The 6 Year Uranus & Pluto Square (2011-2016)

Since the beginning of 2011 Uranus has been squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Until March 11th the planet Uranus was in Pisces for about eight years, and as it made its final transition away from this watery sign, a huge tsunami impacted the entire axis of the Earth. Here is an article on a previous website about this that was written just  hours before the tsunami hit Japan:

Uranus in Aries – Urgency in Action. The aftermath of nuclear waste released from the Fukushima nuclear power plant further devastating Japan came at the onset of Uranus’s entrance into fiery Aries.

The all-seeing eye of Uranus, seen though NASA’s Hubble Telescope

The Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn square will be in effect through 2016, lasting for a total of 6 years, occurring within a 5-degree orb seven times in a row. Numerologically, 5 is the agent of change, 6 is the harmonization of opposites and balancing of the scales, and 7 bridges the mundane aspect of existence with spiritual awareness and higher realms. The exact seven squares each occur in June 2012, September 2012, May 2013, Nov 2013, April 2014, Dec 2014, and March 2015, undoubtedly bringing yet more cataclysmic changes in our ecology and economy, sharp turns of direction, and both breakdowns and breakthroughs in technology, with wild discoveries unlike any we’ve seen in science and quantum physics.Shocking events that are nearly impossible to predict are inevitable with a deeply transformative pair such as Uranus and Pluto involved. Cliché as it sounds, this may very well include contact with extraterrestrials, which is something that has happened cyclically upon the face of the Earth.

The turbulence and unrest we have seen in many parts of the world have only just begun in some ways. It used to be that we could ignore the statistics we didn’t want to hear about by switching the channel with a remote control button. Modern technology may not necessarily help us now, and yet our currently prominent Uranian influence means that technology will either be our nemesis or the wind in our sails. This will be determined in how we use our gifts, both externally and internally.

Ironically, Uranus’s battle cry is not only for freedom but for unity. Whatever is blocking people from realizing their connectivity to the Whole has been coming to the fore with great force during these past several months. A collective identity crisis is occurring for humanity, in which people are less sure of their roots, backgrounds, lineages, families, and their precious little ideas. As we loosen our selves from outworn baggage and old stories we are reckoning that history must not repeat itself if we are to survive as a species on this planet. Humanity’s programming is being interrupted by Uranus’s influence, and shattered by Pluto’s. We must realize the difference between programming (tools of the Ego) and our true selves so that a collective reconstruction may take place that allows our Souls to live harmoniously with each other and the planet.

What we do to the planet we do mainly to ourselves. While some things in motion are obviously out of our control, there is a large portion of what happens that is fully up to us, as individuals and as a human family. What it boils down to is the integrity with which we live our lives, and how that integrity extends in the way we treat others and Mama Gaia with love and respect.


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