Release mental chatter and things that don’t matter

{Since Mercury, planet of the mind and communication is about to go Retrograde on August 2nd in the analytical sign of Virgo and will tread its way back into the sign of Leo on the 8th until the 26th, it may be helpful for us to demystify and release the negative thoughts that have stumped or weighed us down so that after this transit we can move forward in our activities with greater clarity, energy and confidence. Mercury’s opposition to foggy Neptune throughout August indicates that we may need to become more honest with ourselves in order to make real progress or move through a troublesome issue}

Judgment and Polarity

We’ve often heard the expression “Opinions – everybody’s got one”. Everybody’s got several, and that’s a fact. Almost everyone you meet will have opinions about who you are, what you look like, what you’re doing and should be doing, what’s best for you, and particularly what’s “wrong” with you. Most humans seem unable to resist or avoid this habit. Being able to humorously dismiss judgments can significantly speed the processes of healing and general success, as well as help to harmonize relationships.

Who wants to live their lives based on opinions anyway? Few enjoy the limitations that opinions often impose on them, yet our society has taught us to do just that, day in and day out. Furthermore most of the opinions – even a few of the unspoken ones in the forms of odd little glances tossed at us are “bitter pills” to swallow, if we choose to accept them. Those odd glances used to be referred to as the “evil eye”, and people wore talismans to protect against them.

Our problems may not necessarily be based on opinions, but we generally place too much importance upon them while we also forget the power that our thoughts and words have in their ability to alter our lives for better or worse. Opinions and judgments are closely related, for without a judgment on something one usually can’t formulate an opinion, but the catch is that the moment we make or take a judgment we have become polarized. It becomes me vs it, or us vs them. It all-too-easily plummets into mind games like blame, shame, and behavior that lacks any sort of merit.

There’s always going to be contrast such as good/bad, light/dark, beautiful/ugly, young/old when we are living on the Earth plane. That’s just the way it goes around here. That doesn’t mean that this contrast the way we currently see it is all there is to existence. Just because we may not be able to see beyond what we have come to identify as our limitations doesn’t make those limitations any more real than what is called the dreamtime…

there is always contrast on Earth

The Daily Grind

We don’t talk about it, because we’ve become so used to sucking it up: Opinion OD-ing and regurgitation is a daily routine for a very large portion of humanity. How often do you hear or say these words: “Omg, she looks soooo….” And “You should do this…go there…take that”, bla bla bla, you know the rest? Another common one that I personally enjoy using is “THAT SUCKS!” But what does that even mean, and who cares, and why? Several top selling magazines, gossip columns and T.V. shows in the USA (and a few other countries too) are dedicated to public ridicule and tearing down peoples’ pride and egos through scandal, humiliation, and interrogation, all supposedly in the spirit of revealing something of truth or value to them. Various forms of psychic rape are broadcasted daily online and on “reality T.V.” shows as entertainment. Millions watch in fascination, mesmerized and distracted not only from their own problems but from their own inner selves.

At times my discoveries of human nature, including my own, have left me saddened, disheartened to say the least. Just when I thought I had encountered a genuine saint, their humanity would shine on through. This is another way of saying that either their actions or their opinions seemed to outweigh their sainthood. The disappointment felt crushing. Have you ever gotten all excited to finally meet the genius who had all the answers, but then when they made “big mistakes”, it was like dominoes? Oh dear, we’ve been, duped, again! This situation obviously isn’t unique.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against opinions at all (sometimes they’re quite fun!). They’re not all about criticism, and sometimes we need opinions similarly to the way that we currently need clocks to tell time. Some people go so far as to call their opinions humble, but there are no such things as humble opinions – at least in my opinion! All opinions are just opinions, and that’s kind of all there is to it, but with a lot of extra stuff thrown in, because that’s what humans like to do – complicate matters with their opinions.

When I see something that looks funny or dumb, that’s just the way I’m seeing it at that moment. It’s not my humble opinion. It’s just my ego’s projection actually. So the more opinionated I get about it, the more I’m projecting. I have some leverage because by letting go of the way I was looking at something, I allow that thing/person to show more of itself in ways that may not have occurred to me. I’m letting it just be whatever it is, without the need to assign a label and opinions to it. That’s such a relief. It simplifies a lot of things, and there is a saying that “Simple living saves lives”

The Origin of Opinions

Opinions, as beliefs, simply originate through personal filters that we all have about what we see and experience in life. They’re not good or bad, right or wrong. They can help people out or they can cause a lot of harm. Ultimately, they don’t matter, no matter how much we think that they do. What becomes a snag or a serious situation for us is often a result of all of the energy that we imbue the opinions, thoughts, and judgments with. It’s the emotion, passion, and focus upon the opinions that create what we consider to be problems in life.

Opinions and Health

Taking on others’ opinions, feelings, blame, and whatever else that could potentially poison our energy systems is a choice that we all have – to accept or not to accept, to identify with or not to identify with – to “be” or not to be. Peoples’ opinions have virtually nothing to do with any of our down, sick, toxic, or less-than-satisfied states, other than the fact that when we believe them we generally tend to feel worse. As simple and easy as placing blame on others would seem, it wouldn’t change our realities. It would turn things from worse to even worse. That’s what Murphy’s Law is based on – going from worse to worse. There is choice in the matter, beginning with the perception of the matter. The Law of Attraction is based on our ability to shift perceptions and magnetize what we desire.

Some opinions manifest themselves to the extreme, due to the power of suggestion. Who knows how many people have died of being misdiagnosed with incurable diseases. What about a prognosis that was grim, yet inaccurate – but it just sounded so bloody convincing? Last words of the doctor often resound in a patient’s mind: “The way I see it, you have only 6 more months before…”

Breaking Free of those Nasty Beliefs (and opinions)

What I discovered about opinions is: We can stop our own vicious cycles. We can break free from the clutches of our own and others’ opinions. We can release all thoughts that interfere with our ability to make our own decisions, just by listening to our own inner voice of wisdom. If that remark about this or that doesn’t strike your fancy why not just shrug it off? Opinions push peoples’ buttons all day long, and later on can turn into resentment, indigestion, and even perversion.

it’s easy to point the finger at somebody else

  • By placing too much credibility or importance in the opinions of others we relinquish our power.
  • By placing blame on outer stifling factors we refuse our power a chance to turn on by turning on ourselves. We have the power to change our own lives.
  • Blaming ourselves is a form of abuse that leads to defeat.
  • Taking ourselves too seriously leads to egotism.

In short, blame is not the answer. Similarly you won’t find truly satisfying answers you seek in the opinions of others – often just a lot of heartburn, headache, and irritation. Getting all worked out about what other people say or think is like saying, “My own ideas and feelings are invalid” (which might translate as “I must be invalid, but I must somehow prove myself to be otherwise…”)

Perhaps the idea of abandoning all outer opinions in favor of the inner voice of truth seems daunting. It means asking the question “Who am I?” and becoming inwardly receptive and responsible for the answer, which is always unfolding and requiring our attention and participation.

So what about the “good ones” you might be wondering? All opinions bear only as much truth or significance for you as you are willing to believe in them.

I don’t know about you, but I do like a compliment every now and then, and will also accept encouragement when I’m down. An opinion can help if I’m unsure of how to coordinate a certain outfit. But the words said to me are only about as truthful as I’ll allow them to be. They’re not words of eternal wisdom. They’re not dharma.

With today’s magazine ads, commercials, Facebook newsfeeds, and other pop culture fads we are bombarded with opinionated input day and night, some useful and a whole lot of it useless, while our filters for unnecessary information are both subconscious and conscious. Many people live many aspects of their lives as though they are under some sort of spell. They find it easier to tread the paths of least resistance, and passively accept whatever dictators, family, friends and the media are telling them. We may not realize it but we get to choose what to accept into our bodies, minds, and spirits, and we even have the power to choose what we allow to influence our emotional fields.

The Wheel of Deluded Existence, a Wheel of Emotions

the Wheel of Delusions (deluded existence) by Romio Shrestha

Much of the time, humanity runs a whole gamut of emotions that are not even authentic but are the recycled and reactionary emotions being bounced off of one another on a daily basis like ping-pong balls. It appears as the saying goes “Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get”. Life could be experienced in a box or not. Freedom happens within.

The many worrisome and energy-consuming opinions that we obsess and brood over are the fogs of “maya” – illusions trying to assert their dominance in the psyche by pretending to be important. The judgments, blame, over-analyzations about life and the motivations of others as well as the perceived failures of oneself, both real and imagined, serve no purpose other than to distract us from not only happiness in the present but from the ongoing course of betterment and evolution. The incessant nagging of the ego (often manifesting as disruptive emotions), which feeds on both witnessed and experienced drama, snowballs the effects of its own negative experiences in order to thrive. The ego, either in a personal or collective sense, is quite different from the real essence of our Self. Its processes and delusions often go undetected as they slither their way insidiously into the unconscious recesses of the collective mind. One by one, like a whisper that travels in a circle, certain opinions and thought forms are transferred through conversations, media, and other lines of communication, becoming more and more distorted as they progress, regress, and digress. Just because an opinion is popular doesn’t mean it’s true.

With opinions, the spotlight is largely on the ego, in all of its magnificent glory and all of its perceived pathetic disgrace. When we wake up to what’s going on, the shit hits the fan. Certain ailments and problems start to disappear. Certain new ones appear. A fleeting moment of clarity between problems may dawn upon us. It rouses those who previously served as doormats, inspiring them to stand up and walk away or laugh aloud when they need to. It causes “V.I.P.” power mongers to suddenly squirm uncomfortably in their cushioned seats, scrunching up their fancy drawers. Waking up has currently got humanity engaged in a world war between fear and surrender.

Left unchecked the ego has undermined many of our best efforts by causing crisis, stagnation and humiliation. This humiliation was based on the assumption that anyone or thing actually matters as an individualized unit, and failing to realize that the sum of Creation is greater than its parts as each contributes to the whole.

The Strength of Speech

We strengthen the energy of whatever we think or speak about and combine with our passion, whether individually or collectively. As creative beings, we can shift our thoughts along with the nature of whatever we are thinking or speaking about. Reality, as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Imperfections are also matters of perception, and often matters of projection. Are they real? If they’re real imperfections, whose reality or standards are they based on? Contrast is always happening on the Earth, as is choice. If given a choice I would rather speak about the beauty that I see, rather than what I don’t find to be beautiful.

Remember: Opinions abound. Where there is human life there are more opinions than you can count. You can’t keep up with opinions so why bother? If you still your mind each time an opinion is hurled your way or even invades your mind and ask “Is it true?” what happens? Does it resonate? Are you content to get knocked around in the tides by whatever bumps up against you or tries to verbally bite you? Do you have a say in all of this? YES!

Any person, place or thing that says otherwise (anything that denies your divinity) is merely reflecting an illusion of polarity and separation. Getting caught up in the emotions of it all can be exhausting and a waste of time. It’s laughable. Even if we don’t think so or if this doesn’t sound remotely funny, we can all be free of the nonsense if we so choose to be. Then, we’d be living in harmony rather than insanity. Life would be sensual, enlightening, and divine, even though it already essentially IS. Is this true? You decide.

After reading all of this, you might think or say “Well, that’s just her opinion”, and if so, that’s a “good” thing, as far as I’m concerned. If we all shared the same opinions about everything I suspect that life would be quite boring.

Only to the degree that we can see something for what it is in the moment can we be freed from the limitations that any thing presents us with, for those limitations are merely reflections of our own projections. When we give up the desire to be right, and choose to live life as an experiment with the curiosity we had as children, life will open up its secrets and treasures of abundance to us. We are limitless.

What it means to be Infinite…

So if we are limitless, why do we experience so many limitations in human form? We have to “lose our minds” a little to gain certain insights and the freedom we so desire. Meditation helps with this, as does asking positive questions and letting life answer. After we’ve brushed aside our opinions and our judgments, allowing ourselves a certain kind of stillness and receptivity, truths begin to reveal themselves inside of us.

What if we could access the Infinite, at any time, in any place, for any purpose, no drugs needed? What if anything was infinitely available, as long as it would harm none and serve everyone’s highest possible good? We can and it is – we’ve only forgotten what we’re capable of, because we’ve forgotten what we’re made of, which is Infinity taking on shapes and forms of matter. We are not the matter itself, although we often experience the sensations of being bound to it. The world, including the Earth and the realm of form is thought of as a Mother, derived from the old Latin word Matr. Although we are part of the matter that she consists of, we are also simultaneously beyond all of it, and because of this, we don’t matter because we aren’t matter, and neither do the limitations that we perceive.

We don’t need “more” of this and that to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled. More often we need less of something that’s in the way of what we really want. What happened along the way is that we “learned” and picked up misinformation that was counterintuitive to what our Beingness already knew – that we are made of the infinite, and to the infinite we shall return. Religion tends circulate the idea of infinity, but humans have sorely misinterpreted what infinity means or should mean to us as spiritual beings having a human experience. Since we’re here, why not enjoy the ride? What are all these imposed limitations, rules, and obstacles doing in the way of us actually living joyously and exploring what it means to live on the Earth in physical bodies?

Do I matter? Do you matter? Have a “feeling” that bothers you – what is the “matter”? Matter can be seen as atoms in motion that only appear to be solid. Will you believe that when you see it? Two hundred people viewing the same thing will each see it their own way. Therefore, our most troublesome and cherished problems matter even less than do we, for problems are mere manifestations of condensed energy balls of various degrees of density, appearing to be solid, designed for the purposes of growth and enlightenment. We are all so much more than these bodies and what we appear to be on the surface. Sometimes our problems turn out to blessings in disguise – sooner if we can perceive them as such. Overall, our perception is what creates much of what we call reality. When we experience pain, we often identify with it in a stifling way, but if we perceive transformation through the process of that pain, it has served its genuine purpose. If we perceive a beautiful sunset at the beach, it may brighten our own living room when we carry its essence home with us.

When we clear out weeds, our gardens can flourish. Clear out a stuffed up corner or a closet and you may be surprised at what new blessings come your way. Clear your mind and the infinite is right there, as it always was, is, and will be. When we release the binds, pacts, impositions, judgments, opinions, and agreements that have prevented us from accessing our own connections to Source, our lives open up in new, fuller ways.

Whatever path we choose to take in life, we can choose to let go of our illusions and set ourselves free…


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