The Gateway Oracle

This oracle was “given” to me over the course of about three days in October of 2010. It contains thirty-three Gateways which represent various levels of consciousness. The Gateways each contain a bit of astrology, a bit of science, a bit of stardust, a bit of nonsense, and a bit of reality (whatever that means!). The realms beyond them are both astral and physical. All of them have some relation to the Earth plane, and to our inner lives, as much as some of them seem to be from outer space.

To use the oracle first make sure your computer mouse arrow is away from or to the side of the screen. You can either formulate a question or just ask for a message that is relevant for you right now. When you are ready scroll the arrow down the side of the screen until a certain star catches your fancy, and “click”. It may help to close your eyes and use your left hand.

It is recommended that you approach the oracle with an open mind, and to open no more than one gateway during one sitting, and no more than three in a day. The oracle numbers don’t necessarily mean anything, unless they happen to.

The descriptions are both symbolic and simple, so that you can meditate further on what they mean to you personally in the moment.

Personalized essence mists that carry or are based on the vibration of a particular gateway are available from me upon request.

Enjoy, and happy trails!

The Gateway Oracle
Copyright © YSY


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