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New Moon Aquarius 2015

There is group mind, outer mind, and inner mind. There is past, present and future. There is right, wrong, and neutrality. There is love, hate, and indifference. Somewhere they all meet up, while certain ones meet up at certain times, but they are obviously not all the same. The New Moon on January 20th highlights the ways that each of these states of being both merge and break.


As the New Moon occurs at 0 degrees of Aquarius, its ruling planet Uranus makes an exact conjunction to the South Node at 12 degrees of Aries, which is still in a square with Pluto in Capricorn. There some definite endings taking place, particularly in the social, technical and political arenas, and for many in their personal lives. With Mercury slowing down to go Retrograde in Aquarius on the 21st until February 11th the outcomes of certain situations seem impossible to predict.

During this first New Moon of 2015 we are given a glimpse of what will unfold throughout the year. It has become so clear what we need to release in order to experience renewal.  A deep evaluation of past experiences, actions and reactions can be useful but it’s time to move out of the ruts that keep us locked into the same-old, same-old.

It is as if the 6th chakra of the world is rapidly awakening, and this New Moon marks a new relationship to ourselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience. Dreams, visions, and intuition are all being heightened in ways that the current era has not yet seen. It seems scary at first to trust a dream, hunch or vision that comes as foreign, outrageous and unlike anything accepted as “normal”. It is precisely these dreams, visions and hunches that we must pay closer attention to, as we follow the threads of synchronicity and heart wisdom to guide us to more fulfilling lives.

I can already hear the moans of dread and protest…yep, here we go, again. As if life wasn’t hard enough with Mercury supposedly going “Direct”.

Mercury turns Retrograde one week from today – on the 21st until February 11th – now is the time to tie up important loose ends, cush up with supportive tools and provisions to help cope with the vibes of confusion and review. Get that appointment set up if need be, send out those documents, clean that car, whatever.


It can be helpful to buy or prepare special items you think you’ll need or use before Mercury actually turns Retrograde, from matches and batteries to dried foods and medicines. Here are a few suggestions but your personal needs, goals and concerns could be quite different from mine:

  • specific herbs and vitamin supplements
  • inspirational books
  • flower essences to address states of mental agitation and stress
  • crystals to wear or hold
  • a box of tissues or handkerchief for emergency crying
  • fix or replace broken items to be utilized during the next 3 weeks
  • clear up any banking or legal issues, delay important new actions until mid-Feb
  • happy music
  • sad music
  • clean blankets, lots of blankets…
  • an old or fairly new journal – pick up where left off

Hug a tree, kiss a fairy, light a candle, wish upon a star!

What are the lost or buried hopes, dreams and wishes that are rising to the surface in your heart and life at this time? These are the ones to pursue in the next few weeks to come. Who are the friends, allies, or spirit guides that you yearn to reconnect with? It is likely that several of them will reappear throughout January and February of 2015.

mercury_retrogradeAlthough we have already entered the pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde as of January 5th, Mercury officially turns Retrograde at 17 degrees of the sign of Aquarius on January 21st until February 11th, stationing at 1 degree of Aquarius. Beware of miscommunications and focus on reviews and repairs rather than launching new projects which are best saved for the stirrings of Spring. Highlights in Aquarius are friendships, goals, groups, intuition, and wishes. Mercury exits the post-shadow phase on March 3rd.

Because Mercury rules communication and Aquarius is an air sign ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, the typical breakdown of electronic appliances and other gadgets are to be expected during this Retrograde transit. The emphasis in air makes it less emotional and physical overall (but there are exceptions to every rule) and indicates that we are dealing more within the mental realm, where a great deal of recalibration and release is taking place. The location of Aquarius in a birth chart is the area where a person is likely to be undergoing great changes.


moon goddess

may the moon goddess bring you inspiration…


In this Full Moon January 4th at 14 degrees of Cancer there is a heightening of feelings, memories and lunacy, as many have been experiencing its energy in waves all week, leading up to a giant emotional outpour over the past couple of days. None of it’s random though, as many people have plenty of reasons to cry.

It is also no wonder that moods are intense when we see the T-square being formed between the Full Moon’s opposition with Pluto and square to Uranus and the South Node, which in another sense creates a Grand Cardinal square, including the nodal axis. Pluto’s conjunction with the Sun and the asteroid Vesta in Capricorn bring us in close touch with the mighty forces and powers that exert an influence over us, particular in ways that seem out of our control. Pluto’s ongoing square with Uranus just amplifies what the collective has already experiencing these past couple of years and what the whole is just beginning to realize in terms of just how screwed up our ecosystem and our economy appears to be right now. How long can we keep it up before an explosion occurs unlike any we or any of our recent ancestors have experienced?

Vesta, the goddess of the hearth reminds us there is a time to go inward for the answers, tend our own flames, do our own homework and basically mind our own spiritual business unless other people ask for our help. Getting in someone’s face to try and correct them on something they are doing or tell them they are personally wrong about they choose to believe, wear, or eat (no matter how right, high and holy someone thinks they are) does not make the world a better place – it just makes the one who’s telling look like a jackass, and probably pisses the recipient off. We have enough of that kind of behavior going on and that’s a major part of the problem with the way things are.

Jules_Joseph_Lefebvre_-_Diana_-_1879With Uranus conjunct the South Node in 2014, now being squared by the Full Moon in 2015 we’re definitely being asked to let some things go, whether they be actual things, ideas or people, and in many cases that will come as a relief. Good riddance already.

This Full Moon and this month are highlighting for us the mental and/or emotional completions that we need to make before we can move on with our outer goals and activities with the greatest effectiveness.

The restorative qualities of Nature can help us regroup and sort out our jumbled thoughts. If stuck in a city, it could help to connect more consciously with the closest park, potted plants or even the night sky. Ideally we can set our bare feet on the earth or listen to her waves crash upon the shore. We can curl up in a cozy ball of something and gaze at the moon’s fullness and begin to empty our mind even if for a few moments, or at least find our way out of its maze.

In numerology, 2015 equates with the number 8. This is a number that is so profound in its impact and expressions that it is both widely feared and revered depending on cultural and personal values. Laid out sideways the 8 forms the symbol of infinity, as the crown shown above the figure in the 8th card of the Major Arcana, as she opens the  mouth of a lion.strength

Eight is associated with the unconscious mind, boundlessness, balance, transformation in a very tangible sense and the path of Dharma. It can also represent the unknown, the void, and the death of ego. The Seven Year of the Chariot prepared us for this shift in focus, whether or not we feel ready. Only to the degree that we have been able to trust in ourselves and the Universe (associated with 7) will we be comfortable working with the energies of an eight year.

In the Tarot system the 8th and 11th cards have been interchangeable with each other, signifying that both the themes of Strength and Justice will be prominent for us in 2015. The original 8th card, Strength is one that represents both physical and spiritual strength. The mannerisms of both the woman and lion in this card indicate that gentleness can be far more powerful toward gaining results than force. The inner beast is best tamed with love rather than hate and denial. The associated astrological sign for this card is Leo, which means that the period of time when the Sun transits through Leo from July 22nd to August 23rd will bring significant changes for us that may be very intense or very empowering. Leo people or those with planets in this sign might also be particular sensitive to these changes. Jupiter will have made its way out of this sign and into Virgo on August 11th. Venus will be Retrograding through Leo, bringing a lot of emotional and relationship review.

In the Thoth deck, Justice holds position as the 8th card, representing balance of body, mind, and spirit, truth, negotiation, and karma – the law of cause and effect. It is associated with the sign of Libra, thus represented by a figure holding the scales of justice. Relationship orientation and realignment may be necessary in 2015, particularly during the Sun’s transit through Libra between September 23rd and October 23rd. Mercury will be Retrograde in Libra for a portion of that period, until October 9th.With Saturn now full steam ahead in Sagittarius many of us may seem to have no other option but to align with and live our highest truth, no matter what it may cost us. The cost of not doing so is always far greater.

Finally, the number eight does signify money and prosperity to many in the sense that it indicates balance, reciprocity, acquisition and attainment. There is a certain kind of sexual potency and prowess indicated in the number eight that peace-loving people should also be aware of, which can be used for healing or destruction. The number eight is so powerful and vast in its implications that anything is possible when its presence is made. There is no indication of morality – only results due to the actions taken. Dangers to this influence are absolute dictatorship, slavery, and mind control. Also, bullying and torture of innocent people have gone on for centuries but until recently a lot of what goes on has been kept hidden. Let us not doubt for a minute that the masses will be targeted in this way by the “master minds” behind sensational media and other methods of exploitation.

In the year 2015 we have tremendous opportunities at our disposal for deep transformation on any or all levels of our existence. In many instances along the way, the question may be asked “which is the high road, which is the low road?” Stasis and inertia just won’t do and are unlikely luxuries at this time. Choices must be made. Decisions must be followed through. Strength and resources will be available to help solidify whatever choices and decisions are made, or whatever work of art being crafted. Of course everyone in the world will experience these influences in their own unique ways. Some people have a lot of resistance to change, and others dive right in. There are many who being so ignorant and out of touch with their inner realities fall prey to whatever vampires and villains out there are ready to feed on their life force energy. For most who are reading this, an overall strengthening of abilities, foundations, work, relationships, and self will become very evident in the year 2015.

The New Galactic Assignment

1103182318551sacred_geometry_36_Winter Solstice is one of the most powerful times of the year, and as a dear Pleiadian friend used to say it is when we receive our new “galactic assignments” for the year ahead. If you haven’t already this would be a great time to list those new year resolutions or simply an an outline of what you most desire to both release and bring in to your life at this time. It may not be the most physically energized time but spiritually this is the the moment to commit to positive change rather than just let things happen!

This Solstice is a potent one. Uranus as the planet of sudden reversals, change and ingenuity goes Direct just prior to the New Moon on Solstice on December 21st, having been Retrograde in Aries since July 21st. Its exact square to Pluto amplifies whatever thoughts, emotions and actions that have been suppressed and repressed since then that are about ready to explode. We are definitely in for a few surprises, whether they seem pleasant, unpleasant, or some of both.  Time to “check yourself before you wreck yourself” as Uranus won’t encourage anybody to hold back on what needs to be said and done. On the other hand, there may be grand revelations that liberate us from clouded perspectives and conditions.

The New Moon is 0 degrees of Capricorn on this day, clustered together with Mercury, Vesta, Pluto, and Venus. Responsibility and resourcefulness are the highlights as well as being as connected to and considerate of the earth as possible. Another huge highlight is Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn will soon transit out of Scorpio into Sagittarius on the 23rd.  We are adjusting on multiple levels.

The exchanging of gifts and lighting of candles during the Winter Solstice is a fairly universal one… whatever culture or religion you observe if any, may your celebrations of the Return of Light be filled with joy!


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