The Love Games of Venus in Gemini 4/3/12 to 8/8/12

On April 3rd, Venus entered Gemini for a prolonged 4 month transit, due to its upcoming Retrograde motion beginning on May 15th. In Gemini Venus brings us love gifts, messages or even love partners in pairs that either bless us or confuse us, or both. One of its positive highlights may be pleasant relationships and exchanges with siblings. People often find that they have two significant relationships central to their lives during such transits, that they must either choose from or learn to balance with integrity. Mischievous cupids are in the air, causing people to fall in love or lust as quickly as they disappear in a trail of dust. If you’re thinking of saying “I do” to someone special this Summer, your luck will be better if you wait until Venus goes Direct after the 27th of June.

Venus in Gemini is friendly, witty, and outgoing in nature, generally light and carefree in the manner of expressing love and affection. Venus inhabiting this Mercury-ruled air sign makes the love nature a little cooler and more detached than it would be in some signs. In Gemini, she hesitates to get too serious or committed, especially when things get passionate, preferring rather casual flirtations, playful exchanges of energy, and the company of family and friends.  If you were to get down on bended knee (with a shimmering ring), she may back away with a childlike giggle and then reach forward to tickle your chin. Perhaps she’ll call you up the next day for a stroll on the beach, and tell you how wonderful and amazing you are, seemingly unaware of her terrible teasing traits.

Surviving Venus Retrograde

Venus in Gemini transits can be slightly annoying or they can be cute, fun, and funny. Venus Retrograde on the other hand often brings a different level of intensity of the magnetic charm that this planet usually has. It attracts to us former lovers or other significant companions or relatives from the past, often to work out or resolve some difficult karma or business with. Many people are already aware of a phenomenon called “Mercury Retrograde” when the planet appears to be moving backward from our perspective on Earth. Despite this illusion of motion, the multitude of slipups and other effects it can have upon life on Earth seem quite real. All of our planets go retrograde with the exceptions being our satellite, the Moon, and our central star, the Sun. While Mercury goes Retrograde every 3 months, for about a month at a time, Venus goes Retrograde about every year and a half, for about a month and a half.

As with all retrograding planets, Venus in this phase shows us issues from the past that we need to realize, release, or repair. The issues particular to Venus, named after the Goddess of Love, are those pertaining to finances, love relationships, romance, affection, desire, beauty, fashion, creative expression, wealth, and personal values. Although Venus is feminine in nature, when retrograde she takes on a nearly Martian effect.

When Venus is Retrograde, many relationships may either deepen or come to an end. In either case, there may be adjustments and certain difficulties to be worked through, or things that need special attention. New commitments often fall through, and the influence of Gemini doesn’t help in such matters. Older commitments however may finally be fulfilled. An elder person involved often brings great insight about whatever is going on or how it can be improved in some way. Financial investments during this time may bring disappointment. It is best to wait until Venus is direct to spend or invest big money, get a new hair-do, wardrobe, makeover or anything brand new that affects your self image. If it’s something you’re already familiar with, then it may decide to blossom during this time. Old lovers may return, and long forgotten dreams about your life may resurface.

Many of the things on the list below may be working differently than one is accustomed to when Venus is Retrograde. This is not good or bad and will depend on what one’s personal values are and the quality of their existing relationships or emotional equilibrium, not to mention any of the personal planetary alignments that Venus may be transiting. Health can sometimes be affected if there is already an underlying weakness, particularly with the glands and body parts mentioned at the bottom. There is generally more irritability and emotional sensitivity during this time, so it becomes extra important to tend personal needs and relationships, and to aim for balance in work, rest, and play.

What Venus rules and represents in astrology:

  • Love
  • Money
  • Beauty
  • Artistic expression
  • Pleasure
  • Attraction
  • Romance
  • Kindness
  • Physical touch & affection
  • Music
  • Collectible objects (particularly those with aesthetic appeal)
  • Investments
  • Fashion, accessories, and makeup
  • Luxury
  • Personal values
  • Ovaries, kidneys, throat, and veins

Since knowing is half the battle, it would be wise to use this information and time period to cultivate greater self-awareness. Venus is after all, very personal in nature and among other external and obvious things she represents a part of our essence, that part of us that expresses, gives, and receives love. In many ways, the sign that your own natal Venus occupies shows what you truly hold near and dear to your heart, and why. It shows what you personally get out of the love situations you’re in, because it reveals what, how, where, and with whom you place the greatest value in.

Venus Retrograde will last from May 15th until June 27th of 2012


2 thoughts on “The Love Games of Venus in Gemini 4/3/12 to 8/8/12

  1. This is an awesome reading and feels so true to what I am personally experiencing and what I see others going through as well. thank you so much!!!

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