November Forecast 2011

As if October weren’t busy enough, November 2011 has arrived boldly and brightly, and is destined to be another month to remember in the course of our lives. 11-1-11 and 11-11-11 have been two strongly anticipated dates that are believed to usher a tremendous shift in consciousness (as were 1-1-11 and 1-11-11). So much has already been stated by now over the internet about the numerological significance of these dates that I find it unnecessary to repeat more of the same, save that number Eleven itself is associated with revelation and salvation, with both leading to spiritual union.

This current shift in consciousness may be experienced as challenging for many, due to the dramatic shifts in climate, energy, and environment that we are all experiencing. In times like these we may be tempted to rush or grasp for what gives immediate comfort, or to slip back into old familiar patterns because the unknown seems so intimidating. Yet the opportunity for expansion lies in our ability to surrender to change.

On the eve of 11/11/11 (on 11-10) there will be a Full Moon and three major heavenly bodies in our solar system slowly stationing back to their Direct motions. These are the asteroid Ceres – named after the Earth Mother, the comet Chiron, and planet Neptune preparing for its reentry into Pisces for the next twelve years.

Although I have not had as much free time to write in October, I would like to dedicate this forecast to the great mother of the Buddhas, known as Green Tara. She appeared to me visually many years ago during a healing and I have developed a growing sense of devotion for her over time. She is playing a significant role in my life this November, and I would like to thank all of my friends, benefactors, and teachers in this and other planes of existence who have encouraged and enabled me to practice Dharma, including my very dear friend Rachel Dolma Balunsat. You can also see Rachel’s awesome blog displaying her wedding photography. Thanks Dolma, for your healing light!

There are many different faces and archetypes that share similar characteristics of overall healing and spiritual guidance. This energy of healing is especially available now to all who call upon it from within and to the Universe, by whatever name we choose to call it by.

Rune for November 2011 – Wunjo

Wunjo is, simply put, the rune of Joy. It is the light and love that exist on the other side of our fears and sorrows. It is the weightlessness of the innermost nature of our souls. When we operate from a place of joy within our hearts, we are very often in close communion with that which we call God. When we are in this heart space of joy in connection with God, there is nothing we cannot do in essence. This November we are being reminded of our innate Joy and are encouraged to create more of this joy within and around us. If situations or scenes around us appear bleak, we are being encouraged to bring love and appreciation into them, which then produce transformation. Beauty can appear in the most unlikely places or faces, dark corners illuminated with light, and burdens lifted into feathery thoughts that drift away. Our task is to remain open to the possibilities for the multitude of ways that joy can manifest in our lives, and the ways that joy itself can manifest what we most desire. For many the ultimate expression of joy becomes devotion to the divine, which liberates us from perceived limitations and suffering and brings us back into alignment with our innate wholeness. What can we do to restore that sense of innate wholeness now into our lives personally and collectively? Meditation upon this question and meditation itself can be a way to wholeness.

11/10/11 Full Moon in Taurus

Taurus energy and the people born in this sign are deeply rooted in the Earth by nature, connected with many forms of greenery, from gardens to money. This Full Moon at 18 degrees of Taurus illuminates our relationship to these various forms of greenery, inviting us to become more cooperative in the ways that we give, receive, and maintain what we have.

The Full Moon’s connection to the ongoing square between Pluto and Uranus, in addition to Mars currently forming a quincunx to Uranus brings wildly expressive quirkiness and furiously erratic encounters to a climax. Be ready for anything!

Taurus also expresses the sensual side of Venus, and has a knack for acquiring the things it most desires. It would behoove us now to prioritize our goals and to go forth in actualizing them with dedication and trust in the way that life unfolds.

11/24-25/11 Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius

Mercury turns Retrograde the day before the Eclipse, just in time for Thanksgiving (Thanks, Mercury!), and will go direct just in time for the Christmas madness and the winter season, yes thank you Mercury indeed! Communications run wild and amuck for many, and most who are reading this already know the drill with Mercury Retro. Let’s look for solutions rather than problems during this time, because we get more of what we focus on!

The high powered New Moon Eclipse pops at 2 degrees of Sagittarius, following the North Node, Mercury and Venus in the same sign (all three of which are conjoined the Galactic Center!). Being the sixth and final Super Moon of 2011, this happening indicates that we have reached an important turning point, an end of a major cycle leading to physical and spiritual harmonization.

Mars and Chiron form oppositions to each other and a mutable T-square to the Eclipse, encouraging us to become more active in the ways that we offer assistance, understanding, and compassion to others as well as to ourselves. The “missing piece” that we need to integrate into our beings at this time is symbolized by the South Node in Gemini. Generally we need to move away from what the South Node is doing, but right now as it moves through Gemini it would benefit us to remember what we have learned in and from the past, and to not abandon those close to us as we move collectively into the New Earth. We may not see eye to eye with some of our friends and family members, but we can at least appreciate what we have learned from relating to them. We can remember that every person and sentient being, no matter how lowly or bothersome they appear to be carries a spark of the divinity from which we all sprang.

The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius sparks within us and speaks to us of an expansion of awareness. Right now we don’t have to try in order to get things done or to figure things out so much as we have to let go and let things happen in their own timing and methods, doing the best we can to go with the flow with grace and gratitude.

Green Blessings to all!!!

You can also find my monthly horoscopes in the Upbeat Times of Sonoma County and read them online 🙂


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