Neptune and Earth Changes

My sense is that there is no coincidence between the much anticipated “end of the world” in 2012 and the entry of Neptune into the sign of Pisces. Although Neptune dipped into Pisces briefly on April 4th of 2011, it won’t fully enter Pisces for the long haul until February 3rd of 2012, a 14 year transit that will last until the August 4th 2025. This astrological happening represents such a powerful shift in consciousness in and of itself that it would behoove us to observe the meaning of this in our own personal as well as collective lives (also see Neptune in Pisces & the Age of Aquarius)

One such relevant observance was pointed out in a group event that I took part in during the Full Moon yesterday. During a Dharma talk, a dear woman friend read from the book “Wake Up to Your Life” by Ken McLeod, presenting us with a question that we were encouraged to ponder within ourselves, without any concern for a wrong or right answer. That question was

“Are you willing to let the image of yourself be shattered?”

(The image of yourself can be taken as the Buddhist concept of what is called the “innate view”, which is basically a formation of all the different illusions, delusions, past hurts and accomplishments, accumulations, and so on that make up what one believes and holds on to as their identity)

It is this question that Neptune often presents us with. This question is often particularly pronounced when Neptune is in relation to Pisces, the Moon, or the 12th house, collectively or within one’s personal chart. Neptune is an influence that comes unbidden to each of us at some point in our lives, whether young or old, without any preferences or prejudices for who we are, what we have done, or what we have attained. To the degree we are attached to our ideas of who we think we are or whatever we think we have, this influence can either be shattering or can come as a wave of deliverance.

Neptune in Pisces History

Neptune, along with Jupiter – the original ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered on September 23, 1846 has some governance over religions, idealogies, and philosophies, which is why many times in history when Neptune exited from Aquarius and entered into Pisces, there were great shifts from sensational and fast-paced media to a focus on inner values, religious practices, and cultural differences. It’s not that our precious Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other online methods of communication will suddenly vanish or fade into the vast blue sea, but the sense of just how vast the sea is will become more obvious and attention-grabbing. To some this will be experienced as disorientation and loss, and to others a great sense of expansion, freedom, and limitlessness. Although there is much more to cover on the subject, here are just a few brief examples of what occurred at some different points in history when Neptune entered Pisces.

  • The beginning of Communism occurred when Neptune entered Pisces in 1848 – the year of the Communist Manifesto.
  • At the end of January in 1357 when Neptune entered Pisces, there was a revolt in Paris led by Etienne Marcel. The economy of Europe changed as a result, centering more on trades and cities than land and property.
  • In 1193 the Aztec civilization started and Saladin, leader of the troops against the Crusaders died.
  • When Neptune entered Pisces in 702 there was a great Armenian rebellion against the Muslim laws.

Neptune and the Divine Feminine

Since Uranus entered Pisces in March of 2003 (now in Aries) female teachers and messengers have already been on the rise. As with teachers from any background, gender, or race, some of them fell into the category of “trendy female gurus” and a small portion of them have been legitimate. Especially with Neptune so prominent, we need to be careful of what and with whom we give credibility to. With Neptune in the mutable/feminine/water sign of Pisces there will be a great resurgence of the Divine Feminine on planet Earth. Due to the natural receptivity, emotional responsiveness, intuition, and compassion that is attributed to female energy we shall see many woman leaders take new and empowered roles in society.

Although fire can devour entire forests and destroy villages, the waves of the sea wear down the sand with repetition, and as we have seen, can devour entire cities. It is the soft, receptive, and compassionate nature of the watery Feminine that enables us to pass through certain challenges in life unscathed or alive, and it is this same energy that can overcome greed, hatred, and war.


Music is one of the expressions of Neptune, and indeed of Nature, whether made, heard, or seen in form of swirling hues and colorful patterns. Music can recorded but it cannot be contained, as it pulsates in all living things, and streams forth from those who consciously direct it, forever mutating itself in the seas of change. Different variations and tones of the same songs and rhythms have been recycled for thousands of years, perhaps as long as music itself has existed. This is one of the great mysteries of music.

Here at the end of Neptune’s transit through Aquarius, within the past couple of years there has been an enormous trend among young people with the electronic music known as Dupstep. This music may pave the way for yet deeper, even more surreal, danceable, tranceable tunes to tease our ears in the years to come.

When Neptune is in Pisces music shall reign in ways we have never seen in our current lifetime. Within the first year it may seem like the opposite, with mainstream music taking an even deeper “dive” into nonsensical lyrics and generic melodies devoid of soul – as if we haven’t heard enough already. Gimmicks, both fashion related and musical may quicken and heighten, reaching an all-time peak until they taper off and “die”.

Then…it will be time for those old psalteries and Spanish guitars to be dusted off, retuned, and played. Water drums, whistles, brass, bass and vox will come together forming symphonies and sounds that may make what’s considered “New Age” and World Music today more widespread, only combined with elements that we cannot yet fathom. Music theatres and shows with 3-D effects, somewhat like the Pink Floyd shows that used to be popular in S.F. may become popular yet again, with even new dimensions of interaction and sensory stimulation. 3-D glasses are already becoming a fad with movies…why not with music? I’m suddenly thinking of the band Tool’s latest album, 10,000 days with the attached 3D glasses by which to view the CD’s artistic “moving” imagery – the perfect example of a Neptunian expression.

Neptune  & Personal Aspects

Anyone who was either born under the sign of Pisces, has Pisces Ascendant, or Pisces Moon may be very sensitive to Neptune’s transit through Pisces, particularly when Neptune makes the actual transiting aspect to any of their personal planets. Neptune transits that make aspects to anyone’s Ascendant, Midheaven, and personal planets may be confusing, confrontational, or confounding in relation to beliefs, dreams, visions, and spirituality. They can also turn out to be creatively inspired and completely liberating. Below are a few very brief examples of what may come up when Neptune aspects any of your following planets, whether by birth or transit:

Sun – Identity crisis, general inspiration or spirituality, strange encounters with men

Moon – Emotional sensitivity, challenges with mother, escapism, musical inspiration

Mercury – Confusion or miscommunication, intense dreams, creative inspiration

Venus – Artistic inspiration, sacrifice or illusions, romance, higher values

Mars – Great restlessness, power struggles, disillusionment, spiritual work & progress

Jupiter – Heightened imagination, tendency to indulge, spiritual compassion

Saturn – Moodiness, spiritual initiation, spiritual potential but work to be done

Uranus – Strong psychic abilities and awakenings, sudden revelations

NeptuneEither comes as complete demise or complete liberation, spiritual opening

Nagivating the Realms of Neptune in Pisces

Although born under the air sign of Libra, I have quite a few aspects to Neptune in my birth chart, challenging to say the least. They are enough to make me ponder the meaning of this planet in my own life and in relation to life itself. I think of all of the difficulties that we must endure while living in human bodies on the Earth, and of all of the big “Uh-oh – not that transit!” transits that we painfully anticipate and struggle to cope with in life – Saturn returns, Mercury Retrogrades, Plutonian conjunctions, to name a few. If it seems like constant change is happening, it IS! That thing that we dread the most is constantly happening, but it’s not doing this against us. We only see it that way because as creatures of habit we resist yet more changes and the adjustments that are required of us in the face of change. We want to relax, not work.

Now we have this great big Neptune in Pisces thing about to happen, and although most of us haven’t made the connection, we are calling it the end-of-the-world, sensing that some great shift is about to occur in relation to what we hold and believe to be reality.

When clients come to me with various complaints and certain questions, I do my best to take into consideration their personal experience of their own version of reality, and rather than conflict with their version of reality, and without cementing any of the negativity that they identify with, I simply like to offer an expanded view of reality – one that they can add on to their own if they choose. In highly persistent cases, when all else has failed, I’ve often prescribed the same remedy for different maladies. That is – to take oneself lightly. Tread lightly, take oneself lightly, let go of “stuff”, and even laugh, for Heaven’s sake, or for one’s own sake. It doesn’t always make sense – this life, our challenges, and our perceptions of it. Sometimes it’s all just squiggly lines and jumbled verbs, distractions, tragicomedies and trajectories that continue to occupy the giant stage that we each perform upon. Sometimes, like when Neptune enters Pisces, it’s about surrendering to the great unknown. If we are willing to let go of a precious image that we have of reality, then anything will be possible for us, including liberation from suffering. If we go into this period of change with fear and attachment, we will only be creating more suffering for ourselves in the future. If we can truly be open to new ways of perceiving and living, we can collectively become and en-lightened race.

Things in relation to Neptune:

What all of things below share in common is that their root meanings, causes and effects stem from that which has no real shape and concrete definitions are difficult to pin down. This is the way that Neptune functions. This is what we may need to keep in mind as we witness the transition from Neptune in Aquarius to Neptune in Pisces:

  • Art
  • Poetry
  • Music
  • Television
  • Telescopes (Neptune was invisible to us on Earth before telescopes improved –tele means “far”)
  • Movies
  • Photography
  • Illusions
  • Chemicals
  • Poisons
  • Gases
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Psychedelics
  • Dissolution & dissolving
  • Oceans
  • Religion
  • Dreams
  • Nightmares
  • Fantasy
  • Paranoia
  • Mist
  • Mysticism
  • Psychic phenomena
  • The Void

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