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Free Readings! Email your question – tune in 2-9-16

Have a burning question that you’d like an intuitive answer to as we enter the New Year of the Fire Monkey? Email me at readingsbyyerevan@gmail.com or comment in the box below for a mini reading that I will share on my radio show Stargate at KOWS 107-3 FM station in Sonoma county, CA. The show streams live on the internet and will be recorded and uploaded.

Suggested questions at this time could revolve around karmic relationships, how to declutter and break harmful habits, or methods of addressing spiritual challenges. You may have something entirely different you’d like clarity on and that’s fine too. My show is 1 hour and there is a limit of 8 people that I can read for on this day. Email quick to reserve your reading. You can choose to include your actual name or request a pseudonym to be announced over the air.

painting by Stanley Mouse

painting by Stanley Mouse

Only on special occasions do I offer freebies like this, usually in response to massive crisis, energy and earth shifts…

Respond here, privately or send email to readingsbyyerevan@gmail.com
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Endocrine Illness Illuminated

Pertinent during Retrograde Mercury’s current square to Uranus and Saturn’s square to Neptune. Tension is high, nerves are “on end” and minds are reeling. I, for one, have done a lot of recent reflection, not only the subject matter contained in this article but particularly on what we call mental illness in today’s world. Mental illness, a topic for another post altogether, is something that affects us all at some point whether we experience it directly or indirectly. It seems to have been a highlight throughout my life with family and loved ones, with opponents, authority figures, and random strangers. Life for me has been an intense series of breaking out of religious, cultural, and traditional conditionings (Capricorn – the sign we are exiting), shaking out the demons in total irreverence and wild abandon – and drawing unwanted attention to myself during this process at times (Aquarius – the sign we are entering) and exploring cosmic realms and expanded states of awareness, developing higher love and compassion despite all odds (Pisces – the final sign of the Zodiac, before reentering Aries).
Whether one would say it’s karmic, genetics, or just my luck I have had to look long and hard at the causes and effects of some severe mental aberrations in this lifetime, and have dealt with more than my share of people who are very sick in both body and mind. After a lifelong battle with sickness and insanity within myself, along with a false belief that I could never achieve wellness, it eventually became apparent that sometimes we struggle the most when we have internalized the sickness of the world around us. There are patterns inherent in us and patterns we have learned. When we understand this, we can disentangle from the mess we perceive ourselves to be in and gain clarity into our situation and that of others, also helping to liberate them from the chain of pain in that specific area we are most collectively and consistently attacked in – our consciousness. I offer this piece as a ray of hope for those experiencing something similar to what I experienced.

Readings by Yerevan

The Psycho-Spiritual Aspects of Brain
and Endocrine Imbalances

“To experience pain is inevitable. To suffer is optional.”
(Zen Aphorism)

Before modern medicine, many people with autoimmune, brain, and endocrine illnesses died slow and painful deaths in isolation and fear. Those fortunate enough to live somewhat peaceful lives had the support of family or friends, and often some sort of spiritual practice that helped them make sense of it all. Now we have the knowledge and the medicines, both allopathic and alternative, to help ourselves, but there still so many who do not realize this, and thus resign themselves to suffering. Unfortunately these illnesses are still sorely misdiagnosed with dire consequences for the patients, by many modern medical practitioners. This is why it is so important for us to educate ourselves.

My first inspiration to writing this article in 2006 was to help others who are experiencing a similar kind of…

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2016 – 9 Universal Year of Completion

2016 rounds up to a 9 Universal Year in numerology, so there will be a collective focus on completions, endings, and regeneration. This will be a year of raised spiritual awareness and breakthroughs on many levels. At times it will bring people inward and make them more reflective than they may be accustomed to if they are not introverted by nature.

2015 was very challenging but it made us stronger and got us ready for what is yet to come. There were many breakups, business collapses, and betrayals, particularly during the last three months. As is usually the case during periods of testing, challenge, and delay the areas of our lives truly in harmony are not the areas being “messed with” so to speak. Those areas may become even better, if we continue to feed them our attention. The things we tend to struggle most with during such periods are the ones we have been struggling with anyway – for quite awhile. Suddenly it seems that they get worse. What we can look forward to in the weeks and months ahead is finally being freed of many of the limited perceptions we’ve had and the outdated, burdensome contracts we’ve carried through with others.

In 2016 it will become important to avoid unnecessary stress when possible and find adequate time to rest. Those who have been abusing their health for years might find that it finally catches up to them and they have no choice but to slow down and make the appropriate changes. Relationships on the rocks will crumble and possibly cause many public scenes.

Major turning points this year could be a reflection of changes and decisions that were made in 2007. Many projects that we began in recent years will also become available for their desired completions. The endings that occur may bring great relief, as the ghosts of the past are ushered into their next level in the universe and unable to haunt us anymore.

Because 9 is such a spiritual number it would help us to approach it as such. Practices such as yoga and meditation may be very helpful in achieving the calmness and clarity needed to face life’s challenges with ease and grace.

Since 2016 rounds off to 9 in numerology, it relates to the Hermit card of the Major Arcana. This is the card of wisdom, discernment, completion of unfinished business and going quietly within. It is a card suggesting both silence and determination as methods for advancement. At times the best mode of operation will be to retreat from everything external and to find resonance with inner truth.rider-waite-03678

Since the Hermit card bears relevance to the constellation of Virgo we will want to resolve any issues with Virgo people in our lives, and for the Virgos out there, it will be a powerful year for self expression and actualization!

Last but not least, the Hermit card, the number Nine, and the sign of VIrgo all correspond to healing in all of its myriad forms. This is a year for seeking out of healing or exercising and honing of personal healing abilities as healers. Healing through the hands (massage, bodywork, Reiki, etc) will be particularly effective as will be healing through creative endeavors.

If we are willing to let go of what is no longer useful and beneficial in our lives in this very potent 9 Universal Year we will experience the emotional fulfillment, mental clarity, spiritual strength, and material prosperity that supports our well being overall.

December 31st, the Joker

Readings by Yerevan

“…all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves…” – Bill Hicks

Although he wanders near and far, his footsteps are difficult to trace…the Joker bemuses us with his antics, disappearing just as quickly and mysteriously as he arrived.

As we cross the gate of the Winter Solstice the Gregorian calendar year comes to an end, taking us through another great rite of passage. What we call our New Year’s Eve, December 31st is the day of the Joker in the astro or “Destiny Card” system – a face card with implied effects that are as unpredictable as its title describes. There is a card attributed to each of the 365 days of the year, with certain dates sharing the same card.  The Joker is the one exception to the system…

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Happy Solstice 2015!

Wishing you a happy turn of the year, wherever you may happen to be (it is Winter over here)! The Solstice season highlights the connection we have with our roots, as well as the beauty, wisdom, and restorative qualities of nature…

I saw these trees on a hike yesterday, naturally forming the runic symbol of love and gifting. Winter Solstice is a time for exchanging gifts, whether they are of material or spiritual value. It also encourages us to express appreciation, honoring the divine in nature and each other.


I have found that the best Christmas trees are still growing freely in the soil, in the wild, without human interference. These young trees are worthy of celebration!

baby trees

baby trees

I am in love with this planet, despite everything that has happened to it

stairways to heaven can be found on the earth

stairways to heaven can be found on the earth

Synchronicity & the Galactic Center

Synchronicity, a term coined by Carl Jung to explain a string of events that hold meaningful coincidences with each other in seemingly mysterious ways has been and will be occurring with rapid increase for several weeks. Call it silly or supernatural, perceive it any way you choose, believe it or not our world and our lives are are filled with a rich tapestry of synchronicity, even more so when we pay attention to its flow. Through synchronicity we can be warned, validated, guided, or sometimes greatly amused.

With the Sun transiting the Galactic Center over the next couple of days and squaring the mutable Nodal axis it until Christmas day, we may be confronted with wildly synchronistic encounters of both “negative” and “positive” natures. The Galactic Center was very important in Mayan astrology representing Creator energy, and as the center of our Milky Way, it is a tremendous source of gravitational energy in our galaxy. It has been perceived as a portal of sorts, a window to God, or something akin to an intergalactic radio station, facilitating communication between a multitude of species, similar to those portrayed in the T.V. series Star Trek (As a side note, as of December 1st I have resumed my radio hour slot at the KOWS station after taking a break for most of 2015, with the new title of “Stargate”, your “Intergalactic Communication Portal in West Sonoma County”. You can tune in online on Tuesday mornings from 9:00-10:00 a.m PST). In addition the new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens” just came out this week. Very well timed!


Anyway… the roller coaster of strange events has already begun for me and Mercury has not even turned Retrograde yet. That is scheduled for January 5th as we enter the New Year, lo and behold in the sign of Aquarius which is arguably the most associated with “alien life”, or at least life that is unconventional and exciting. The Mercury Retrograde pre-shadow technically begins to kick in on the 18th – the same day when the Sun’s transit to the GC becomes exact.

Here are a few ideas of how your personal natal chart might be affected by major aspects to the Galactic Center (27 degrees Sagittarius) at birth or by transit, but this list is very general and does not specify positive or negative aspects:

  • Sun – strong aura and influence over others with a strong sense of personal destiny, a connection to powerful spiritual forces
  • Moon – strong psychic abilities, intensely emotional, impressionable, kinesthetic awareness
  • Mercury – the idea person, thoughts just never end and this can help or hinder depending on circumstances
  • Venus – unusual relational dynamics, otherworldly encounters or romances, dreamy and mystical
  • Mars – a call to spiritual action as a spiritual warrior, being driven by “forces”, highly energized in an almost supernatural way, for better or for worse
  • Saturn – a strong sense of discipline or direction that seems to come from another dimension or a higher level of being – when all else fails, this is the motivating factor in life
  • Jupiter – concerned with broad issues, world events and politics, highly humanitarian or power-hungry – it can go to either extreme
  • Uranus – the mover and shaker, magnificent insights and intuition mixed in with chaos and the need to leave behind what is comfortable and familiar
  • Neptune – this can get very confusing to say the least…or very spiritually illuminating
  • Pluto – an uprooting of all that is deep, dark, and hidden, transformation on all levels
  • Ascendant – a sense of alienation or of being an alien, sense of having a unique purpose to fill in this world
  • Midheaven – the call to a life of unique service, often one that is spiritually based or humanitarian

A friend of mine who passed away a few Decembers ago would always say that during the Solstice, if we paid close attention we would each receive our new “Galactic Assignments” for the year ahead. I think he was on to something.

Cheers the great Cosmic Joke and Divine Destiny at play in each of our lives. May synchronicity enrich and empower all those to who pay attention to and seek it out. May joy and beauty fill your holiday season.

Gemini full moon musing

There is fierce battle taking place on the Earth between good and evil, caught between the polarities of wrong and right, truth and lies.

When we have emptied our minds of the thoughts, commands, and imprints of others, what is left?


“Idols crumble and fall, but the skies lift their unmoved arch of blue, and the earth sends forth its rhythmic pulse of green, and in the blood of youth there comes the fever of rebellious art…” – Hamlin Garland



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