December Forecast 2012

Welcome to the End of the World as we know it! If you are reading this, you might want to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not just dreaming, and are still awake, alive and kicking! The Long awaited Winter Solstice of 2012 is finally upon us. I find it interesting that there are three different significant dates aside from the lunations this month, which all numerologically add up to the same number which is eleven. The number eleven has come to represent spiritual purity and powerful new beginnings:

12-3-12  On this day there is a very rare planetary alignment with the Giza pyramids, said to happen only once in every 2, 737 years. These three planets lining up are Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. In addition, the Earth and Jupiter are aligned in an opposition with the Sun. What this all means is very much up for debate!

12-12-12 In addition to 12-12 being one of the “power number” combinations, this is the date that some say marks the end of the Mayan calendar, bringing with it a new cycle of evolution for the earth, all sentient beings, and the Cosmos. There are 12 months in our own calendar, and 12 is a number that rounds to three, which represents the Holy Trinity in many traditions. There are many references to this number in the Bible as well.

12-21-12 This is the date of the Winter Solstice – the long-awaited End of something significant that we’ve identified with as humans living upon the earth. This is perhaps the actual ending of the Mayan calendar, completing a major cycle of almost 52,000 years! In the Destiny card system this is a 10 of Hearts day, indicating social success which may be achieved through a shared vision of what brings real joy. This may come through the performing arts, music, groups of children, or fun with family. The Sun enters Capricorn, and like squirrels we will probably find ourselves packing and preparing for the months ahead.

What does 12-21-12 mean to you? I’m looking at it as a

day. The next question is what does this card mean to you or remind you of when you look at it? This is not a quiz, but just another way to say that there are so many ways to look at things. Would you rather have an end-of-the-world or a 10 of Hearts day? Even if the world ends, wouldn’t you want to end it on the right note with friends, family and community?

Although the world isn’t literally ending or falling apart quite yet, it might “feel” like it with all the intense planetary alignments taking place this month. Relative to the rare alignment on December 3rd, the earth is still in the shadow of Mercury’s recent Rx in Scorpio, now stationing back into direct motion and the lunar eclipse left us with a lot of questions and puzzle pieces to fit back together. Jupiter is also Rx in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, which has also been scattering thoughts and communications lately.

Venus in Scorpio is in its detriment, where the feminine nature symbolized by Venus can become overly forceful, lustful vs loving, possessive, or suspicious. Emotional turmoil can be exacerbated and in some cases cause extreme physical sensations of discomfort. Sine Venus and Scorpio both relate to the generative organs, these may be the targeted areas.

Saturn in Scorpio was fairly close to Venus during the eclipse in Gemini on November 28th and is still showing us big time where we need to look honestly at the taboo areas of life that are placed in a category together that includes sex, death, transformation, and truth. Whatever makes us most uncomfortable can also be a catalyst for a great deal of growth. As the saying goes “whatever doesn’t kill us …makes us stronger”. Sometimes this is true.

One of the helpful things we have going now is Mars in Capricorn where this planet is exalted. Mars was conjunct Pluto during the eclipse on the 28th. The ability to focus and work hard toward any goal is heightened with Mars in this sign. There may be a challenge in taming the goals of the ego and focusing on goals for the greater good, but there is a possibility for great progress, for each of us. Mars is a go-get it planet, and Capricorn is an earth sign where desires, dreams, and visions can become real and tangible when we are willing to work for them.

Waves of Prosperity

Although it has been challenging in many respects, I have personally been enjoying many aspects of the sweeping changes and tides of transformation lately. Things are no longer stuck but moving, expanding, shifting, and displaying their bright colors on the earth and in the air. Gifts are pouring in from many directions, in many forms.

Despite the collapse in the economy, my personal hardships and the fact that I don’t always get what I want, I am occasionally struck with a sense of complete and utter gratitude at the richness of my life. Sometimes, if I’m super conscious this sense of complete gratitude can be stretched into hours or even days and weeks. Then, this gratitude gradually becomes less and less dependant on outer circumstances, even though circumstances in this state generally tend to improve.

While riding the waves of change with gratitude I realized this to be a key step or swim toward riding the waves of prosperity. Recently this change inspired me to bring forth a new set of gem elixirs, one of which I find to symbolize well what we are capable of magnetizing this very special winter season:

Green Ganesh

Green Ganesh 11-25-12

This gem essence was prepared with a genuine Emerald from Afganistan that was carved in Bali, in the likeness of Ganesh.  It carries with it a vibration of expectant gratitude and may help facilitate the release of emotional blocks around prosperity, and lead to transformations that support livelihood and abundance. It seems to also resonate with the inner ripening of past efforts or those that are close to completion, leading to harvest time. It will also soon be available in the form of a mist blended with essential oils, so if interested, stay tuned!

Ganesha, the deity known in Hinduism as the Remover of Obstacles has been associated  with the planet Jupiter, because they share a gregarious and expansive nature. Since the Sun and Jupiter are currently aligned, this essence has decided to make itself known. Jupiter is also the ruler of Sagittarius, which is the sign the Sun is now transiting.

12-13-12 New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon occurs at 21 degrees of Sagittarius, right as Uranus goes Direct in Aries. From fidgety to fired-up, people will run the gamut of wild feelings and sensations on this day. Things are bound to be particularly spicy, although not necessarily comfy, with three very interesting asteroids in conjunction with the New Moon. Juno, the asteroid goddess associated with the commitment or devotional aspect of relationship is 27 degrees close behind the Moon, while Aphrodite, goddess of love and the asteroid Desiderata (meaning “desired things” in Latin, as well as the name of a famous poem about happiness) are both in exact degree conjunction to the New Moon.

As much as we want to settle down and get serious about something or most likely someone special in our life, there might be curve balls from the Universe, mostly to offer us an expanded view on what we thought we knew enough about, or to simply make us laugh. This is not to say that we shouldn’t trust our intuition, or to celebrate a good thing we have going in any respect, but to underline that the way things are moving right now are basically erratic and their outcomes are impossible to predict. One of best qualities we can glean from this combination of energies is an appreciation for higher teachings that we can either share perhaps with a partner, or with a great circle of eager and like-minded participants. If desired we can also use what’s coming in order to connect with our Divine Beloved – past, present, or future. The energy wants to move outward, to expand, and to reach others, and yet it can also be directed or focused within as a mental discipline that can lead to illumination.

12-28-12 Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon falls at 7 degrees of Cancer, in a close opposition with Pluto…and if we’re still here (I love joking around about this), we’ll find that that we may not recognize ourselves or our situations from what they were even one month ago. The trine to Saturn in Scorpio helps us navigate the seas of stormy emotions while the Grand Trine to Chiron in Pisces shows us, if we are willing to look without rose colored glasses or well-designed crutches, how or by what means we can actually heal and renew ourselves. Due to the difficulties or emotional turmoil that is rising to the surface of collective consciousness, the temptation will be for many to slip back into old patterns, but they will quickly find discomfort in what once was. If the glove fits, but has spikes in it, it won’t be practical enough to wear. In terms of relationships people may attempt to grasp or hold onto connections that have already or are in the process of crumbling. In the old world that we are leaving behind, the sense of losing oneself through another has been such a painful and convincing illusion that it often took great upheaval for us to shift in focus. Now we are coming to terms with what has dissolved, and what we still have and are. In coming into awareness of autonomy and sovereignty, we are realizing how immense is our responsibility.

The seeming limbo in which many find themselves in now is but a brief pause offering us the opportunity to take inventory on what we’ve been accumulating, releasing, and experiencing as individuals and as a whole. It is a time to ask ourselves “What matters?” and to ponder the question itself, as well as the meaning.

May all reading this experience a warm and heart-centered holiday season!


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