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“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”

- Lewis Carrol in Alice in Wonderland

Neptune, known at times as the planet of “smoke and mirrors” turns Retrograde today at 8 degrees of Pisces, in a very loose trine with Mercury, Retrograde in Cancer. I’m not sure there could be a more nebulous combination than this, other than perhaps a square or opposition between these two planets. But when Retrograde the planets tend to do things they don’t normally do…

What you see is not necessarily what you get, nor is what you hear what is actually said. Thoughts and words fly, but their usefulness on the earth plane can be next to nil. That’s kind of what we expect with Mercury Retrograde, or Neptune in general. Neptune can often be a dreamy, idealistic influence, or one that enables illusions, delusions and addictions to run wild. In Pisces both its wonderful and confounding qualities are heightened to nth degree. Compassionate awareness meets with ignorance and the complete shirking of responsibility in the outer world. When Neptune turns Retrograde however, there is no room to hide from our shadow side even in the largest sea. Interestingly, when we face the darkness rather than hiding from it, it begins to grow in light.

The Retrograde stationing of this planet is like a the breaking of a long spell. Perhaps the Prince comes to kiss Snow White, or to rescue Rapunzel from her isolated tower. The Looking Glass does something unheard of…it finally shatters.

Until November 15th, we are being given a precious opportunity to reach beyond the scope of our limited vision and confines, to embrace a much wider world view and all its marvelous and infinite possibilities. There is a great and powerful awakening that occurs for those who are paying attention to their hunches, emotions, and dreams. Now we can organize our plans and thoughts more carefully, weeding out the nonsense from the truth. Neptune helps us to get our heads out of the clouds and get real, to achieve our goals rather than just sit around with a prayer, a hope and a nickel for them to happen. Neptune Retrograde helps us to identify the difference between fantasy and genuine intuition, and to follow course with what we know.

This is an influence that helps bring to conscious awareness that we have choices to make that determine whether we will remain static, worsen, or improve. If for example a woman feels stuck in an abusive relationship, it is likely that while Neptune is Retrograde she will experience at least one major breakthrough that shows her a way out. This does not mean she will act on it, but the chances are higher because now she sees that nobody is doing this to her but herself – the only person who can save her is herself, because she finally realizes there is so much more to life than this…that what she has is not as good as it gets. This epiphany is her first stage of progress. But the spell is not broken until she acts.

Let’s keep in mind that Mercury is Retrograde until July first, and will move back into chatty Gemini on the 17th of June. If we review our plans and relationships carefully this month we will be ready to move full steam ahead into a Summer filled with “newness”.

New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon at 7 degrees of Gemini on May 28th is highly Mercurial in more ways than one. Mercury, slowing down to Retrograde in June is Gemini’s ruler as well as the planetary ruler of Wednesday, upon which this New Moon occurs. At the 29th degree, it is very pronounced in its effects as half of our conversations and endeavors come to a conclusion and the other half to cliff hangers. This planet, so named after the Trickster god and messenger indeed loves both tricks and treats, and won’t wait until Halloween to wear a mask, stir a big ominous pot, and then right before (or perhaps right after) all hell breaks loose pull rabbits out of his hat.

Mercury will turn Retrograde in early Cancer and back into Gemini from June 7th until July 1st. Now is the time to back up any important data from your computer onto an external hard drive, double check any recent contracts while avoiding new ones, take deep breaths and be as present as possible. We can only live for now, not yesterday and not tomorrow. Gemini could use this reminder as one who tends to juggle not only things, but ideas, plans, people and whatnots that take them into the past, into the future and back.

Opposite of the Galactic Center, Mercury’s placement stimulates within us a great awareness of the power of our thoughts and speech to mold what we call reality. This in combination with the New Moon’s tight square with Neptune create a highly charged atmosphere of moodiness, memories, and mirage. The dark side of Neptune is what we don’t own or acknowledge in a responsible way. It plays off of our projections, rejections, and delusions and seduces with pretty sparkles the way the will-o’-the-wisp was once believed to lead weary travelers off course into a mist of illusions where they found that they had wound up in the middle of nowhere.

Things aren’t quite what they seem, even when it comes to many forms of illness. Right now if people pay close attention they’ll see the link between thoughts, the emotions they produce and the resulting physical symptoms or manifestations whether positive or negative.

The highest potential of the stressful aspect between the New Moon and Neptune is a heightening of our spiritual aspirations. It can stir within us a great longing for transformation, or to what seems both our birthright and impossible at the same time – to touch the face of the divine. The Japanese Koan “What Is Your Original Face?” means to inquire about the face before you were born and before your parents were born.

As we possibly seek for these answers, we are put in touch with both those who will resist and assist our puzzle solving process. The Twins wouldn’t have it any other way. A harmonious trine from Mars in Libra may help to elevate our thinking and align our hearts with our minds as we both listen and speak, engaging in a deeper and more sincere interchange with our fellow sentient beings. Gemini is a very family oriented sign just as the following sign Cancer, so being with close friends and family are where most will gravitate in the weeks that follow this New Moon.

One of the effects of Mercury slowing down to move backward with Neptune combined is a deep sense of recall in past communications, past exchanges, and past lives. Many of us have experienced this feeling many times in our lives without necessarily knowing the reason for the trigger.  Science has found that our memories are not all even our own as we may have assumed, but some can be passed down to us genetically through our DNA. Our family origins and historical roots continue to unwind as if ancient scrolls such as our country’s Constitution, reminding us of where we came from until Jupiter transits out of Cancer into Leo on July 16th.

Whether you decidedly believe or discredit the possibility of reincarnation, we are not born as the “fresh creations” that we have been casually taught we were. Scientifically it is obvious that we are a conglomeration of the physical attributes, predispositions, traumas, habits, and attainments of our parents and ancestors, and this time around if we’re so-called lucky we get to choose even if heavily under the influence of what came before us, what to do about all of that.

Coincidentally, this video displays the face of Anne Frank, who happens to have been a Gemini born on June 12, 1929

On June 3rd, you’ll have a chance to hear my monthly co-host June Ahern speak about how to access and understand our past lives, 9:00-10:00 am PST on www.kows.fm

Walnut Flower Essence

The vibrational essence of Walnut is evocative of several quotations that most of us are familiar with:

“All things Change, and We With Them”

“There is a Time and Place for Everything”

“When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going”

As Mars moves back into forward direction in Libra while Mercury slows down into Retrograde motion in Cancer, many people could use some assistance in the drastic transitioning from one state of being to another. The recent Grand Cardinal Squares have left many wondering if they are coming or going, where to, and how. This is where Walnut flower essence can serve as a gentle yet invaluable tool in coping with stressful life altering change and significant decisions to be made. Since Cancer, where Jupiter currently transits and Mercury will soon be transiting is such a reflective sign, Walnut can help us not to get so caught up in what came before so that we can move on to what comes next. Walnut is the flower essence prescribed for that proverbial Crossroads that appears in as many myriad forms as there are people alive.

An Essence for Transition, an essence for All Times…

“We must gain our freedom absolutely and completely, so that all we do, our every action – nay even our every thought – derives its origin in ourselves, thus enabling us to live and give freely of our own accord, and of our own accord alone”. – Collected Writings of Edward Bach

But…in a world of so much uncertainty where we can easily lose an accurate sense of who our “self” is within the chaos, what would “our own accord” even mean? Many world renown sages have spoken of a self within the self, usually hidden from the conscious mind. The conscious mind is typically influenced by the subconscious mind, which in turn is further influenced by the sea of the collective Subconscious Mind where all minds mingle and merge. Most of what we would consider our own thoughts or even our own emotions are not authentically so. When this realization finally hits us, it may come as quite a shock that what we’ve identified with for so long is not what we thought it was, nor are we what we thought we were. There is a term for this false identification with the collective subconscious in a way that is ironically personalized, believing itself to be unique. In Buddhist philosophy this is called the innate view. By disciplined cogitation and meditation this false identification be pierced and a true sense of self begins to emerge. Also, there are various events that occur in life unbidden or unexpected that can although do not necessarily trigger this awareness in us. This is to say that sometimes when we are slammed with intensity, we are simultaneously awakened on deep levels. These are events such as:

  • Death
  • Pregnancy & Birth
  • Divorce
  • Marriage
  • War and its aftermath
  • Change of Occupation
  • Getting “fired”
  • Relocation
  • Watching a house burn down
  • Witnessing a crime or injustice
  • Mid-life Crisis
  • Political Campaigns

Emanation Vs. Protection

The walnut tree claims a very specific territory for itself, unwilling to share with most other plants and creatures. Its powerful scent is repulsive to many insects although not necessarily to humans. The aura that walnut emanates seems quite solid and sure of itself, bringing to mind for us that when we stand our own ground with similar conviction we are unswayed by the opinions of others, and unhindered by minor pests that would otherwise weigh on us, draining our life force energy. As it develops, the fruit contained within the protective shell of the nut closely resembles the human brain. This relates symbolically to being able to both physically and psychologically shift from one state of being to another without the weight or interference of the past. In this way, Walnut can help us to get on with our lives, despite life’s curveballs, challenges and constant, sometimes disorienting change. Walnut essence alone or combined with another Bach/FES essence such as Willow can help us to properly adjust and adapt to change – to bend rather than break under pressure.

Unconditional Love and Truth

Walnut is numerologically aligned with the destiny card of the King of Hearts. This card is a representation of mastery in the realm of the emotions, creativity, and in the expression of love. Perhaps another reason why Walnut serves as such a supportive essence in times of great change is that it helps us maintain truthfulness within ourselves where unconditional love resides, unsullied by the thoughts, emotions and actions of others and even by our own past failures and mistakes.

Lately, Walnut is a Bach flower essence that I am both ingesting and suggesting for many who are going through many of the changes described above. It is an essence that helps to reclaim and maintain authenticity in one’s life, no matter what may be going on in the outside world. As we approach and emerge from the peak season of this year’s Tarot card, The Chariot, many Life Paths will take some decidedly and radically new directions. 2014 is a Seven year, and The Chariot is vibrationally aligned with the number Seven and the Sun’s transit through Cancer, from the Summer Solstice of June 21st until July 22nd.

I’d love to hear any of your Walnut flower essence testimonials and stories if you’d care to share them.

Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon 23 degrees of Scorpio on May 14th rounds off within the aftermath of April’s intense Grand Cardinal Cross and Mar’s stationing to Direct in Libra on the 19th. Conjoined with Saturn, there are sure to be some sobering moments and effects this week, although this needn’t be dramatic or melancholy, as the tendency may ordinarily be. There may indeed be many endings taking place, deaths of both physical and metaphorical or metaphysical kinds. Strictly speaking, Saturn shows us where we need to buck up or strengthen in some way, and in combination with the Moon this would mean a need for breaking through stagnation, or developing emotional maturity and strength. Here is where we may grieve for what we have lost but rather than linger in sadness we must move on toward improvement and accomplishment. Some are now beginning to see how far they have come in some instance while others are struggling with the same old same old but with growing awareness that if this continues, something unpleasant may bring this same old to a halt.

sinwood_saints_by_KatjafaithThe Moon is not thrilled in Scorpio, but she holds many secrets which can either be used to harm or to heal. Saturn, as a “Lord of Karma” won’t let the Moon get away with anything less than what is dealt with integrity. This means that emotions alone cannot possibly serve as our guiding light right now. Reactions (to stress, threats, and obstacles) only perpetuate reactions, so the question is how do the reactions end? How are obstacles surmounted, goals attained? Depth perception and intuition must replace paranoia and fear, as the more aware we become, the most appropriate actions to take will make themselves known.

Mother’s day has just passed, but the significance of the women in our life are taking a great precedence now. It may either be with bitterness or sweet reverence that we look upon our mothers and for that matter any of the elders and authority figures that have had a great impact on us. Men may feel extra protective of their wives and daughters with this influence, or in some cases they may feel stir-crazy and prone to straying. The Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio can be both serious and at times quite sultry depending on the matters at hand.

Purification is important when the Moon transits this deeply emotional water sign, as is replenishment from the food, minerals and water we ingest, along with quality of nature’s beauty that we may saturate ourselves within. Flower essences can be very helpful in coping with, releasing or addressing the emotional states that seem to grip many during such times as these. The following Flower Essences available from FES might be useful to combat feelings of distrust, judgment, paranoia and healing the trespassing of boundaries whether these were sexual, emotional or otherwise:

Leichtlins_Mariposa_Lily,_YosemiteMariposa Lily – trust and bonding with the mother, or the Inner Mother

Oregon Grape – trusting the goodwill of others

Purple Monkeyflower – the deep trust in spiritual identity, purpose and experience

Money is another big highlight now for better or worse, and there is a lot of fear going around about what is believed to be an even bigger economic crash in the US this summer than we’ve ever seen, at least since the Great Depression. Again, when did such fear ever serve humanity? So if that happens, what’s the plan here? We are the ones navigating far more than we realize in the giant ship of Life. The Sun, opposite of the Moon in Scorpio blazes brightly in the sign of Taurus, reminding us that we need to be practical, deliberate, and focused in our relationship to money if we want to both survive and thrive. The focus is really less about money itself and more about where we place our values, for if we show genuine care for the Earth and her resources, we are the ones who can slowly transform both our ecology and economy for the better. Saturn can be our best friend when it comes to building stronger foundations that provide security of both the physical and mental kinds.

Both of Scorpio’s rulers are still powerfully pulsating within the Grand Cross as is Taurus’s ruler Venus, with Pluto in Capricorn opposite of Jupiter in Cancer, and Mars in Libra opposite of Venus and Uranus in Aries. Pluto in Capricorn’s mutual reception with Saturn in Scorpio is also highlighted now. In the next couple of weeks following this Full Moon there is likely to be a cascade of events in which many walls are crumbled, secrets revealed, hearts and minds are opened, and energy is expanded!

What happens when our planet named after the God of War goes Direct? Only one thing is sure. It won’t be boring.


Mars entered relationship focused Libra for an extra long transit on December 7th 2013 where it will continue to transit until July 25th 2014. It has been in Retrograde in motion since March 1st 2014 and will go Direct this month of May on the 19th, just four days after the Full Moon in Scorpio. At its stationing Retrograde early March it was conjunct the North Node in Libra and fixed Epsilon star Izar, in a tense square with Venus in Capricorn. Izar is noted for its motivational qualities, particularly relative to work and contributions to society. With this combined influence many people were not only fussing and fidgeting within their close relationships but figuring out what was working and what wasn’t regarding livelihood, career, community and how their life purpose fit within the framework of these things. It may have seemed like everything was going wrong, and just needed a change of direction.

On the 19th Mars will go Direct on the fixed star Vindemiatrix, also known as the Gatherer of Grapes. This star has been known to host a malevolent or serious influence, bringing worry, despair and widowhood…how’s that for depressing? More plausible or at least a nice counter-balance to that possibility in my opinion is what Bernadette Brady has described as this star’s prominence being an indication of harvest and gathering. What we are harvesting and gathering depends on our previous actions and what is available to harvest, and with Mars here what is quite likely is that there will be some incredible force to the effects. There is also a deep, even if buried knowing in this position, whether due to grief of loss or to the gathering process that time and space are but illusions that we are currently entertaining. We seem to be living externally most of the time, but the more we advance, our focus goes inward where outer manifestations begin.

Some people believe that Mars being Retrograde subdues its energy, but this is not exactly so. Due to being rerouted, the energy it generates does play out differently than when Direct, and it can actually exacerbate any existing anger, bringing up a plethora of unresolved issues that relate to the planet and sign it occupies. In Libra, there has been a heightening of relational, marital, business and legal issues. Since Mars is a planet representing initiation, action, and passion, trying to initiate new projects during its Retrograde phases is generally not conducive because obstacles are all too common with this influence. It can be fine to work on existing projects, but patience will be required in the process, as there will be a lot of review happening. Toward the beginning of this phase there was a surge of energy that could be described as implosive; that is volatile emotion, rage, passion and aggression seeming go down and collapse or combust within the collective self, sort of forcing it down. For example, anger could have been intensely felt but for whatever reason people may have been forced to swallow it, along with their pride. As it gets toward the end of Retrogradation this next couple of weeks the Martian energy is becoming explosive, rising up and moving outward in expression.

I must emphasize that none of these energies being described are bad or negative – unless they are. This means that what comes up for each individual is based mostly on their own level of awareness and development, and self awareness is a critical part of what Mars can potentially bring to us if we do not fear the “monsters under the bed”. In bravely facing our problems with responsibility rather than blame, we come to truly make some of the best use of what Mars reflects and means to us, as individuals gradually affecting mass consciousness. We’re not only looking at problems and flaws rearing their ugly heads but what really gets us going, makes us tick, and fuels our souls. So, depending on our inclinations the intensity of our focus with Mars could either be very physical, spiritually elevated, or somewhere in between.

Themes that arise at this can may seem similar to those of a Mercury Retrograde period, in that automobiles and other mechanical objects break down or crash more easily. The issues at hand are less about communication and more about the energy, intention, drive, and passion behind it. When it comes to moods and bodily functions, rather than nerve impulses losing or confusing signals (such as occurs with Mercury Retrograde), in some cases people plainly seem to be losing control of their emotions and especially tempers at the worst of times. Rather than giving much attention to the full scope of their mental abilities, Mars seems to trigger peoples motives, base desires and aggressions on an egoic level. Recklessness should be avoided, and all extremes of mannerisms and reactions to stress we would do well to examine with less egotistical attachments a genuine sense of self appraisal, for best results.

Another theme relative to Mars is sexuality, typically in its raw, animalistic modes of existence. It’s not about the candles, roses, and incense right now but how pheromones, contours, and certain types of interaction and affection stimulate people on sexual levels, regardless of gender. This is ironic and itchy business for Libra, the sign in love with love itself, often craving romance more intensely than the physical union it may bring. However here is where Mars is making both its fears and desires so powerfully felt , and for all this area has been involved in the recent Grand Squares particularly during April of this year. We must honestly look at what drives us and how we drive others, what pushes our buttons and how we push others’, what gets us going and how we get others going, what turns us on or off – as honesty and integrity are essential to the Scales of Justice. Measure for measure, we reap what we sow.

As we exit the shadow phase of Mars stationing back into Direct motion we will enter Mercury’s pre-shadow, to turn Retrograde on June 7th. The intensity of issues and struggles will have lifted considerably by that time but July, August and September are some of the most progressive months of the year 2014 that will allow for moving forward after so much redoing, releasing, and reviewing. As of now, it would behoove us to choose our battles wisely (most current battles are bound for losing on both sides), avoid rash decisions, make amends when appropriate, pay existing dues if possible, and know when it is time to let go and move on.

“Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves. The world’s entire scientific and cultural heritage, published over centuries in books and journals, is increasingly being digitized and locked up by a handful of private corporations. Want to read the papers featuring the most famous results of the sciences? You’ll need to send enormous amounts to publishers like Reed Elsevier”

- Aaron Swartz

The Queen of Clubs is more than just a pretty face that pops out of a deck of 52 playing cards. In her highest form this royal face card is esoterically known as the Mother of Intuition. Quick thinking, quick acting, and service oriented, she does not claim knowledge and rewards merely for her own sake but to distribute them to the world at large. High strung and often impatient, she doesn’t “get it” when other people are slow to respond or make the appropriate changes, whether she’s driving on the freeway or engaged in conversation. As soon as boredom or extreme irritation reaches its peak – the Queen simply moves on. She won’t waste too much anger in her exit but will clearly get her point across. Never at a loss for ideas, the Queen of Clubs can juggle better than the rest of the pack. When they’re on track and in alignment with their soul they can make tremendous contributions to society. Whether male or female, all Queens innately seek to nurture others in some way. The Queen of Club’s method of nurturing is through the distribution of knowledge, which ultimately sets others free.

In the Cards of Destiny’s complex astro – mathematical system, the Queen of Clubs strongly exerts her influence over the following dates:

  • January 28
  • February 26
  • March 24
  • April 22
  • May 20
  • June 18
  • July 16
  • August 14
  • September 12
  • October 10
  • November 8
  • December 6

November 8th  – Queen of Clubs, Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon

Aaron Swartz, the internet “hacktivist” and founder of Reddit who was charged for downloading content from MIT’s online academic library JSTOR was a remarkable Queen of Clubs birth card native, and his name will be etched in internet history. He retrieved important information and delivered it to the masses, in true Robin Hood fashion. Aaron practically came out of the womb ready for technology, tapping away at the keyboard at age three. Over and over and over - three, representing creative energy is the magic number that appears. The Queen of Clubs Karma card is the Three of Hearts, creating a bit of indecision with the affections (not necessarily in a romantic sense), while the Three of Diamonds is this card’s Mars card, as well as one of Aaron’s Planetary rulers. In his extensive internet research over the years, he exposed a multitude of lies to the people, and was involved in political activism. For what was deemed as some kind of heinous crime, Aaron was fined a million dollars and sentenced for the bulk of his remaining life.

Aaron was born November 8, 1986 with the Queen of Clubs as his Sun card, and both the Three of Diamonds and Jack of Hearts as his Planetary Ruler cards. The dynamic creativity of his Three of Diamonds and the compassionate nature of the Jack of Hearts combined toward his making a profound mark in the world of communications (the Club suit). The Jack of Hearts is always in a fixed position, “on the cross” so to speak, analogous to Christ’s hanging on the cross. This is also the Pluto card for every Queen of Clubs person. There is a great deal of personal sacrifice that such a person with this influence is capable of making in the name of love and truth. Unfortunately, the injustices served to Aaron supposedly intimidated him to the point of suicide by hanging.

Sure Scorpio is the sign of deep emotions, secrets, and death, but to say that Aaron’s death was due to depression is a major oversight, not to mention belittling. Nobody knows for sure why he killed himself or died, but who would want to stick around for a lifetime of imprisonment? The Aquarius Moon person is more concerned with the world of the intellect than stewing around in its emotions. This “kid” was on to something, and like many tragic heroes he could only get so far before barricades came up around him. Matt Savinar had some interesting things to say about this astrological combination – http://northbayastrology.com/?p=25334

Aaron’s death occurred on January 11, 2013, on a Three of Spades day. The intensity of his creative energy and devotion toward his cause was being so heavily resisted by authorities that he felt no other way out. The Threes are all like forks in the road, and Spades represent transformation or death. He apparently chose the only way he could see fit at that point, which was out.

A documentary trailer has been released online but an actual movie in Aaron’s honor – The Internet’s Own Boy is due for release on June 27th, 2014, on a Three of Clubs day. This is appropriate, since the Three of Clubs is known as the “Writer’s Card”, with again the emphasis being on Aaron’s depth of creativity and ability to expertly communicate his ideas. A great example of this was his editing development with Wikipedia. June 27th will also feature a New Moon at 5 degrees Cancer, the sign of the Cosmic Nurturer.

By age 26, although his life was shortened under very unhappy circumstances, Aaron had in some ways completed his mission. The Pluto card for his 26th year was the Ten of Clubs – the card of the Teacher. It was challenging to uphold his position, and Pluto literally took him to the Underworld. His Result card was the Queen of Hearts, card of the Loving Mother. He will forever live in the hearts of so many thousands of people he has touched through a selfless dedication and distribution of knowledge to empower others in self-education and freedom of choice.


We already know that “things” are intense and seem to be constantly escalating astrologically, but what can we do in times of stress – how can we cope? Some people just keep burning their candles at both ends while others realize when it’s time to simplify their lives and they seek refuge. There is a middle ground when necessary that allows us to both maintain our livelihoods while also heeding the signals from our body and assisting it with stress-reducing and immune-boosting remedies.

There is no one certain remedy for all discomforts but there are many resources available to many of us that we often forget the busier we get. There are many causes and effects of stress, just as there are many ways to address them. You can decide which if any of the following of these natural remedies for strength, endurance and mental peace and clarity you might also benefit from. They are some of my favorites!

Ten Natural Stress Reducing Remedies:

  • B -Complex foods and/or vitamins – Under stress the body doesn’t manufacture or store adequate Bs which are necessary for so many functions of the body that enable it to both relax and repair. Many of them are naturally produced by probiotics, which many people happen to be deficient in (probiotics are present in yoghurt, kombucha tea and other fermented foods but can be taken separately). Antacids can destroy the body’s store of B vitamins, and many causes of acidity in the intestines are caused by enzymatic deficiencies. These deficiencies again may be addressed by ingesting foods that have been specially fermented and are rich in probiotics, which generate B vitamins. Leafy greens tend to be high in B vitamins, and raw fruits and vegetables can help a great deal with digestion.
  • Eleuthero, aka Siberian Ginseng - This is known as a King of Adaptogens by Chinese herbalists, and it is one of the most extensively researched in the world for its amazingly restorative properties. Eleuthero is gently energizing without being stimulating (unlike true panax Ginseng which is very stimulating), and can help to focus more intently on the tasks at hand.
  • Rescue Remedy flower essence blend – This is usually taken for acute stress situations of both mental and physical natures, but in cases of intense ongoing stress it can be taken several times per day up to a couple of weeks daily until the worst of the stress energy has played itself out.
  • Phosphatidylserine - One of the best known natural substances to assist in restoring circadian rhythms as well as protecting against cognitive dysfunctions. I highly recommend those with adrenal fatigue to research what PS can do.
  • Magnesium - Many people are deficient in magnesium, which is a mineral that is necessary for the absorption of calcium. Taking this after intense workouts, after stressful encounters, and before bedtime can help relax the muscles and allow the body to do its natural restorative work. A supplement called Calm Magnesium has become quite popular for its easy assimilation and effectiveness.
  • Monitor and limit exposure to internet, cell phones and electronic devices. Before spending money on gadgets and gizmos which are claimed to protect you from harmful currents of electricity, try just taking a break from using any of these things now and then. Not only does constant exposure to electro-magnetic frequencies weaken our immunity but it causes stress to the brain, central nervous system, emotions, and oftentimes due to the body remaining stationary for so long it can have detrimental effects on the heart, liver, and eyes. Make sure to get up and stretch at least once an hour when doing desk work. Remember to blink and breathe!
  • Replace refined sugars with healthy fats! The human body severely struggles when saturated with too much sugar, trans fats and preservatives. It tends to thrive on a well-balanced diet that includes healthy fats that come from such foods as coconut, avocados, and Omega fatty acids.
  • Stretching and Exercise – Whether through yoga, martial arts or just stretching the body considers many of these basic movements in these practices to be necessities rather than luxuries of those with the spare time to do them. We need movement to circulate our blood and prevent energy from just clumping in one spot where it becomes stagnant and creates illness.
  • Peace and Calming essential oil blend by Young Living - Contains Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang,Patcouli, and Blue Tansy essential oils. This harmonizing and sweet smelling blend can be used in myriad ways on the body, in the home, through direct applications or the use of a diffuser. If interested in this you can also contact me for details on ordering it and other essential oils, as well as optional membership with Young Living.untitled
  • Meditation is not just for monks who live far away in caves up in the mountains. The more stressed out we feel, the chances are the more we need to quiet our overly stimulated minds, which is where our health is sometimes surprisingly influenced more than anything else. There are many meditation methods, but finding one that suits well and sticking to it on a daily basis can truly work wonders in overall health and vitality.



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