The Transit of Venus & a Global Arts Collective

We are fast approaching the rare stellar event that’s been all the buzz in news feeds for several weeks. This is the transit of Venus to the Sun, between June 5th and 6th. This event happens in pairs 8 years apart, but they only occur about every 130 years. The first transit of this pair was on June 8th of 2004, initiating a special 8 year cycle that we have been experiencing relative to Venus.

On June 5th the Morning Star will appear to glide across the Sun from the Earth’s perspective, casting a silhouette as a slowly moving tiny black dot. Historically scientists have travelled far and wide to observe the Venus transit, hoping to calculate the size of our solar system.

(Image credit: Karl Tate, Contributor on

Astrologically, there is also a great deal of significance attached to this event. In addition, the effects are intensified by the eclipse on June 4th, the Retrograde stationing of Neptune and the Retrograding movement of Venus. Venus represents how we relate to others – how we give, receive, and express love and affection as well as creativity in many ways. This may then help to explain why the subject of relationship is greatly heightened for a majority of people at this time. While Mercury is more specifically about communication in general, Venus has a lot to do with how we communicate about love, feelings, and matters of affection and attraction. It can help us to break through patterns of segregation and to see how our similarities unite us as living beings upon the Earth.

We are reaching a peak of what may be called a “Global Arts Collective”, with the influence of Venus appearing in many forms, stimulating us to both love each other and creatively express ourselves outside the box. Within the past decade, many pockets of the world have spread and grown into what resemble giant year-long “Renaissance Faires” or “Burningmans”. Earthy and eco-fashion design, and tribal forms of art, dance, and music have become as popular as they were in the 60s.

Venus, so named after the Goddess of Love, is one representation of the Divine Feminine, and there is a powerful awakening of Her energy upon the Earth now. This is a time for us to develop our collective creative problem-solving skills that arise from clear seeing and compassion, rather than possessiveness, fear, and war. If we allow the gentle feminine aspects of our natures to blossom, our worldly affairs will greatly transform.

Another subject under Venus’s domain is money – particularly how we like to spend it. This is because she reflects to us what our personal values are in life, whether they be material, spiritual, or both. In this way, Venus is less about money in the sense of earning it, and more about how we may attract and utilize it. Just how we do this is always personal to us as individuals, and yet how we share what we have gained shows us how connected we truly are. With the transit of Venus, many of us are raising our standards and value systems, to create more of the kinds of lives that we’d like to be living and giving. It is important to realize that this really is about togetherness – for what good would all the “good stuff” in life be without loved ones to share it with?

Because the eclipse of Retrograde Venus is occurring in the sign of Gemini, we are indeed finding that many of our relationships, challenges, awakenings, and synchronicities are happening in pairs. The transit of Venus is offering us a unique opportunity in this lifetime to look deep into our souls for forgiveness and unconditional love, and to allow the higher aspect of our natures to guide our actions. It may not be easy, but it is well worth the effort, in ways that we may not yet be able to imagine.


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