May Forecast 2012

Happy Beltane! The beginning of May is a widely celebrated midpoint between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, with vitality and color springing all around ~ the Goddess is alive and afoot! It is a perfect time to plant seeds of both the physical and metaphysical sort, and makes so much sense that Mother’s day occurs in such a fertile month. We are also in for a wild ride, with a SuperMoon in Scorpio and an approaching Solar Eclipse in Gemini on the 20th

5-5-12 Full Moon in Scorpio, Cinco de Mayo & Wesak

11:35 pm EST 8:35 pm PST

This Super Full Moon will be the largest of the year, as its closeness to the Earth is making it appear larger and brighter than usual. The fullness and intensity falls at 16 degrees of Scorpio, opposite of Jupiter. In the potent sign of Scorpio, many endings are keenly felt as well as experienced at this time. More people will turn their minds to higher truths and plunge deeper into their souls for truth and liberation from external struggles now. Mercury in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra, adding to the sobriety of this Moon’s energy.

Every year the Full Moon in May celebrates the birth, enlightenment and passing of Buddha, as well as Christ Consciousness. It is a Buddhist holiday of devotional prayers, chanting, and meditation in honor of the Buddha.

It is a Buddhist belief that everyone will eventually attain enlightenment, sooner or later, at their own pace. Some of us actively pursue this state, some leave it up to chance, while others could care less. Whatever cards we’ve been dealt and how we play the game of life, we can no longer hold on to stifling beliefs as they are quickly crumbling on a collective level. This Full Moon is highlighting the areas where we are stuck and need to move on, and is pointing a way for us to break free.

5-20-12 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

7:47 pm EST 4:47 pm PST

The Solar Eclipse at zero degrees of Gemini may seem to suddenly sweep us up from wherever we sit or stand, and deposit or teleport us into a strange land where we must learn new languages or methods of communication. This daytime eclipse will occur when the Moon passes between the Earth and Sun, as it obscures the Sun. In an air sign such as Gemini we can expect wild winds and wacky ideas to run rampant. Where are we, who are we, and what is that flying way up in the sky – a bird, a plane…?

Although New Moons are generally conducive to new beginnings it would do us well to keep in mind that Venus has just gone Retrograde in Gemini on the 15th until June 27th, causing us to reflect more upon past relationships rather than build new alliances. The New Moon’s conjunction to the South Node also means that there is some sort of past tendency, project, or person making its/their presence strongly felt. This would include past life connections. It could be the time for completion, resolution, or release.

The closeness of Jupiter to this Eclipse is fortunate, indicating expansion where we need it most (rather than at the waistline). Spiritual illumination, education, and desirable opportunities will make themselves known.

Rune for May 2012 – Thurisaz

Thurisaz has ties to the ancient name for Thor, the god of Thunder, and this rune reflects the power of thunder and its impact in our lives physically and/or spiritually. Thurisaz is also an indication of some “thorn” keenly felt, that must be reckoned with, and possibly removed. However, the method of doing so must be with enthusiasm rather than anger and aggression, or the repercussions will come swiftly and painfully. This is the rune that represents forces in our lives that help break up detritus and stagnation, helping to clear the obstacles to our progress, and to soften the soil for new growth.

The purpose of this rune showing up at this auspicious time during our year is to help propel us forward into new territory, bringing new revelations, and helping us to break beyond our comfort zones in order to evolve. The process may seem chaotic, but within the chaos there is an order. We are being reminded that there is an important goal that must be reached, a challenge that must be overcome, and a reward that must be earned. This is all possible with the presence of Thurisaz, as long as we have dedication, perseverance, and a strong inner vision of what we are pursuing.

Blessings and may your May days be filled with miracles, magic, and joy!

You can read my horoscope column in Sonoma county’s Upbeat Times magazine online.


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