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Mars Direct, May 19th

What happens when our planet named after the God of War goes Direct? Only one thing is sure. It won’t be boring.


Mars entered relationship focused Libra for an extra long transit on December 7th 2013 where it will continue to transit until July 25th 2014. It has been in Retrograde in motion since March 1st 2014 and will go Direct this month of May on the 19th, just four days after the Full Moon in Scorpio. At its stationing Retrograde early March it was conjunct the North Node in Libra and fixed Epsilon star Izar, in a tense square with Venus in Capricorn. Izar is noted for its motivational qualities, particularly relative to work and contributions to society. With this combined influence many people were not only fussing and fidgeting within their close relationships but figuring out what was working and what wasn’t regarding livelihood, career, community and how their life purpose fit within the framework of these things. It may have seemed like everything was going wrong, and just needed a change of direction.

On the 19th Mars will go Direct on the fixed star Vindemiatrix, also known as the Gatherer of Grapes. This star has been known to host a malevolent or serious influence, bringing worry, despair and widowhood…how’s that for depressing? More plausible or at least a nice counter-balance to that possibility in my opinion is what Bernadette Brady has described as this star’s prominence being an indication of harvest and gathering. What we are harvesting and gathering depends on our previous actions and what is available to harvest, and with Mars here what is quite likely is that there will be some incredible force to the effects. There is also a deep, even if buried knowing in this position, whether due to grief of loss or to the gathering process that time and space are but illusions that we are currently entertaining. We seem to be living externally most of the time, but the more we advance, our focus goes inward where outer manifestations begin.

Some people believe that Mars being Retrograde subdues its energy, but this is not exactly so. Due to being rerouted, the energy it generates does play out differently than when Direct, and it can actually exacerbate any existing anger, bringing up a plethora of unresolved issues that relate to the planet and sign it occupies. In Libra, there has been a heightening of relational, marital, business and legal issues. Since Mars is a planet representing initiation, action, and passion, trying to initiate new projects during its Retrograde phases is generally not conducive because obstacles are all too common with this influence. It can be fine to work on existing projects, but patience will be required in the process, as there will be a lot of review happening. Toward the beginning of this phase there was a surge of energy that could be described as implosive; that is volatile emotion, rage, passion and aggression seeming go down and collapse or combust within the collective self, sort of forcing it down. For example, anger could have been intensely felt but for whatever reason people may have been forced to swallow it, along with their pride. As it gets toward the end of Retrogradation this next couple of weeks the Martian energy is becoming explosive, rising up and moving outward in expression.

I must emphasize that none of these energies being described are bad or negative – unless they are. This means that what comes up for each individual is based mostly on their own level of awareness and development, and self awareness is a critical part of what Mars can potentially bring to us if we do not fear the “monsters under the bed”. In bravely facing our problems with responsibility rather than blame, we come to truly make some of the best use of what Mars reflects and means to us, as individuals gradually affecting mass consciousness. We’re not only looking at problems and flaws rearing their ugly heads but what really gets us going, makes us tick, and fuels our souls. So, depending on our inclinations the intensity of our focus with Mars could either be very physical, spiritually elevated, or somewhere in between.

Themes that arise at this can may seem similar to those of a Mercury Retrograde period, in that automobiles and other mechanical objects break down or crash more easily. The issues at hand are less about communication and more about the energy, intention, drive, and passion behind it. When it comes to moods and bodily functions, rather than nerve impulses losing or confusing signals (such as occurs with Mercury Retrograde), in some cases people plainly seem to be losing control of their emotions and especially tempers at the worst of times. Rather than giving much attention to the full scope of their mental abilities, Mars seems to trigger peoples motives, base desires and aggressions on an egoic level. Recklessness should be avoided, and all extremes of mannerisms and reactions to stress we would do well to examine with less egotistical attachments a genuine sense of self appraisal, for best results.

Another theme relative to Mars is sexuality, typically in its raw, animalistic modes of existence. It’s not about the candles, roses, and incense right now but how pheromones, contours, and certain types of interaction and affection stimulate people on sexual levels, regardless of gender. This is ironic and itchy business for Libra, the sign in love with love itself, often craving romance more intensely than the physical union it may bring. However here is where Mars is making both its fears and desires so powerfully felt , and for all this area has been involved in the recent Grand Squares particularly during April of this year. We must honestly look at what drives us and how we drive others, what pushes our buttons and how we push others’, what gets us going and how we get others going, what turns us on or off – as honesty and integrity are essential to the Scales of Justice. Measure for measure, we reap what we sow.

As we exit the shadow phase of Mars stationing back into Direct motion we will enter Mercury’s pre-shadow, to turn Retrograde on June 7th. The intensity of issues and struggles will have lifted considerably by that time but July, August and September are some of the most progressive months of the year 2014 that will allow for moving forward after so much redoing, releasing, and reviewing. As of now, it would behoove us to choose our battles wisely (most current battles are bound for losing on both sides), avoid rash decisions, make amends when appropriate, pay existing dues if possible, and know when it is time to let go and move on.

Lunar Eclipse in Libra 4-15-14

 April Full Moon Eclipse in Libra 25 degrees 4-15-14

The coming Lunar Eclipse in Libra may agitate things, people and the Earth to the pinnacles of polarity as opposites alternate between major attraction and aversion. Clashes like the ones we may be experiencing now are ironically rare and hard to come by, in that they are so compelling and intense they actually may draw us into greater awareness of our flaws in objective ways – that we may improve. This could assist us in seeing more clearly than ever before what we’ve previously missed in our misguided attempts to either control or avoid our fate. Like loud gongs sounding the beginning, the end, or the acknowledgment of a sacred ceremony, we hear the thunder rolling in our minds or from those around us who will no longer be contained. We must act. Not doing so would mean stasis and death in the current mode of existence. Fortunately many conflicts and events come to conclusions during Lunar Eclipses, so there are many instances where we are going to breathe a big sigh of relief.

The infrequent stellar alignment of Mars, Earth, and the Sun on April 8th will have primed us for this wave of even more intensified energy, which is actually similar to what happens every time a month contains a set of eclipses. Foundations are tested; those tried and true remain and possibly strengthen while those outworn or have lived their purpose are often kicked mercilessly to the curb.

Libra by KagayaThe beauty and potency of this Mars Retrograde activated Lunar Eclipse in Libra is that we get to choose. Whether we like it or not, we must choose. Default button here would not be fun. We get to choose our words, allies, opponents, positions, and our tools. Essentially we get to choose our battles. Later in the month we also get to choose a new set of values or redefine and polish our old ones, highlighted by the Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th. Some may wonder how is it that two eclipses in signs ruled by Venus the goddess of Love could stir up so much hate and aggression in people…quite simply the extra long Mars in Libra transit is not one to inspire anybody to turn the other cheek on what rubs the wrong way. While Libra is the sign of marriage it is equally (in relationship the scales come into play) the sign of divorce. The greatest challenge here is really a conquering of the ego, which Mars tends to arouse. From December 7th of 2013 to July 25th 2014 we have been facing our dragons, or whatever roadblocks have been in the way of our progress in life coming both from inside and outer events and adversaries.

CeresCeres, the asteroid goddess connected with nurturing, food, and the Mother archetype’s shadow is in exact conjunction to the Lunar Eclipse in Libra. The need for deep and meaningful exchange with others and the Earth herself here override pride, aloofness, and in some cases prejudice. This includes a reorientation in our relationship to terra firma, whether this occurs through nature’s disruptions to our plans or our ability to ride the waves of change with grace. Positively, we may find or come across someone with whom we have a lot more in common than we previously thought or would have imagined based on their appearance. We may find new uses for what we once considered weeds while certain pests become precious. Vesta close behind enhances our ability to respond with emotional warmth in situations where we may otherwise have held back. The energy of Juno conjunct the Sun opposite of this cluster is further reflecting back to us a profound sense of oneness with those we share a connection to.

The fixed star Arcturus is conjunct this eclipse, believed astrologically to bestow riches and honor. Combined with the moon it is said to bring new friends, business success, and domestic harmony. It may be worth mentioning that Spica joins in with an even sweeter known benevolence which not only potentially brings or enhances fame and fortune but raises spiritual awareness, inspiration, or virtues. However, with Arcturus in the tighter conjunction having been in opposition with Mars we shouldn’t push our luck. Anything is possible now if we remain open and grateful for what we have going right.

The building energy of seven exact squares to Uranus and Pluto between 2012 – 2015 make this Eclipse even more incredible and far-reaching as the fifth square and cardinal Grand Cross between Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars rounds off between April 21st through the 23rd. Many wonder if they are coming or going and the answer is both. Old particles of energy that we once claimed as the sum total our identity are dissolving or showing us where we need to revise and restructure with areas such as work, career, health, relationships and creative endeavors. Our political and justice system goes without saying, but with Uranus involved rebellion is reaching a peak. Breakdowns are showing us what we can no longer ignore or accept as truth. New opportunities being presented to us may be long ago prayers finally being answered and long time efforts now bearing fruits.

The North Node is closely aligned with the Lunar Eclipse, attuning us to subtle and not-so-subtle currents within our environment, heightening intuitive faculties particularly in response to the moods and nuances of those we are in close relationship or proximity to. Whatever we ourselves are processing or putting out to others, we need to “own it” and not be afraid of emotions which otherwise remain stuck and toxic to us. This doesn’t mean to indulge in projection but simply to allow feelings to be what they are and pass through, rather than trying to resist them.

Last but not least the Sabian symbol for this Eclipse is quite beautiful…

“An Eagle and a Large White Dove Change Into Each Other; the Interaction of the Love Principle When Critical Needs Arise”

(Libra scales by Kagaya, Ceres artist unknown)

Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon at 26 degrees Virgo is one of harvest, personal renewal and body-mind-soul integration. Being so close to the Equinox, this moon signals a major turning point not only in the year but in our lives, mostly likely for the better no matter how things appear on the surface. We are noticing that many of our prayers have been answered, perhaps not in ways we imagined or requested. Seeds we planted are beginning to bear fruit, and efforts we have made are beginning to show signs of how we have progressed.

Being a feminine earth sign Virgo brings out our abilities to act and select with a high level of integrity and refinement, whatever gender we happen to be. It brings out our feminine powers of the kind intuitive discernment that can be immediately applied in practical, tangible ways to better ourselves and our endeavors. As long as we don’t get carried away with a “fix-it” attitude or become dominated by another’s, then we can manage to get a lot done. There can be deep mind purification in facing challenges with the willingness to tackle them down methodically, versus shunning them or plunging into them in a manner of self sabotage.

The Sabian symbol for this moon is:

“A Group Of Aristocratic Ladies Meet Ceremonially At A Court’s Function”.

This indicates that even in times of war, struggle, famine, and hardship we tend to benefit from cultural and feminine traditions that help keep us and others in line so to speak – honoring changes with grace rather than resistance.

With Mars Retrograde in Libra conjunct the North Node relationships are undergoing many challenges as issues of control, fairness, equality, and human rights take precedence over fun and romance. The asteroid Vesta supports the direction of this combined energy where it needs to go, but still requires a great deal of self-determination, effort and focus to see specific goals through. Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio isn’t letting anybody skips steps either, but it is well aligned with this Full Moon so that we know exactly what steps we need to take. Patience and perseverance are both needed at this time.

The Cosmic pressures are currently such that we must finally recognize the patterns that we have held locked in place and how we have prevented our own progress. By noticing our own misconceptions, our resistance and disgust with those who have wounded us or those we care about, along with the pent up rage accumulated over lifetimes, we are faced with a major opportunity to clear house spiritually, so that the Divinity of who we truly are can fully inhabit our bodies. Why would any of us willingly and consciously house anything other than that in our bodies?

This means that because of noticing our harmful habits we are looking and wanting to find more ways to self nurture through various forms of earthy medicine, minerals and food. The Virgin symbolizes more than sexual chasteness; in ancient times a virgin was meant to describe a woman who was self-contained in her essence. She honored the temple of her body, replenishing it with nutrients and rituals rather than casually giving herself away. She could simultaneously have been a servant, a healer, a priestess, a warrior and/or a woman of the wilderness. This is the inherent ability of the Virgoan person.

Compassion and forgiveness are keynotes of the Sun in Pisces, which is reflected in its polar opposite sign as Virgo’s willingness to humbly be of service. Forgiveness of the self is in some ways more difficult and therefore important than the forgiveness of others. Of course when we hold spite and anger toward others we further hurt ourselves with that anger and possibly keep that other person locked into their own harmful patterns by focusing on what we hate about them. I won’t lie – not doing this is easier said than done.

New Agers and God worshippers out there can talk all the fluffy idealistic love and compassion they want, but when push comes to shove…who wants to hear it? In actuality we are often living in a world where brutality, suffering, and hardship forces humanity to crawl on its hands and knees for those very things it needs most. This is precisely what the Cardinal Grand Square between Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter is pushing our society deal with and figure out. Are we going to act with gentleness and sweetness (that will be the day…when astrology becomes obsolete), or are we going to step up to the plate and just do whatever dirty work we’ve been avoiding but now must be done? We don’t get to not act, but we get the choice of whether and how to act or react to stress and injustice. We can choose whether this work will be done with a positive or indignant attitude. Many of us will get to choose who to work with and who to walk away from. There will be a lot of walking away for the next few weeks, since Mars is in Libra but not in any kind of position to fight.

The Sun in Pisces reminds us that what goes around comes around. This should help us to stand back and get a better view of our situations, whether they seem good or bad. Maybe we created what we are experiencing with either our own abundance or lack of sound judgment, maybe we were perpetrators or victims, or maybe we were just lucky and the list goes on. There is not necessarily a spiritual connotation to everything that happens in life. We must remember however that the more emotion imbued into anything, the more karma it generates. It’s also not necessarily our job to make sure someone else gets their “just desserts”. It’s our job to be true to ourselves, which will be our insurance for a better life ahead.

Virgo can be the High Priestess of the Zodiac, as in her highest manifestation she is intuitive, practical and wise. She help us to cultivate our finer qualities in order that we may use them to benefit others in some way. Her subtle beauty is contained in an air of authority and autonomy – she does not cast pearls to swine. Details are attended, yet energy is reserved only for what is worthy and important. She is like the Divine Nurse who directs us to the doctor within that actually has the power to heal. She helps those in need with a hand up – not a hand out. May we be inspired to do the same.

Virgo image by Josephine Wall

New Moon in Pisces

February 28th – March 1st 2014

The New Moon in Pisces signals the end of the Sun’s yearly cycle through the zodiac. Reflections, longings, and endings have all been heightened by this and Mercury’s Retrograde through both Pisces and Aquarius during the past three weeks, as well as Pisces’ original ruler Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer. For the past several weeks, we have been remembering and releasing patterns that have outlived or served their purpose. We’ve been digging deep for answers and remedies to situations that have remained stagnant for seeming eons. Some of us have been awe struck at the realizations, synchronicities, and illuminations unraveling before or within us.

The Biblical concept of Jesus distributing two fishes and five loaves of bread to 5,000 people stems from the archetypal axis of Pisces and Virgo – Pisces the two fish, and Virgo the holder of grains. We in the 21st Century have become “fed up” with lies, and the truth has begun dripping, leaking, and exploding, now finally being redistributed to the masses. However, not all will partake of the perceived “bread”.

As our spiritual ideals, awareness and experiences may have been raised, our base desires, instincts and reactions have equally been tugging at us from the opposite direction. As of February 22nd, the North Node (nodal axis of the Moon – signifying Destiny) shifted out of Scorpio and into Libra at 29 degrees, while directly across the South Node moved from Taurus to Aries.  This North/South Node combination will be in effect until November 2015. The basic shift here signifies moving away from the self and toward working with others. During times of such profound conflict such as those effecting the collective of this planet we need to seek out cooperation and integration, rather perpetuate inner and outer wars.

This perhaps idealistic but necessary cooperation will not come easy, as Mars in Libra seeks justice at any cost and it now prepares to turns Retrograde making unjust matters even more excruciatingly intolerable in the way of both personal and global politics. It is as though we are cosmically forced into refining our anger and our passions, whatever they may be, in order to adapt, survive, rescue, and revive what could otherwise easily be shattered.

On the day of this New Moon, February 28th, Mercury stations back into Direct motion while two other planets station Retrograde. Mars turns backward in Libra on March 1st and Saturn turns backward in Scorpio on the 2nd…what a joyride – just kidding. Jupiter, which has taken on a somewhat Saturnian note since November turns Direct on March 7th. Let’s put it this way…February of 2014 helped us review the past few months and lifetimes but March is preparing us for April and what comes after that.

All religious and spiritual beliefs aside, Nature is one of our greatest teachers and karmic reflectors – karmic, denoting cause and effect. The planets and the weather are our mirrors, dancing with us, sometimes bringing about creation, and other times destruction. Right now the Cosmos is trying to help us out here with a few super key pointers for our own good, in some cases survival, similarly to the way a teacher who is trying to get the attention of all children in a classroom – not just one or two, but All. An important message is coming. Will it be via a messiah, or simply an AH-HA moment? With the North Node in Libra for 18 months, we not only get to decide, but we must decide, despite conflicting views of both authority and reality.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is:

“Men Traveling a Narrow Path, Seeking Illumination”

This is interpreted as the capacity inherent in every individual to seek at whatever cost entrance to a transcendent realm of reality. It also means that the road to spiritual illumination opens to those who are able to curb their emotional reactions as Warriors of Light.

Because Pisces loves a good laugh (as most in mutable signs do) and its ruler Neptune rules imagery, film, and photography, I leave you with the following youtube motion picture, with the very Piscean message that no matter what… Circumstances Don’t Matter:

Forecast for the Week

December 18th until the 25th

Theme: A  transmutation of lower energies and buried emotions of rage, anger, and hatred

Question: How does one transform trash into a work of art?

Mars in Libra stirs within the collective consciousness a sudden rebellion of what does not align us with higher purpose. An egoic death is taking place, on inner and outer levels. Rage over past and present injustices are rising to the surface. Projections will collapse. Shadows must be faced. Mars entered Libra where it will be for an extra long transit due to Retrograde motion from March 1st until May 19th of 2014. It entered Libra on December 7th where it will be until July 25th.  New relationships will have an element of “making amends” for past life actions, and moving forward in a new way. If a partnership can endure the tests of this time period then it may be worthwhile to maintain. The energy of this week is somewhat akin to the symbolism within the Tower card of the Tarot, ruled by Mars…a breakdown of existing structures and mental concepts which no longer serve a worthy purpose to the Soul.

The Christmas season is here, and we are surrounded with influences both detrimental and beneficial for our spiritual growth and development. The Angelic realm is working diligently to assist the evolution of this planet, and seeking our cooperation. Unlike the dark, manipulative influences that operate within denser realms, work with angels is never forced upon us, but is ever available to us when we ask.

The asteroid Angel is passing through the late degrees of Libra as well until January 22nd, helping us through shared rites of passage, endings, and yet deeper unions taking place.

The Winter Solstice this Saturday is a turning point of the year, pulling us inward to take inventory of what we have acquired, learned, accomplished, and what more is yet to be done – and what more is to be unlearned and undone. Venus stations Retrograde in Capricorn on this day and within this Retrograde transit she will take on more of the aggressive Martian rather than receptive Venusian qualities.

Mercury is currently passing through Sagittarius, which can be quite blunt and direct in speech and manners. We may be experiencing a boost of enthusiasm in our thoughts, dreams, health and endeavors. The truth of what we know inside of us is more available to many of us now that at other times.

Words to remember:

Words can rip, burn, shred, and destroy…or they can heal, build and create. That is why the more energy that is behind them, we must carefully select the words we use, and manner in which we choose to execute them.

Sing, share, laugh, affirm, and recite mantras…intention, passion, energy and speech are the combined tools of transformation

January Forecast 2012

Welcome to the long-awaited year of 2012! We have a lot to look forward to, whether or not it’s the end of the world as we know it! I have a hunch that when the clock strikes midnight on 12/21/12 we will pinch ourselves to be sure we are fully awake, realizing that we are still here, like it or not. Still, the saying “Live each day as if it were your last…” is especially pertinent for us now.

a lovely dragon, by K. Chin

1/8/12 – Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon lands this month in Cancer, the sign that La Luna naturally has rulership over. Domestic duties as well as comforts and the urge for self-preservation is highlighted here, as is the feminine principle of the Universe, at its height of creativity. People tend to be extra moody, even more so than usual when a Full Moon occurs in this sign. As the first water sign, Cancer sensitizes the fluids within the Earth and our bodies, putting us deeply in touch with what we’re really feeling, whether or not it’s rational or has any obvious origins. If this turns out in the form of a churning stomach, it could mean that we need to address the emotional cause of some indigestion of ideas that conflict with our ability to assimilate the nutrition we need from both food and life itself. Cancer’s polar opposite Capricorn encourages us to learn from the past, making resolve to move forward and do better than before. It also favors commitment and responsibility, which helps us to mature as souls, as parents if we have children, and as leaders if there is some area that we have gathered enough knowledge and wisdom to step into this role.

Mercury in Capricorn is making a lot of aspects to other planets at this time, such as a conjunction with Pluto, trine to Jupiter in Taurus, a square to Uranus, and sextiles to Neptune and Saturn. Communication is at an all-time peak, and will largely be based on commitments, plans, schedules, cooperation, reasoning and reform.

1/22/12 – Supercharged New Moon in Aquarius

This exciting New Moon coincides with the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, known to be one of the most auspicious of the 12 Animal signs. In Aquarius, we’re inspired to network as much as possible and support the both the similarities and uniqueness in each other and ourselves, wherever we each are in life. We’re inspired to act on our visions, intuitions, and convictions and to evolve.

The night before the Dragon New Year, the New Moon sets off some early sparks as the planet Mars stations in preparation to go Retrograde for about three months, from 1/23/12 until April 14th. This greatly extends the amount of time that it will travel through Virgo, totaling this transit to 8 months (since November 10, 2011 until June 2, 2012). While in Virgo, Mars will express itself as a deep need or desire for soul retrieval and healing – to mend ourselves where we’ve been crushed, to find the parts that we’ve been missing, and to purge ourselves of harmful habits that inhibit our ability to move forward in life. It is a time for reclaiming our identities, remembering our purposes, and developing courage and confidence in ourselves not just for our own sakes, but for a worthy cause larger than ourselves alone. It will be an optimal time to make peace with old enemies, to bring calmness and rationale to arguments, to let go of drama, and to burn karma! The brute force, desire, and aggression normally associated with Mars is subdued by its Retrogradation, and in this state Mars encourages more of a sense of endurance and patience rather than intolerance and belligerence. The danger here is that pent up anger or other destructive passions can later explode when Mars goes Retrograde again, so we would do well to be aware of what isn’t sitting right within this period, and to make adjustments as necessary.

1/23/12  – Chinese New Year of the Dragon

Although I don’t know as much about Chinese astrology as Western, I sense that this year of the Black Water Dragon will be an empowering one for not only those born with the Dragon as their personal sign, but for humanity at large to make some large scale changes for the better, as the great size, power, and magic that this creature suggests. In China the celestial Dragon often represents an emperor. It is also the vehicle of transportation of the goddess of compassion, Kwan Yin.

A lot of people have been spreading the doomsday hype about 2012 marking the end of the world. I’m still not convinced that is what is taking place, at least not in the context that has been so widely discussed. Conversely, in comparison to the prediction of what remains of the original Mayan calendar, I read somewhere that hundreds of years ago a prophet said China will become prosperous and peaceful in 2012. It would be wonderful if this extended to Tibet, and all across the globe for that matter…let us set our sights high, and perhaps energy of the Dragon will assist us!

Traditionally, the Dragon represents so many things in many different cultures, yet it has ultimately stood the test of time as a symbol of success, power, good fortune, wealth and happiness. This will be an optimal year to get in touch with beings of the Faerie realm, to which the Dragon belongs. Leaving offerings outside or on one’s altar to the Dragons and Faeries on the night of the New Moon is one way to invoke and honor their energies, and to request their benevolence in the months to come.

Faeries & Whatnots in the Universe

Speaking of Faeries, I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on the subject of them last month on astrologer Matt Savinar’s radio show, Ask the Astrologer for KOWS Radio, 107.3 FM in Occidental/Sonoma county. We had a spontaneous, fun discussion on Fairies, Flower Essences, Adaptogens, and the Cardinal Cross. You can listen to the recording by visiting his blog: Ask the Astrologer

Rune for January 2012 – Wunjo

Wunjo, representing joy, glory, and harmony, was the rune that appeared for November, and it is reappearing now, auspiciously at the start of a new. I will quote some of what I wrote in November’s forecast:

“Wunjo is, simply put, the rune of Joy. It is the light and love that exist on the other side of our fears and sorrows. It is the weightlessness of the innermost nature of our souls. When we operate from a place of joy within our hearts, we are very often in close communion with that which we call God. When we are in this heart space of joy in connection with God, there is nothing we cannot do, or obtain in essence…”

Wunjo is such a positive sign for any new beginning, that as a symbol of joy at this time it greatly speaks for itself. The only danger is in going overboard, becoming drunk literally or figuratively speaking, forgetting that ecstasy and joy is as temporal as any other state that we can experience on the Earth plane. Having some discernment and a certain amount of control even while we are celebrating is ideal. Yet cutting loose and sharing good will, joyful moments, love, and gratitude is optimal this month as well.By doing so we come closer to obtaining and achieving that which we most desire.

You can also find my monthly horoscopes in the Upbeat Times of Sonoma County and read them online ~

Wishing all a dynamic and divinely inspired year of 2012!


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