Harp & Fairy Vibes

How my Journey with Vibrational Essences Began

On November 5th 2000, I made some interesting discoveries that lead me to many new ways of looking at the world and myself in it. I co-created my first channeled vibrational essence! That morning after spontaneously calling up many of my friends and guides from other realms, I decided, or was encouraged to pour my heart and soul into a mysterious process that was unfolding. Although this was different from the usual method of preparing flower essences, the intention was similar – to infuse water with the essence/energy pattern of a particular form of life and creation. (Typically a flower essence is preserved in water and brandy, bottled, labeled and further diluted into what are called stock bottles, which are further diluted into dosage bottles and taken for a specific purpose. Check out the FAQ page by the well known California Flower Essence company called FES – http://www.fesflowers.com/faq_essences.htm#e1 .)

Preparing a sacred little space around me I knelt in prayer and embraced my lap harp in one arm, and the only tuning fork I had at the time (pitched to E) in the other hand, with a bowl of pure water and a quartz crystal before me. Not quite sure what was going on, and not minding the lack of knowledge, I simply trusted the spiritual guidance coming from within, and that this was an act of joyful celebration.

Being unsure of what to expect allowed for the kind of happy receptivity to the present moment that we see in a small child at play. Plucking the strings of the harp in a way that put me into a trance state, it became clear that was coming through was a divine offering. Sensing swirling patterns of color and the Faeries joining in with songs of devotion, joy, and healing, I allowed an anchoring of energy to take place for the healing and benefit of any beings in need.

a stock bottle of Harp & Fairy vibes

Upon my next visit to my primary healing practitioner at the time, I brought a sack full of essences, herbs, and supplements for him to “test” through kinesiology and a special bio-feedback kind of device, to see which ones if any would resonate or be necessary for me. He quickly tested bottle after bottle, as he often did, sometimes using his own sample vials to discern what agreed with me, what didn’t and what was no longer needed. When he came to the little tiny bottle that read “Harp & Fairy Vibes” he curiously asked me what it was. Honestly, some part of me had been dubious about the whole thing, thinking, “I must be some kind of nut-case for bringing this – for even doing this!”

“Oh, it’s just another essence I made recently…but kind of different than the others”, I replied.

“Well, this one is testing on a very deep level whatever it is……corresponding to your heart chakra. Furthermore the color orange comes up in relation to this essence, an indication of joy…”

My heart was elated as I slid off the edge of my seat. Although green is traditionally associated with the heart chakra, I realized orange is a color of Joy so it made perfect sense to me that it came up. Later I also learned that harp chords resonate with the energy of the Soul, and with the heart chakra and those going upward.

“Huh, it even tests for me,” he said. So after asking, he took a “hit” of it himself. Although the mother bottle was very small (If I had known that it would be such a hit I’d have prepared a gallon!)

I made a few stock bottles of the essence, and thereafter saw the essence of Harp & Fairy Vibes work wonders for a few friends, clients, and customers. People reported that they experienced a great surge of joy and courage within themselves that helped them to overcome various illnesses and other challenges. For some this was sudden and others a gradual effect.

I give thanks to the Divine for leading me on such an exciting adventure that November of 2000, and to the beings and benefactors who further brightened my path and encouraged me to carry on with this work. It is my hope that through co-creating vibrational essences I can help restore the harmony and bridge the worlds of Faery, Divine and human as they once were upon the Earth…


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