October Forecast 2011

The season of harvest has arrived, and with it a general sense of completion. At this juncture in the year many tend to experience a combination of exhaustion, grief, hope, and relief. The falling leaves rippling in the wind may remind of us the transience of existence and demonstrate a graceful ease in letting go. It can help to pause quietly a few times during our busy days to ask our self, “What am I ready to release?” There is a different quality to Autumn release from the brisk sweeping and mental clearing of the Spring season. This time of year is often more emotional for a majority of people on the side of the hemisphere experiencing it.

One of the things I love about the fall months are the creative bursts that people tend to have. Live performances seem to become more colorful just as do the leaves. There is a greater focus on arts and crafts including those going toward Winter needs and accessories. Children are going back to school, dressing up for Halloween, and people are preparing foods for Thanksgiving gatherings.

 beautiful mandala made for me by my dear friend Marta

New Essence – Celestial Light Grid

Those who have followed my newsletters for awhile may have wondered what happened to my vibrational essence updates and if I even produce the essences anymore. That part of my work has just been on hiatus for a couple of years, peeping out occasionally as it has chosen to do now.

The essence of Celestial Light Grid was brought in by the New Moon in Libra in September (2011). Its energy calls forth an embodiment of sacred mantra and geometry that pierces through the veil of duality and draws up divine awareness of the interconnectedness of life. During the production of this essence I was in contact with celestial realms and guardians that were bringing harmonious vibrations into the Earth plane. Since the day that this essence came into being I have woken up from very detailed and insightful dreams. It may help to clear the energy bodies of debris or distractions from what the subconscious and superconscious minds are communicating to the conscious mind. It may be a facilitator for both lightbody and physical travel that expands ones’ awareness and offers solutions to problems, reminding us of our capacity to travel the light grids of time and space.

Celestial Light Grid is available as a scentless mist (15.00) or in a custom blended mist of essential oils (18.00). If you would like a custom blend please specify the general scents you prefer, and note any allergies to certain essential oils. Add 4.00 for shipping & handling.

Rune for October 2011 – Inguz

As I pulled the rune for October out from its velvety bag and said “Ahah!” I decided to reach for one of my rune books, “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum to refresh my memory with some of his insight. Curiously, an interesting grayish green beetle appeared out of nowhere, landing exactly onto the page I opened, and perched itself right on top of the word Ing – the name of the Earth God. “Hello little fellow”, I said, slightly alarmed. It perched there still until I began to walk toward the back door to bring it outside, and then it zoomed around the book as though on a mission. My first intuitive hunch was that the Faeries are playing with us again! How apropos since I have recently resumed my longstanding endeavor to help bridge the realm of Faerie with that of humanity. Also, the Beetle in general is a symbol of metamorphosis, resurrection, and change, due to its many changes from grub stage to winged. Often when beetle appears we need to become focused and protective of our goals, while taking the steps necessary to make them happen. With Beetle, as with the Rune of Inguz, there is some indication that it is time to leave the past behind because something or someone new is ready to begin. As a rune of fertility, Inguz is associated with the moon and its cycles, which in turn have a connection to the changes of our moods and emotions. We are guided toward bringing harmony, understanding, and cooperation within our relationships so that something new and beneficial can be born in the relationship. In some cases this entails the ending of a major relationship, to allow for a more appropriate one to appear and formulate. The key to deliverance into a new life is in the completion of what is already underway or near its ending phase. This is what the Rune of Inguz counsels us to do. Bringing completions to old projects, relationships, and situations will bring peace into our hearts and our homes. When we have reached the stillness of peace, we may then anticipate the new wonderful new beginnings about to take place. Then our work becomes a matter of being receptive to guidance, inspiration, and to what unfolds.

10/11/11 Full Moon in Aries

One month from today exactly we will have a very powerful day – 11/11/11, with many energy shifts building up to the first eleventh hour of that date. More on that later! The Full Moon in Aries has a serious tone this month, in opposition to Saturn. The current Libra theme of love, marriage, partnership and commitment is heightened by Juno, the asteroid Goddess figuring prominently throughout the month. The Full Moon slightly opposes her and the New Moon will be in conjunction with her on the 26th.

Juno & Jupiter, by Gavin Hamilton

Juno, aka Hera, as an archetypal energy has been sorely misunderstood and distorted over time, as with many faces and aspects of the Divine Feminine. Her undying devotion to Jupiter, aka Zeus, even when he did her wrong caused her to writhe with anger and seek out revenge, sometimes misplacing her anger onto his sexual partners without having to end the relationship. This kind of pattern manifests itself in many  relationships, when the co-dependence becomes so extreme that the attitude of “anything it takes” severely takes a toll on one’s soul. Tuning into Juno’s energy with the conscious intention to bring wholeness into the areas of life that she corresponds to may bring healing and understanding around relationship issues, including those pertaining to one’s parents. Juno is also a patron Goddess of the rite of passage into womanhood, menstruation cycles, and new mothers.

Juno’s conjunction to Mercury and Saturn means there may be a lot of serious conversation with partners, whether the subject relates to making plans for the future, deepening or ending major commitments. The particular kinds of partnership plans under discussion may entail buying property together, travelling, starting a family, marriage, opening a joint financial account, starting a home business together, or perhaps even parting ways. Libra’s ruling planet Venus is currently in Scorpio, close to Mercury in Libra and forming an opposition to Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus. Insecurities, mistrust, or jealousies may need to be dealt with carefully by both people so as to eliminate their negative effects in any relationship. If relationships are healthy and free from those kinds of worries, then it is likely that joint themes will center around what couples would like to invest in time, energy, and money wise together. There are plenty of single people too who may not necessarily experience the themes highlighted above with a partner, but on some level within their personal life.

The Moon’s trine to Mars in Leo brings fiery enthusiasm to our connections with others. It also helps to bring out the inherent spontaneous creativity within the sign of Aries,  encouraging us to do whatever we’re most inspired to do without judgment or overanalyzing the methods and outcomes.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon at 18-19 degrees of Aries is:

The “Magic Carpet” Of Oriental Imagery.

This symbol of a magic carpet represents a combination of artistry, adventure, and creative imagination. Travel by means of a magic carpet implies a sort of youthful spontaneity as well that is associated with the sign of Aries. The Full Moon says “Drop everything – we’re going on a magic carpet ride though the galaxy, kids!” In a culture that is driven by consumerism we need reminders of how to fly and to ride the magic carpets of our imaginations. When zipping around through the heavens, we perceive our lives and all of life from a refreshingly different perspective than what we’re accustomed to here on Earth.

10/26/11 New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio may be as intense or more than our New Moon in Libra last month, but with more of a sense of things coming together and mending rather than falling apart. Juno continues to be an influence, as she conjoins New Moon with her passionate presence.


If romance is in the air, it’s not of the sort that is for the faint of heart. Something about it is unforgettable, and something about many encounters made with others today and in the days ahead may be quite memorable as well.

The New Moon’s trine with Chiron brings touch of gentleness to our hearts and minds, helping us to heal emotional wounds of the past. An opposition with Jupiter brings warmth and kindness to our connections with other as well. We may not want to work too hard physically around this time, but whatever we focus on will seem to take on a life of its own, further enhanced by our attention and efforts.

The sextile to Pluto heightens the transformative effect that a New Moon in Scorpio tends to already have. We’re not being dragged kicking and screaming into something new as many of us may have felt we have been in the past couple of months, but now we’re prodded and helpfully nudged in the direction that is right for us in the moment.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 3-4 degrees of Scorpio is:

A Youth Carries A Lighted Candle In A Devotional Ritual.

We’re reminded now that the rituals we perform within and as a society have a huge impact on the youth who observe and eventually emulate them. If they are strongly individuated souls they may reject the rituals they are born into and formulate their own. In either case, let us seek to become more consciously aware in the rituals we share and feed our energy to. Whether or not these rituals are political, religious, cultural, or otherwise matters less than how they actually affect the masses. Nature has its own rituals that overrule most of humanity’s, and when we can harmonize with nature’s rituals our own rituals are far more powerful, constructive, and loving overall.

See my horoscope column online or in Sonoma county of California, in the Upbeat Times:


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