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Blood Moon, Holy Days, and Purification

There is a lot of hype about tonight’s Lunar Eclipse in Libra just after midnight Pacific Time on April 15th, many believing it to signal the “End of Times”. I’d like to propose a slightly different perspective…

Yes, there is much that is coming to an end, but this is not altogether a bad thing. Pluto turns Retrograde today, right before the Eclipse occurs, which indeed hints at some major situations that have reached their culmination. Some endings have come through suffering and others through relief. The current Libran theme is relationship to other beings, and under the influence of such an eclipse no doubt that a combination of relationships have collectively been undergoing upheaval, purification, and in some cases refinement.

In ancient times Eclipses were believed to bring up a surge of powerful energies within the earth, which could either be of an evil or benevolent nature. All thoughts, energies, and words take on greater impact during eclipses, which tend to occur in pairs (a Solar Eclipse in Taurus occurs this month on April 28th). Many portals open, and the veils between the worlds become thin, allowing energies to pass through more easily, either for  better or worse. Therefore, it makes sense to the majority of spiritual seekers and practitioners that this should be a time of greater spiritual dedication, prayer, and purification.

total eclipseThis so called Blood Moon, red in color due to reddish color it takes on as the moon passes completely into the Earth’s shadow is the first of a Tetrad series of Total Eclipses, that curiously coincide with Jewish holy days. The red tint of the Blood Moon occurs due to filtered sunlight shining through the earth’s atmosphere as it passes through the sun and moon. Space Weather is a great resource for latest cosmic happenings from the scientific point of view.

The following Total Eclipses are due October 8th of 2014, April 4th 2015, and Sep 28th 2015, with the following Jewish connections:

Passover begins with the current Eclipse of April 15th, to continue for seven days until Monday the 21st – exactly when the Cosmic Cardinal Cross between Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Mars becomes activated.

Passover in 2015 will begin on the April 4th and will continue for seven days until Friday, the 10th of April.

Sukkot in 2014 will start October 8th, during the Feast of Tabernacle Lunar Eclipse and will continue for seven days until 15th of October.

Sukkot in 2015 will start September 28th during another Feast of Tabernacle Lunar Eclipse and will continue for seven days until the October 4th.

This “coincidental” alignment of the Eclipses with Jewish holy days has already occurred twice in the 20th century. The first set occurred in 1948 – 1950, the year after Israel had become a state. The second between 1967 – 1968, the year Israel liberated Jerusalem. Going further back, in 1493 this occurred the year after Columbus sailed the seas and Spain had destroyed the Jews.

It is said that the current eclipse of April 15th Jewish Passover and Sukot Lunar Eclipse to occur October 8th are taking place on the exact same dates as did the Jewish Passover and Sukot celebrations of 70 AD – the Feast of Tabernacles Lunar Eclipses (although those were Partial, not Total Eclipses). They occurred when the Roman Army destroyed the 2nd Jewish Temple and Masada Military Fortress, ending over 1,000 yeas of Jewish rule in Israel.

The Bible is brimming with references to celestial shifts, and this one describes such an occurrence as we are experiencing in symbolic terms:

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come.”  – Joel 2:31, KJV

So what does any of this mean to us today? Not to be irreverent, but I think of a comical pagan bumper sticker I saw several years ago that read “GOD is coming, and She is Pissed.” God is not really necessarily pissed, but in our ordinary human attempts to understand deity and nature we often project our own shortcomings onto God and the Cosmos, as we are but microcosms of the macrocosm.

When we experience the wrath of God, it is because we have long ignored the signs that have been given to us in nature and within our own bodies and psyches. For this reason, at the end of the day or this seemingly endless topic, the simpler approaches to these rather complicated cosmic matters appeal to me most. These simple approaches include gratitude, reverence, and kindness. Without them, we are bound to face our doom.

Purification of body, mind, and spirit, and making offerings to those beings who are in need or those beings in nature and the cosmos that make life sweeter is a wonderful way to spend the duration of an Eclipse period. This is a day when many Tibetan Buddhists will adhere to a practice dedicated to White Tara, goddess of Compassion.


Healing & The Whole Person

How can anyone expect to heal from anything if they isolate a part of themselves from the rest? Sometimes we forget how interconnected we are, both in inner and outer ways.

Healing implies a coming together and a mending of what has been broken, malfunctioning, and undernourished. It implies that in some instance or area of our lives, we have lost our sense of Wholeness. Holistic healing refers to the Whole person in order to heal, versus just one of that person’s parts. You will have a chance to hear one of the key healers who helped me to not only heal but transform my life and the way I viewed myself in it…

Alex Trevisanlicensed acupuncturist of over 18 years, certified hypnotherapist, nutritionist, kinesiologist, naturopathic, chiropractic, and homeopathic practitioner will be a guest speaker on my radio show Healing Arts next Tuesday morning from 10:00-11:00 AM PST on KOWS Radio, streaming live on the internet. Alex is also a Reiki master, Tiankong practioner, tai chi and martial arts instructor. He holds a 7th degree black belt as a professor in Shaolin Kenpo and has a background in various martial arts. He is also a physical trainer who combines internal martial methods to weight training, agility, flexibility, speed and power training. This man has many pearls of wisdom to share!

Just to give you a little idea of how sick I once was, here is a true but abbreviated story. Several years after I had been seeing Alex for treatments, we had become friends. One day we were having a light-hearted little chat, and he candidly said to me “I honestly didn’t know how you were living like that or if you’d survive – the shape you were in”. Amazingly, in those earlier times, he never really let on the extent of his concern…

It was precisely his ability to override worry with an attitude of optimism and humor that gave me faith when I felt weak and afraid. He did not sugar coat my reality, but did not give it more weight than I already perceived myself to carry. He saw and treated me as a spirit having a human experience rather than just a physically dense person riddled with symptoms and scars. This is a vital key to healing on any level – for any person. When we are in the process of healing, we need to lighten up, and take our illnesses a bit less seriously instead of identifying so closely with them. This is not to say we should throw all caution to the wind and not take care of ourselves to address imbalances, but our problems multiply when we over-identify with them.

No matter where you are on the journey of healing, remember to view the totality of Being – not just the outer shell or what seems obvious on the surface. There will always be emotional factors, physical factors, and unexpected factors affecting our health. See the potential of Self expanding to touch and become something much greater. This can actually help facilitate the realization of both our wholeness and our limitlessness.

Year of the Unicorn 2014

Happy New Year of the Green Wood Horse, aka Unicorn! Remember who you are, and what you have to share…may your deepest heart’s wishes come true!



Year of the Green Horse 2014

A final shedding is taking place as we transition out of the year of the deeply emotional and slow Black Water Snake into the year of the lively and quick moving Green Wood Horse.
The party hasn’t yet begun, and things right now may seem far from celebratory as we bring closure to many of the things that have lived out their purpose for us. Heartache, loss, and humility are some of the keynotes that people are experiencing at this time. Hold on – this too shall pass.
Venus has been turning Retrograde toward the end of the Snake year - since December 21st of 2013, greatly heightening the emotional and physical sensitivities. Coincidentally, it will be turning Direct on the very same day of Chinese New year , which in this country will be January 31st, the day after the New Moon in Aquarius. In China this will be February 4th 2014.
Horses are held in high regard as magical creatures in many cultures across the globe, representing travel, good fortune, freedom and adventure, as they were known as our first means of transportation. The Green Wood Horse Year is foreseen to be one of forward movement, progress in endeavors, victory over challenges, and possibly unexpected romance.
The Wood element and Wood Horse is particularly attuned to the elemental kingdoms, the trees, plants, herbs, and in general the greenery of nature – thus the Green color is attributed to it.
Horses are sacred to the faeries as well as to humans, and I spoke a little bit earlier about the significance of humanity’s growing connection to the faerie realm being heightened at the onset of 2014. There are many legends and accounts of magical horses, such as “fairy steeds” in Celtic lore, unicorns in Asia, pegasi and centaurs in Greek mythology – all creatures of the Faerie realm. This year brings a chance for humanity and the devic kingdom to do some deep repair work together to heal the damage that has been done to our ecosystem, as cooperation is needed from both sides at this point.
This is a great year to “go green” if you haven’t already, increase the greens in your diet, connect more intimately with nature, or bring more biodiversity into otherwise sterile environments.
This is going to be a year we can connect more easily with the power, wisdom, magic, and sensuality of Horse medicine to help us advance in areas that we are truly ready to advance in. 2014 is a Seven year numerologically, making this a year of the Chariot to boot – a Chariot that is often driven by horses. We need to be clear about our goals and move toward them with confidence, not wasting our time with that which does not resonate in our hearts. We’ll need to figure out and speak out what we want speedily, or possibly suffer from the quick decisions of others that effect us. Horse will help us reach our desired destination, and perhaps more importantly – to enjoy the journey!

New Moon, New Year 2014

At last, after a few years of tying up loose ends, we have arrived at a new year that truly begins us anew, with a New Moon at 10 degrees of Capricorn on January 1st – the one and only day of each year represented by the King of Spades. What a fortunate month we have to both begin and end with a New Moon…the second on January 30th will be in the sign of Aquarius.

This New Moon puts us in touch with the elements of the earth we live upon. After the parties and frivolities associated with the holidays here is where we buckle down and get serious. What are we doing, where are he heading, how do we intend to reach our goals? The focus is on personal mastery, good old fashioned work requiring “elbow grease”, heeding or becoming an authority and doing whatever it takes to match up to the associated ideals of that particular authority. The King of Spades means business, and a New Moon that falls on a day with his attributes is no small occasion.

kingspadeProper discrimination is what will help make wiser choices in all areas of life, and a certain level of detachment and quietude will assist in reaching reasonable goals easier and swifter than if we continued to mingle with unmotivated people in inappropriate settings. There is really no more room, no more time to spare…there are no more excuses, no more alibis, as Old Father Time, Capricorn’s ruler Saturn would put it in practical terms we simply need to “be the change we wish to see in the world”.

The New Moon is conjoined with Pluto and Mercury, indicating that which will not be suppressed without a fierce battle or ginormous shift of energy, either to be inwardly or outwardly experienced depending on outlook and circumstances. Hidden truths are erupting from the collective consciousness like a volcano, causing some people to burn and cry, while others dance and rejoice.

The ongoing Grand Square, currently involving the New Moon cluster in Capricorn, Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, and Uranus is not letting us get away with not doing the work that must be done. This is both inner and outer work that has been neglected or that some may have been unable to accomplish previously. Now, the urgency that these powerful planets in cardinal signs reflect to us indicate we must act with conviction, or risk being acted upon. More can be read about this in the forecast for 2014 – Year of the Chariot

There is a magic to Capricorn that is less spoken of in astrology circles…

For those in touch or who would like to be more with the more sensual sides of life, the Capricorn New Moon and season is very much one that enables us to tune into our senses in deeper ways. Pan, the goat god is a major archetype associated with Capricorn, having a great influence on nature itself, the sexual impulse, and the beings of nature known as faeries and elves. The asteroid Pan has been conjunct with Uranus in the freedom loving sign of Aries since early December, taking part in Grand Squares’ stirring up of raucousness, heathenism, and individuality. Certainly he has made his dynamic presence known in fiery, passionate, and unpredictable ways.

Speaking of Faeries, I very much look forward to interviewing the world renowned mystic Almine on my radio show this month on the subject of them (stay tuned through my Facebook and Twitter announcements).

What occurs on the first day of the year sets the tone for the year, and we have some great tools at our disposal to work with to build, create, and make tangible our dreams and ideals. Some of this work may not be easy for us, but this is truly a year that we will have the chances to make things happen, get things “done” and move forward in ways than we may not even have imagined were possible.

Clarity vs Forgiveness

A dear friend of mine used to say that the Solstice is when we each receive our new “Galactic assignments” for the year ahead.  Daniel, beloved by a whole community based in Sonoma county passed on in December of 2011, but his spirit and love does indeed live on.

One of his many wise and hilarious sayings that many of us got a kick out of was “I hereby authorize myself to give myself permission to forgive myself!”

Who needs our forgiveness more than ourselves? Whenever we enter a new threshold, phase or time period we are confronted with what we have brought with us to the present, and questioned as to what wish to continue or begin bringing forth. It can be difficult for us to recognize our own flaws or shortcomings with objectivity, much less forgive ourselves in order to release negative patterns and move on.

Forgiveness is a helpful tool, but beyond this is the power of true clarity that pierces through the veil of attachments and aversions which enslave us to ongoing suffering and duality.

Pretend for a moment that you are an Angel who is gently gazing down at your human self with unconditional love. You see the human go through ups and downs, with many shades of emotion, many struggles, much uncertainty, states of inertia, and areas with much effort made toward improvement.

white lotusThat Angel is a part of you, just as much if not more so than the human self you have come to identify with. Therefore, when you can even for just a few moments each day connect with this Angel self, the clarity that is gained far surpasses ordinary human methods used to subdue the mind.

I have a very big hunch that Daniel would agree.

You are limitless…

Crystal Energy Oils!

A new product in my Starfire Essence line are now ready to order for the holidays…

 Aroma oils with real crystals inside!

Starfire Essence oils

Each bottle contains a blend of pure therapeutic grade essential oils, jojoba as a carrier, and a crystal or cluster of small crystals, all in 1/3 oz roll-on bottles. Great Christmas “stocking” gifts :D

The seven different oils to choose from so far are:

  • Energy – essential oil blend of Schizandra, Rosemary & Lime with a clear quartz crystal
  • Healing – essential oil blend of Holy Basil, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, & Peppermint with a green tourmaline
  • Joy – essential oil blend of Orange, Magnolia, & Honey extract with a pink tourmaline crystal
  • Love  – essential oil blend of Vanilla, Cacao, Rose, & Davana with a rose quartz
  • Meditation – essential oil blend of Sandalwood, Jasmine, Chamomile, & Clary Sage with Selenite
  • Protection – essential oil blend of  Bay, Black Spruce, Frankincense, Peppermint & Lavender with Black Tourmaline
  • Stress Relief – essential oil blend of Sweet Marjoram, Celery, & Ylang-Ylang with Fuchsite

Each bottle is $15.00, and shipping for 1-5 bottles is $4.00
6 or more just ask me first ;)

Payments can be sent via PayPal to starfire_healing@yahoo.com
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Radio Fundraiser

Do you enjoy listening to talk shows or interviews with some of your favorite healers, psychics, artists, and musicians? I have a fantastic set of interviews with all sorts of interesting, well-educated, and inspirational speakers lined up for early 2014, but need some help in sustaining the radio position that I have. Yes a few of these people are famous, whatever that means to you!

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On my radio shows you get the chance to receive FREE intuitive readings from me, learn a lot about astrology and healing, and hear the voices of musicians in categories such as devotional chanting to folk rock to hardcore djent metal (you can say I’m that kind of California “hippy”). Most of my shows haven’t even been uploaded yet, but there is a large archive!

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Our current goal is to raise enough money to significantly widen our bandwidth in 2014, giving us a stronger signal and wider audience. The shows are already live streaming on the internet.


Thank you, and blessings!!! :D

Seeing through Emotional Prisms

“The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” – Chinese Proverb


As the days grow colder and darker into the winter season, with germs being passed around and limbs less mobile, it can be difficult to keep our selves alight and inspired. ..

In my line of work I am surrounded by gems, rocks, and crystals on a near daily basis. Recently I sat down when it suddenly dawned on me, although already obvious on some level – that the very same streak that pierces through the center of a moonstone is the same streak that often reflects to us its luminous rainbows. Over time, in caressing and admiring a variety of minerals, fossils, pearl formations, and quartz clusters I have also come to the realization that the same stress, friction, and damage that they have undergone is what has made each of them the unique formations that they are. Similarly, each of us as humans and sentient beings may undergo many shifts and experiences that make us out to be the interesting, complex individuals that we are, perfect in our imperfections.

It’s easy for us to see the beauty in crystals, rocks, and gems, but not so easy to appreciate our own “cuts and bruises” so to speak. We have been conditioned to believe that there is something wrong with us for having the so-called conditions that we have, emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. Just as a diamond, ruby or sapphire, we are precious no matter what we feel, because our feelings and emotions don’t define who we are. They are only passing through us, if we allow them to.

When we repress our emotions or they otherwise somehow become stifled, then our health suffers mentally and physically. In turn, things, people, and certain other cares and affairs in our life also suffer the consequences of our repression or misplaced energy.

Like many minerals, humans have “bands” of energy that separate certain areas from others. The “Emotional Body” as it has been seen in the human aura, is generally situated between the layers of the physical body itself and the “Mental Body”. The Emotional body often serves as a kind of go-between, carrying messages and impressions from body to brain, brain to body. The emotions are like prisms through which we perceive the world, thus the sayings “seeing red” or “green with envy”. They alert us to danger, inform us of opportunities, and nudge us to change when we’re stuck.

This is a time to remember and to consider the blessings not only of our previous success but of our suffering, the gifts of our hardships, the wisdom we have gained through such experiences, and the challenges that have built our character.

Appreciate yourself, you have come so far!


No Guarantees

Imagine a world where there are no guarantees of any kind and nothing is certain other than uncertainty itself. Does this sound bleak, troubling, or chaotic? It shouldn’t, because this is exactly the type of world we already live in, only we have fooled ourselves into believing the opposite is true. We depend on clocks, computers, doctors, religious leaders, and other authority figures to keep us logged or plugged in to the program of so-called life. We’re told that if we abide or do not abide by this code, standard, or set of circumstances we are guaranteed certain results. But most people know that even a weather forecast is not set in stone. Nature does not abide by our rules, and we are a part of nature, which means that we are in many ways as unpredictable as She. In our many clever attempts to define and even alter reality, we have forgotten that we are part of a never ending tapestry that is merely responding to our projections.

Let’s say you want something – a car, a lover, a new wardrobe, or perfect health for example. You are willing to do whatever it takes to gain that in your life, so you look outside of yourself for the things, people and places to make this part of your tangible reality. Maybe you have given up hope, believing that since you see no way for this to manifest there is none. You push, pull, wait, and wonder why it has to be such a struggle. You search both consciously and unconsciously everywhere for the thing you want, and then you spend the next segment of your time with that thing searching for the perfect guarantee that it will either bring you satisfaction or will forever remain undisturbed in your life.

There is no such guarantee! If we had guarantees about everything good and bad that would happen to us if we did this or that, we would never grow and evolve. How liberating to let go of expectations, judgments and the illusoriness of any guarantees! It would free us to take chances based on what resonates in our hearts and souls, to explore more of the mysterious beauty both within and surrounding us. We would let go of attachments to the outcomes, and enjoy more of the unfolding process that we’re in. We would acquire new skills rather than replaying the same old stories and going nowhere like a hamster on a wheel. No matter how devout a religious believer you may be, is there truly any guarantee you will go to heaven when you die? Then again there is also no guarantee that such a heaven even exists in the way that you have been taught! So why live according to someone else’s book of rules?

We exert far more energy in trying to label what things are and what they mean than we do when we ride the waves of change, reflecting, asking, and acting when inspired. I like using astrology and other systems for the deeper revelations they stimulate inside of me, but do not depend on them or glorify them as the absolute truth. With curiosity I marvel at life’s synchronicities and ask more questions, because they are as fun to ask as it is to allow the Universe’s response. We are after all, in a constant dialogue!

It seems to me that week’s Solar Eclipse along with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio has been pressing our buttons in some big ways. It has been asking us how we have been not living authentically, and in what ways have we been grasping for security where it does not exist. In a bottomless pit of neediness, we have no choice but to face our shadows. So what would you dare to dream or do if you could live without fear of failure (or success) or without any guarantees?

Thank you Ilona Mialik for use of this photo :)


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