (what a coincidence!) and when I made it back onto the internet our focus shifted a bit to include the topic of hobbits, extraterrestrials and other world beings.

Destiny Card Playlists

A month ago I started making playlists themed around the 53 Cards of Destiny, including the Joker. For those unfamiliar with these terms, the Destiny Cards are the same cards used as game playing cards, but with the original intention of the cards observed and expressed. These meaning of the cards are derived from an ancient esoteric system that incorporates astrology, numerology, and the shapes and symbols contained in the cards.

Each of us has a Birth Card, indicating the traits, gifts and challenges we were born with and some birthdays share the same card. Although the overall qualities remain intact, each of these days the card will express itself in a unique manner, according to calendar and astrological factors.


One of the most widely known authors and experts on the subject of the cards is Robert Camp. On his website 7thunders you can get free card readings, based on your birth date. One of my favorite authors on the subject is Sharon Jeffers, and you can listen to an interview I did with her awhile back here. Sharon’s website is starofthemagi and she also frequently posts the card of the day on her facebook page Cards of Destiny.

My first playlist was created for the King of Hearts on July 28th, and now on August 26 it is again a King of Hearts day. It seemed a perfect time to begin such a project, since the King of Hearts has rulership of all things related to love, creative expression, and music. With Venus Retrograde in Leo it’s been fun and funny flipping through so many oldies, although not all songs in the lists are very old.

King of Hearts Birthdays: 6/30 (Cancer), 7/28 (Leo), 8/26 (Virgo), 9/24 (Libra), 10/22 (Libra), 11/20 (Scorpio), 12/18 (Sagittarius). A person born on a KH day is often a powerful leader of some sort, a proud and honorable parent, a prolific artist or musician, and quite headstrong in their relationships. On a King of Hearts day the power of love is both a lesson and a blessing. Beauty and artistic expression is important, as is compassion for those less fortunate.

The playlists I’ve been creating are mainly a fun way for me to become more aware of the qualities of each card and share them with others. I don’t always “love” the songs I choose but certain ones just seem to work perfectly for the overall theme of the card. In many instances it will be obvious why I chose certain songs, but sometimes one will have to dig a bit deeper for the symbology :P

Here is my playlist so far, for the King of Hearts:

I will announce when all 53 have been created but feel free to check my Youtube channel periodically to see the new playlists being added.

Black Moon Lilith transiting Libra 2015-2016

The Black Moon Lilith is nearing the end of her transit through Virgo and preparing to enter Libra on August 25, 2015 until May 21, 2016. BML is not a planet or even a comet, asteroid or any other physical object. The geometrical point of the Black Moon is basically the shadow or apogee of the Moon’s orbit around the Earth – the place where it is farthest away from Earth.

Adam & Eve by Hugo Van Der

Adam & Eve by Hugo Van Der

Because the Black Moon Lilith represents the Dark Goddess, Eve as an outcast of creation, temptress and sinner, she indicates where and how we, whether man, child, or woman, express the feminine aspects of rage, guilt, fear, envy, lust and revenge. Her powers are formidable and unpredictable, as she holds the keys to both creation and destruction. She is both the serpent on the Tree of Life offering wisdom, and the innocence of Eve destroyed. Insatiable succubus, bride of Satan, and Queen of the Faeries, the Black Moon Lilith has become to us as an untamable monster that man has created out of his own greed, terror, and self-denial – a sort of female Frankenstein of the Otherworld.

Since November 27, 2014, the Black Moon Lilith has been transiting the unassuming, yet highly hygienic sign of Virgo, where we’ve struggled as much with the fear of disease as with death by doctors. Although the influence of BML often goes quiet and undetected as an owl in the night, those who are sensitive and aware sense her presence in no uncertain terms. They might not be able to put a finger on it, or they might not know to call her by name, but they know nonetheless that there is something strange slithering through the consciousness of the masses. Several holistic doctors have vanished and been killed during the past couple of months, and an pandemic of vaccines have been forced upon wider pockets of civilization. We’ve seen many fatal mistakes made in the field of medicine during this transit. We’ve also seen or experienced an overall obsession with work ethics and trying so hard to get things right, with effects particularly noticed by those with planets in Virgo.

Although those who have planets in Libra might be especially affected by BML’s transit through this sign, we are going to see a significant shift with regard to interpersonal relationships on a very wide scale. All those “iffy” connections, whether they are on romantic, familial, or business levels will be coming to a head. We may be confronted with our indecision and fears around commitment or betrayal and will need to exercise complete honesty first and foremost with ourselves, secondly with those we are closely dealing with – unless of course there is some life-or-death situation or one that calls for a protective cover-up. With the Pluto-Uranus square aftermath, aspects from the North Node in Libra, and ample Retrograde action, we’ve encountered many explosive episodes over the past year with legal abuse, racial discrimination, and threats of martial law. With the Black Moon Lilith in Libra the war of wits will be full-on.

Unless the masses wake up and recognize that the destruction of life and the violation of natural law on this planet has been deliberate and is no accident, humanity does not stand a chance of survival.

Sloppy policies should be avoided at all costs during this transit. We should be alert to intrigues and not make any promises that we don’t intend to keep – false ones will quickly backfire. Injustices will continue to be witnessed by the public because that’s what we’re being fed by the media, but more individuals will need to stand up and fight whether they feel supported by a team or not. On the mental plane, more of us will need to just say NO to bullshit. Forgive my lack of Libran tact for a moment but there is no protection in pretending things are OK when they’re on a downward spiral to hell.

lilithAll that being said, there is sweet magic and beauty that can be experienced with the Black Moon Lilith when we are attuned to her energies in an open, unbiased way. It could be that relationships that have already been on the rocks for a long time finally break or begin to heal during Her transit through Libra. BML in this sign deeply intensifies bonds, sexual and otherwise but challenges us to find balance and fairness in our interactions. Libra represents the other person and the feedback that we receive from those around us, so it will be interesting to see how both our sense of self and connectedness to others in all of this becomes illuminated throughout this time.

Astrology Tarot Class 8-27-15

**ASTROLOGY in the Major Arcana cards**

Upcoming class downtown Sebastopol, Sonoma county of Northern California, at

I Dream of Henna 100 Brown St

Thursday, August 27, 2015 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

The Star, by Hanson Roberts

The Star, by Hanson Roberts

Venus Retrograde and the Authentic Life

“You cannot stand fully in the truth of your being as long as you continue to demand acceptance, approval and validation from people outside of yourself. Be willing to piss people off if it means standing up for the truth of who you are.” 

– Iyanala Vanzant

This weekend is strongly influenced by the shadow side of Venus, moving retrograde, unseen and combust the Leo Sun. The third phase of Leo is ruled by Mars, indicating a high degree of will power, with the drive to confront and outshine all that stands in the way of authenticity. The catchy phrase “follow your heart” takes on a whole new meaning at this point. It broadens in its scope to include saying NO to other people, things and die-hard habits that drain our time and energy. It means putting an end to egoic people-pleasing and pointless pursuits that don’t do a thing to enhance the joy in life. A reorientation in our closest relationships, including the one we have to ourselves does away with what no longer holds truth for us and brings us in touch with the deepest desires in our souls.

Meanwhile Jupiter’s recent entrance into Virgo on the 11th turns our energy toward self-improvement and cleaning up after a year-long “party” in Leo. We would do well to make the best of the next eight days of the Sun’s transit in this creative fire sign as we can. Some of us are willing and ready to surrender to the inner life,  but others fight against it with all sorts of methods to avoid facing their shadows. Clearing house physically and mentally is not always easy work, but it is well worth the effort. Even one small step a day, or a series of them will  begin to remove even the biggest blocks, making them less formidable, as the road opens and our options in life expand.

Major goddess asteroid Ceres in Capricorn forms an earth trine with the Black Moon Lilith in Virgo as both are sextile to Saturn in Scorpio now. This serves to help strengthen the bonds that are nurturing and supportive in our lives and challenges us to let go of those that are not. It is the perfect time to de-cord, disconnect, and walk away from situations that do not honor who we truly are. Finding wholesome ways to physically feed ourselves and rejuvenate the piece of Earth that we inhabit are equally important.

Mercury in Virgo is easing out of an opposition with Neptune in Pisces while forming a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. This combined with Mars and the New Moon conjunct Retrograde Venus in Leo bring up some rather disconcerting emotions related to what we see versus what we get, what people say versus what they do, what we know versus how we actually allow ourselves to be.

There are times, such as those we are in now that it can be tricky to discern whether to act on something untoward seen or to remain a silent witness. I like using a method of Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian practice which assumes an inner responsibility for all ugliness and distress that is witnessed and transmuting it with love. I have also learned (the hard way) that is quite proper at times to allow other people to fall flat on their faces in order to figure something out by themselves. I used to try so hard to be polite about it, but the most challenging moments were when people who were acting in a condescending  manner had no clue that I could see right through them, as though their hidden motivations were as visible if not more so than seen through an x-ray.

“I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.” – Albert Einstein

Let’s remember to check in with ourselves over the next few days and ask if it’s some lofty idea of compassion or a deeply embedded fear that holds us back in life. There is often a fine line between being “nice” and being authentic.

I give great thanks to all of you who keep it real.

Venus and Isis in Leo

Venus is conjunct the asteroid Isis at 24 degrees of Leo today (July 6th) with Jupiter close behind at 22 degrees. The energy of this combination has been present since the beginning of the month, lingering throughout, and with this I see a powerful resurgence of divine feminine energy. Venus the planet of love, beauty, and prosperity is a particularly prominent influence now as she entered a pre-shadow phase on June 21st, enters Virgo on July 18th, goes Retrograde on July 24th, reenters Leo on the Full Moon of the 31st, and then stations direct in this sign on September 6th. Her post-shadow phase will end by October 8th as she reenters the sign of Virgo.

The super stellium Jupiter/Venus/Isis started off late June, early July in a grand trine with Uranus in Aries and Ixion in Sagittarius. Venus and Isis are sextile Mercury in Gemini today while the Sun in emotional Cancer is opposite Pluto in stern Capricorn, which has been amplifying power struggles, heightening projections and internalizations of opposing forces. For about a week’s time many people have been going off on tirades while others are simply being more vocal about their beliefs, whether in self-defense or in the act of breaking free from tyranny. There are many profound awakenings occurring, and some of them might seem quite “rude”. However, it is a time when corrective measures can also be more easily taken, both verbally and otherwise.

Isis and Osiris by Susan Boulet

Isis and Osiris by Susan Seddon Boulet

Venus is typically happy in the sunny sign of Leo, where she is often able to express the full gamut of her love and creativity. When she turns Retrograde later this month and throughout August these qualities may turn inward for many, taking the form of renewed passion for familiar projects, interests, and possibly loves from the past. In a similar way, the asteroid Isis represents areas that we may seek to reconnect, restore, reconcile and reunite lost parts of ourselves and others close to us. In the Egyptian myth, after Osiris was torn to pieces by his brother Set, Isis frantically searched the world for all of his parts and eventually put him back together and brought him to life. Venus and Isis together represent the coming together of feminine forces, as well as the retrieval of “lost” fragments of one’s soul. Traced back to their original sources, Venus and Isis may even be one and the same. In Leo they beckon us, both male and female to tune into the Solar aspect of consciousness, and to assert ourselves with dignity and grace.

The intense focus of female energy embodied in a fiery masculine sign is significant for both men and women. In this instance, with Isis present the feminine counterpart helps support or heal the male in some way. On an internal level, the right and left hemispheres of the brain may either come into greater harmony or discord, while the circadian rhythms seek their balance.

In a symbolic sense, Isis is akin to a female Jesus, although she arrived far before his time. As the mother of the sun god Horus she was one of the first mother figures venerated as an incarnation of divinity. Every aspect of Isis is steeped in mystery and magic. The two syllables of her name fascinate us on so many levels, because she IS an inherent part of us. In the dictionary we read that the word genesis simply means the beginning of something, but it is translated by certain scholars as the “Genes of Isis”.  This is said to be where the Book of Genesis took its title.

In my natal chart the asteroids Isis and Osiris are both conjunct my Sun, but I never knew how to interpret this until I gained a deeper understanding of the rich history of them both. In August 2015 these two asteroids will be almost but not quite in conjunction in the sign of Virgo. Jupiter, Venus and asteroid Isis in Leo are currently positioned at the cusp of the 9th house of the US chart, as if the Bible-thumping hasn’t already begun…

Overall, the pairing of Isis and Venus now might be helping us to bring and piece together the things we wish to heal and manifest. This is a great time for solving puzzles or making witch ladders, vision boards, and other magical or artistic renderings of the heart.

Isis Bless!

Grandmother Spider

Grandmother Spider by Susan Boulet

Grandmother Spider by Susan Boulet

The Full Moon in Capricorn July 1st 2015 calls us into deeper alignment with the Earth and all her rhythms, cycles, and ancient wisdom. This is a day for the making of dream catchers, the whispering of prayers, the telling of old tales, and honoring of ancestors. We are reminded of the way that gravity and terra firma supports us – can just as easily take away from us as sustain us.

Spider Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet, 1986

Spider Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet, 1986

Earth and native magic are still alive in the world yet today we must work harder than before to connect with them, as we must also simplify and humble ourselves before the spirits and creatures of nature who have experienced as deep a betrayal at our hands as we have at the hands of our  supposed “caretakers”. I think of Grandmother Spider during this moon, who in Cherokee, Choctaw and other traditions was known as the Weaver of the Web of Life. She brought people the sun and fire, taught them pottery, weaving and ceremonial blessings. Her spider’s web represented language, connectivity, creativity, infinity, and the moving patterns that we call time.

P1020602We have so much to learn from the life around us if we would but stop and observe rather than immediately set to destroy whatever scares us or seems to stand in our way. This spider stopped me in my tracks recently, reminding me of the mysteries of creation and what kinds of things can be cultivated in the darkness whether for negative or positive ends. All of us weave webs with our thoughts, words, and actions that trap, enchant, or illuminate in some way. Let’s choose wisely.


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