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December 31st, the Joker

Readings by Yerevan

“…all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves…” – Bill Hicks

Although he wanders near and far, his footsteps are difficult to trace…the Joker bemuses us with his antics, disappearing just as quickly and mysteriously as he arrived.

As we cross the gate of the Winter Solstice the Gregorian calendar year comes to an end, taking us through another great rite of passage. What we call our New Year’s Eve, December 31st is the day of the Joker in the astro or “Destiny Card” system – a face card with implied effects that are as unpredictable as its title describes. There is a card attributed to each of the 365 days of the year, with certain dates sharing the same card.  The Joker is the one exception to the system…

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“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust” – Rumi

We’re in for one hell of a ride in January 2016, with the planet of communication turning backward in hard aspects to Mars, Pluto, and Uranus – planets that represent aggression, upheaval and radical change. The Sun is in conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn as Mercury changes direction to Retrograde in a churning, burning square to Mars, grinding into a sudden square with Uranus on the 20th that lasts until the 25th, and joining Pluto from the 22nd until the 30th. Beware of power struggles, heavy thinking (depression), manipulations and projections. There are shocks and surprises in store but many of them are meant to shake us out of a rut or situation that no longer benefits us. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, especially since Mercury Retrograde is already such a maligned phenomenon in our culture, but can be helpful to know a bit about what we’re dealing with in advance so we’re not totally caught off guard by the chaos that may ensue from such occurrences.

2015-12-27_16-41-43_407This Retrograde cycle begins from one degree Aquarius on January 5th, back into Capricorn on January 8th until the 25th. Its pre-shadow phase began wreaking havoc in communications on December 18th, with its post-shadow influence lasting until February 14th. In the sign of Capricorn Mercury tends to be hard-headed, stiff, and matter-of-fact. On the bright side it may increase our somatic awareness, sturdiness and connection to the trees, rocks and soil. Concentration abilities are enhanced, leaning toward education, mathematical and scientific studies. It may also spur an interest in history and genealogy.

Our main saving grace during the coming weeks could be Mercury’s trine to Jupiter, also Retrograde from January 7th until May 9th conjunct the North Node in Virgo. Jupiter going backward will not be the most light-hearted of transits but will probably help to simplify our overly hectic lives and clarify certain areas of confusion and paranoia brought on by the recent Saturn-Neptune square that began in November 2015 and will be present throughout 2016. Jupiter is Retrograde is a great aid to all forms of healing, but does not usually bring ease to business endeavors, so it would be wise to plan and review rather than to initiate new projects during this time.

don't be a blockhead

don’t be a blockhead

Capricorn is a feminine sign ruled by the “male” planet, Saturn. Opposite of birth-giving Cancer, it represents a ripe maturity and exit point for the soul, also sometimes signaling a switch-over between lifestyles or genders. Such forceful interactions between Mercury in Capricorn and other planets with a predominant male influence might grant us the precious opportunity to heal our relationship to the Sacred Masculine and Father archetype by altering our perceptions of them and how we access or suppress our own male energy in circumstances that call for it.

Entering into 2016, slow down a bit to remember the hopes and dreams of the past that seemed lost, stolen or otherwise crushed, both personally and collectively, including the those of our ancestors if there is knowledge of them. Recall the motivations, obstacles, inspirations, and miracles that have been experienced over time. Take inventory of both triumphs and failures, of what has been accomplished both with ease and through great effort and what is still yet to be attained. Resolve to continue the journey of self discovery with renewed passion and dedication. Do not cave in or give up. Commit to living your own truth, because at the end of life we will finally realize that is the best any of us could have ever done. All in due time…

Full Moon in Cancer 12-25-15

Emotional rebirth is a strong keynote of the Full Moon 3 degrees of Cancer on December 25th of 2015, the day that celebrates the birth of the Christ. Birth itself can be cathartic, excruciating or even ecstatic for the mother, disorienting or wonder-filled for the new life being born. There is a Upanishad saying that birth is death and death is birth…both are true in their own ways and those ways are highlighted now. Something that has been cultivated inwardly may shows signs of becoming ready to come forth, and something that has been too exposed might need to be tucked in for healing and regeneration.

Significant beginnings and endings are occurring simultaneously…

Phoenix cluster starbirth, NASA

Phoenix cluster starbirth, NASA

Uranus stations direct at 17 degrees of Aries the same day bringing surprises and reversals that may be gifts in disguise. What’s the last thing you’d ever expect to happen? Basically, whatever happens will probably not be what you would guess or imagine, in the days leading up to and trailing after this Full Moon. Mars in Libra’s separating opposition from Uranus has been letting off a lot of steam in relationships and revealing interpersonal dynamics most in need of change in ways that unite or sever.

The Full Moon forms a grand water trine to Neptune in Pisces and Juno in Scorpio, enhancing the capacities for empathic nurturing and creative expression. With this dreamy combination many might be more in the mood to draw or dance around a fire than to sit around a table and talk. Kitchen magic is favored, especially if it brings loved ones together and gets them giggling.

Computer, mental, and other glitches have already become more noticeable as Mercury has slowed down and entered the pre-shadow phase on the 18th and will be turning Retrograde on January 5th. During the Full Moon this chatty guy forms an exact trine from Capricorn to Jupiter in one of his own signs, Virgo. Jupiter together with the North Node help us tidy our thoughts and plans a bit for the upcoming new year.

The asteroid Euterpe forms and exact conjunction to the Full Moon at 3 degrees Cancer. In Greek mythology Euterpe was one of the Muses, specifically of lyric poetry and music. Her name translates as “rejoicing well” or “delight”, and this is an uplifting sign that almost whatever circumstances we may find ourselves in, there is a well of inspiration available to us to tap into to transform our darkest experiences into works of beauty and even joy. All we have to do is seek it out, or at least be open to the way that it presents itself to us.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or none may you rejoice in finding new twists on your own unique rhymes and reasons for being here and sharing them with wild abandon.

Happy Solstice 2015!

Wishing you a happy turn of the year, wherever you may happen to be (it is Winter over here)! The Solstice season highlights the connection we have with our roots, as well as the beauty, wisdom, and restorative qualities of nature…

I saw these trees on a hike yesterday, naturally forming the runic symbol of love and gifting. Winter Solstice is a time for exchanging gifts, whether they are of material or spiritual value. It also encourages us to express appreciation, honoring the divine in nature and each other.


I have found that the best Christmas trees are still growing freely in the soil, in the wild, without human interference. These young trees are worthy of celebration!

baby trees

baby trees

I am in love with this planet, despite everything that has happened to it

stairways to heaven can be found on the earth

stairways to heaven can be found on the earth

Synchronicity, a term coined by Carl Jung to explain a string of events that hold meaningful coincidences with each other in seemingly mysterious ways has been and will be occurring with rapid increase for several weeks. Call it silly or supernatural, perceive it any way you choose, believe it or not our world and our lives are are filled with a rich tapestry of synchronicity, even more so when we pay attention to its flow. Through synchronicity we can be warned, validated, guided, or sometimes greatly amused.

With the Sun transiting the Galactic Center over the next couple of days and squaring the mutable Nodal axis it until Christmas day, we may be confronted with wildly synchronistic encounters of both “negative” and “positive” natures. The Galactic Center was very important in Mayan astrology representing Creator energy, and as the center of our Milky Way, it is a tremendous source of gravitational energy in our galaxy. It has been perceived as a portal of sorts, a window to God, or something akin to an intergalactic radio station, facilitating communication between a multitude of species, similar to those portrayed in the T.V. series Star Trek (As a side note, as of December 1st I have resumed my radio hour slot at the KOWS station after taking a break for most of 2015, with the new title of “Stargate”, your “Intergalactic Communication Portal in West Sonoma County”. You can tune in online on Tuesday mornings from 9:00-10:00 a.m PST). In addition the new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens” just came out this week. Very well timed!


Anyway… the roller coaster of strange events has already begun for me and Mercury has not even turned Retrograde yet. That is scheduled for January 5th as we enter the New Year, lo and behold in the sign of Aquarius which is arguably the most associated with “alien life”, or at least life that is unconventional and exciting. The Mercury Retrograde pre-shadow technically begins to kick in on the 18th – the same day when the Sun’s transit to the GC becomes exact.

Here are a few ideas of how your personal natal chart might be affected by major aspects to the Galactic Center (27 degrees Sagittarius) at birth or by transit, but this list is very general and does not specify positive or negative aspects:

  • Sun – strong aura and influence over others with a strong sense of personal destiny, a connection to powerful spiritual forces
  • Moon – strong psychic abilities, intensely emotional, impressionable, kinesthetic awareness
  • Mercury – the idea person, thoughts just never end and this can help or hinder depending on circumstances
  • Venus – unusual relational dynamics, otherworldly encounters or romances, dreamy and mystical
  • Mars – a call to spiritual action as a spiritual warrior, being driven by “forces”, highly energized in an almost supernatural way, for better or for worse
  • Saturn – a strong sense of discipline or direction that seems to come from another dimension or a higher level of being – when all else fails, this is the motivating factor in life
  • Jupiter – concerned with broad issues, world events and politics, highly humanitarian or power-hungry – it can go to either extreme
  • Uranus – the mover and shaker, magnificent insights and intuition mixed in with chaos and the need to leave behind what is comfortable and familiar
  • Neptune – this can get very confusing to say the least…or very spiritually illuminating
  • Pluto – an uprooting of all that is deep, dark, and hidden, transformation on all levels
  • Ascendant – a sense of alienation or of being an alien, sense of having a unique purpose to fill in this world
  • Midheaven – the call to a life of unique service, often one that is spiritually based or humanitarian

A friend of mine who passed away a few Decembers ago would always say that during the Solstice, if we paid close attention we would each receive our new “Galactic Assignments” for the year ahead. I think he was on to something.

Cheers the great Cosmic Joke and Divine Destiny at play in each of our lives. May synchronicity enrich and empower all those to who pay attention to and seek it out. May joy and beauty fill your holiday season.

Sagittarius New Moon 2015

The New Moon is 19 degrees of Sagittarius on December 11th, lit like a bonfire in the middle of nowhere, raw like an open wound, rugged like a warrior in the heat of a battle with his or her shadow. Sagittarius is daring and resilient by nature, and doesn’t care to be bogged down by rules or moods. In compensation for the turbulence we have experienced in several areas, we might now be directed to unusual spots or scenarios that take our mind off our problems and introduce us to brilliant new ideas. No other sign is as adept at helping us find the silver lining in the clouds and the humor in our troubles. Try this meditation out for starters.

As new moons signify new beginnings on both mundane and magical levels, many of us are looking toward the near future with an expectancy born out of mixed emotions. Some are hoping for relief from what seems to have been relentless stress during the past several weeks, others are anxious and filled with fear, and yet others are riding the wild waves of change and chaos toward their personal goals, intent on manifesting despite all odds. It’s also possible to be experiencing a little bit of all of these things or simply to be in gratitude for each new day that comes.

With the New Moon squaring Chiron in Pisces there may seem to be no end to the story, nightmare, or actual scar that reminds us of what went all wrong, whether it was five minutes, twenty years , or ten centuries ago. It’s important to learn from past mistakes without abusing ourselves with them. In trying to heal certain issues, some people reach for mind-altering substances, others opt for sexual outlets, and others dig into their own psychology to do the hard work of breaking harmful habits and curbing the tendency to react. What seems to be a terrible loss or cruel joke by the Universe on some of us might be the nudge that we need to move in new directions and leave behind the old stories, obstacles, and excuses for not living up to our own greatness.

ride of the Valkyrs John Charles Dollman 1909

ride of the Valkyrs John Charles Dollman 1909

The New Moon’s trine to Uranus has been helping us finally let go of the shells of our former selves – specifically the aspects of our ego that we most strongly identified with for so long and to move on. In some cases the planet of sudden reversals and intuitive knowing will cosmically intervene when we are stubbornly clinging to things, people or places that are unhealthy for us. The cardinal T-square with Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn has been building for several days and revealing exactly what needs to go, what needs to change, and what needs to be done in order to move on. We can fight the currents and suffer unnecessarily or we can go with the flow and work with what we have as best we can while we have it. Pallas Athene conjunct Pluto adds to the edginess of recent configurations, but strengthens our resolve to move forward despite fear. The earthiness of Capricorn helps us strategize as though we are training to become wizards at a game of chess.

In the midst of Saturn’s long term square to Neptune we are challenged to live in the questions rather than assumptions of whatever uncanny circumstances we may find ourselves in. One of the keys to magick is in asking for the answer or solution to appear instead of over-rationalizing and seeking for control.

Venus in Scorpio forms a trine Neptune in Pisces and stirs our creative and romantic inclinations. Love may be blind and make us fools, but we’re not likely to take relationships lightly at this time. The depth and synchronicity of recent exchanges and encounters has become amplified, sensitizing many people both emotionally and physically. My memory randomly selected scenes from the movie the Fountain to describe the energy of current emotional exchanges:

The New Moon is conjunct the fixed star Sabik in the constellation of Ophiuchus, signaling that we are being faced with snakey forces that might seem far greater than ourselves and we are challenged to adjust our approach to these forces. One of these forces is that of our own shadow. Another is the shadow of the collective. Yet another is the shadow of another projected at us. When they all mix together, we tend to magnetize our worst fears into being. This is when we need to look within for the inner guru, shaman, or healer that can help us navigate in a world that is as much filled with beauty as with danger. Ultimately, life serves us huge helpings of our own perceptions.

As we approach the turn of the seasons, wherever we may be on planet earth we are faced with many changes both within and without, from the weeks and months past. Many friends and people who have come to me for readings recently have been finding themselves in positions that are far different from anything they have experienced before… it’s the end of the world as we knew it! It is often with great trepidation that we view massive change. We have forgotten to rejoice that every second is the end of the world as we knew it, because we have been tricked into believing that time is linear and that things are solid or static.

Here on the Northern hemisphere we are nearing Winter Solstice, the time of the rebirth of the Sun, symbolized as the solar god “rising from the dead”. At this very powerful time we each receive some kind of message, signal, gift and/or challenge from the Universe that indicates a new direction we are to take, a lesson we are to learn, or a specific type of energy we may choose to integrate or harmonize in our lives and in the life around us. Whether we actually heed life’s messages and utilize our gifts is another matter altogether. With much strained effort we can continue to resist the changes we are presented with, but why bother? Things have rearranged themselves to such a degree that if we hold onto the old paradigms and patterns we are only going in circles like rats in a cage.

Between the recent Full Moon in Gemini on November 24th and the upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius on December 11, we are at a crossroads in our collective belief systems, whatever those might have been based on and what they might soon become. Critical events have the potential to radically alter our beliefs, for better or for worse. Let’s not lose sight of what we know deep inside to be true, amid the chaos and lies that seem more plentiful to many of us than nature’s resources.

With asteroid Pallas Athene moving into a conjunction with Pluto through this month’s New Moon the overall perception of the underlying structure of things is increasing. This energy dynamic can be abused or used toward healing and manifestation that benefits all. As goddess of wisdom, justice and the arts Pallas Athene is perhaps the most asexual of the goddesses. Her forces combined with Pluto in Capricorn can indicate a shifting of gender roles, both externally and internally. Our creative and transformative efforts are greatly supported by this influence.

Singer of Transfiguration by Brian Froud (from Faeries' Oracle)

Singer of Transfiguration     (from the Faeries’ Oracle by       Brian Froud)

In this total restructuring that many are experiencing it can be difficult to remain calm and grounded, so at this time it may be helpful to remember a few things and to employ certain remedies to assist in the process of emotional and spiritual rebirth.

  • Stay hydrated with good clean water (preferably not from the tap or plastic bottles). It’s well worth the time, money and energy to invest in a water purification system that works for you. “Brita” is OK and better than drinking straight from the tap but it’s not going to filter out all of the harmful heavy metals and chemicals from city water. Invest in a good quality purifier.
  • Breathe! Are you holding your breath now? If so, take a moment to straighten your spine, inhale & exhale
  • Wear or hold stones that are protective, stabilizing, and enhance intuition such as Flourite, Malachite, and Turquoise. These ones also help clear negativity and harmonize the chakras.
  • Take flower essences such as Angel’s Trumpet for transitioning between realms and states of consciousness (also helping non-physical entities to make appropriate transitions) or Walnut to break free of old habits and ties.
  • Get in touch with gratitude. For every thing that’s going wrong, find something that’s going right and celebrate it. We get more and more of what we focus on. This doesn’t mean we should turn our backs on those suffering or the problems that need to be addressed. It means gratitude lightens our mood and makes everything more bearable.

There is always more that can be offered or said on such matters, but I hope this gives some of you the inspiration or friendly reminder to take care of yourself when that might be the hardest thing in the world to do. KISS (keep it simple, silly!) :)


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