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New Moon in Pisces

February 28th – March 1st 2014

The New Moon in Pisces signals the end of the Sun’s yearly cycle through the zodiac. Reflections, longings, and endings have all been heightened by this and Mercury’s Retrograde through both Pisces and Aquarius during the past three weeks, as well as Pisces’ original ruler Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer. For the past several weeks, we have been remembering and releasing patterns that have outlived or served their purpose. We’ve been digging deep for answers and remedies to situations that have remained stagnant for seeming eons. Some of us have been awe struck at the realizations, synchronicities, and illuminations unraveling before or within us.

The Biblical concept of Jesus distributing two fishes and five loaves of bread to 5,000 people stems from the archetypal axis of Pisces and Virgo – Pisces the two fish, and Virgo the holder of grains. We in the 21st Century have become “fed up” with lies, and the truth has begun dripping, leaking, and exploding, now finally being redistributed to the masses. However, not all will partake of the perceived “bread”.

As our spiritual ideals, awareness and experiences may have been raised, our base desires, instincts and reactions have equally been tugging at us from the opposite direction. As of February 22nd, the North Node (nodal axis of the Moon - signifying Destiny) shifted out of Scorpio and into Libra at 29 degrees, while directly across the South Node moved from Taurus to Aries.  This North/South Node combination will be in effect until November 2015. The basic shift here signifies moving away from the self and toward working with others. During times of such profound conflict such as those effecting the collective of this planet we need to seek out cooperation and integration, rather perpetuate inner and outer wars.

This perhaps idealistic but necessary cooperation will not come easy, as Mars in Libra seeks justice at any cost and it now prepares to turns Retrograde making unjust matters even more excruciatingly intolerable in the way of both personal and global politics. It is as though we are cosmically forced into refining our anger and our passions, whatever they may be, in order to adapt, survive, rescue, and revive what could otherwise easily be shattered.

On the day of this New Moon, February 28th, Mercury stations back into Direct motion while two other planets station Retrograde. Mars turns backward in Libra on March 1st and Saturn turns backward in Scorpio on the 2nd…what a joyride – just kidding. Jupiter, which has taken on a somewhat Saturnian note since November turns Direct on March 7th. Let’s put it this way…February of 2014 helped us review the past few months and lifetimes but March is preparing us for April and what comes after that.

All religious and spiritual beliefs aside, Nature is one of our greatest teachers and karmic reflectors – karmic, denoting cause and effect. The planets and the weather are our mirrors, dancing with us, sometimes bringing about creation, and other times destruction. Right now the Cosmos is trying to help us out here with a few super key pointers for our own good, in some cases survival, similarly to the way a teacher who is trying to get the attention of all children in a classroom – not just one or two, but All. An important message is coming. Will it be via a messiah, or simply an AH-HA moment? With the North Node in Libra for 18 months, we not only get to decide, but we must decide, despite conflicting views of both authority and reality.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is:

“Men Traveling a Narrow Path, Seeking Illumination”

This is interpreted as the capacity inherent in every individual to seek at whatever cost entrance to a transcendent realm of reality. It also means that the road to spiritual illumination opens to those who are able to curb their emotional reactions as Warriors of Light.

Because Pisces loves a good laugh (as most in mutable signs do) and its ruler Neptune rules imagery, film, and photography, I leave you with the following youtube motion picture, with the very Piscean message that no matter what… Circumstances Don’t Matter:

Healing & The Whole Person

How can anyone expect to heal from anything if they isolate a part of themselves from the rest? Sometimes we forget how interconnected we are, both in inner and outer ways.

Healing implies a coming together and a mending of what has been broken, malfunctioning, and undernourished. It implies that in some instance or area of our lives, we have lost our sense of Wholeness. Holistic healing refers to the Whole person in order to heal, versus just one of that person’s parts. You will have a chance to hear one of the key healers who helped me to not only heal but transform my life and the way I viewed myself in it…

Alex Trevisanlicensed acupuncturist of over 18 years, certified hypnotherapist, nutritionist, kinesiologist, naturopathic, chiropractic, and homeopathic practitioner will be a guest speaker on my radio show Healing Arts next Tuesday morning from 10:00-11:00 AM PST on KOWS Radio, streaming live on the internet. Alex is also a Reiki master, Tiankong practioner, tai chi and martial arts instructor. He holds a 7th degree black belt as a professor in Shaolin Kenpo and has a background in various martial arts. He is also a physical trainer who combines internal martial methods to weight training, agility, flexibility, speed and power training. This man has many pearls of wisdom to share!

Just to give you a little idea of how sick I once was, here is a true but abbreviated story. Several years after I had been seeing Alex for treatments, we had become friends. One day we were having a light-hearted little chat, and he candidly said to me “I honestly didn’t know how you were living like that or if you’d survive – the shape you were in”. Amazingly, in those earlier times, he never really let on the extent of his concern…

It was precisely his ability to override worry with an attitude of optimism and humor that gave me faith when I felt weak and afraid. He did not sugar coat my reality, but did not give it more weight than I already perceived myself to carry. He saw and treated me as a spirit having a human experience rather than just a physically dense person riddled with symptoms and scars. This is a vital key to healing on any level – for any person. When we are in the process of healing, we need to lighten up, and take our illnesses a bit less seriously instead of identifying so closely with them. This is not to say we should throw all caution to the wind and not take care of ourselves to address imbalances, but our problems multiply when we over-identify with them.

No matter where you are on the journey of healing, remember to view the totality of Being – not just the outer shell or what seems obvious on the surface. There will always be emotional factors, physical factors, and unexpected factors affecting our health. See the potential of Self expanding to touch and become something much greater. This can actually help facilitate the realization of both our wholeness and our limitlessness.

As we approach this Valentine’s Full Moon in romantic Leo, we might wonder why our brains seem to be melting out of our ears or like we’re on some kind of acid trip that landed us on planet Mars. It’s not that things are all bad, but they just don’t seem quite logical anymore, especially when we try to interpret them as so. At least the Full is positively in synch with Mars, lending us some energy to continue breathing. Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius opposes the Moon with the opposite of objectivity, making everything around it subject to very nebulous, if not interesting perspectives and outcomes aided by the soft “edge” of Neptune.

The Moon in Leo means drama with a capitol D – and this can be very entertaining indeed. We want to play, laugh, sing, and dance – and we should! Celebrations can create more to celebrate. They don’t necessarily stave off danger but they up our vibrations, so that we are invigorated and ready for the next round of madness.

With Pluto joined by Venus in a waltz with Retrograding Jupiter in Cancer memories may seem stronger and reach farther than they ever have, as startling discoveries about the past take us deeper into our origins and those of the blue green planet. Saturn square the Full Moon is like a thorn or itch in our side that nags us, pushing us to not just see and feel – but to do something about all of this stuff coming up. It’s just so hard to be decisive in our actions when we’re crying like Yosemite Bear man who saw the double rainbow, wondering aloud “What does it MEAN!?”

image by Peterio

(image by Peterio)

So what about the romance (good luck with that!)? I answer with the question – What Is Love? This video says it all (rated PG):

Year of the Unicorn 2014

Happy New Year of the Green Wood Horse, aka Unicorn! Remember who you are, and what you have to share…may your deepest heart’s wishes come true!



Aquarius New Moon Supermoon

This New Moon in Aquarius today (January 30th) commences the Chinese New Year of the Green Wood Horse, as Venus prepares to turn back into Direct motion after a very emotional Retrograde cycle since the Winter Solstice on December 21st. We can breath a sigh of tension relief as the water bearer heralds this time of increasing clarity and inspiration.

The Aquarian energy nudges us to express our creativity and to support this in others. Each and every one of us is completely unique, carrying both challenges and gifts that are valuable to the overall picture of life on Earth! No matter how individualist we may be, we need each other in order to achieve our goals. Illuminations about what brings us together and raises the collective consciousness are both rising and being poured forth.

This New Moon is a Supermoon, indicating its closeness with the Earth, being in direct alignment with the Sun and Earth. With Mercury in the shadow phase of a forthcoming Retrograde cycle (February 6th to 28th), the new beginnings we are inspired with now are based on those things and relationships that have already been initiated but have perhaps not brought to completion or upgraded to a new level of relating and involvement.

Rest is and will be important for a couple of weeks as is the willingness to look at certain challenging emotional issues with an angle of objectivity and gratitude for how they have caused us to evolve. It can help us to just slow down in order to assimilate the hardships, lessons, as well as blessings that we have experienced in the past few months, or even those that have affected us during a lifetime. With this slowing down we can recognize the greater purpose of these occurrences and reach new understandings about those that have crystalized into a static or chronic situation we now have the choice to consciously release.

Much of the previously perceived nature of reality is crumbling around us at warp speed. How prepared do you feel to drop cherished notions, or in some cases people and possessions? What we must be particularly prepared for in the weeks, months and years to come is the falling away of both certain aspects of human life that we have taken for granted and that we have clung to, holding them as ultimate truth. As Mercury enters Pisces and then turns back to review Aquarian values during the next few weeks, it would behoove us to pay attention to our inner signals as well as outer guideposts that are indicating to us where we stand with the levels and nature of reality that we are currently creating for ourselves.

All of this being said, remember that there is a special star that shines above you, and that…

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it however”.  -Richard Bach

Full Moon in Cancer

The full moon at 25 degrees Cancer on January 15th connects us with the Cosmic Mother, the Earth Mother, our inner and outer mothers, and creates collective awareness of the need we have for emotional and motherly nurturing. Many are feeling vulnerable at this time, and many deep emotions are rising to the surface, as though turbulent waves have just pulled up and rolled ashore much that was buried in the murky depths of the subconscious. Dreams are heightened, and very old memories are being stirred.

This is a time of emotional release whether good, bad, ugly, nice…whatever feelings are surfacing are so intense that some kind of outlet may be necessary so that they do not explode or implode in harmful ways. Family history, baggage, and patterns are reflected by the Moon’s opposition with Capricorn. There is a pivotal moment to remain in the entrapment of the chains of pain passed down to us, or to break free by responding differently to both actions and emotions that arise.

Now and during the week we may deeply connect with the primordial wisdom of the waters of the earth, the waters that comprise our physical shells. It could be healing to be particularly conscious about the water we drink, bathe in and utilize in any way, as the life-giving and precious commodity it has become. We must ask ourselves what we have done to bring ourselves to the present moment, without  placing blame or judgment on ourselves anyone else. It is as though we are tracing our origins, in order to free ourselves from all of the emotional weight we have accumulated in the process of discovering what it is to be fully embodied in human form. We may come to realizations similar to that of the Buddhist belief that “all sentient beings were our previous mothers”. This symbolizes our interconnectedness we share in the grand scheme of existence in this Universe.

The Black Moon Lilith – a mysteriously moving astrological point in the heavens is exactly conjoined with this Full Moon, highlighting the paradox we all experience at some point of both the holy and harsh aspects of the mother goddess. The sacred and profane are currently juxtaposed, and in our face so to speak. Basically the Black Moon Lilith is the moon’s furthest point in its orbit around earth. She holds mysteries, magic, and wisdom that is both accessible and ineffable to us. Right now her magic and wisdom runs deep and ancient, through the world and through our veins, touching the core of our being. This is not a full moon encouraging us to press on in a struggle, which can create further resistance against the very thing we hope to attain. Ultimately we have nothing essential to do but to receive, let go, and allow.

A final shedding is taking place as we transition out of the year of the deeply emotional and slow Black Water Snake into the year of the lively and quick moving Green Wood Horse.
The party hasn’t yet begun, and things right now may seem far from celebratory as we bring closure to many of the things that have lived out their purpose for us. Heartache, loss, and humility are some of the keynotes that people are experiencing at this time. Hold on – this too shall pass.
Venus has been turning Retrograde toward the end of the Snake year - since December 21st of 2013, greatly heightening the emotional and physical sensitivities. Coincidentally, it will be turning Direct on the very same day of Chinese New year , which in this country will be January 31st, the day after the New Moon in Aquarius. In China this will be February 4th 2014.
Horses are held in high regard as magical creatures in many cultures across the globe, representing travel, good fortune, freedom and adventure, as they were known as our first means of transportation. The Green Wood Horse Year is foreseen to be one of forward movement, progress in endeavors, victory over challenges, and possibly unexpected romance.
The Wood element and Wood Horse is particularly attuned to the elemental kingdoms, the trees, plants, herbs, and in general the greenery of nature – thus the Green color is attributed to it.
Horses are sacred to the faeries as well as to humans, and I spoke a little bit earlier about the significance of humanity’s growing connection to the faerie realm being heightened at the onset of 2014. There are many legends and accounts of magical horses, such as “fairy steeds” in Celtic lore, unicorns in Asia, pegasi and centaurs in Greek mythology – all creatures of the Faerie realm. This year brings a chance for humanity and the devic kingdom to do some deep repair work together to heal the damage that has been done to our ecosystem, as cooperation is needed from both sides at this point.
This is a great year to “go green” if you haven’t already, increase the greens in your diet, connect more intimately with nature, or bring more biodiversity into otherwise sterile environments.
This is going to be a year we can connect more easily with the power, wisdom, magic, and sensuality of Horse medicine to help us advance in areas that we are truly ready to advance in. 2014 is a Seven year numerologically, making this a year of the Chariot to boot – a Chariot that is often driven by horses. We need to be clear about our goals and move toward them with confidence, not wasting our time with that which does not resonate in our hearts. We’ll need to figure out and speak out what we want speedily, or possibly suffer from the quick decisions of others that effect us. Horse will help us reach our desired destination, and perhaps more importantly – to enjoy the journey!


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