Meet the Wondrous Water Dragon!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Black Water Dragon, riding on the waves of change and transformation! This is truly a fortunate time and year to begin anew in any aspect of life, for the dragon represents strength, spiritual power, boundless creativity, wisdom and protection.

As every creature, person, event, place, and even concept has a higher intelligence, it behooves us to consciously connect to this intelligence so as to form harmonious relationships that are mutually beneficial – relationships that may ultimately be of benefit to all beings. If we take even a few moments today and throughout the week to acknowledge the Dragon energy and our relationship to it, we can make the most of our journey through this year.

To some the dragon is merely a product of the human imagination, and that is the way it is meant to be, for if there were no mysteries at all human existence might become a bit boring! The Water element suggests a deeply emotional year, one that helps us tune into our intuitive and feminine energies. The color Black suggests earthiness, groundedness, and a desire to remain calm and unruffled by external events and pressures.

Dragons are highly revered creatures that are known to exist in many locations on land, in the sky, and sea and also in different dimensions. They have often been known to shapeshift, taking on the forms of various animals such as dragonflies (one of my near and dear insect Totems), snakes, fireflies, lizards, eagles and hawks. They may appear briefly in their true form through lightning and thunder, volcanic regions, or their presence sensed within caves, and are known to have control over climates and weather. It is believed that whenever a dragon is encountered, a unicorn will also be near.

We can make special acknowledgements of the Water Dragon through meditation, dance, or simple rituals, words, or prayers. We can plant, grow, or otherwise make use of a basil plant in our home or garden, as this herb is known to share a close connection with dragons. A picture of Kwan Yin, goddess of compassion riding on her dragon chariot, placed upon the altar may be another way to connect with the Dragon.

I find the prominence of watery energy we have this year to be very interesting. Year of the Black Water Dragon and Neptune entering Pisces are two of the main biggies…I am envisioning a great deal of female empowerment, psychic phenomena on a massive scale, and more people removing themselves from harmful situations in search of peace.


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