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Venus in Libra 2014

Venus entered Libra today, where our goddess planet of love and beauty is most comfy and at ease with herself and others. Thank heavens for this transit while Mercury is going Retrograde to help take the edge off of some otherwise sharp relationship situations. She will be moving through Libra until the Scorpio Solar Eclipse of October 23rd.


Birth of Venus Aphrodite by Brenda Burke

With Venus in this sign we’re more inclined to listen when others speak, and to seek out equality and fairness wherever possible. We’re overall less aggressive and want to get along, but a pacifist attitude should not be taken at the expense of ones dignity and sense of personal justice. Venus adores beauty and is completely in love with love here, and she also wants everything to be pretty, sweet, and merry. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t quite work that way, much of the time. The Victorian era makes a perfect example of what Venus in Libra might do if such a transit lasted that long – decorating everything and everyone to look pretty and frilly, as a cover up for the intensity of harsh living conditions and how short-lived they are underneath. Oh yeah – and Venus in Libra, just like Venus in Taurus loves to shop. Don’t overdo it, especially since Retrograde Mercury (from October 4th until October 26th) means expensive items may be regretfully returned. If we’re aware of this temptation, we can most certainly be more practical in our approach.

In any case, artistic appreciation and inspiration will be heightened, making this an excellent time to catch up on projects begun a year or so ago that may be useful for upcoming holiday events. The goddess of love has been known to have major difficulties making decisions about her lovers, so this is not the most ideal time for new commitments, marriage, or business ventures. However if you already have something in motion this influence could very well enhance that flow.

Venus squares Pluto during the Lunar Eclipse of October 8th, which can build up the intensity of bonds, possessiveness, and expectations within close relationships. At the same time she joins the Grand Kite action with the Sun in Libra, Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and Mars in Sagittarius. This is very progressive to say the least, indicating that no matter how painful certain relationships and relationship endings may seem right now it is more than likely that they’re for the best interest of both parties. We’re being pushed by others who are close to us (or leaving us) to evolve more fully into ourselves!

By the 17th of October Venus and Mercury pair up and breathe some diplomacy or at least some poetry into our possibly jumbled communications. Venus in Libra is highly attracted to her opposites, so this month be alert to contrariness in what is both projected outward and attracted…

Ok, enough of this writing (or reading) – it’s time to go decorate!

Some hand written insights read aloud, about the Autumn Equinox 2014 as well as:

  • New Moon in Libra
  • Mercury Retrograde in Libra & Scorpio
  • Pluto Direct
  • the Libra/Aries Full Moon polarity,
  • Lunar Eclipse in Aries 10/8/14
  • and Mars in Sagittarius
  • Venus in Libra

autumn wallpaper

Word Composition & Speech Copyright by Yerevan 2014

The New Moon on September 23rd of 2014 has a tone of potency and almost urgency about it. At just over 1 degree of Libra it forms a conjunction to the Super Galactic Center (SGC) – a voracious black hole that gravitationally organizes over thirty galaxies, our own included, as Philip Sedgwick has stated “at the cost of cannibalizing all of them”. This Autumn Equinox New Moon so close to the SGC indicates that we are being triggered toward a deeper understanding of our interrelatedness, as our relationships on Earth encompass so much more than mundane friendships and marriages, but include our extended family tree in all of life in this universe and even beyond. What does the word relationship mean to you and what sensations does it bring up? Right now we are evolving into both the question itself and the ever widening permeable answer.

There is a lot going on in the sign of Libra over the next few weeks and even months (you can tune in to my radio show on Tuesday morning the of the 23rd between 9:00 – 10:00 am PST for more info on the equinox, autumn season, and Libra/Aries polarity on KOWS radio), in addition to the Autumn Equinox with the Sun moving into this sign. Mercury has been in Libra since September first and Venus will enter on the 29th.

Libra, one of the most misunderstood signs is about relationship, and all that it entails. It indicates a duality between self and other, with emphasis on the give-and-take, the cause-and-effect, the positive and negative polarities within each relationship. In a word, we can say this sign is about Karma, particularly the growing sense of awareness or consciousness about karma and how it operates in our lives.


Ma’at, Egyptian goddess of Truth, Balance, and Justice

We have relationships to each other and also to seemingly inanimate objects that we use and abuse. We share relationships with the rocks, plants, trees, the homes we live in, with money, our neighbors, our audiences, our mail deliverers and internet servers, our perceived enemies, the planets and constellations and to this mysterious being some of us call God that we are all but extensions and reflections of.

We are shifting into the darker seasons with greater self-awareness than some of us have ever had before as well as the incentive to utilize and maximize both our latent and already manifest skills and abilities – and to do so in the spirit of cooperation. As lovely as it sounds this line of work is not for the faint of heart. We are achieving levels of success we didn’t know were possible before, that may even seem intimidating, disconcerting to our discontent. It is also exhilarating for those of us who have done the work to get where we are, and/or those willing to take up the challenge that life offers us now to create anew, driven by heart and soul. This is also the season of harvest, in which we will most certainly reap what we have sown.

Mercury has slowed down in Libra since the 14th for going Retrograde from October 4th to the 26th. Mercury enters Scorpio on September 27th, back-tracking into Libra on October 10th and completing its transit in this sign by November 8th.  Already you may have noticed quite a few miscommunications or irritating encounters with others that perhaps got under your skin or caused you to wonder “What’s in the air – did I – or did that girl get up on the wrong side of the bed or something?” Be careful about signing contracts or taking on new projects and agreements until the first week of November unless you don’t mind complications and delays. Ironically, Mercury is not necessarily at its kindest or most charming in the sign of Libra but can come across as simultaneously touchy and tough. There is also an underlying seriousness in our communications right now that thankfully can’t get too out of hand with Mars ablaze in fun-loving Sagittarius. Mars squaring Neptune during the past few days has added some colorful and bizarre additions to the mix.

With many hardships recently having passed and many blessings pouring in, we do not want to lose ourselves in either sorrow or ecstasy, anger or apathy, but to maintain a sort of non-attachment to objects and outcomes. We have gone from asking “Who am I” to now asking “Where do we go from here?” In Libra we need to keep it real and find a way to express our humanity, our truth, and our sense of justice without losing our cool. That’s all easier said than done, even though many with planets in this sign make it look like a piece of cake.

Libra is a sign that in its highest expression operates on the vibrational level of Ho’Oponopono, which is a Hawaiian practice for taking inner responsibility for whatever imbalances are both outwardly and inwardly perceived. The practice can awaken profound insights about our interconnectedness as well as lead to healing and transformation. The outer reflects the inner here quite quickly – thus indicating that the consciousness of the Law of Cause and Effect has become significantly heightened. We can either try to run and hide from that, blame others, or practice our own form of Ho’Oponopono. Here are a few relevant phrases to live by: “I’m sorry. Thank you. Please forgive me. I love you”

Pluto stations Direct after its annual six months of Retrogradation just before the New Moon occurs and approaches a square to it, and a T-square to rebellious Uranus in Aries. The collective creative impulse is greatly magnified as we seek to know and grow more fully aware of and into our purpose, as individuals and as a whole. We want to become more conscious and and on target with what kind of impact we have on those around us, as well as how we allow others to effect us.

Saturn’s continued mutual reception with Pluto and conjunction with Ceres in Scorpio during the New Moon emphasizes a need for many of us to reparent ourselves in regards to to emotional security, money, and the Mother Earth. Just as a black hole such as the SGC devours everything in sight, many of us in civilization have been born into a reality that bases its entire existence on consumerism and wastefulness of resources to the point of creating poverty on an otherwise rich and fertile planet.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon of the 23rd is:


“The transmutation of the fruits of the past experiences into the seed-realizations of the forever creative spirit; a repolarization of inner energies leading to a creative centralization of consciousness”

Creative centralization assists us in Manifestation, which is what we achieve more readily when we collaborate, cooperate and relate compassionately with others.

With Mars entering Sagittarius today, the heat is on! By the time many of you read this Mars will have exited the shadowy depths of Scorpio where much has been reckoned with and released and burst through the gates of the house of the fiery archer. There is an excitement in the air that tells us we should change direction, try something or go somewhere new, and commit more deeply to a pursuit for freedom and truth.

Pozhara fire godSome people may have a tendency to become too pushy about their version of “truth”, particularly of the religious variety (Mars in Sagittarius has often been known as a crusader) , while to others it will simply become more apparent as what they believe is repeatedly met with confirmation.

The greatest danger with Mars here is that we or others will fight mercilessly wherever injustice has been witnessed, without weighing out the pros and cons of any particular execution.  Sparks and tempers may fly, but facts and intentions should be double-checked before definitive action taken with Mercury slowing down to Retrograde in Libra, holding every word said in its scales.

We have an especially great opportunity over the next few weeks – until October 26th to push through some major obstacles in our way if we don’t let the destructive energy of Mars get the better of us. We know how miscommunications can wreak havoc on relationships but we also know that certain misconduct is or has been intentional…and this is what may enrage the Mars in Sagittarius person and those with planets being activated by this transit. We can either explode and place blame on things and others that make our lives more difficult than they should be or we can direct that passionate energy to our own transformative and evolutionary process.

Mars forms a square to Neptune in Pisces on September 21st, ironically on “International Peace Day”. This is when nightly dreams might really start getting weird as will possibly interaction from those who wield some kind of religious or seemingly magical power and influence over us or the world. It is equally possible that heightened spiritual states liberate us from oppressive outside influences.

Into the first week of October Mars begins to square Chiron which might bring up some very raw emotions that need physical outlets for release and expression. Meanwhile we receive help from a Grand Kite that trines Mars to Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and the Sun in Libra. There is an optimism and readiness to act on our convictions with fairness and level-headedness rather than cruelty or rashness, thanks to Libra’s inherent desire for peace and equilibrium. After all, we need friends and allies to achieve many of our goals for as alien as we may sometimes feel we are not islands unto ourselves.

With Mars in this sign and Mercury Retrograde we are in for a wild ride, but the harmony between Sagittarius and Libra indicate that we got this – we can do this without running ourselves into the ground or losing our minds. If either of those things start to happen, don’t be afraid to stop, recalibrate and “reboot”. Cheers to wild adventures and revelations! <3

The asteroid Hidalgo (#944) was named after the Mexican priest and revolutionary known as “the father of Mexican independence”, and has thus come to represent the principle of self-assertion and standing up for one’s beliefs, particularly in relation to oppressed people and societies, or those whom the mysterious “majority” call the “minority” on this planet. Mexico’s Independence Day, Grito de Dolores is celebrated on September 16th, during which time Hidalgo will be making its final transit to the Galactic Center since February 2013 before moving into Capricorn late October. This asteroid does stay in both Scorpio and Sagittarius longer than the other signs due to its eccentric orbit, but it may be worthwhile to observe relevant trends in consciousness and media that are arising at this time and while conjunct the GC.

Every day during the past several weeks whether working online or through the grapevine I hear and see more accounts of people waking up, expressing their truth, standing up for their rights as human and divine. Conspiracy theories are no longer denigrated to mere theory but as unraveling the lies of history and paving the way to freedom for future generations.

miguel-hidalgoHidalgo doesn’t advocate for what is right or wrong according to religious standards but for what it deems as necessary toward truth and justice. This asteroid’s influences lean toward political causes, globalism, revolutionary ideas, and those of Spanish or Latin American descent. There is a strong desire to liberate those who are confined and constricted due to to racism, classism, and sexism and to protect and defend the underdogs of society.

One example of Hidalgo’s influence is chronicled by Zane Stein:

When Anwar Sadat set foot on the ground of Israel, Hidalgo was conjunct the IC. When agreements were signed in Washington DC, it was conjunct Pluto. And when the actual treaty was signed it was transiting in square to the above agreement’s Jupiter.

The year of Hidalgo’s discovery, October 31st 1920, the asteroid was in Aries and the Sun was in Scorpio. Communists in Soviet Russia had consolidated power, there was formation of the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations by which all nations may advocate for themselves in a cooperative manner, and the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, giving American women the right to vote, among many other things recorded in history.

Hidalgo, denoting men of the Spanish and Portuguese nobility translates as the “son of something” or of someone, usually implying that is someone who is great. Wherever this asteroid falls and transits in our charts may indicate where we show our greatness, how we stand up for something, and what we advocate through both our words and actions. As an intermediary between Mars and Jupiter, Hidalgo helps summon within us the courage to act upon our beliefs and convictions – to not just talk the talk but walk the walk.

The more we recognize that we have all been oppressed and divided as a species, the more of our own power we reclaim to make amends and join forces as we slowly but surely disentangle from eons of mass slavery due to fear and greed.

So, go Hidalgo go!

Mars in Sagittarius 2014

I asked a good friend of mine yesterday how the Full Moon’s been treating her and she nonchalantly replied “It’s been ok for the most part. Over the weekend I jumped out of a plane…and yeah, that was cool” Following her reply was my uproar of laughter…”Oh ok, that’s all!” She proceeded to tell me how much I’d probably love sky-diving too, once I give it a try (which she declared with confidence that I will at some point…we’ll see…..maybe some time when Mars is transiting Sagittarius I’ll find the nerve!).  We talked on for a bit, sharing insights and encounters. “Yes, that sensation of total unexpected calmness makes sense! It’s kind of like the time I went inside of a cage and pet a tiger”, I said. We both agreed that either we’re just plain stupid or we’re on to something here…something……so enlivening.

Relevant things we have to look forward to this fall:


Mars enters Sagittarius on September 13th until the October 26th. It forms a reckless sesquiquadrate to Uranus the next day on the 14th as Mercury enters the shadow of its Retrograde through October that will also station Direct in Libra on October 26th. The planet of fiery passion in the sign of adventure spell out sass, splendor, and spectacular dances within the borders of death.

Mars in Sagittarius is as much about savoring the last strawberry we may ever eat to testing our limits on how much hot sauce we can down, how much ice we can sit in, how long we can maintain an intense yoga posture, or how fast we can drive when nobody else is on the road.  You get the picture that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or an athlete to appreciate the fine qualities that this transit potentially stimulates within and around us.

It really can also help us to also get off our haunches if we’re stuck somewhere, somehow, and can’t see a solution or a way out. Mars in Sag says “When there is a will, there is a way!”

Whether you’re timid about asking someone on a date or just need to make some pretty huge and disconcerting changes in your life that completely take you out of your comfort zone, take heart – for Mars in Sagittarius is here to save the day – and the month. This super hero combination won’t let us not do what we want or need to do, no matter how bumpy, trippy or intimidating it may seem.

Anxiety and Awareness

In case anyone wonders why the past few days have been so emotionally intense, mind bending, and unbelievable, it might help to note that with such strong Neptunian energies present, next to nothing’s been what it seems (but is it really ever?)…

Neptune was opposite the New Moon in Virgo on August 25th, conjunct the Full Moon in Pisces on the 8th, and Venus has been opposing  Neptune since September 5th until the 10th.

Pisces, ruled by Neptune brings the following qualities to light every year while the sun transits this sign during March, but with Neptune Retrograde in its own sign and activated in so many ways these qualities are amplified seemingly a thousandfold: The Power of Neptune 

For some of us, things have been as sweet as surreal, but for the majority, the heartache of being faced with more than can be reasonably dealt with has prevailed. With subjects such as ebola running as viral as the virus itself, threats of further war, banking and money scams causing people to lose their homes, along with Hollywood’s dramas and distractions it’s no wonder that so many civilized people suffer from an anxiety so deeply embedded that it begins to rule every facet of their lives.

As we move closer into the sign of Libra with Mercury leading the way, we are exploring ways of achieving balance with both the dark and light aspects our of psyches as well as forces of the Universe. This is especially pertinent as Mercury is squaring Pluto (corruption, scandal, and combustion) in Capricorn and approaching a T-square with Uranus (explosive change, rebellion, and reversals – as well as intuition and freedom) in Aries. The missing point of this edgy cardinal aspect can be found in the nurturing, self-preserving sign of Cancer – a sign that never leaps before it looks. Before we can truly find our ways out of the sticky webs we’ve been stuck inside of in a corporately dominated society, we must come to grips with where we are and then utilize the “superpowers” of our higher, perhaps Neptunian mind to free us. After all, it is this same kind of power that got us there in the first place. That means that awareness is a major key to breaking anxiety. This anxiety refers to a highly charged emotional state mixed with myriad feelings of confusion, depression, fear, and overstimulation.

The more awareness we have, the less we are capable of being lied to, manipulated and made anxious, even by our own erroneous thoughts.

Whether life crippling or free-floating, anxiety can be produced by, masked by and eventually released by the powers that Neptune represents.

Take what you wish from this viewpoint and if it produces anxiety just dismiss…



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