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First we had Jupiter in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces Sep 16, one time only. Now we have the opposition to Chiron coupled with the inconjunct to Uranus! The opposition with Chiron is the first of three, the second one Feb 23, 2016, the day after the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon. The inconjunct with Uranus is three times too, the second is Mar 6, 2016, two days before the total Solar Eclipse Mar 8 at 18 Pisces! Their third aspects are Aug 12 and 13, 2016, opening the gateways for the almost 26 degree Leo/Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Aug 18, 2016! 26 is always an important degree since 26 Sagittarius is the degree of the Galactic Center/Core!

Oct 7 Jupiter starts within the activating 5 degree range of Chiron. Oct 18 Jupiter is within 3 degrees activating the inconjunct to Uranus! These two are acting together from then on until the exact aspects Nov 3 and 5! This first set…

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November Renewal 2015

With Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo today (11-2-15 here on the West Coast) and throughout the rest of this week health and beauty are highlights. This is the final of three Venus Mars conjunctions this year, the first being February 22nd at 1 degree of Aries, the second September 1st at 14 degrees Leo, and November 2nd/3rd at 24 degrees Virgo.

For many this means getting off on the right foot this month. Somewhere, somehow, love or romance meets healing and renewal and together they may enhance our lives in very tangible ways. This is great time to seek out and/or share healing services, especially of the holistic variety. Techniques such as massage, physical training, yoga, and the use of herbs, oils, and tinctures are favored.

VenusMarsCupid by Paris Bordone

VenusMarsCupid by Paris Bordone

The content and effects of diet is becoming more noticeable now, so it would be wise to select and prepare foods that are nourishing and nutrient dense, including lots of vegetables. Touch is also important now, whether it involves another person or connection to earth and soil.

We are in the season of death transformation, which does not necessary have mean something unpleasant. Since the planet of love is paired up with the planet of passion in the sign of practicality, there is more drive, energy, and inspiration to solve several of life’s myriad nagging little problems right now than at other times. Take advantage of it before the holiday craze!

Full Moon in Taurus 2015

Dementia, aka Daughter of Horror 1955

Dementia, aka Daughter of Horror 1955

With this Full Moon 3 degrees of Taurus on October 27th, opposite of the Sun in Scorpio, we are face to face with myriad aspects of ourselves. As Taurus is about acquiring and Scorpio is about discarding, we are confronted with all that we like and dislike, and all that we have embraced and disowned, what we have created and have tried so hard to undo. The veils between the worlds are thinning, as are the barriers to our own subconscious stews.

Under the influence of Taurus we seek security both financially and emotionally. We want to surround ourselves with beauty and experience luxury. Taurus understands there is a price to pay for such comforts and is willing to work for them. At the same time, we have the shadowy influence of Scorpio taunting or haunting us with sliding images, memories, and projections making the focus on goals a bit challenging. Halloween is upon us, and not just in a holiday sense.

The Full Moon forms sesquiquadrate to Jupiter, Venus, and Mars in Virgo, which could either seem to blow insecurities out of proportion or enlighten us as to where we have been giving our power away and how to stop it. The inconjunct to Saturn in Sagittarius further indicates where we’ve been rubbed or are rubbing “the wrong way” and how to shift this pattern.

It is as though we are on an arduous journey, a vision quest of a sort seeking to acquire something whether it be an object or a skill that will enhance our lives. What we are truly seeking is an aspect of our own selves, a sort of salvation for our own souls.

In their book The Luminaries, Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas offer an interesting analogy for the importance of finding and owning ones individuality through expressing the unique qualities of one’s Sun sign:

“The hero’s prize is sometimes an elixir, which he must steal…

There is something illicit about becoming oneself, because it involves stealing something from the mass psyche, something which was the common property of the collective unconscious. This dilemma can easily clothe itself in political garb, although the essence of all political ideologies is ultimately to be found in the individuals who formulate them.”

There is collective guilt we suffer from for the seeking out of money and other possessions, not to mention love (yet we condone those who would seek power and rulership over the masses – “yes Daddy, please take care of it for me”). Somehow seeking for anything more than basic security makes us extremely selfish…how dare we – unless we intend to share everything we have found and earned with everyone around us, immediately. Pay up, pay those dues! We hear it all the time. It has been said that the word guilt comes from an Anglo-Saxon root which means “debt”. What a coincidence that our entire monetary system is built on just that.

In his book, Slave Species of the Gods, Michael Tellinger speaks of money as the modern day whips-and-chains for the people to keep them in line, in service to the global elite. We’ve been guilt-tripped for so long that we don’t know any better than to base our whole lives on the principles of survival by the standards of the “gods” who have beaten us into submission.

Continuing on with a passage from the Luminaries:

“There is considerable guilt around expressing the Sun (oneself), because it means stealing an elixir which is the common property of all – albeit unused. The elixir can do nothing on a mass level until a hero comes along who knows what to do with it. But for an individual to possess it means that, at least initially, something is taken away from the mass. Of course it remains the hero’s task at the end of the story to give something back to the collective. But this does not mitigate the initial sense of sin.”

This analogy also relates to the saying “no good deed goes unpunished”, for in many instances when we have raised our levels of morality and married them to our greatest achievements we tend to become targets of slander, envy, shunning or public humiliation. Many of us live in societies where we have to prove ourselves worthy of rewards. If we’re not worthy of rewards we are punished for being contrary. We have to be beautiful or do something special in order to be loved. And it’s bullshit.

We have created many our own monsters by creating such terrible taboos about many aspects of life and its full spectrum of emotions that are completely natural. By failing to love and respect our selves, we have failed to do the same for the planet and other sentient beings. Our species has gone mad.

With this Taurus Full Moon we have the opportunity to take our power back and develop true self esteem that does not rely on outside factors and approval. Venus, planet named after the goddess of love and beauty is the ruling planet of Taurus, highlighting what is beautiful within, about and outside of ourselves. With her aid we experience more of the incredible sweetness and sensuality of life on earth.

The Moon’s sextile to Neptune further attunes us to the artistry… the random poetry of it all…so that no matter how crazy things may seem be, we can truly enjoy our treasures while they last. By taking care of what we have now, we enable future generations to appreciate what we have deliberately passed on instead of all the garbage we’ve accumulated.

Psychic Hygiene

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their souls.”- Carl Jung

Mercury in Libra currently forms a square to Pluto, amplifying the impact of our thoughts and words, while Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in Virgo are in a trine to Pluto. In just a matter of hours the Sun will slide into the sign (Scorpio) of the deep dark Underworld…a world that we must all pass through, no matter who we are, at various stages in life. The hours, days, and weeks ahead bring us profound opportunities to practice more effective methods of energetic and psychic hygiene – mental martial arts if you will.

Whether we are presented with goodies or confronted with challenges we need to understand the ways that we both attract and repel in our day-to-day affairs and close relationships. When we get down to the nitty gritty in our psyches and investigate our personal hang-ups, shame, sorrow – basically our shadows, we discover that the dirty politics and wars so often argued over and viewed from digital screens are not too far away from what goes on in our own living rooms and backyards.

For centuries we have looked to doctors, priests, and politicians to solve the problems that have not only been thrust upon us, but that we ourselves have created as well as inherited from our ancestors. If we don’t each do our psychic homework as individuals how can we possibly hope or expect our chosen leaders to do anything even remotely beneficial for us as a whole?

Why as a culture are we so obsessed with outer cleanliness, objects, and appearances, but neglect the debris and sickness that accumulates in our emotional bodies, stifling us in every conceivable way? Michael Tsarion so eloquently explains the significance of Plutonian influences and cycles as well as the dangers of our refusing to face them.

Until the wee hours of the morning on the 16th when the Moon exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, we may seem faced with many ghosts and shadows of the past or it could be that we are finally releasing a heavy emotional load from our psyches.

Post-Void New Moon in Libra, past Mercury Retrograde conjunct Black Moon Lilith and Blood Moon Eclipse we have recently seen many shades of the “dark side of the moon” and the sight-seeing isn’t quite over yet. Just as the Moon entered into Scorpio today I passed by a running murky stream and saw a crayfish hobbling along with a missing claw. This seemed a fitting analogy for what many are experiencing lately. As with many arthropods, it is possible for a crawfish’s limbs to regenerate, although it doesn’t happen instantaneously. Nature has her own rhythms, cycles, and restorative powers that work quite well, provided that we don’t interfere with her process.

One of the subjects I have observed as of late is the very widespread phenomenon of betrayal, particularly through rumors and scandalous gossip, with devastating results.  Our world is so saturated with lies and distractions that all of us have at some point have been guilty participants as well as unfortunate targets of gossip. The prime motivators of gossip and scandal tend to operate on unconscious levels and these activities tend to be triggered by jealousy, insecurity, or groupthink. Occasionally people are just reckless with their speech or truly spiteful and mean to hurt others.

With the Moon in Scorpio we become more sensitive to the nuances, moods and perceptions of others as well as to our own inner intensity. We must be careful not to project onto others or to allow ourselves to be projected upon. We must not guilt trip others or be tripped up by them.

The Sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio combination leads us to question the roles that others play in our lives. We may feel torn between a desire for and a fear of intimacy. We want to chat or relate to others but we don’t want to reveal too much of ourselves. We may feel suspicious and paranoid for no good reason, or we may actually find just cause for cutting people off.

Are there significant people in your life that you have finally decided to release from the roles they have been playing in your affairs? Perhaps it’s time to leave an unhealthy situation and that includes leaving certain people behind. If so, then you’re certainly not alone in your readiness to move on. As the idiom goes “with friends like these who needs enemies”.

gossipThe asteroid Fama, possibly named after the Roman goddess and messenger of Zeus who is associated with rumors and ill repute is currently 18 degrees of Virgo, close enough to be accentuated by Jupiter at 13 degrees and Mars 11 degrees of Virgo. Fussiness, nitpicking and tit-for-tat has spread out far too wide and forcefully, as Fama finds herself in an uncomfortable inconjunct to rebellious Uranus in Aries. Once the beans have spilled, the cat’s out of the bag, the shit hits the fan, the rumors have flown in all directions and there is no turning back. The damage has been done. Ultimately, nobody has anything of value to gain from this kind of social deviance.

Time may eventually heal our wounds, but as long as we live we may never forget – nor should we ever forget the ways that gossip has negatively impacted us on collective and interpersonal levels. The marks of betrayal have been left upon all of us, as judgments displayed in racism, sexism, classism, and other isms cause polarization and violence that impacts on all members of the human species, not to mention all other species we clumsily inhabit this Earth with. Religious and political scandals have affected us ever since civilization began. Awareness is the key to breaking this vicious cycle.

There is a difference between talking about hurt feelings with someone we trust, and talking smack behind somebody’s back. There’s also a difference between telling the truth even if it hurts and talking about other peoples’ business that is of no consequence to oneself. One always feel the difference inside. The quality and intent of the speech carries its own unique vibrations. When a friend breaks your trust and thinks nothing of it, they were never really a friend to begin with. When a rumor spreads and we are unaware of who started it, the origin almost becomes irrelevant, because all those who continue to circulate the rumors are as guilty as the initiator.

Some people seem to go through life never touched by such issues or at least never letting on that they have been. If you are the one who feels guilty of scandal, this could be an appropriate time to either offer apologies or to forgive yourself and commit to a new personal code of behavior if that seems right. If on the other hand you’ve been dealt unfairly in a social setting, it could be time to say sayonara .

Some of us have caught ourselves in the midst of self-betrayal rather than outward forms of betrayal. Forgiveness of self can be a lot trickier than forgiving some jackass who did us wrong but it is also a lot more important and rewarding in the long run.

It’s a great time to walk away from toxic relationships, to separate the wheat from the chaff – the real friends and benefactors from the fakers and the takers. It is time to reclaim our power where it was lost.

These are just a few things to ponder (or not if they don’t apply) during the Moon’s transit through Scorpio this week. All in all, there are better things to talk about than others, especially when it involves trivia or downright lies.

New Moon in Libra 2015

The New Moon on October 12th is 19 degrees of Libra in an opposition with Uranus in Aries, prompting our liberation from many past ties, encumbrances and influences. Although the New Moon generally indicates a time of emotional renewal and new beginnings the urge is strong now to release ourselves from both physical chains and mental fetters of the past – to decondition ourselves from parental or societal imprints, to unlearn and even uncreate what has limited the expression of our uniqueness, our realness, and our truth.

Libra, as the sign of relationships highlights the closest and most meaningful connections we have whether to lovers, coworkers, family members, friends or foes. For those who have recently experienced tremendous loss or their relationships turning inside out in some way, this New Moon offers hope for a brighter future.article-2138126-12DECFD5000005DC-985_634x947

Squaring Pluto and inconjunct Chiron, the feelings leading up to and immediately after this Moon are raw and intense, as vulnerable as gaping wounds. Venus in Virgo slowly edges out of a square to Saturn in Sagittarius and opposes Neptune in Pisces, reminding us that “a broken heart is an open heart”.  However one chooses to interpret it, we are finally ready to heal what has been aching within us for centuries.

Mercury in Libra is now Direct after a retrograde cycle that lasted from September 17 to October 9, but the post-shadow influence continues until October 25. Mercury is in exact conjunction to the North Node which is about to shift into Virgo one month from now after being in Libra for a year and a half. We have these next few weeks to clear up misunderstandings with friends, partners and associates and to review the many things we have learned in our close relationships over the past several months.

Mars and Jupiter in Virgo are paired together in a trine to Pluto, giving us a kick-start back onto the desired path we may have wandered away from in a recent twist of events. More energy is becoming available for the things that are important to us, but we have a few obstacles to clear out of the way first. Thankfully, that job will be easier than it would have been say a few weeks ago. Conjunct the fixed star Zosma, Mars in Virgo can either blow up the woe-is-me mentality or stimulate the heroic qualities within us to help and rescue those who are suffering at the hands of others.

Under the influence of Zosma, especially with a hardass planet like Mars, we either victimize, are victimized, or help to release others from victimization. The recent gun control issue in the USA for example is something that more people could afford a closer look at before exhibiting all their knee-jerk reactions. Gun or no gun is not the issue. The issue is that too many people are brainwashed by false statistics, not to mention who does what with their guns. Guns are designed for only two things – to injure or to kill. We need to recognize that in many cases, guns have saved lives, and guns have saved people from being raped or attacked. We need to remember that sometimes the guns that saved lives were not in the hands of police officers and that some police officers have attacked innocent people who became victims of the legal system. The biggest crimes are those committed by those who amass the greatest amounts of power and control over the populace, and the scariest part is that these crimes are often performed without recognizable weapons. Wake up America!

Saturn in Sagittarius in a trine with Vesta in Aries helps to bring our loftiest visions into manifestation and the inspiration to make each place that we inhabit our sanctuary, treating it with respect and gratitude. This influence is present before, during and immediately after the New Moon. Wherever we may live or travel, our relationship to home life is transforming and expanding to include greater and deeper representations of our spiritual realities. With Saturn in Sagittarius for the next couple of years the roles of the teacher, healer, shaman, priest, and priestess are becoming exalted, both internally and externally.

Overall this New Moon in Libra on October 12 is a time of reclaiming, reconnection, and regeneration both within ourselves and in relation to those we care deeply about.

Source: Heart Shaped Eyes Celebrate Life; An Unwinding Thread Of Death And Creation


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