September Forecast 2012

Greetings Friends!

September is also known as Self-Awareness month, so thanks to this along with some astrological factors  it may be that many things will be reflected upon and altered out of free will rather than by a sense of fate or outer influences. For some this may bring the inspiration to begin a new dietary program, and for others maybe it could mean renewing important vows, or joining a gym. Later this month, Pluto stations direct after six months being retrograde, and we enter the season of Autumn. The Sun follows Mercury into Libra, just after International Peace Day which is on the 21st. Those born under the sign of the peace-maker may not always be at peace in the process of seeking it, but overall our moods, plans and relationships may begin to level out in a way that is more balanced than before. Saturn is making his last rounds in Libra (and won’t return for another 28 years), as he prepares to exit this sign and enter Scorpio on October 5th for the next couple years. Many things, situations, and relationships are indeed coming to an end, and yet this time the sense of relief overrides the grief that we typically associate with loss.

Libra, by Josephine Wall

The Rune for September 2012: Berkana

Berkana is the rune of the Birch tree, which like the Willow represents the power of bending without breaking.  It is considered an auspicious rune in general, and when it appears there will always be some form of birth, new beginnings, and growth. We can expect this month as the seasons shift from Summer to Autumn the feminine energy of rebirth and fertility will be present. The birch is one of the original woods made into “witches’ brooms”, stemming from jumping games and dances with birch brooms that took place in the fields. The height of the jumping was said to indicate the height of the grains that coming season. With Berkana the sense that something new is beginning is strong, and yet like an infant this new thing must be nurtured in order to grow. The disappointments of the past must be released in order to take advantage of the present and make way for the future. The presence of Berkana means that the support we need and desire is here for us but we must both reach for and accept it for the benefits to unfold. On the mundane level it points to matters of motherhood, gardening & agriculture, beauty, romance, prosperity in new ventures, the healing of physical and/or infectious wounds, and feminine health issues & fertility. Spiritually it may indicate personal growth, creativity, hope, and the clearing of karmic debts.

9/15/12 New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon at 23 degrees is in harmony with the nodal axis of the moon, between Taurus and Scorpio. Juno’s conjunction with the North Node highlights the commitment and work aspects of partnership, and how people who love each other can help each other advance in life without losing their autonomy. Here we may either give or receive a helping hand in some very practical or basic matters. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is … “Mary And Her Little Lamb”…indicating a need to maintain a youthful and gentle, yet adventurous attitude as we seek either worldly success and/or spiritual enlightenment.

9/23/12 Autumn Equinox

The Sun enters harmony-loving Libra.

9/29/12 Full Moon in Aries

This is a Full Moon not for the faint of heart, as it may be packing more wallops than we can count. It hits 7 degrees of Aries, joins Uranus and forms a very edgy T-square with Pluto, which  has recently gone direct. Here we must find the missing ingredient that will make the magic potion work – the internal awareness, drive and focus that propels us forward instead of backward. The Moon’s conjunction with Uranus triggers intense emotional encounters and opportunities to exercise our intuitive faculties and flexibility. As with all astrological and other configurations, we get to choose at the very least our internal responses, if not our outer ones also, to the changes occurring around us. Some restraint may be needed if anger is an issue, or the energy must be wisely channeled in order for growth to take place. One thing is absolutely clear for many at this time: Something must change radically, right now.

September Horoscopes 2012

As published in the Sonoma County’s Upbeat Times


A turning point in your year has arrived and with it a sense of relief that you no longer have to carry certain burdens of others in your heart and life anymore. You’ve moved on, and there is a new dawn, a new landscape, new career, or a new relationship ahead of you. Things have not been easy for you these past few months but you’ve likely been making the best of what you have. If you’ve been struggling for a long time with the same old problem, a new solution is likely to appear very soon. Welcome the change!


This month you may experience a renewal of commitment and devotion in your close existing relationships, and any ones are forming are likely to be fiery and passionate! This is also a great month to spend fun time with your children, as they may have been feeling neglected recently. Just watch for tempers and emotional roller coasters, and aim to keep an even keel even when things are going well. Your willpower is growing stronger, and it would be wise for you to direct this toward important goals.


The planets are highlighting your love life this month, and while you may be busy during short trips, classes, or other outings, you are mainly in a process of review the first half of September. Things pick up toward the end of the month, and then you’ll really be on the move, with less time for chit-chat as you focus intensely on a special project or goal. Staying calm is important as you move one obstacle at a time, as others may feel threatened by your progress. Keeping yourself absolutely focused is key.


You’re transitioning from a period of being literally or metaphorically enclosed in quiet places to being in wide open places that make you more vulnerable, noticeable, and approachable. Rather than feeling overly sensitive and impressionable here’s your chance to make a memorable impression, based on your show of bravery, skill, and your wonderful sense of timing and humor. Part of what makes this possible is the powerful levelheadedness that you have developed over time – an ability to stay objective and calm.


This may be a month to come out and socialize along with your partners, friends, and family. Old or established are favored now, for both working and playful endeavors. There may be a sobering or stabilizing quality to your encounters, based on what your particular goals are at this time. Mainly, you are more in a sentimental mood and would like to treasure the special moments that you share and have shared with loved ones.  Consider storytelling, candlelight dinners, and evening walks under the stars.


A partner or loved one seems unpredictable this month, and you may need to rely more upon yourself than anyone else. That being said, there is also a great surge of energy coming to you that is helping you to make many inner and outer changes in your life for the better. If you can count your blessings in disguise, you’ll be better equipped to move forward into a new territory. This month, you make the rules, write the scripts and steer the ships.  Overcoming challenges builds your strength and confidence.


To you, a few moments (days) of stability will taste like the elixir of immortality. Somewhere in the nooks and crannies of September you will find safe places to snuggle, sip tea, or just recover from the madness of the past two years you’ve endured. It may still be a crazy world out there, but now you’ve found your own rhythm again, can feel your own center in the midst of the craziness. You’ll have opportunities to work with others “behind the scenes”, and the results of this will show up in the spring of 2012.


With Mars in your sign you won’t want to back down with any of your passions, whatever they may be. The intense drive to accomplish may compete with your desire to transform your close relationships. Connection with others will be important, and yet all of the fiery passionate energy can also be directed toward healing at a very deep level if you so choose. The results of whatever words and methods you use now and in the coming weeks will be longstanding, but you get to decide upon both details and direction.


Your social life is going smoothly overall, and September is sure to be full of excitement.  If you can direct the temptation toward recklessness toward doing something constructive with your time and energy, you will avoid pitfalls and perhaps even achieve a level of success that you didn’t expect. While things may seem a bit erratic around you, others may look to you for leadership abilities, confidence, and poise. Keeping busy is how you roll, and this month is no exception to that rule.  Nature restores you.


This will not necessarily be a serious month for you, but it will be obvious to you what has been outgrown, outdated, and no longer functional in your life. Whether it takes a full on ritual or a simple moment of acknowledgement to release the past will be a personal matter, but there will definitely be a shift from one state of being to another. It could be that you are now in a position to deepen a relationship or commitment, whether to another person or yourself. Trusting your intuition is important.


If you had some kind of major unexpected scare last month, you’ll be relieved at what September has in store for you. The subject of love lightens, as you either begin a new relationship or possibly reconnect with a previous partner with a renewed sense of passion and trust. Love is also likely to show up from far away places, or to take you to far away places that you always dreamed about. Meanwhile you’ve got a few other irons in the fire that need a bit of tending too. Whatever will you do next?


September highlights your shared responsibilities and possibilities with a spouse or family members. If you are married with children, perhaps you are planning some change around your children’s education. If you are single, you may meet someone new in science class, or at a museum, or while flipping through National Geographic  at a café. Joint endeavors revolve around new discoveries, or old ones finally being revealed.  Communication is very important in order to make sense of whatever is going on at this time.


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  1. Hi. I found this site very helpful. I was born 9/29/50. My birthday is Saturday. The day of the full moon. I’m not faint of heart.

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