June News 2011

“When you walk to the edge of all the light you have
And take that first step into the darkness of the unknown
You must believe that one of two will happen:
There will be something solid to stand upon
Or you will be taught how to fly”

~ Patrick Overton

Rune for June 2011 – The Blank Rune

This is a month of quick karmic clearing, where many will see the end of a long arduous struggle and a prominent fresh new start in their lives. Like a blank canvas or journal, the blank rune suggests that we are on the verge of a completely new experience, and are now given the golden opportunity to fill our own landscapes and write our own scripts with whatever we wish. The sense of major chapters or books ending and new ones beginning is in the air.

The Blank rune – one that has no symbol, was nonexistent to the runes of the Elder Futhark alphabet used by Germanic tribes. This is a recent addition to the runic system, which is the topic of some debate among traditional rune users. Because it is blank its meaning is elusive, unknown, and believed to be possibly even more powerful in influence than the others because it is not “writ in stone”. Functioning somewhat like a wildcard in a traditional playing deck of cards, or the Fool of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, it has been called the Rune of Destiny. Neither good nor bad, here nor there, it cannot be interpreted in the normal manner. It often points toward either the culmination or the beginning of a long transformation, and it is up to the querent to determine which of these apply and in what situation.

Hold onto your hats! While it’s uncertain as to what exactly will happen this June, it will almost certainly be a wild ride for humanity!

Eclipses and Eclectic Experiences

Pulling the Blank Rune for June didn’t come as a surprise to me, since we will be experiencing a rare triad of three eclipses in a row, within 30 days, all of them 15 days apart. Starting on June 1st, we have a New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Gemini, on the 15th a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius highlighting the building energy of the Summer Solstice on the 21st, and then on the 1st of July there is a partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer that forms a Grand Cardinal ass-kicking Cross conjunct the star Sirius.

Eclipses are known to bring intense, sudden, forceful, and unpredictable change, as they uproot us from both comfortable and uncomfortable habits and ruts. The best thing we can do to prepare is to be in tune with our inner selves, trusting the inner guidance we receive from moment to moment, from circumstance to circumstance. The energy is not geared toward “settling down” but it encourages movement and shifts on both inner and outer levels.

Since we’re kicked off into this 30-day stream of expanding consciousness in the air sign of Gemini, our experiences will tend to be very eclectic and mentally stimulating. For the next six months we will be brought into interaction with people from many different walks of life, sharing, circulating and exchanging ideas and information with them on many levels. Communication will be highlighted! The need to make quick decisions such as “this way or that, yes or no…” will also be a prominent theme. Family dynamics are undergoing a lot of radical changes, as longstanding roles shift or break, and new ways of relating to family members are becoming established.

The energy of eclipses in general are known to build a couple of weeks prior to, with the effects lasting anywhere from 6 months to several years afterward. What we can expect from this triad of eclipses is that many aspects of our lives are undergoing renovation, and perhaps this is yet another part of our preparation for the shift predicted to take place during the Winter Solstice of 2012. What we do, experience, and set into motion during the next several weeks will have very longstanding results that transform our lives on all levels. Chances are we won’t even know what hit us till next year rolls around.

If you have a planet in your birth chart within 0-5 degrees of the degree of any eclipse, your life is particularly destined to awaken or shift in some major way relative to the energies of the planet when it occurs. The three eclipses forthcoming:

June 1, 2011 – 11 degrees of Gemini

June 15, 2011 – 24 degrees of Sagittarius

July 1, 2011 – 9 degrees of Cancer

Beware of Fuzzy Wuzzy Visions

Neptune goes Retrograde on June 3rd until November 9th, receiving a mind-boggling square by the merry prankster Mercury. Whether this comes as a flat-out blow to the ego or a divine invasion, certain things become a bit vague under Neptune’s influence, and we mustn’t jump to conclusions about exactly what they mean. Uh-oh, here we go “down the Rabbit Hole”, yet again this year! Best solution might be to consciously view life through some kaleidoscopic, rainbow-hued goggles, as some kind of psychedelic experience. Just how far away from the truth would such a view be anyway? What is reality? So many are begging and even claiming to know!

But if boots become mittens, and mittens become mice, maybe it’s time to just chill out on the sofa for a bit, or lie back with some cucumber slices on your eyelids. One of the keys to handling Neptune’s Retrogradation is knowing when to pull back, sit back, and just laugh, or to just listen. It can offer us extremely interesting points of view on things, almost as interesting as Odin’s view of the runes as he hung upside down on that legendary windy tree for 9 long nights. While Neptune is Retrograde, spiritual answers are likely to come from unexpected or strange sources, yet some people may easily be led astray by false messengers. To discern the truth, go within and ask if something resonates. Does it merely feed the ego or does it offer enlightenment? Does it weigh you down or liberate? Does it bring joy or just a temporary sense of escape? Is it exclusive or inclusive, isolating or unifying?

Stabilizing Factors

One of the helpful and stabilizing influences of the month is Jupiter’s entry into the sign of Taurus from June 4th until June of 11th of 2012. While Mr. Jovial was transiting Aries for the past year we had strong nudges and urges toward new enterprises and experiences, with more energy and daring to seek out adventure and change in life. Jupiter and Uranus teamed up to yank us out of our comfort zones and kick out butts into gear.

Now with Jupiter’s transit through Taurus we can anticipate more clarity and momentum, particularly when it comes to whatever it is that brings us prosperity. However, people will be a lot more stubborn than before, and will not want to budge or change their minds or their positions on certain matters. Something to remember is there is enough prosperity available for everybody, and there are plenty of ways to prosper. The key is to tune into what works for each person. Jupiter in Taurus wants to look, feel, and generally do good, whatever that means in the moment. So it would behoove us to behave in such a fashion, choosing to buy, create, do, and surround ourselves with what brings a sense of beauty and satisfaction, and that which enhances our wellbeing and those around us.

Saturn turns back into Direct motion on June 12th, having been Retrograde since January 25th. It will station at 10 degrees of Libra, punctuating the energy of any planets that people have within 5 degrees of this spot in their birth charts. Give it a few days for Saturn to help settle your affairs. From here on out (for awhile) it will become easier to gain stability within the work place and career. With Saturn direct we may feel there is less opposition and more support available than before for our endeavors. Long drawn out issues with authority figures from parents to bosses to those in a court house are approaching their resolution. But Saturn, true to cosmic task mastering, will surely shake out his index finger to those who fidget in agitation, saying “Patience, Grasshoppa!”

6/1/11 – Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Gemini

The Solar Eclipse occurs at 11 degrees of Gemini, forming a trine to Saturn in Libra which is slowing down to turn Direct a week and a half from now. We’re in a position to make new decisions regarding old foundations, and to build upon certain old traditions to create new foundations. Yet what must we sacrifice in the process of acting upon these decisions? If we really want to move forward we will need to fully leave some things behind.

The New Moon eclipse is conjunct with the fixed star Aldebaran, which is regarded as one of the Royal Stars. The brightest star in the constellation of Taurus, it is called the Eye of the Bull, or the Eye of Revelation. It has been used by many ancient civilizations as a point in navigation, and has correlations with the spirits of the rain and fertility of the earth. In light of the movement of energy at this time, we may see a raised set of standards from world leaders that are becoming more ethical, eco-conscious, and practical. There is less room or tolerance for mumbo-jumbo as we get more to the point – acting on our convictions and what we see and know as the truth. Believed to have some correlation with the Archangel Michael, Aldebaran is considered benefic in influence by some and unfortunate by others. Some of the themes it highlights include war, violent death, and the courage to face the unknown. It may manifest as radical transformations in life triggered by the increase of mental and/or spiritual clarity. Throughout time and history humans have noticed profound connections between the stars above and our life on earth, with varying degrees of fear and awe. When we can align ourselves with our inner divinity, the experiences we have become enlightened and enlightening, rather than frightening or punishing. Aldebaran may ask us to drop our preconceptions and drop into our hearts, which is where we find the true links to our Souls and our Souls’ Wisdom.

The pronounced presence of the star Aldebaran during such an intense moment of change as provided by the solar eclipse in Gemini will provide immense illumination for our minds. We may gain access into hidden domains of knowledge that we previously either feared or did not even suspect to be in existence. Some of this information may be shocking and upsetting, and some of it empowering, relieving, and inspiring. The next test is what we will do with this knowledge.

The eclipse’s square to Chiron in Pisces casts a healing light on past wounds that have caused us or our loved ones continuous pain and suffering, and reveals what we can do to break these chains. As we face our shadows and integrate them as part of the illusionary aspects of our existence they become less threatening. The comet Chiron is preparing to go Retrograde on the 8th until November 10th, bringing up more of the very buried hurts from this and perhaps past lives that we need to resolve and release.

A newly translated Sabian symbol for the degree of this New Moon eclipse is:

“A black slave-girl demands her rights of her mistress.”

Whatever race, age, or gender we happen to be, many of us have had enough discrimination based on what we do, believe, are, and what we APPEAR to be. We’re fed up with societal conditioning,  judgments, and the limitations they impose! We’re tired of fearfully planning our futures based on the failures of the past. It’s time to demand equal rights. It’s time let go of history and create her-story and happy stories. We are stepping up, raising our standards, and expecting more of life and of ourselves in a positive way. Because of this, life will meet and greet us with greater opportunities than we have ever had before.

6/15/11 – Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon eclipse occurs at 24 degrees of Sagittarius, further magnified by its conjunction to the Galactic Center, providing us with reams of light, energy, and motivation to grow our spiritual muscles and move in new directions.

Lunar Eclipses are believed to be particularly precarious and imminent times, when the veils between the worlds are thin and many lower astral forms try to enter into our domain. Our focus on love and positivity becomes especially important, because what we focus on takes on greater meaning and has farther-reaching effects than usual.

Under the influence of Sagittarius we are ready to expand mentally, culturally, spiritually, and if not careful – physically (but that could apply in several different ways!). The fun and outgoing nature of this sign brings us out of doors and into the big wide world where things are happening that we haven’t seen before.

An opposition from Mercury ensures that we will be busy and in demand no matter where we are, with communications from both near and afar. It could be a pity to waste such a time curled up in a ball of solitude, rather than to reach out and touch the stars, even if in an imaginary way.

The Sabian symbol of this Full Moon Eclipse is:

“A chubby boy on a hobby-horse”

That chubby boy on a hobby-horse represents the joyful anticipation of what is not yet fully manifest or experienced in our lives. In the boy’s imagination, he probably rides a real horse, which is a symbol of power, freedom, sexuality, and travel. Perhaps he does not consciously think of all of those things, but he senses the feelings they can bring. A horse is highly regarded by many cultures, and almost all agree this animal is a symbol of movement and progress. What is only hinted at here is a sort of cultural initiation, one that comes with maturity and experience in life. In what way are we ready to be initiated into some new cultural or other role? Our approach should be playful, not taking ourselves too seriously. There is a natural progression taking place, and we need only to be open to the unfoldment within and around us.

6/21/11 Summer Solstice

On this very bright, potent and longest day of the year, we are given a chance to reposition ourselves within the Universe, dance with the elements, and express the abundance of creativity that benefits ourselves, each other and the earth. It is nature’s gift to us all to do with what we will.

During the Summer Solstice, the realm of Faery is more easily accessible by humans who approach it with humility and an open heart. Children tend to be naturally attuned to this realm, and may show the grown-ups by example how the “invisible little people” can be communicated with and even seen. One way to win the favor of the wee folk is to leave them offerings outside on Midsummer’s Eve. They love fresh butter, raw milk, baked goods, and honey.

On this particular Solstice day, Mercury forms a square to Saturn, pushing us to organize and accommodate ourselves to the tasks at hand. We will get more enjoyment going out to play after we have done our “chores”, whatever they are to us personally.

Mars forms a late night square with Neptune, conjuring dreams and visions of what actions we need to take to make certain dreams a reality, versus just floating out there in the ethers. This edgy combination can either cause insomnia and irritability or bring great spiritual energy vision, often from spiritual guides and benefactors. This energy must have constructive outlets or else it can become the source of stress and anxiety, or it can otherwise easily be misdirected. The spiritual and devotional aspect of Neptune seeks the physical expression of Mars, which can manifest in such practices as yoga, martial arts, dance, and other forms of noncompetitive movement. Whatever we choose to do on this day and night, we will quickly magnetize to us the vibrational matches of the energy that we put out.


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