Neptune in Pisces & the Age of Aquarius

Whatever our personal views on creation happen to be, and whether or not we believe in what we cannot see,  it’s clear as day that our precious Earth is changing in her accommodations, as so must we also. However we choose to describe or view what is happening, these times we are living in have been predicted for thousands of years, by many cultures in this world.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, is ruled by the planet Neptune, and is a water sign that represents the final stages of development that may lead to karmic liberation and transcendence. Although we have moved into the Age of Aquarius we still have some Piscean lessons to learn, lest we repeat the mistakes of our ancestors in the face of great change, revolution, and evolution.

Pisces, by Josephine Wall

Transitions now require more courage and intestinal fortitude from the human race than perhaps ever before since the time of the great Flood of biblical times. In April 2010 while shocking Uranus was preparing to exit from the last degrees of watery Pisces, the Gulf of Mexico experienced a traumatic BP oil spill. The planet entered Aries in May, and then went Retrograde in July, moving back into Pisces for a several months. On April 20th of 2010, the day when the oil rig explosion occurred, the comet Chiron had just entered Pisces where it will travel until February of 2019. On March 10th 2011, Uranus was again at the tip of the very last degree of Pisces, and a huge tsunami devastated the entire coast of Japan. Uranus went out with a bang. Since entering Aries, Uranus has been in a stressful square with Pluto in Capricorn that will last for the next six years, indicating yet more social upheaval. Both of these slow moving planets can create far-reaching and long-lasting results by bringing up all of the hidden sludge and slime that have choked up life on many levels. The bright side of this is that Uranus in Aries gives us the incentive and energy to do something about it, and to meet our challenges with integrity.

On April 4th of 2011, Neptune  – another slow moving, deeply impactful planet  entered Pisces where it will pass through until 2025, a phenomenon which occurs every 256 years. In June however, Neptune went Retrograde for five months, retracing its course back into Aquarius on August 4th, and back into Direct motion on December 9th. Many of us are already sensing the coming reentry of Neptune into Pisces which will occur on February 4th 2012.

In Pisces, Neptune is in its own domain, correlating not only with the ocean, but the sense of Oneness that the ocean represents. It is a planetary archetype that can easily align itself with the most devoted servants of the Divine, or the most delusional addicts, escapists and con artists. Selflessness and compassion are two of Neptune’s highlight features. Deception and undermining of the self and values are its darker manifestations. We have nowhere left to hide from the Truth, and yet with strong Neptunian energies present people are so tempted to fool themselves, to mask their pain, and to pretend everything is normal or acceptable when and where it isn’t. We will need to go beyond martyring and deeper into genuine cooperation – what the Age of Aquarius represents.

There is no such thing as “back to business as usual” anymore. War as a strategy won’t even work anymore, in the ways that it used to. It won’t work because Nature’s forces are becoming louder than any of humankind’s creations. Meanwhile Neptune functions in subtlety, by its own nature creating transparency of the ego, which makes the energy that this planet represents  a formidable aspect of the Universe to be reckoned with. This is becoming a New Earth, and we are but babies being born into it, seemingly helpless as we roll upon the waves of uncertainty.

The question is now for many of us – how do we manage? Furthermore, if we survive in a physical sense, how may we serve? We must first alert ourselves to what is going on, within and without, and without any judgments that blur our ability to be fully present. Cliché as it may sound, kindness is our key to navigating through this storm. Neptune in Pisces will assist us in this. Although we cannot control the elements nor any forces greater than ourselves, Love truly is the answer to what riddles us most. Closed hearts contracted by fear are what created most of our catastrophes and obviously our wars. Love and kindness makes life run more harmoniously. History has shown us that humankind’s downfall has its roots in a fear of the awesomeness of Nature.

Rather than open our hearts to the Earth we have often turned our backs on the very ground that sustains us. Ridiculously ignorant actions have caused tragic results for us. As much as it seems that the Earth hates us at times, she loves us dearly and unconditionally as we are a continuous part of her. How can we interpret what Mother Earth is saying, and to work with her in a way that is conscious, respectful, and loving? What is happening within her right now is that she is mending herself from past wounds, and mirroring back to us a lot of our own fears and wounds in the process. Like the Earth itself, we are less a substance than we are a process, infinitely unfolding.

On a personal level, Neptune in Pisces excites me as I have a strong emotional connection to the ocean (go figure – oceans and water represent emotions anyway!) and to both the physical and ethereal beings of the water. There is a reemerging of the merfolk occuring on the earth plane at this time. More to share on this in the future 😀

As Neptune travels through Pisces in the coming years, we must continue to unfold, and to be ready for the only thing that is sure and constant in life, change. We can currently collect ourselves by collectively beginning to savor the most simple of Nature’s wonders. We can do this by simply living in the moment, and we can share this activity and awareness in ritual with loved ones and community. We can remind ourselves of our divinity by giving our attention to the smell of the enduring rose, the warmth of the morning sun, the chirping of birds, the signs that tell us that life, mystery and magic abound. Our lives are an integral part of this mystery and magic.

original published copyright by Yerevan – March 14, 2011 (revised Jan 1, 2012)


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