Prosperity Consciousness

July will be an excellent month to look into matters of financial investments, as one of the inherent skills of the month’s main sign, Cancer, is money management. It would be helpful to review where and how we spend the money that we earn and already have and consider what if any adjustments need to be made for greater overall success and security.

Lakshmi – goddess of abundance & prosperity

Many people wonder what the meaning of money even is, and why it has posed so many challenges for those who do not have enough. Money, like everything else – is energy. It is used primarily in exchange for something else that we need or want. A trade in products or services is a form of money too, but it’s not made on a green piece of paper so we do not tend to see it that way. A trade takes time and/or resources. Money takes time and resources too, to make in the factory and for some, to make enough to make ends meet.

Our bodies and our entire beings were designed to trade continuously with the Earth, although the trades have become imbalanced, since we’ve collectively taken far more good from her than we’ve given. Some people have figured out that the more they give to the Earth, the more she gives back. A good example of this is the family in Scotland who started the Findhorn Garden. As they cooperated with what are called the Devas (the overlighting spiritual beings) of the flowers, fruits and vegetables, they were very surprised to see that the produce in their garden grew in massive proportions. The Earth offers us her bounty of fruits, nuts, and other foods, as well as trees for wood, clean air, and shelter. Human compost, minus the petrochemicals and toxic fumes that have been recently added plus human remains just go back into the Earth along with all of her other creations, fertilizing the soil.

Since money is energy, and it takes energy to generate money, we must remember that our own energy and how we focus it is largely what attracts or repels prosperity in our lives. Those who cannot help the fact that they are physically low on energy, please do not fret, for the flow of money begins in the mind! If the word money makes you squirm with discomfort, just replace it in your mind with another word that means the same thing! Focus not on what money is but what it can buy, allow for, and open up for you and others.

What I have been discovering over time is that developing and maintaining Prosperity Consciousness is what enables us to attract and maintain a flow of prosperity in our lives. One of the side effects of Prosperity Consciousness is that it actually helps to energize the body too, so that it can do and experience more of what life has to offer.

A good trick to get the ball rolling with PC is to pick a fun thing to focus on – whatever it is that brings you personal joy. It could be a hobby, a favorite instrument, or a picture for example. Play with it in your mind, imagining all that you could do with this thing or concept. Then experiment with it, in some external situation, until you’ve found the method of doing/working/having this thing that is most fulfilling. Imagine that this thing you find so fun and fulfilling could generate an income for you, but don’t think or worry about how that would happen. Here’s the tricky part: just imagine all the reasons why it would attract income, without imagining how that would be possible and without even paying much attention to the income part itself. Just recall first of all why you enjoy it and why others would enjoy it so much they would want to spend money on it too.

It also helps to choose a symbol that represents prosperity and place it somewhere that we see several times a day. The subconscious mind tends to build upon what it sees repetitively, eventually creating strong effects in our lives. In Asian cultures, there are so many different symbols for prosperity, from coins to frogs and fish, to bamboo trees to oranges, which are often used as altar offerings.

Chinese symbol for prosperity

The more we play with, talk about, and act upon our divine impulses the more prosperity we tend to attract. So the key is actually not necessarily about working hard. Forget those old stories about how money doesn’t grow on trees, and how you gotta work your ass off to get anywhere in life. There is indeed some work involved in making and attracting money, but the work actually becomes almost effortless when it is inspired. In other words, the work becomes a way of life, rather than something that one “clocks in” and out of for pay.

The work of Prosperity Consciousness is a way of life that includes a healthy balance of work, rest, and play. To begin this work and way of life, simply start by tinkering around with what brings you joy, then perhaps while you are playing or resting be open to ideas. When you’ve rested enough go act on your ideas. Don’t save them, and don’t question them. Just see where they lead…

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