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With all of the recent Facebook allegations, grievances, and leaks spilled within the past several weeks, wouldn’t you love a peak into the innermost motivations of possibly the most power-hungry and voyeuristic website known to man? The “I can see out but you can’t see in” is game over with the grand slam of Cardinal Grand Crosses this year, involving Pluto in Capricorn to boot.

So far, Facebook has been accused of stalking users browsing history, collecting data to serve us more targeted ads. Its facilitators have admittedly performed all kinds of experiments on human behavior, toying with human emotions and personal information. Some of its team members were nice enough to apologize for doing what they deem as ultimately for our own good.

One thing that isn’t new about this situation is that ever since money has been in the picture for us as a species, everything that is and can be named has been for sale. At least, attempts have been made to sell, clone, and manipulate everything, driven by insatiable lust and greed. When we find out what’s going on we tend to get worked up about it but forget that we are often either participating or enabling the process to continue.

This whole prying on, and preying on humanity really is nothing new. For example, for close to a century the Soviets have extensively explored what has been called Controlled Offensive Behavior, defined as “research on human vulnerability as it applies to methods of influencing or altering human behavior”. Some of the reported techniques used have been things such as sights, sounds, chemicals (chemtrails and so much more), alterations of magnetic fields, hypnosis, and even astral projection.

So what makes Facebook tick?

Well for starters, Mark Zuckerberg, its founding father born May 14th 1984 has some very fixed energetic signatures in his chart. Taurus Sun with the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio, with quite a few of Retrogrades. Earth and Water are visibly predominant, but his exact time of birth is not known. It’s said Scorpionic people can be the sinner or the saint with no in between,  but we’re left to wonder what to make of his character when we consider Mark’s words that “hacking isn’t about ‘breaking and entering, it’s about ‘being unafraid to break things in order to make them better. “ He was born on a 5 of Diamonds day, and these 5D folks are known to make at least one major about-face on their entire value system at some point in their life, perhaps right before death.

To get a fairly clear picture of the inner workings of Facebook we need to consider the birth dates of both its public launch and its actual inception.

Facebook is an Aquarian (a people person) child, “born” to the world on February 4th, 2004, on an 8 of Spades day. Right there, is a huge hit on just what powerful influence this internet beast is capable of. All eights represent power, and the spade suit is the strongest in its impact. The temptation to abuse this power comes with the territory. Neptune conjoins Facebook’s Sun, making for a juicy combination of spiritualism, inspiration, addiction (it has been dubbed “Facecrack”) and confusion. Facebook’s Mercury is conjunct Chiron so the conversations about woes and wounds are all too common here.

face-in-book1The poor baby has Moon in Cancer, so as much as it might inadvertently hurt others it seriously doesn’t like its own feelings hurt. It wants to be LIKED. A chart is both subjective and projective, depending on what view is being taken. Obviously Facebook is not a sentient being, but it is an entity nonetheless, exerting its influence as well as receiving influence from those of us who interact with it. Therefore, it is like everything else, ultimately what we make of it, or don’t, as the case may be.

Facemash, the Facebook’s predecessor, opened on October 28, 2003. Apparently, at 11:09 pm Mark typed in “yea, it’s on. This is exactly what we want in astrology, the moment of inception.” But what we get with this chart is a bit more of the same stuff as before in a different package.  A need for attention, fun, and love of the spotlight is evident with Facebook’s Leo Rising.  Strong feelings and emotions that seek expression and connection with others while struggling with severe episodes of jealousy can be related to its Venus in Scorpio in the 4th house, Moon conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius in the fifth. Chiron in Capricorn exactly opposite of Saturn in Cancer makes for some touchy areas for sure. The Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio are ready to dole out as many opinions and points-of-view as it can muster. Attitude is not lacking. Being in the 4th house though, Facebook’s secret gathering motivations and vulnerabilities are generally hidden from view.

Facebook’s inception took place on a 7 of Hearts day, a card signifying sacrificial and even spiritual love. We do see that this “open book” has a soft spot for the underdog as much as for those clamoring for love and affection with their puckered-lip selfies

Facebook’s Saturn/Chiron opposition has been hit hard by Pluto lately, so it comes as no surprise that leaks, breaks, and spills are abounding within and around this entity’s domain. This, not to mention Saturn’s transit to FB’s Venus should soon make it all the more interesting. We – the sentient beings mold the world with our thoughts and actions. Will we allow an outside entity to influence us, or will we be the ones to rise to the occasions that life presents us with, with or without the aid of the data-collecting spectacle that we call Facebook?

*Controlled Offensive Behavior, by Captain John D. LaMothe, Controlled Offensive Behavior – USSR, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington D.C. July 1972

200711H20Hello again, grand cardinal cross! With the Full Moon in Capricorn at 20 degrees in a loose conjunction Pluto we are met with the likeness of Hades himself, bringing us face to face with the deepest dichotomy of gain and loss. This is on July 12th, on Saturn’s own day(Saturday). The Moon with Pluto is like the mother who mourns the loss of a child or husband to war. The woman in black seems menacing to some, yet she only holds up a mirror to reflect the suffering that others inflict upon themselves. The master of the Underworld in mutual reception with Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn in Scorpio means that death and what we can learn from it are highlights for us, whether this is physical or metaphorical death. Jupiter at the tail end of Cancer is closely involved, amplifying the effects. This is a moon that focuses on shadow integration, bringing light to the dark, bringing the darkness to light.

All that being said, money is a topic up for debate year-round, but times like these it will be extra hot. Some will wonder how to earn it, while others how to spend it. Yet others will fight over it, ultimately to no avail. It’s not money we really need but we want what money can buy us. Money is generally viewed as that which can extend our time or quality of life on earth.

This Full Moon is also fairly close to the USA’s placement of Pluto, so of course we can expect that many of the isms that typify the ruling class systems will somehow either explode or implode, socially, legally, morally, commercially, and certainly over the world wide web. This will reveal more of not only what big corporations are up to, but how we with our own intentions and actions are more powerful than we dare or care to imagine, against all odds and despite what we’ve been told about our victimhood. A good friend of mine reported seeing a bumper sticker recently which could possibly sum up rather well what some people are finally figuring out:

Robinhood was right”

Not to sound pessimistic, but to be realistic in true Saturnian form, given the circumstances of our current economic situations, all of us and even the geniuses among us need to continue to improve our skills, become more practical, more aware, and hopefully enlightened.  In July many US citizens celebrate living in a free country which we are grateful for and pay homage to. We are simultaneously bombarded with violent news reports emphasizing terrorism from other nations, but few recognize the staggering number of brutalities by the hands of some of our own policemen, often in blatant racist attacks against “people of color”. Too many are subjected to what is its very own form of terrorism through hypnotic suggestion. The bottom line is that racism hurts everybody, just as the abuse of planet earth hurts all beings who live upon it.

Venus_and_MarsMars and the major asteroid goddesses Ceres and Vesta are all 23 degrees of Libra, closely trailing behind the North Node at 24 degrees, forming a trine to Venus and Mercury in Gemini. Gender equality and integration are just as important here as acceptance of different ethnicities, different religions, different tribes and different outlooks on life. There is a very interesting cosmic conversation right now between the god of war and the goddess of love, each having valuable information to lend to the other about world affairs. The Full Moon square Mars and the nodal axis also reminds us that we’re all on borrowed time here, so we can just keep talking or act on our convictions.  We need all of the above to make informed decisions, in addition to taking some time to be still and digest our experiences. We need to be still, to talk, to listen, and then we need to act. Just doing one of those things to the exclusion of the others means premature death.

stauroliteUranus is slowing down to turn Retrograde on the 21st, while Saturn is slowing down to turn Direct. As things shift dramatically and we seek to find our footing, many earthy things that we treasure for their beauty can actually be put to great use to assist us. Herbs, rocks, crystals, and runes all relate to Capricorn’s sense of solidity. With a bit of creativity we can combine our serious and spiritual natures so that we live with greater harmony and ease. And…just because Capricorn tends to be down-to-earth doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t have his or her ‘woo-woo’ moments! :) When Cappie does decide to crack open a can of woo-woo you can bet they do it better than any other sign.

Jupiter in Leo 2014

One of the greatest astrological highlights of July 2014 is Jupiter’s entrance into Leo. This occurs on the 16th, around the first quarter moon of the month. It will be transiting this fire sign for just over a year’s time, until August 11, 2015. Jupiter has been in Cancer since June 15th 2013, helping to expand our sense of charity, cosmic consciousness, and connection to cultural roots. The downside could have been being consumed by seemingly uncontrollable emotions. This watery maternal sign heightened our senses and brought us closer together with family or helped to gather provisions and various forms of security for the future.

Jupiter transits are some of the most desirable and adored, for this planet is known to bring blessings, optimism, opportunities and a change of luck for the better. In Leo, Jupiter’s focus is turned outward in the most passionate of ways. It’s time to express the best of our creativity, manifest our joy, and to shine brightly! Leo is ruled by the Sun whose light enables life to thrive on our planet. Jupiter here brings out the solar qualities within us, and nudges us to stretch our limbs and connect with myriad forms of life, living and loving to the fullest.

Some people may need to watch their already inflated egos, which can become exacerbated in the pride-generating sign of Leo. This cool cat can quickly turn aristocrat – at least in its own mind. Those are exactly the kinds of minds that can turn on a dime. For the next  twelve months be especially careful who and what you put your faith in. Trust more in your own self and what resonates as truth within your being.

Leo has rulership over the heart and spine. During the largest planet’s transit through one of the more fiery of signs, we’ll need to grow a stronger spine in some situation or occasion, and we’ll be challenged to act with courage, love, and compassion. The bigger the matters at hand, the best bet is to follow your heart, as both physically and metaphorically there are more neurons going from the heart to the brain, rather than vice versa.  Heart Math Institute has done extensive research in this area.

Leo rules the substance we call gold which can lead many to greed in this world. This is not a money sign per se, but it does bring out the desire to acquire and spend what we call money in our society. While chances are higher now than at other times for hitting the jackpot, gambling is not something I personally encourage people to do, unless they truly know what they are doing (and in that case, good luck!). There is another kind of gold that Leo favors, which is spiritual gold gained only through spiritual aspirations and genuine efforts to improve.

People with their Sun, Rising, and/or other planets in Leo will most likely be quite glad for this transit, and August of 2014 is ripe with opportunities for complete transformation.  Jupiter in Leo encourages parties and celebrations of all kinds, and may also bring a boost of vitality to those who were previously feeling lethargic and weak. Sometimes Jupiter in this sign brings great fame and fortune, but people should not necessarily set their goals on these things, especially if there is no benevolent purpose behind them. We only get dosed with this transit every twelve years, so it is suggested to use this time to pursue your dreams, and dare take a few risks in order to experience great things, rewards and relationships!

New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon is 5 degrees of Cancer in a dreamy trine with Neptune on June 27th. Matters of the home and heart are central themes to this moon as moods, memories, and a fluctuation between maternal wounds and instincts seem to pull people somehow into an emotional whirlpool, looking for a safe place to just let go and rest. It’s the time to hang out with family, or stay up late in the kitchen baking or cuddled up on the sofa with a book and hot cocoa, maybe listening to old classics like “Make the World Go Away”. Perhaps the best use of this period of time would be meditation.

mermaidjenThe asteroids Ceres and Vesta are paired up in Libra, followed by the North Node. The combined interests of the tending of sacred flames and deep nurturing are important to honor, and this likely includes both others as well as taking that extra time out for pampering ourselves if possible. Venus and Juno are together in Gemini, favoring intimate yet light-hearted rather than heavy relational experiences.

The New Moon is conjunct the fixed star Tejat, emphasizing the power and manifestation of intelligence and our reasoning abilities. That’s exactly what we need to even out the overwhelming emotions that are surfacing for many.

The Grand Cardinal Cross that began earlier this year hasn’t completely disappeared from view, even if less prominent we’re in the aftermath of its explosive wake.  We are approaching the end of a round of Mercury Retrograde, as the planet slows down to station direct by July 1st.

Emotional renewal and commitment to loved ones in this and other realms are also highlighted. To those who feel like they’re hanging by a thin thread, please take a deep breath and find something to focus on, whether internal or external that reminds you of your eternal self. Let that be the star that lights your way…

I would like to present a theory that is not based on just one set philosophy or archaeological finding. While it can be interpreted in many different ways, my hope is that it helps to further either the seeking or illumination of those who ponder its meaning.

Astrology is likely as old as humankind, and it has been argued whether it came first from the Hindus, the Egyptians, aliens or early hominids. Babylon was found to be the birthplace of astrology as we know it today, encompassing twelve signs of the zodiac said affect our various affairs. The question remains as to whether the Babylonian priests coined astrological terms themselves, somehow channeled them, or were given instruction by race of ET beings. This was all about 5,000 B.C.

As the blog title suggests, the theory is based upon whatever relevance the Annunaki have in our human affairs, particularly in astrology today. Written about in many texts under many names, Annunaki translates as “Those who came down from Heaven to Earth”. My point is not to explain the how, if, and why of their entry into our domain. It is simply to suggest a connection between the Annunaki, the star system that we identify with as our galaxy, and how we understand it in both astronomical and astrological terms.

According to Zecharia Sitchin, there is an undiscovered planet beyond Neptune that follows a long, elliptical orbit rearching the inner solar system approximately every 3,600 years. This planet, called Nibiru aka “Planet X” is or was the homeland of the Annunaki. Whether we view this as sheer myth, reality or symbology of real phenomena, it would seem that they did not simply bum rush our planet for gold, make us into subservient clones and leave us with nothing in return. They left some pretty big hints both of their origins and unfolding sagas onto clay tablets for us to decipher. It just so happens that some thousands of years later, humanity is finally beginning to catch up to what ancient Sumerian carvings actually mean, which is to some – as shockingly relevant for us today as it was back when the fresh clay began to harden. Some believe that the timing of our awakening is also aligned with cycle of the 3,600 year transit. Because we do not know the precise location of Nibiru we cannot predict the exact timing of its perigee to Earth.

However, there is yet another correlation that our awakening relates to the return of the Annunakis’ base of operations. Nibiru was originally not a planet as we understand it but a Mother Ship (thus being so difficult to locate) on a 25,950 year orbit called AAMS, the distance from the 8th planet RIZQ from the 19th galaxy Illyuwn to the planet Earth. Since their relocation from Orion it would now take them 3,600 years to travel to Earth, creating the orbit called a Shar.

The precession of the equinoxes take us through the Ages of the Zodiac, coming full circle every 25,950 years. Here we go again with what came first – the chicken or the egg! We may consider this returning to the Age of Aquarius as coinciding with the message that our ancient ancestors left for us to interpret…. but first, let’s consider a certain image that comes up over and over again. Cones, apparently pine cones are shown in the hands of the Sumerian gods, sometimes pointed at the heads of other gods. The pineal gland closely resembles this in its conical shape. Michael Tellinger spoke a bit about the significance of the Cone as it relates to sound, vibration, and levitation in a video on Youtube that is well worth the watch if you have a couple of hours to spare:

As Kundalini energy rises to reach the pineal gland it is believed to activate the highest levels of consciousness in that being. The pineal gland, while physically as small as a grain of rice represents our very connection to Godhead. When this gland is activated and fully functioning there is an expanded awareness that includes awareness of other celestial beings, those whom we have come to identify as Angels, with names that happen to rhyme with the word Pineal.

The Age of Aquarius brings us free-thinking, pioneering minds and is about liberating people from both mental and physical constructs that bind them to self-defeating rules and regulations. Heralds, heroes, and teachers appear in vast numbers to help break people free from the cycles of abuse, martyrdom, and the blind worshipping of deities who are no more evolved than ourselves. It is the return of the Sun gods like those named in many cultural scriptures such as Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna, helping the collective activation of the center of the pineal gland.

12 Signs, 12 Cranial Nerves

Just as there are twelve signs of the zodiac, there are twelve cranial nerves in the brain and its stem. The twelfth planet in our solar system is either one that we will soon “discover” or one that resides within us, making itself  known as we awaken. It’s said that we only use ten percent of our brain’s capacity, but this is not true unless we are sitting around doing nothing, which is rarely the case. We are using most of our brains daily, but most of us are not using anywhere near to its full capacity, and we tend to waste it on trivialities. There are many forms of brain-washing media and physical toxicity which further inhibit what can be called the flow of natural genius within the human race. We have to purposely quiet our own minds and develop our own abilities if we want to see them grow.

For those familiar with the names of the Sumerian gods, perhaps Enki and Enlil are also symbols for the left and right hemispheres of the brain, like the Twins (Gemini) of the Zodiac, ever fighting amongst each other for the power that knowledge brings. I believe that someday we will find out, but in the meantime it is up to us to learn from the mistakes of those who came before us. Shouldn’t we know by now that greed is a bottomless pit and war does not grant anyone happiness or riches? Nobody ever wins.

7 Tribes, 7 Chakras

Three hundred Annunaki on Earth who were ruled by Enki were said to be divided into seven tribes, or seven lands, just as there were said to be seven islands on Atlantis. Their sole purpose was mining for gold. This brings up yet another remarkable resemblance to our seven major planets, seven days a week, seven musical notes, and to the human endocrine system, said to spin seven major chakras. Many ancient tablets are telling us things that we have come to understand on many different levels but few can embrace multiple levels of understanding without losing their grasp of reality altogether. This is actually the way that I conduct a reading for someone, often making it known that “What I’m about to say has multiple meanings, applying to many things”. Some meanings apply to obvious and mundane situations and others may seem mystical. This gold could be the divinity that is awakened at our Crown chakra, represented by early extraterrestrial “settlers” who wore the Crown and ruled mankind (and history repeated itself like a broken record). When our crowns are fully awakened we do not bow down to anyone, as we realize our own divine nature as connected to All That Is.

The Philosopher’s Stone, The Holy Grail, the Pineal

Alchemy, while touching on subjects that are tangible and real is a subject that is steeped in mythological symbols, and has been as misinterpreted as the Good Book itself. If the aim is to turn base metals into gold, is not the Annunakis’ seeking of gold on our planet quite a similar quest…so as we activate the conical centers of our pineal glands we activate our own godlike abilities. We activate our inner Sun, which has long been revered as the “god for every tribe”.

This can of course be taken with a grain of salt, or considered as a symbolic Grain of Rice that represents not only our divinity, but our capacity for both awareness and beautiful abundance as sentient beings. The stars do not rule us, nor does our fate necessarily depend upon the time of our birth. As above, so below…we are always interacting with the very substances that we are made of which is earth, ether, fire, water, and stars. When we figure this out, we will all experience our limitlessness.

The Full Moon falls at 22 degrees of Sagittarius on the eve of June 12th. It forms a trine with Uranus, coinciding with this year’s culmination of the Grand Cardinal Cross. The only exact aspect to this Full Moon is a quincunx to its own ruling planet, Jupiter. As is, Jupiter is all about going over the top, and this occasion will be no exception. As Sagittarius represents the strength our core belief systems for better or worse, it can raise our ideals and expand our awareness of the life that exists beyond our small selves and joins us together as One. Just because we may temporarily be distracted by pop media, ego mania, and a plethora of trivialities while the world around us writhes in agony, we must not fool ourselves into simply believing what we see before us. We live in a beautiful, dangerous, and illusory realm. Sagittarius calls not only for faith in a higher power, but an ongoing search for truth, very much likened to the search for the Holy Grail.

The attainment of glory, wisdom , and power will ultimately be defined by the individual. In that pursuit, all philosophic and religious ideologies aside, and before any given action or situation we must ask ourselves “Will I be able to live with myself, or against myself  after choosing this?” The question is less effective after the choice has already been made, when the results are already in motion. And yet even this is open to interpretation. Paradoxically, Sagittarius could either be the one to proclaim “This is the only way!” or the one to  ask “Why limit yourself in that way?”

The Full Moon falls on fixed star Ras Alhague, “a sapphire on the head of the Snake Charmer”, Ophiuchus. The Celestial Medicine Man has cures not only for wounds but for ignorance. This is an area in the consellation of Saggitarius that sees us reaching for higher, loftier, more worthwhile goals than before. In our shifting aspirations and soul’s evolution, we are given inklings that even

“The sky is no longer the limit…” – Richard Nixon

knights-templar-holy-grailThe tension of this year’s Cross has stretched just about each of us in some way, shape, or form, whether this has been perceived as positive or negative. The influence of Mars in Libra has brought many injustices to our attention, as even those normally docile have begun to fight for their cause. Many relationship explosions and reversals took place February, March and April. Uranus in Aries continues to shock our status quo, supporting myriad expressions of revolutionary and creative rebellion. Pluto in Capricorn is not an influence that will be letting up anytime soon, but its force has been particularly strong this year in creating systemic breakdowns and political upheaval (What this influence really means is that now it’s coming out in the OPEN – those corrupt in their wielding of power have less room to hide). Those who are seekers and defenders of truth are experiencing their own personal revolution. Our current battles are far more ancient in origin than most realize, but many are being awakened by both natural and human-generated disasters. Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruling planet in Cancer has perhaps our most softening influence in all of this chaos. In the comfort of Cancer at least our emotional intelligence and perceptive faculties are nurtured and encouraged. Between life’s fierce battles Jupiter in this sign has provided many of us with a home or a cave to recuperate in.

During this Full Moon and this month, going away for a change of scenery could possibly resemble a pleasant vacation or more likely a wake-up call to what other things are going on in our world that we had no idea is having an impact on our own familiar environments and vice versa. Venus and Saturn are facing off, so pleasure and duty cannot exclude each other at this time.  It is apparent now that whatever we most desire must be worked for, earned in some way. Thankfully, Sagittarius is just the kind of cheerleader or mentor we need to get us going and to take ourselves far less seriously in the process.

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”

- Lewis Carrol in Alice in Wonderland

Neptune, known at times as the planet of “smoke and mirrors” turns Retrograde today at 8 degrees of Pisces, in a very loose trine with Mercury, Retrograde in Cancer. I’m not sure there could be a more nebulous combination than this, other than perhaps a square or opposition between these two planets. But when Retrograde the planets tend to do things they don’t normally do…

What you see is not necessarily what you get, nor is what you hear what is actually said. Thoughts and words fly, but their usefulness on the earth plane can be next to nil. That’s kind of what we expect with Mercury Retrograde, or Neptune in general. Neptune can often be a dreamy, idealistic influence, or one that enables illusions, delusions and addictions to run wild. In Pisces both its wonderful and confounding qualities are heightened to nth degree. Compassionate awareness meets with ignorance and the complete shirking of responsibility in the outer world. When Neptune turns Retrograde however, there is no room to hide from our shadow side even in the largest sea. Interestingly, when we face the darkness rather than hiding from it, it begins to grow in light.

The Retrograde stationing of this planet is like a the breaking of a long spell. Perhaps the Prince comes to kiss Snow White, or to rescue Rapunzel from her isolated tower. The Looking Glass does something unheard of…it finally shatters.

Until November 15th, we are being given a precious opportunity to reach beyond the scope of our limited vision and confines, to embrace a much wider world view and all its marvelous and infinite possibilities. There is a great and powerful awakening that occurs for those who are paying attention to their hunches, emotions, and dreams. Now we can organize our plans and thoughts more carefully, weeding out the nonsense from the truth. Neptune helps us to get our heads out of the clouds and get real, to achieve our goals rather than just sit around with a prayer, a hope and a nickel for them to happen. Neptune Retrograde helps us to identify the difference between fantasy and genuine intuition, and to follow course with what we know.

This is an influence that helps bring to conscious awareness that we have choices to make that determine whether we will remain static, worsen, or improve. If for example a woman feels stuck in an abusive relationship, it is likely that while Neptune is Retrograde she will experience at least one major breakthrough that shows her a way out. This does not mean she will act on it, but the chances are higher because now she sees that nobody is doing this to her but herself – the only person who can save her is herself, because she finally realizes there is so much more to life than this…that what she has is not as good as it gets. This epiphany is her first stage of progress. But the spell is not broken until she acts.

Let’s keep in mind that Mercury is Retrograde until July first, and will move back into chatty Gemini on the 17th of June. If we review our plans and relationships carefully this month we will be ready to move full steam ahead into a Summer filled with “newness”.


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