June Forecast 2012

Ready or not: 1-2-3 GO! That’s how this month will “go” for many of us, in many respects. A lot tends to go on during the month of June in general, but we haven’t seen a June like this in a very long time…if ever. Plans and preparations are fine, but don’t be too attached to the outcomes of these, or the manner in which they unfold. The eclipse energy during the transit of Venus to the Sun is a major highlight of this entire year, due to both its rarity and its potency. Relationships are both ending and beginning with strange twists and turns, while spiritual energy continues to seemingly bombard our daily affairs from out of nowhere.

(Gemini, by Josephine Wall)

Venus is Retrograde while she transits the Sun from sign of Gemini. We’ve either been talking, thinking or exchanging up a storm with others for the past several weeks. This storm might be scary, yet beautiful and purifying in some ways. When Retrograde, the Venus may often seem reflect itself to us more as a goddess of war than of love & affections, or the “love” that appears is more filled with ravenous lust rather than the gentler forms of affection. In addition, she will be in a square with Mars during the eclipse on June 4th, the day before the transit, in conjunction with the asteroid or minor planet Chaos, further intensifying these lustful and aggressive tendencies which may need concentrated taming or spiritual direction. Yes when it rains is pours…while all of this is happening the planet Neptune stations to go Retrograde in Pisces, and rests on the fixed star Fomalhaut. A heightening of sensitive emotions, insecurites, jealousies and delusions are possible dangers, while the possibility for enlightened mind simultaneously exists. Now we can experience unity in unconditional love rather than the desperate and misguided attempts to unify through attachment. Where do we place our priorities? This may determine the kinds of emotional and spiritual states we experience during this time. Neptune will be Retrograde until the power date of November 11th. Keeping a dream journal can greatly assist during the months ahead.

Meanwhile the Uranus square to Pluto is in full effect, indicating autocratic dictatorship that needs a force for freedom and for some, democracy. Group consciousness continues to expand, painfully yet ultimately toward liberating ends, with explosive changes at every turn. This reaches a peak on June 24th, just three days after the Summer Solstice.

Air Signs and Receiving Signs!

While we have a lot of air sign transits this month we are all receiving signs, regardless of what sign we were born under. The signs keep getting louder and stronger, indicating that nobody should be left behind, and everyone has a chance to fulfill their higher callings.

The spotlight has lately been and will be on Gemini for several more months, as Jupiter enters this sign on the 11th, having transited Taurus since June 4th of 2011. Day trips, short travels, family visits, and intellectual pursuits in literature, science, and work in the communication-based fields are highlighted during this time. The energy of Jupiter in Gemini is not as focused and relaxed as it was in Taurus, and is almost impossible to pin down. We’ve all got so much on our plates now and in the near future that it will become increasingly important to carve out and commit to regular times for relaxation, organization and quieting of the mind. Again, keeping journals for both the dreamtime and daily activities may prove invaluable.

We can all breathe a few big sighs of relief later this month as Saturn goes back into Direct motion in Libra, helping us to regain our emotional equilibrium and any autonomy that was lost in personal business, marital and other relationships since early February.

In short, here’s the cosmic itinerary for June 2012:

6/4- Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
6/5-6 The Venus Transit & Neptune goes Retrograde – till 11/11/12
6/12 Jupiter enters Gemini (was in Taurus since June 4th 2011)
6/19 New Moon in Gemini
6/20 Summer Solstice – Sun enters Cancer
6/25 Saturn Direct in Libra
6/28 Venus Direct in Gemini

Rune for June 2012 – Dagaz

It came as no surprise when Dagaz was drawn from my bag of runes as a representation of the energy that June holds in store for us. Dag is related to the word “day” in many European languages, and it is related to noon, when the sun is at its peak – it also symbolizes the strength of the sun itself. How appropriate since we are approaching the beginning of the Summer season! Dagaz is a rune of light, both of the physical and spiritual kind, bringing with it hope, illumination, and inspiration on all levels. Dagaz also often appears when we will suddenly see a solution to a long-standing problem. If we’ve been lost or unsure, now we will see a light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever the case may be, there is a greater influx of light and energy available to us, so that we may act with clarity and a new sense of confidence in our relationships and endeavors.

6/4- Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls at 14 degrees of Sagittarius, bringing with it a fiery passionate desire to break free of all limitations, whether societal or self-imposed.  Sagittarius, symbolized by the centaur represents the balance between animal instinct and higher knowledge. Our laws and governments have not been aligned with our true collective and personal values and belief systems, and this is where we need to step up. There are also powerful connections to and completions with parental and religious authority figures during this time, both the weeks prior to and the weeks after this lunation.

A stressful mutable T-square with the planet Mars shows us areas of stuckness that we can no longer tolerate in our lives, and the ways that our own dissatisfaction with them takes heavy tolls on our health and creativity – we are either ready or getting ready to break free. Venus, geared up for her transit to the Sun the next day plays the wistful muse that propels us onward in search for the love, truth, or holy grail that gives meaning and sanctity in our lives. Illusions pop as responsibilities to ultimate reality grow. The pressure is on! With Neptune stationing Retrograde, intoxication and escape is tempting but sobriety and conscious attentiveness is a test toward our spiritual or educational progress.

Jupiter, in it’s last degrees of Taurus is conjoined with the Black Moon Lilith. The goddess Lilith is an untameable, mysterious, seductive and sometimes frightening or demonic aspect of the Divine Mother. She was born from the void, and it is she who lures us back into the void. As Jupiter expands our awareness of her presence in our lives at this time, we can more easily face our shadows.

6/19 New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon Gemini occurs the day just before the Summer Solstice, at 28 degrees of Gemini. A trine to Saturn helps to communicate clearly and ground ideas into manifestation. The Moon’s south node conjunct Venus and Jupiter briefly makes many feel nostalgic for past love or sources of emotional security, and past life memories may be bubbling to the surface. However, the sense that it is time to begin something anew is strong.

Now, in the aftermath of the two recent eclipses and all that has come to pass, we may find ourselves both spread out in some ways and yet more firmly rooted or connected to our communities than we were before. Opportunities for new love, work, and creative actualizations abound. It may be that we are “getting ready to get ready”, and that suddenly we will “go” somewhere or do something that we least expect in the days following this New Moon, as supported by Venus’s sextile to Uranus and the asteroid Pallas Athene.

Ironically, the Sabian symbol for the New Moon at 28-29 degrees of Gemini is:

“The First Mockingbird Of Spring”. Although Spring is near its end, the sense that we are at a season of new beginnings is clear. The Mockingbird represents the power of voice, particularly in song. It could be that using our voices in new creative ways is a collective theme, and that we are learning or remembering the Universal language that connects us, through common language itself, and more importantly through the heart.

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