March Forecast 2012

“When you start to hear your inner voice, you’ll realize how ancient you are,
how much stardust is in your suitcase.”
– Andrei Ridgeway

Andromeda Galaxy by NASA

Take Heart…

Here at the edge of the end of winter, with many trees already in full bloom (at least here on the West Coast), we have much to look forward to even if things have been very hard lately, as they have been for many. Spirit is communicating to me that the overall theme this month is about taking heart, no matter what conditions are that we have been in or may still be in.

The sad news that more Americans said they struggled to buy food in 2011 than in any year since the financial crisis, according to a recent report from the Food Research and Action Center (a nonprofit research group) brings us to the stark awareness of a rapidly declining economy, again pointing out the vulnerability of the human race. But there is even more impoverishment of a different kind, that is causing many to seek out forms of nourishment and wisdom that they may never have before. This is the nourishment of the spirit, and more people in the so-called civilized nations and cultures are seeking this on a grand scale. In our collective return to nature and ourselves, we are realizing that we are far more capable and powerful that we thought. As we seek for community and strip away the illusions of our passing concern, we come to see our real worth and beauty as limitless beings. When we feed our minds and spirits with truth and beauty, our bodies and the material aspects of our lives tend to reformulate, mend, and prosper.

It is time for us to take heed to our quiet inner voices, and to take heart in what we know to be true, of everlasting “value” that is beyond what we can attribute to any worldly values. In an age where humans and other beings are made to feel dependant on external sources for sustenance, maintenance, assistance, and approval we sometimes lose sight of what is truly within us that can never be taken away from us, tainted or sold. This inner truth is worth more than gold, in the great scheme of things. This inner truth is actually what we are made of.

……in the spirit of taking heart…

Reach into your heart
Reach for each other
Reach into the soil
Reach for the stars
Reach past your hurt and fears
To reach the eternal

Inquiry Into the Heart of the Matter

Inquiry, without trying to change anything, is one of the first steps to enlightenment. It is not necessary for all of us, but it can be very revealing, in and of itself. This month see what happens when you ask yourself, “What am I feeding myself via the basic senses?”

What foods am I eating?
What imagery do I frequently gaze upon?
What kind of conversation do I often listen to and engage in?
What music do I listen to a lot? What does it say to me?
What are the scents of my home, self, surroundings?
What kind of company do I keep?
What kind of intimacy do I share?
In what ways do I nourish myself?
In what ways do I nourish others?

Is something missing from this list? Is something missing from your life? Life on Earth? The collective lives of millions? A nourishment beyond the physical senses may come to mind, during or after the inquiry. This nourishment may accompany any or none of the above types of sensory engagement. Try this one by itself:

What sustains me?

There is no right or wrong answer. Let this be a meditative inquiry rather than a quiz. There is no goal either. The asking will bring insights to ourselves.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is Retrograde this month, which may put a delay on certain plans or projects, while highlighting some of the older ones that have been sitting around awaiting completion. What this also indicates overall is to be patient with computer, telephone, electronic, and automobile glitches. Be wary of new business ventures, expensive purchases or gambling, unless something “falls into your lap” without your trying, in which case it was already on its way. Mercury was traveling through Pisces in the first couple days of March, the sign associated with spiritual service and liberation, and then on the 2nd quickly entered into pioneering Aries. On the 23rd it will recede back into Pisces, bringing our attention back to spiritual subjects and pursuits. In any sign Mercury Retrograde causes introspection and greater reflection, but these tendencies are particularly heightened in Pisces.

I have put up a Mercury Retrograde Support page for those who would find benefit and relief in knowing they are not alone in their struggles at this time, and also those who are able and inclined to share a few chuckles regarding Mercury Retrograde mishaps, and even to share some Mercury Retrograde miracles.

3-8-12 Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon is at 18 degrees of Virgo in conjunction with Retrograde Mars at 11 degrees Virgo. There are many strong feelings boiling beneath the surface that may feel ready to burst, and there are many health issues that may either come to a head or come to completion. All of this heightened Virgo energy is undoubtedly grabbing many peoples’ attention lately via their immune systems and the need to detoxify from both inner and outer pollutants. Virgo at its best essentially seeks for purity – in work, service, expression, and health, and is very capable of creating this. Sometimes though when there are blockages in Virgo’s natural expression, this sign can manifest its energies as criticism, crisis, and turmoil. We need to be vigilant in the face of these particular challenges whether we are experiencing them or witnessing them in those around us, and to become patient, compassionate, and kind for best results. The sensitive Moon’s trine to transformative Pluto may help in determining the best actions to take as it heightens our intuitive faculties and problem solving skills. Doing whatever we can as best we can,  meaning doing our best to correct, improve, and help others and ourselves is key at this time.

3-22-12 New Moon in Aries

Just two days after the Spring Equinox, the New Moon happens at 2 degrees of the outgoing fire sign Aries, in a conjunction with Uranus at 4 degrees, and Mercury Retrograde at 0 zero degrees Aries as it prepares to back into Pisces. This volatile combination will make for interesting conversation at the very least, and probably will result in many loud and exciting occurrences, sudden reversals or changes in plans, wild adventures and unexpected guests! As always when Uranus is prominent, and even more so when Mercury is Retrograde beside it – better to be safe than sorry by expecting the unexpected! Some great art and storytelling could come of all of this. This Spring Equinox is a funny one, in that spring is associated with new beginnings and yet so many times Mercury has been Retrograde during it, so that the new beginnings are somewhat delayed, often until Summer. It won’t take all of Spring is set new things into motion, but we’d best be patient until the second week of April when Mercury is out of the “shadow” phase from its retrograding. In the meantime, we can enjoy the things we’ve already set into motion, and continue to do the best we can with what we have.

Runes for March 2012 Sowelu & Uruz

Sowelu represents the light of the sun, victory, and success, and that a powerful awakening will lead to a new life. Sometimes it can mean that deep introspection is required before we can move ahead, so as to pinpoint where and how our own personal hang-ups are the blocks on our path. We need to be honest with ourselves, personally and collectively about who we are and what we are doing, challenging us to live up to the fullness of our potential. Uruz backing this rune up means that we have strength and energy on our side, even if in the form of outside help from others when we least expect it. We must go forward despite our fears. A great evolutionary leap is indicated.

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