Endocrine Illness Illuminated

The Psycho-Spiritual Aspects of Brain
and Endocrine Imbalances

“To experience pain is inevitable. To suffer is optional.”
(Zen Aphorism)

Before modern medicine, many people with autoimmune, brain, and endocrine illnesses died slow and painful deaths in isolation and fear. Those fortunate enough to live somewhat peaceful lives had the support of family or friends, and often some sort of spiritual practice that helped them make sense of it all. Now we have the knowledge and the medicines, both allopathic and alternative, to help ourselves, but there still so many who do not realize this, and thus resign themselves to suffering. Unfortunately these illnesses are still sorely misdiagnosed with dire consequences for the patients, by many modern medical practitioners. This is why it is so important for us to educate ourselves.

My first inspiration to writing this article in 2006 was to help others who are experiencing a similar kind of pain that I went through for much of my life. Over time it has continued to expand and may eventually turn into a book. With the passing of a sweet friend in August of 2009, the nudge came for me to update this article. A month before she commit suicide, during an astrology reading she had asked me about what the chakras meant in depth. I shared what came to mind, yet had totally forgotten about this article which includes information that might have addressed some of the intensity of her inner struggles. She kept her condition hidden from almost everyone because she was afraid of what they might think of her if they knew. This young, beautiful, and talented woman not only touched me profoundly but the hearts of almost everyone whom she had met. Words cannot express the way she blessed my life, and how she woke many of us up.

A Search for Healing

My becoming an intuitive reader and healer was not something I had mapped out or that involved formal training. One could say that I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks. Somewhat like the classical experience of a shamanic initiation I was dragged “kicking & screaming” onto this path, eventually coming to understand and accept its awakenings as a gift to myself and others. As a seeker I have long sought the answers to myriad health problems, both out of curiosity and as a desire to be of service.

Many answers were never found “out there”, no matter how far and wide the search. After extensive research came the realization that what I sought was and is within me all along, as it is within us all. This is a summarization of some answers to the questions regarding the interplay of health and spiritual illnesses – particularly those which are very difficult to diagnose and treat. It took many years of silent suffering, frequently being on the verge of death, and various healing practitioners to decipher and help me address issues such as adrenal exhaustion, autoimmunity, thyroid and brain imbalances, and the multiple effects of early trauma. My health may not be “picture perfect” now, but it has improved dramatically while applying some of the various healing modalities that will be shared here. Since the average healthy person cannot imagine what kind of misery that endocrine and brain imbalances could imply, I believe it is important to inform those in close relationships with people that have these illnesses and their corresponding sensitivities.

Some of the most successful treatments for me have been received through acupuncture, plants and vibrational medicines. Dietary changes became necessary, but dietary changes alone did not solve the problems. I was physically incapacitated from ages 18 through 25, and after numerous ER visits had become deeply and angrily opposed to allopathic medicine. Due to dramatic weight loss and fainting episodes experienced in public, I developed severe agoraphobia and many other mental aberrations that seemed beyond my control. I rarely made it out the front door, and when I did, it was rarely without severe heart palpitations, dry mouth, and bodily pains associated with extreme anxiety. My body had begun to atrophy from accumulated stress, lack of exercise, and a negative environment. The symptoms of illness and lowered immunity had spread into every part of my body, and each day was full of extreme discomfort. I spent ninety percent of my time in the dream world, hanging on to this world by a wisp of a thread.

Determining symptoms and imbalances

In general there are various degrees to which these any of the diseases described here can or will progress. Some people only experience mild symptoms, while others are debilitated. In general, there seems to be a higher percentage of women who are affected. Some are born with endocrine illness and others acquire it later in life, usually due to trauma or hormonal shifts. Many of the women who become weak are workaholics or at-home mothers who wind up depleted from trying to please too many people and keep everyone’s lives together but their own. Sometimes men suffer from these same symptoms and conditions. In terms of scientific research and general observation I have noticed that more women seem to be affected by the physical aspects of endocrine illness, while the ratio of men with a predominance of mental disturbances seems higher, but both genders often obviously experience both kinds of symptoms.

Symptoms of endocrine and autoimmune illnesses, (such as Epstein-bar virus, Candidiasis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme’s, Lupus, etc.) share many similarities, and often coexist. The above named are more physical in nature, and tend to cause chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, with heightened sensitivities to toxins. Oftentimes the worst symptoms spring as a result of both the brain and body being assaulted by toxins. Brain chemistry imbalances such as autism, Tourrette’s syndrome, Asperger’s, schizophrenia, and bi-polar disorders can appear to wreak havoc in the body in the form of tics, although these disorders also often affect the person’s ability to cope with what we call 3D reality in the typically socially accepted ways. Sometimes, people suffer equally from both physical and mental distress and fatigue.

The questionnaire at the end of this article may help you determine if you are suffering from one of these imbalances. Some readers may already be aware of their imbalances and working on them or have achieved equilibrium, but in the event that some of you reading score high in this test, please do further research, and seek a practitioner who is willing to help you determine the appropriate treatment. We all hear about the negative aspects of illness but seldom do we realize or discuss the deeper lessons we can learn or the spiritual reasons behind them, let alone what to do about them. It is my intention to unveil these reasons to the readers, awakening their own latent wisdom as well.

At Birth or Along the Way

These are my own opinions and observations, and in no way do I claim this to be factual. Make of it whatever you wish and what works for you. Essentially I would like to propose the idea that many of those with endocrine illness may actually be blessed, once they know how to harness the wisdom from the  unique lessons behind such illnesses. Despite what sort of illness one has, including mental, I believe there is always a bit of consciousness called free will, which allows one to make the choices to improve one’s life.

I have long observed that many souls who experience the above mentioned bodily illnesses share many spiritual characteristics in common. It does often make a big difference if the symptoms began early on or if they arrived in adulthood. There are many variables.

If the worst symptoms began in mid-life, there are two basic possible reasons. A) There was an intense build-up of stresses or a major cataclysmic event that shook that person to the core – developing PTSD as a result, for instance or B) There was a build-up of stresses that broke the person down, showing what was already deeply imbalanced all along. It may be easier for some people who develop symptoms later in life to recover faster, depending on the particular trigger for their breakdown. The person who was born with such complications can improve, and sometimes even heal completely, but usually has taken them strenuous effort. Their healing usually entails some form of radical transformation that alters their life in every way.

The most prominent theme I have observed in those born with or experiencing early endocrine imbalances is a very strong connection to the unseen world. Another commonality I’ve observed is a resistance that many of these souls had/have to the current incarnation. On a physical level there were often birth complications, whether they were premature, late, or born with health problems that needed immediate attention. Many (of course there are many exceptions), of these souls also learned later that they were on the verge of being aborted, or that the mother had previous difficulties in conceiving. And, often these souls were born into broken or “dysfunctional” families, sexually abused, or raised as orphans. In addition these souls also seem to have taken on what may be called much of the genetic or so-called “karmic” weight of their ancestors. Their struggles often reflect a conglomeration of unresolved conflicts stemming from one or both sides of the family.

Possible reasons for this resistance to the Earth plane:

  • May have preferred the world/space that was previously inhabited.
  • Not looking forward to Earth challenges, or not feeling ready.
  • Tired of the incarnation loop, just wanting to get on with what comes after physical life.

The main difference in those who were born with endocrine imbalances and those who acquired them later in life, is that those who came in with these challenges tend to carry a specific archetypal signature, which can be called that of the Wounded Healer. They may find the study of the mythology and astrological placement of the comet Chiron in their natal charts to be extremely insightful. If and once they step into their true power they often become servers of their community in some way. Having experienced so much illness and trauma firsthand they may instinctively know how to help others.

Outer Appearance & Inner Purpose

Despite outer appearances  or conditions there is often characteristic antiquity in their eyes, through which they see through much of the illusions of lower dimensional (dense) reality. It may seem ironic, considering how little energy these people may often appear to be equipped with, yet ultimately these souls came here to do tremendous work. The work involves replacing previous limitations with positive expectations, helping themselves in order to help others, and for many, to serve as healers in some way. Despite long periods of seeming inactivity and/or fatigue this is ironically not a restful lifetime for these souls. It is an intensive one that requires deep inner work and transformation that brings the person’s awareness into what may be called “God-realization”, Selfhood, or Oneness. Due to the amount of energy this requires, their adrenals are often subject to burn-out, at least initially until Source energy has been fully tapped into and personal energy is no longer being exhausted. The process of constant inner scrutiny and reform can have brutal effects upon the physical, emotional, and mental fields, until we have allowed ourselves to open up to an endless supply of love, compassion and support from the Universe which is indeed possible for all who seek it out. This is the ultimate goal and focus for many of us in order to be of benefit, and is its own reward.

Many people with autoimmune disorders and endocrine illness appear quite healthy to those around them, so they receive very little support or understanding from family and friends, and even doctors. An all-too-commonly heard remark is “Well, you look good (or fine, etc.)” – as if that really matters to a person who feels like they’re falling apart inside! The old “buck-up” and “get-going” attitude is projected onto these people so often they begin to internalize these expectations and place demands on themselves that are nearly impossible to reach. This further sets in the mentality of exhaustion and failure. This is all so unnecessary.

By learning to bring greater awareness into our bodies, we counteract many of the unpleasant symptoms. As the saying goes, “the greater the challenge, the sweeter the victory”. After coping with, and surviving so much strife, life can certainly take on new meaning, and never tastes, looks, or feels the same again. The goal here is not just to survive, but to thrive!

Dr. Rind shares an interesting quote on the topic of adrenal fatigue in relation to spirituality. He offers a website with great suggestions on how to take and plot temperatures for self-diagnoses in endocrine imbalances, and what supplements can be helpful: http://www.drrind.com/metabolic.asp

“Intuition is an interesting quality of early life adrenal fatigue. The later in life the development of adrenal fatigue, the less likely one is to spontaneously develop intuitive ability. People that develop adrenal fatigue early in life are often described as empaths and will tell their friends (but not their doctor) about their ability to pick up feelings. They often suffer because of their high sensitivity and are always looking for new ways to ‘ground’ themselves. This problem often clears by simply supporting the adrenals and getting them to function well again. Poor adrenal function is not essential for intuitive development. Strengthening the adrenals does not weaken the intuition once it is there. Individuals that develop adrenal fatigue later in life (because of high stress, virus etc.) tend not to claim this intuitive ability.

Spiritual orientation is more common in those with early adrenal fatigue. It is less common in those with later onset of adrenal fatigue and those with strong, healthy adrenals. There seems to be a personality difference (archetype) between those with strong adrenals and those with weak adrenals.”

Unfortunately not all of those who suffer from endocrine illness survive, even though they may have tried giving it their all both physically and mentally.  Suicide is often intricately linked with health imbalances that are often beyond peoples’ control until or unless they reach out to receive assistance in some way. This includes asking for spiritual help. In a way, all illness offers us the opportunity to develop our relationship with the source of Creation, called by many names. It is in these states of humility that we may often see life more clearly, and we learn what truly matters and what doesn’t.

The 7 Chakras (Light Centers) of the Endocrine System

In Eastern philosophy, each chakra corresponds to an endocrine gland. So much has already been written on this topic, so here we will focus on the chakras as they pertain to physical endocrine imbalances. It is interesting to note that the upper top three chakras of people with the above illnesses are often very developed, while the heart and lower ones are underdeveloped (This situation is backward, or opposite of normal human evolution, where people begin their development in the lower chakras and work their way up. This means that the soul is figuring out how to “come in” to the body, rather than becoming aware of their spirit.). This does not mean that the heart is totally closed down or unable to love, but that it often doesn’t hold enough light for its own good. This is often due to early abuse. The heart as the great mediator of all chakras is known in many esoteric traditions, and meditations involving the heart chakra as well as the actual organ have shown to trigger a restorative response within the body. The first three chakras, from Root to Solar Plexus are about survival, social/sexual interaction, as well as identity – three things that these people seem to bump along at much of the time. Beginning from top to bottom, here are descriptions of the seven major chakras:

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is associated with the pineal gland. This was the most recently discovered gland, and is still undergoing intensive research. One of its primary roles (aka the “timekeeper of the brain”) is the production of melatonin, which helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, as well as the overall functioning of the immune system. In addition, the pineal gland has been observed to excrete dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a substance some people ingest as a “recreational” drug, and which is naturally produced by our brains at the moment of death. DMT is also believed to be a precursor to dreams, visions, and other forms of altered consciousness. Recently, it was discovered that the pineal also has an influence on some adrenal functions. In certain animals as well as humans, the pineal also appears to possess sensitivity to the earth’s magnetic field and various electromagnetic influences. It is interesting to note that Edgar Cayce’s view of a dysfunctional pineal gland (which often has a great impact upon the functioning of the adrenals as well) was designated as a sort of “kundalini crisis.” I have noticed people with bi-polar disorders, epilepsy, schizophrenia, autoimmune and endocrine illnesses, or even autism, often suffer from a constant “pumping” motion of this chakra, where it fluctuates between being too open and too closed. When wide open the person can exhibit wild, joyous or manic behavior. They make great channelers (yet because of this, they need to use caution in the influx of energy their bodies may be unequipped to handle – they may fall prey to entities which leech their energy and lower their immunity), because they are so open to the spirit world. When closed anxiety can prevail, or the person may sink into such dark depression that the person sees no purpose in living, no sense of meaning (esoterically the crown is the seat of Understanding). Often these people suffer from a combination of insomnia and intense dreams or nightmares, and frequent depression. Most metaphysicians associate the pineal gland with the Crown chakra only, but it is also closely connected with the Brow.

Brow Chakra/3rd Eye

The Third Eye chakra is associated with the pituitary gland. Physically, the pituitary gland is very small in our day and age, approximately the size of a pea located at the base of the brain.  Despite this small size, it is considered a “master” gland of the endocrine system – its function is important. The pituitary gland secretes hormones that regulate homeostasis, which was a term coined by Walter B. Cannon in 1932 to mean internal balance. It is responsible for the production of several hormones that regulate the body rhythms. Metaphysicians have associated the Brow chakra or “third eye” with this gland, which is situated in the center of the forehead, slightly above the eyes. When there are imbalances in this chakra, physical symptoms will ensue. These range from mild depression and tension headaches, to visual disturbances, poor concentration and memory, nervous disorders, insomnia and frigidity. It is through this chakra that we may experience clairvoyance, the ability to see spirits, auras, and energy fields. This is where we tap into our intuition – those inner hunches we have about situations despite what they appear to be on the surface or what others say about them. People with autoimmune and endocrine disorders experience a similar effect here as with their Crown chakra, in that the Brow tends to alternate between very open and closed, rather violently and frequently. The symptoms of extreme paranoia and freaking out can often be traced to an imbalance in this chakra. It is an Old Wives’ remedy to lull a crying baby off to sleep by gently rubbing their central brow area. This has its basis in the fact that when this area is rubbed endorphins are released, which enable one to relax. This trick works often wonders for adults too.

Throat Chakra

The Throat chakra is the seat of clairaudience – the ability to hear on the spirit level, whether messages from the Higher Self or other entities. The Throat and Heart and two of the most commonly blocked chakras in the human energy system. It is interesting that the ability to hear and speak is linked with the ability to create. It is an ancient belief that Creation first came forth from the Word. The power of every intention carries its own vibration, and when consciously sounded, specific manifestations follow. The thyroid is smack dab in the center of this chakra, so it goes without saying that when the throat is imbalanced, the ability to create as one desires often seems thwarted. When the thyroid is underactive, there may be a karma of not speaking out when it was needed (or in some cases speaking when it’s inappropriate), or not creating when resources were available, essentially – not trusting the self, which traces to dis-trusting God, feeling “cut-off” and forsaken. This chakra is very much about Truth and Trust. Those with imbalances here tend to speak often of what they don’t like nor want, thus attracting more of those very things. When they take time to express their creativity, they find that their health improves. The mediums are limitless. Music, painting, dancing and writing are all perfect examples. When these people don’t create, they discover a heightening of discomfort or suppressed immune function. This similar to those who try to suppress their sexual energy and wind up going insane. There is a link between the throat and the sacral chakras, as both confer creative expression.

Heart Chakra

Upon being asked where the Indian Saint known as Amma, representing the Divine Mother gets all of her energy for hugging hundreds of people all day, she replied “Where there is Love, there is no effort.” What a powerful message! No one could come up with that answer through intellectual means.

It has been said that when the Heart chakra, the center of Love, is balanced, the others will be also. The heart does pump blood throughout our bodies, so if our energy is low, we could benefit from energizing the heart! This clues us in to its functions as the mediator. When in doubt, bring your attention to the Heart! Sadly, the heart is where most of us have learned to contract our energy, when feeling threatened or vulnerable. Actually, the Heart is where we can give and receive Love (including all forms of love), without attachments. The Heart chakra’s connection with the Crown, means there is a Divine flow of energy that is emitted through us here – if we allow it. This gives us access to an infinite supply of love, healing, and wisdom, any time we choose.

Dorothy Mandel PhD, has dedicated herself to extensive research about the heart as an “organ of perception”. Due to the success with many of her clients, she now teaches how to activate the heart’s Restorative Response, thus building up both clarity and peace of mind, as well as harmonizing the body’s immune and nervous systems. Her technique was inspired by the HeartMath Institute , which she acknowledges for their developments in heart research and wellbeing. Dorothy believes that focusing upon the heart while recalling or generating a sense of gratitude can increase the production of hormones such as oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone known to speed wound healing and diminish pain sensation. Oxytocin researcher Kirsten Uvnas-Moberg believes that it mediates a calming response that counteracts the harmful effects of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. In short, by focusing attention on the heart and intentionally accessing heartfelt emotions such as appreciation and caring, we learn to generate greater energy in the heart and increase the overall/optimal functioning of our bodily functions. It’s been said there are more neurons going from the heart to brain than vice versa. To learn more about the Restorative Response or contact Dorothy at birthbus@gmail.com

Solar Plexus

This chakra is known as the seat of power, ego, and ambition. A plethora of health problems indicates in no uncertain terms there is trouble in this center. Trouble with authority, parental figures, or asserting oneself in the world all relate to the Solar Plexus. There is an inability to “digest” and “assimilate” life experiences and lessons, thus they repeat over and over. Physically, the liver is closest to the solar plexus, which is our body’s largest and most neglected organ in our culture. The liver has to process hormones and physical toxins as well as emotional outrage. Muscle tension, nervousness, and irritability all have a connection here. It is known in Chinese medicine, that Liver stores anger, until we transmute that anger into loving kindness. We need to start with ourselves, and that’s often the hardest part of this journey. This center is where people like to leech on and manipulate energy, and it often goes both ways. Build a strong sense of self, but be the skillful director of that self, rather than letting it direct you –be the shaper, rather than being shaped by it.

Sexual Chakra

The 2nd chakra is where we tune into others on a feeling level, rather than mental. This includes friends, family, and pets. Due to the connection with the sexual organs and drive, when this area is blocked or inactive, there may be problems with libido, shyness, fearfulness, and being overwhelmed. Physically there may be constipation, tumors, or generative disorders. The Sexual chakra is closely connected with the kidneys, which stores our vital lifeforce energy. The karmic pattern associated with sexual chakra imbalances are generally about either over-exerting ourselves energetically, or holding ourselves back due to fear. Both of these actions are actually fear-based: “Gotta do it all now, or I won’t ever be able to catch up” or “I won’t do it at all cause I’ll probably fail”. This can manifest as hoarding, constantly seeking outer stimulation (such as through games, company, sex, drugs, and other stimulants), or through simply refusing to interact with others for any number of reasons. In Qi Kung and other Chinese martial arts, the attention is often brought to this chakra (or the Solar Plexus), for cultivating a greater reservoir of energy that can be used for healing. Regular deep breathing from the abdomen can stimulate this chakra.

Root Chakra

The Root is so named because it is exactly that – our root connection from the base of our spine to Mother Earth. If this center is blocked we don’t know how to deal with mundane life, to be embodied, or even to simply take care of our basic needs. We’ve lost connection to our bodies, thus to the Earth. Instead of warm and nurturing, the world then seems cold and hostile. When this chakra is blocked the legs or sacrum might even “give out” on a person. The person literally, and figuratively, has lost the ability to stand on their own two feet. They may feel cheated, impotent, frightened, guilty and unworthy, thus burrowing themselves further into situations of lack – lack of money, love, or whatever it is they seek and need for survival. The connecting loop is the Crown, which opens up to the limitness of the Universe. “As above, so below”, the old axiom of Hermes applies here. If we can open up to the Earth’s love and bounty, we’ll find that our bodies fill with light and grow in strength.

Astrological Indicators

Medical astrology is a branch of astrology that focuses on health in relation to the person’s natal chart and transits. There seems to be some frequent chart patterns in those with endocrine/autoimmune illness. Often there is strong emphasis in Virgo and/or the 6th house, particularly with this sign and house involving difficult aspects to the Moon, Saturn, Neptune, or Pluto. This would include any of these planets being in the sign or 6th house of Virgo. The Moon itself is also often prominent or in a stressful position in the charts of these people. I have also noticed greater frequency of autoimmune difficulties in people with difficult placements in non-vital (meaning, generally not too energized or physically strong) signs such as Cancer, Libra, and Pisces. Chiron is often either Retrograde and/or in Water or Earth signs  (Water relates to emotions and Earth relates to the body), or it may be in conjunction with the Sun or the Moon. This is not to say that everyone with Chiron in these signs or aspects are subject to illness, but it is merely a pattern I have observed in several charts. Understanding these patterns and many more can illuminate the Soul’s deeper meaning so healing can more effectively take place. There are so many astrology resources today that it can seem daunting to choose from among them. One of the best and most highly acclaimed free Astrology websites is Astrodienst.

Celebrities with Autoimmune, Brain & Endocrine disorders

Here is a list of a few celebrities who struggle with specific autoimmune and and brain imbalances. I’m not a fan or follower of all these celebrities but find it interesting to note their particular ailments :

Autoimmune Disorders

Kim Kardashian – Psoriasis (who would have guessed with all the layers of makeup)
Oprah Winfrey  – Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (she has talked her way through that one!)
Queen Anne  – Lupus Erythematosis
Mary McDonoughs – Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s (life as an actress can be stressful)

ADD & ADHD (doctors today say this doesn’t even exist – perhaps the traits used to describe this mental debility stem from having a very creative mind!)

Albert Einstein
Salvador Dali
Pablo Picasso
Vincent Van Gogh
Edgar Allan Poe
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Virginia Woolf
William Butler Yeats
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Benjamin Franklin
John F. Kennedy (also had Addison’s Disease, which effects the adrenals)

Chronic Fatigue

Flea (from Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Stevie Nicks
Ken Wilber (author)


John Nash (The movie “A Beautiful Mind” was based on the life of this American mathematician)
Syd Barrett (of the band Pink Floyd)
Eduard Einstein  (Albert Einstein’s son)
Mary Todd Lincoln (wife of Abraham Lincoln)

Triggers and Dangers

  • Stress – this one cannot be avoided so coping skills must be developed. Stress can effect anyone but is especially detrimental to those with low energy reserves.  It can be important that close friends and family know the basic situation so they understand your limitations and are better able to help and respond. This in itself relieves a lot of unnecessary stress. Negative attitudes amplify stress! Negative company, the news channel blaring on T.V., and either too much or too little company can be very stressful. Although it may initially take great effort to think on the bright side when your brain is foggy and/or your body seems weak, it all starts with thought! Generate a heart-mind link with what brings you joy, and the rest will follow. Yoga, deep breathing exercises, walks in the park, and relaxing music are a few things that may help.
  • Endocrine disrupters (ED’S, primarily in the form of GMOs lavishly sprayed and pumped into many of our favorite vegetables and fruits) are chemical substances that interfere with the natural functioning of the glands of the endocrine system. ED’s often mimic certain hormones, often causing the right changes at the wrong times – or even in the wrong genders. Young girls under the age of 10 get their periods, and boys begin to grow breasts. In fully grown adults ED’s can have numerous, and insidious side effects. If unchecked for a long period of time these effects can further lead to serious complications such as immune deficiency.   PCB’s (Pseudo-estrogens, another type of environmental pollutant) have similar effects. To maintain optimal health buy and eat Certified Organic or home grown whenever possible!
  • Petrochemicals from plastic containers, artificial cleansing agents, noxious fumes, and fluorescent lighting are best avoided. Prolonged exposure to petrochemicals and fluorescent lighting can actually cause autoimmune disorders.
  • EMF (Electromagnetic interference) from microwaves, cellphones, computers, and cordless phones all can wreak havoc on the human energy system. If use of computers and cell-phones is prolonged, the immune system becomes severely compromised. Fortunately there are some nifty gadgets these days to help counteract this effect. One in particular is the BioElectric Shield
  • Geopathic stress (crossed/warped Earth grids) can cause all sorts of discomfort in our bodies and living quarters, especially right before catching a virus. One thing we can do is to connect with the Deva (the presiding angel or consciousness of a certain object, spot, or element in nature) of the area we inhabit to create greater harmony there. There are also a variety of tools such as those created by Gregory Hoag, that have helped many people achieve balance and harmony in their health and environments. His sacred geometry tools are found at www.metaforms.net
  • Mold – especially black mold can be a serious stress factor, particularly for those with compromised immune systems, which is tricky to avoid in many households. Keeping rags available for window condensation, fans for widow-less bathrooms, and cleaning the house regularly can all help. Using essential oils of Thyme, Tea Tree and Black Pepper in mister bottles or diffusers also help keep microbes and fungus in check.
  • Soy has been linked with a number of health problems and was discovered to be carcinogenic, also producing intestinal gas and disrupting thyroid and immune functions. Often used as a cheap filler for many “health foods”, it has become nearly as difficult to avoid as refined wheat and sugar in many snacks. A small portion won’t kill you, but soy is generally not recommended. An exception to this might be high quality miso soup.
  • Refined sugars can only make things worse. Refined sugar feeds cancer! Even in normally healthy individuals, it significantly lowers the vibrations, and can weaken the body’s defenses. It is common for those with endocrine imbalances to experience blood sugar imbalances until they find and stick to a dietary regimen that is compatible with their unique body type. For more information, see the article by William Dufty “Sugar – the Sweetest Poison of all”. There are other forms of low glycemic sweeteners available such as coconut crystals and yacon syrup.

More of What Can Help

Exercise! Since over-exertion and under-exertion are both worsening factors in endocrine imbalances, it is important to figure out and maintain some form of the appropriate exercise to keep the circulation and lifeforce energy moving throughout the body. A sedentary lifestyle will make things worse! If bed-ridden there are still ways to move Chi and generate more of it. Yoga and Qi Kung are both excellent ways to build up energy and immunity, as well as to gain mental and spiritual clarity. Dancing is quite wonderful and helpful, so long as you pay attention to the body’s signals when it needs to rest or slow down, with warm-up exercises and stretches being very crucial. In other words, intense sports and exercises with competition as a keynote are generally not optimal for those with endocrine imbalances, unless they are enhanced with a meditative practice. A meditative practice of some sort can be helpful for almost anyone, but is especially important for sensitive types.

For those in a temporary sedentary situation, here are some ideas:

  • Mudras, a type of yoga using mainly the hands and fingers
  • Mantras, a type of yoga that entails chanting of various affirmations and petitions to Deity, often in the Sanskrit language. Japa is a similar practice.
  • Swallow lots of saliva, especially during meditation, and direct this saliva toward the navel (for future energy), also known as the “golden cauldron” in Qi Kung.
  • Practice deep breathing with the abdomen to build up the energy there, which in turn will strengthen the main organs and bodily functions.
  • Stretch often, but wiggle around and move first. Stretch slowly while deep breathing.
  • Ask for and receive massages, and any kind of direct or long-distance healing (such as Reiki) to build your spirits and health.

A Balanced Diet truly improves our overall health. If meat is part of the diet, it’s important to ingest only free range and organic ones, making vegetables the staple of each major meal – more so than meat and grains. Too much sugar, even in the form of fruit will exacerbate many problems. Carbohydrates turn into sugars and also tend to put on weight for most people. Sprouted grains are very balanced and high in protein. Brown rice is nourishing and oats are a good source of fiber. Nuts, nut butters, seeds, avocados, vegetable oils such as olive and especially coconut oil can be very beneficial. These are the “good fats”, and we need them for healthy brain function and muscular flexibility, among other things.

Being in Nature helps in many obvious ways, and this is something that can help just about all of us, especially in today’s fast paced world. It lowers the blood pressure, stimulates the mind, and helps us utilize fresh air.

Flower Essences are an excellent form of vibrational medicine, with no physical side effects, making them an optimal choice for those with so many physically debilitating symptoms. Why take a flower essence if you just garden, or hold a flower to receive its beneficial vibrations (which is great in itself)? The reason is due to the saliva’s power to gather and transmit energy (see Golden Elixir Chi Kung by Mantak Chia). Flower essences’ effectiveness can be increased by consciously affirming their energies while they merge with the saliva, and consciously directing them upon swallowing. The same applies to Gem Elixirs and any other vibrational essences. Bach Flower Essences can be found at most health food stores, or online yet there are hundreds of producers and kinds of essences available now!

Essential Oils are often much easier to assimilate than herbs (a great aid to those with malfunctioning intestinal tracts who are unable to process herbs and vitamins). EO’s can reduce inflammation, uplift the mood, stimulate digestion, improve sleep and much much more! It is best to find an aromatherapist when you are just beginning to learn about the oils. It’s been shown that just one drop of undiluted essential oil applied to the sole of the foot will produce a chemical reaction in the body, whether positive or negative within thirty seconds. Always know exactly what essential oil you are using and what for.

Beware of impure varieties, as there are many so called essential oils on health food shelves that have no business being called essential oils. For therapeutic purposes they should be pharmaceutical-grade! There are many fine brands available but none of them will have each and every oil you are seeking so I tend to select from various sources. Aroma Theraeutix is a favorite.

Crystals are one of my favorite ways to receive the nurturing of mother earth for healing, support, and inspiration. I like to select stones that resonate with me in the moment and work with them awhile before reading others’ perspectives about them. Those in the Blue spectrum can be very healing for thyroid and adrenal issues – particularly Turquoise, Lapis lazuli, and Sapphire. Clear Quartz and Diamonds are also beneficial in rejuvenating the entire life-force energy. See Melody’s book, Love Is In the Earth for some ideas.

EFT – a form of emotional release that employs tapping of certain meridians.

Theta Healing – a form of healing that is facilitated by a witness, who helps the other person to release outmoded beliefs that have been preventing freedom, manifestation, and well being.

Autoimmune, Brain, & Endocrine Questionare

(Score explanation at the end)


  • Do you have a compromised immune system (catching nearly every virus that comes along, difficult and slow to recover)?
  • Frequent or constant fatigue, unable to do what the “others” are doing so easily?
  • Have you had health complexities since birth?
  • Are your hands often cold?
  • Do your symptoms become severe or incapacitating when under stress?
  • Either underweight and unable to gain, or overweight and unable to lose?
  • Food intolerances and allergies?
  • Blood sugar imbalances such as hypoglycemia or diabetes?
  • Frequent digestive ailments or impaired eliminative functions?
  • Menstrual pain and difficulties?
  • Low libido?
  • Consistently low or fluctuating body temperatures?
  • Chronic infections?
  • High sensitivities to petrochemicals and cleansing agents?
  • High sensitivities to noise?
  • High sensitivities to EMF electro-magnetic interference (from T.V.s, computers, microwaves, cellphones, etc.)?
  • Symptoms of dizziness or nausea when upset?
  • Experience dramatic physical and/or emotional symptoms right before weather/seasonal changes and earthquakes?
  • Frequent aches and pains, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, severe back and neck tension, and general “brittleness” during Winter?
  • Skin ailments such as eczema or adult acne?
  • Tried numerous therapies and supplements with fleeting or inconsistent results?
  • High sensitivity to environment and weather changes?
  • Been told by some Drs. that you’re fine, just in your head, or else that your tests reveal nothing despite how awful you feel?


  • Is depression frequent or debilitating for you?
  • Have you struggled with bouts of suicidal depression, unable to interact with others or carry on with normal activities?
  • Do you often experience “brain fog”, forgetfulness or mental disorientation?
  • Hear voices that you are unable to quiet down, or see entities that you are unable to get away from?
  • Close relationships source of constant stress and conflict?
  • Struggled with feelings of intense and frequent paranoia?
  • Alternating waves of great physical energy and mental clarity and then utter confusion and fatigue?
  • Frequent or debilitating anxiety?
  • Agoraphobia or fear of leaving home/being in public?
  • Often caught yourself in the acts of self-abuse, no matter how subtle or underhanded?
  • Frequent nightmares or night frights?
  • Can become overwhelmed by feelings of guilt or unworthiness “at the drop of a hat” (the slightest mishap or offense)?
  • On “good” days, do you tend to act with haste, trying to cram, multi-task, or get as much done as possible? Fluctuate between these an inertia?


  • Would you say that intuition is a strong point for you?
  • Are you sensitive or empathic to the moods of those around you, often to the point of “hearing” their thoughts and “feeling” their pain?
  • Ever “hallucinate” without the use of drugs?
  • Creativity a strong point for you?
  • Is your trust in animals and/or Nature greater than your trust in humans?
  • Do you recall what seemed to be out-of-body experiences?
  • Have you had a near-death experience?
  • Often foresee events before they happen (mostly for others, or the world, and seldom for yourself)? Are your friends often amazed at your psychic abilities?
  • Strong desire to help others, often more so than yourself?
  • Ever believed yourself to be attacked by harmful entities? This would include alien abductions or nightmares.
  • Have you ever/do you believe that Angels or other benevolent spirits have helped you out? Do you communicate with them often?
  • Would you say you’re more sensitive to spiritual energies than many people you know?
  • When you’re not paranoid, do you find that your discernment is very sharp and accurate?
  • Do you tend to think/perceive in abstract or metaphorical terms? For example, do you often “see” music, or “hear” shapes? Do you relate well to myths and archetypes?
  • Have you often had what seemed recollections or “flashes” of past lives or lives, or lives you’ve not even personally experienced?
  • Are you deeply disturbed by modern consumerism? Have you internalized the fear/hate of others on a massive scale in a subconscious attempt to help them?
  •  Have you often struggled with a sense that there’s a “war” going on inside you – between Darkness and Light?

BODY – If Yes answers mostly, you may want to seek out a medical practitioner who can help you, as soon as possible. If half Yes/No, then it could be temporary vs. longstanding, yet still it would be wise to seek medical advice.

MIND – If Yes mostly in addition to mostly Yes to Body questions it is very possible that you are experiencing symptoms of autoimmune or endocrine illness. If half Yes/No it may be a chemical imbalance of the brain, stress, or a different cause. In any case, please seek help immediately!

SPIRIT – If Yes mostly in addition to either one or both of the Body and Mind questions, it is highly probable that you you’re also experiencing autoimmune or endocrine imbalance. While this Spirit section is primarily meant to highlight the positive in a subject that can often be overwhelmingly negative, it is still wise to take care of the physical aspect. Some people will score mostly Yes in the Spirit section only, who are physically healthy.

Bibliography & Resources

Yahoo Groups on thyroid/endocrine glands:

Natural Thyroid Hormones

Natural Thyroid Hormone ADRENALS

Thyroid – run by author Mary Shomon

Canary Club – enables patients and those who do not have sufficient medical insurance to order their own saliva test kits:

Depression (The Natural Medicine Guide to) – by Stephanie Marohn

The Unquiet Dead, A Psychologist Successfully Employs Depossession with Clients – by Edith Fiore

Botanical Medicine, A European Professional Perspective) – by Dan Kenner and Yves Requena

Hypothyroidism – An Unsuspected Illness by Broda Barnes

Thyroid Power – by Richard (MD) and Karilee Shames (PHD)

The Chakras and Human Energy Fields – by Shafica Karagulla, M.D. and Dora Van Gelder Kunz

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PSTD Breakthrough – The Revolutionary, Science based Compass Reset Program – by Dr. Frank Lawlis

The Power of Intention
Ask and It Is Given

–   both by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Fusion of the Five Elements
Golden Elixir Chi Kung

–         both by Mantak Chia

8 thoughts on “Endocrine Illness Illuminated

  1. Reblogged this on Readings by Yerevan and commented:

    Pertinent during Retrograde Mercury’s current square to Uranus and Saturn’s square to Neptune. Tension is high, nerves are “on end” and minds are reeling. I, for one, have done a lot of recent reflection, not only the subject matter contained in this article but particularly on what we call mental illness in today’s world. Mental illness, a topic for another post altogether, is something affects us all at some point whether we experience it directly or indirectly. It seems to have been a highlight in my throughout life experienced within myself, with family and loved ones, with opponents, authority figures, and random strangers. Life for me has been an intense series of breaking out of religious, cultural, and traditional conditionings (Capricorn – the sign we are exiting), shaking out the demons in total irreverence and wild abandon – and drawing unwanted attention to myself during this process at times (Aquarius – the sign we are entering) and exploring cosmic realms and expanded states of awareness, developing higher love and compassion despite all odds (Pisces – the final sign of the Zodiac, before reentering Aries).
    Whether one would say it’s karmic, genetics, or just my luck I have had to look long and hard at the causes and effects of some severe mental aberrations in this lifetime, and have dealt with more than my share of people who are very sick in both body and mind. After a lifelong battle with sickness and insanity within myself, along with a false belief that I could never achieve wellness, it eventually became apparent that sometimes we struggle the most when we have internalized the sickness of the world around us. There are patterns inherent in us and patterns we have learned. When we understand this, we can disentangle from the mess we perceive ourselves to be in and gain clarity into our situation and that of others, also helping to liberate them from the chain of pain in that specific area we are most collectively and consistently attacked in – our consciousness. I offer this piece as a ray of hope for those experiencing something similar to what I experienced.

  2. I identify with much of this. I hope you finish the book. I’d like to read it. Do you know about LDN – low dose Naltrexone.??? it’s an off label use when it’s compounded to 3 mg or 4.5 mg. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. LDN helps me a lot. It’s an immune booster. It also helps cancer and numerous other ailments, in low dose form. It is an allopathic medicine, but it does not just suppress symptoms. It cures numerous conditions.

    • Naltrexone sounds familiar but I can’t say that I know much about it. Will have to research that one. Good to hear that it has been helpful in reducing your discomfort. Thanks for commenting Nancy, I will keep you posted!

  3. Dear Yerevan,

    I stumbled on your post about endocrine illnesses and I was amazed! I have been suffering from Lupus whole my life (diagnosed at 19, but been suffering long time before it was actually diagnosed). I have found so many things in your post that I feel are “truth” about my illness, especially when I came to the Spirit part. Now I know I am not alone and that all these feeling I have all my life have some meaning. I always thought I was just “losing it”, because I could feel stuff that I could not explain. I found Yes in all Spirit questions, so I guess it’s not just my mind playing tricks. At first I struggled with physical part (soon I found out that I need to turn to complementary medicine if I want to see improvement), I changed my diet and that led to improvement, but only for a short period of time. Then I started deep psychology work for several years and discovered a lot of connection with my illness (I found that symbiotic character plays a big part in the structure of my illness). Recently, as I have “come in terms” with my condition, I have a great urge to help others that suffered like me. I am planning to start theta healing work in September, as well as EFT. I am also working with astrology and looking into spiritual “causes” of the illness. Reading your post showed me that I am on the right path! I always feel like a “fake” when I think about helping others, because I am still struggling myself, but now I think that I could be of help. I also did healing work before and had great insights on other people problems while healing. I will concentrate more on this in the future, since obviously my spirit needs to give something to the others. Thank you for that insight!

    In my chart I have a very strong position of the moon in the 12th house in Taurus, with “God’s finger” constellation with Neptune and Pluto and with Uranus in the 6th house (Scorpio) in opposition to the Moon. I find this constellation most revealing and most connected to my illness. I also have very strong Mercury on MC, with a connection to the ASC Gemini and Mars near ASC.

    Thank you again for the post! I will read other posts now that I found them!

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Marija. It definitely sounds like you are on the path of healing, both for yourself and others. Yes, a clean diet is part of the solution, but achieving a certain level of peace within one’s psyche even more so. The astrological positions you mentioned make sense based on what you have been going through as well. Wishing you the best on your journey!

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