Autumn Faery Musings

Tis the time of year when the veil between this world and the world of spirit thins, enabling many people to see and hear things that they normally wouldn’t. Ancestors are honored with food and ritual. The Faeries are offered goodies as are the children who trick-or-treat.

The world of Faery runs parallel to our own, and yet is forever wild, free, and untamable. Considered dangerous by some, and the stuff of fairy tale fluff by others, it a realm without the value system that is familiar within the human world. Although their ways seems so different from those of the mundane world, the Faeries have a knack for both mimicking and mirroring people at their finest and their worst. In celebration of the Autumn season I was inspired by them to compile an oracle to assist in communication with those of their realm…

This oracle is based upon four ancient cities associated with the Realms of Faery in Celtic lore. Each of these cities relate to the four directions, the four seasons, and the four basic elements. Whether these cities exist on this Earth plane or another remains a mystery, and yet they are very much alive and accessible to those with opens hearts and minds. The portals to the cities are believed to open at the start of each season…

To use the oracle of the Four Faery Cities click on the 4 leaf clover below:

At the portal of midnight of the 14th, I was also inspired to pick up where I left off in a short but sweet Faery poem that began in July of 2000…it somehow seems pertinent now, although perhaps too cryptic for some, it will make perfect sense to others.


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