July Forecast 2011

Like the grand finale of a fireworks show, July will be sparking stuff in all directions in a very bright, dazzling, and explosive fashion, even well after the 4th. It will start and end with equally blazing bangs. It may or may not be as pretty as neon lights across the sky, and rather than polluting the air the theme will be about clearing it, with whomever or whatever we’ve got issues to settle. It may or may not seem as poetic as white horses galloping out of the sunset, but it will be fast, furious, and passionate in both physical and spiritual ways, reminding us that we are more than mere beings made of skin, flesh, blood, and bone. It will be about what really gets us going, and going about our lives with a new sense of enthusiasm and openness to discovery.

On the Solstice of June 21st we were collectively kind of knocked into alignment, whether kicking and screaming, or laughing and rolling with the influence of a potent Cardinal Grand Cross (an aspect that involves 4 planets, at least one in each cardinal sign of the zodiac) that is still in effect and will last us through the middle of August. The effects A Grand Cross such as this tends to force change and movement to take place under an enormous amount of pressure. In the time it takes to pop corn on the stove, we have been and will continue experiencing sets of wildly transformative energy bursts between longer spaces of steady progression and a few bouts of extreme lethargy or inertia. To resist this change and movement is like trying to reverse gravity, or trying to piece back together an egg that has cracked – generally not fun or worth the effort.

We are now into the last of three Eclipses fifteen days apart, as the Moon joins the Sun in Cancer for a Solar Eclipse on the first of July, further activating this Grand Cross for us. The sign of Cancer has much to do with what, how, and whom we nurture and are nurtured. It represents how we feed and are fed, both emotionally and physically for sustenance. Because of this it connects with family, as well as familiarity, and whatever we associate and identify with on a core level because of its familiarity to us. Pluto, the planet of deep purging and transformation is involved in the Grand Cross, as it lies opposite of Cancer in the sign of Capricorn, in a square with Saturn in Libra to one side and Uranus in Aries to the other. Undertaker meets comfort-clinger meets cosmic task-master meets zany-maker, and yet all are very familiar with each other! One danger in this stellar get-together lies in the saying “Familiarity breeds contempt”. While this negative statement fails to take into account that familiarity can also encourage trust and compatibility, it points out a common human fragility. This is the kind of familiarity that occurs when we take people or things that are in close proximity to us on a daily or frequent basis for granted. Rather than see them anew, with a fresh or different perspective as they actually are different each day, we continue to hold ideas of them in our minds based on the past, which only keeps us and our relationship to them locked into a pattern that they and we come to abhor over time. In the sign of Cancer, we are noticing a lot of things and junk that we’ve been holding onto in an attempt to achieve inner or outer security, including habits, beliefs, and relationship patterns. We’re all being challenged right now to drop our past experiences and perspectives about people, places, situations, and things that “once upon a time…” were this and that.

We will be investigating what we have collectively done to the planet out of fear and greed, as well as what we can do to repair the damage and reestablish a harmonious relationship to the earth that sustains us. Nature can take thousands and thousands of years to replenish itself after certain disasters and the massive damages that humans have done within only a couple hundred years. Now that more light is pouring into our planet from the sun as well as other spiritual sources, we have the opportunity to speed the process of healing and recovery on all levels. This process can be aided by raising our own personal standards for living, choosing to purchase items and eat foods that are high in vibration (environmentally friendly, made of natural fibers, organic).

As for those little problems that have been pushed on the back burner to be faced when circumstances are more convenient, oh dear… Let’s just say that the Grand Cross does not speak the language of “later”. It’s all coming to a head right here, right now. It wants us to evolve, and for us to solve our problems rather than succumb to them or shove them into closets where they will grow mold instead of helping us to grow.

Uranus goes Retrograde on the 9th at four degrees of Aries, until the 9th of December where it will station at 1 degree of Aries. This slow moving planet has a very fast kind of energy to it, so when it goes Retrograde it helps to put faster moving things into different perspectives that we may not have considered before. Things that we may ordinarily miss (due to their speed) are slowing down for us to recognize and relate to. Some consider this planet to be a higher “octave” of the planet Mercury, so similar glitches – particularly in relation to computers and electronic devices, are commonly experienced to the nth degree during times such as these. The main challenge with Uranus however is to really be able to recognize and follow our intuition, as opposed to the ideas that our egos and the sensational media fools us into believing. Most of us have heard of the saying “question authority”. Well when Uranus is Retrograde I say question reality!

Rune for July 2011 – Gebo

As we let go of the old ways of relating to and viewing our friends, family, and even enemies and public figures, we will make way for a much more fulfilling way of life. Ways of relating to the opposite gender in general are shifting for humanity, and ways that parents and children relate to each other are shifting. Our relationship to money is shifting, and many adjustments are being made to our “accounts” literally and energetically. There are so many instances in which we are dropping back into the present from wherever we were, now relating to ourselves, life and others in an authentic way. The rune Gebo translates as “gift”.  It represents not only a gift given or received but particularly the sense of a gift exchange, and therefore it is also known as a rune of partnership. When this rune appears, it often indicates that our relationships are joyfully rebalancing, and there is much to be grateful for. Many gifts may be exchanged, although they are not necessarily of the material kind. It’s like Christmas without all the fuss. It’s not about consumerism, and there’s no pressure whatsoever. The gifts come naturally, spontaneously, from the heart. These gifts may be the latent gifts within our souls. Partnerships are indicated with Gebo, which are frequently either romantic or creative. The main challenge that comes with its influence is in keeping a sense of individuality and confidence, and not allowing oneself to become completely enthralled or absorbed in another’s process or presence. Nearly all types of celebrations are favored this July, and the more we can celebrate while maintaining conscious awareness now the easier our next major transition will be.

Mayan New Year, July 26th – White Rhythmic Wizard Year

July 26th is considered to be Mayan New Year, in a now commonly employed adaptation of the Mayan calendar, based on the agricultural calendar combined with Chinese astrology. In this system we are exiting the Red Overtone Moon Year (from July 26th 2010 until July 25th 2011) and entering the Year of White Rhythmic Wizard (July 26 2011 – July 25 2012). While the matter of how this adapted version of the Mayan calendar came to be is still a subject of some confusion for me, because the Mayans didn’t use such terms as “White Wizard”, I have seen that there are indeed many synchronicities in the way that it functions. Themes relative to the White Wizard are acting in wisdom from the heart, self-empowerment, and opening up to limitless possibilities. The sixth tone known as Rhythmic represents receptivity, dynamic equilibrium, and having roots in many directions.  It may have something to do with rhythm too! This does look to be a magical year for humankind on this beautiful planet, where we raise our vibrations in a wizardly fashion, with many more of us becoming fully conscious as the magicians that we all essentially are. Magic is alive and afoot, as magic really is what makes the world go around. We can call it science, spirit, or simply mysterious…

7/1/11 Solar Eclipse in Cancer

The Solar Eclipse lands at 9 degrees of Cancer. It will be conjunct the brilliant white star Alhena, alluding to a “brand,” the “mark on the camel’s neck”. It has been called the “wound in the tendon of Achilles”, indicating that when this star is activated by transit some old wound is coming to our attention. Astrology itself used to seem so dark and ominous, frequently portending deaths and disasters, failing to take into account free will, divine grace, and the ability for humans to shift their consciousness and thus their circumstances. There will be none of that gloom and doom now – we haven’t got time to sulk in misery as it would be fruitless to prolong any unnecessary suffering. Pluto’s opposition to the New Moon eclipse offers a hand in helping us get up and walk away from what has become unsatisfactory, unpleasant or just plain abusive in our lives, whether by or to us. We need to acknowledge what isn’t sitting quite right in our lives and to do something about it. A key highlight in this Solar Eclipse is the theme of integrity. Integrity means different things to different people, but we each know within ourselves whether or not we are living with it, and we know in what aspects of our lives we are or not living with it.

The Solar Eclipse’s Trine to Chiron & Neptune in Pisces bring a sense of tranquility and perhaps musical inspiration to our hearts and minds, and the sort that reminds us that we are basically comprised of stardust. We’re not alone, and we’re all swimming in a sea of mist and mystery that takes the forms of water, dirt, planets and anything else we experience and conceive. Venus in Gemini aligns with the Galactic Center today, bringing in much needed harmony and beauty in places and ways we may not have thought to ask for or envision but are ever so timely.

The Sabian Symbol for this Solar Eclipse (By the way, for those who wonder because I and many astrologers mention these a lot, the Sabian symbols were produced in 1925 by clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler, and they are the most popularly used set of zodiac degree symbols today.) is :

“A Large Diamond In The First Stages Of The Cutting Process”

What makes diamonds so valuable is a combination of their hardness, beauty, and perhaps most of all their rarity. Tons of rock is mined just to obtain a diamond the size of a pea. When this precious jewel is in its first stages of being cut, there is a lot of preparation underway, for what it may become. This meaning of this symbol is relative to the Chinese proverb “The gem cannot be perfected without friction, nor a man perfected without trials”. It is showing us where we can afford to grow a little bit more from our discomforts, rather than complain about them. Perhaps we need a reminder about how all our hard work will pay off – but without all the religious conditioning, bias, and comparison. We all came from and return to the same Source. The diamond has come to be a symbol of fidelity in marriage, perhaps because of their combination of delicate beauty, sturdiness, and longevity. In a “metaphysical” sense the diamond stimulates mental and spiritual clarity, which is what we all eventually attain after overcoming our many difficulties and struggles.

7/14/11 Full Moon in Capricorn

A Full Moon is 22 degrees of Capricorn brings to light the areas where we have a sense of duty and where/how/if we are working toward some long term goal. It often also brings together families, to work out their issues, or to help each other out in some way. With the Cardinal Grand Cross including Capricorn’s ruler Saturn still in effect, emotions are running high and making some people feel very heavy. Thankfully Venus will intervene, bringing a gentle light and some ambience to dark corners as she connects with the Moon.

Old Father Saturn, overcome by Hope, Beauty, and Love (1627 by Simon Vouet)

People might not be much in the mood for clowning around right about now, but they will be open to discussions. It can be difficult to express deep emotions or to reach out for help when the Moon is in this sign, but the asteroid Juno’s trine to the Moon helps bring a tenderness and understanding to all kinds of relationships, so that each person may feel they are truly being heard and responded to.

The Sabian for the Moon at 22-23 degrees of Capricorn is:

A Soldier Receiving Two Awards For Bravery In Combat

This symbol illustrates a sort of reward offered by society for fulfilling a specific kind of responsibility. While I’m not particularly fond of using combat as a symbol in this context, it basically means the give-and-take that occurs between an individual and society (here’s that Gebo theme again – the rune for this month). What each person brings to the giant table is of varying degrees of importance, but what matters here is the trust and effort that has been given. People will tend to appreciate what is done with sincerity for the benefit of all, whether or not you appear to succeed in what you do. Failure and success are linked with the two rewards, which are given out of gratitude for the actions that were taken on behalf of a society. We are reminded to continue our efforts to make positive contributions to society in whatever measures and expression they happen to be. Oftentimes engaging in selfless service is its own reward.

7/30/11 New Moon in Leo

Leo (http://spacetelescope.org/)

We are blessed by having two New Moons this month – two opportunities to begin anew, and this one to help us prepare a bit for Mercury going Retrograde on August 2nd for most of that month. The New Moon is at 7 degrees of Leo, closely aligned with Lady Venus, encouraging us to kick up our heels with friends and loved ones, or to seek out creative inspiration that involves bringing creative gifts out into the open in some way. We might be in the mood for romance or playfulness, and a trine from Uranus urges us to just do whatever makes the most sense in this moment, however silly it may seem. After so much change and interruptions to our daily schedules during the past couple of months, we are craving a yet another change of pace, one that brings inner fulfillment and allows us the room and time to pursue what brings our hearts joy.

The people we can best rely upon now are ourselves, because a lot of people might generally be feeling very self-absorbed at this time with their main interest in having things go their own way. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s helpful to be aware of when trying to pursue certain endeavors with others, just to avoid confusion and disappointment.

The New Moon in Leo favors activities involving art, music, theatre, performing, dealing with audiences, children and lovers. In the weeks ahead there will be a strong focus in all of these areas.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is:

“A Communist Activist Spreading His Revolutionary Ideals”

The reason that some people crave anarchy is not always evil as many people assume. It is based on the desire to break free from constricting and perverse factors hidden by certain world leaders. The idea is to liberate people from suffering by releasing them from the illusion of order. The Universe operates in both chaos and order, two sides of the same coin. To be sure, this controversial concept is commonly the cause of much strife and opposition. As “what we resist persists”, this symbol suggests that we learn an appropriate manner of confrontation with people where confrontation is needed, and under the appropriate circumstances. The symbol describes a goal to attain a new set or sense of values that can be agreed upon by the consensus. But it’s not up to us as individuals to convince the world to believe in or value what we believe and value. We need to practice what we preach, walk the talk, and be so engaged in our practice (whatever we deem as important, worthy and building upon integrity) that there’s less talking about it and more being about it.

Blessings to all!


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