The End or the Beginning?

People have long been asking me what I think of 12-21-12 and what it means. Some wonder why I’m not more scared and serious about this, perhaps thinking that I’ve lost more than a bit of my sanity. If so, all I can hope for is to be in good company. As difficult as the energy waves have been for many of us to navigate, they have been as rewarding.

We can look at what’s happening basically in two different ways, similarly to the way we can look at whether a glass is half full or half empty. 12-21-12 can be seen as the end our lives on the Earth that we so cherish, or the beginning of a New Earth where we become more alert to our surroundings, as well as better at showing love and genuine kindness.

At a time when the Earth seems to be shaking more fiercely than ever, we must remember we are all in these radically changing times together, for we are all Reflections of One. No matter who or what we are, we are all co-habitants of this blue-green planet, in this enormous Universe, that stretches into infinite space.

As humans we have certain habits, such as looking for “signs” as well as looking for threats to our wellbeing. This seemingly contradictory combination of spiritual interest and survival instinct sometimes has us in knots, as we focus far too much on what’s wrong instead of what’s right. And it is ever so true that we get what we vibrate – whatever we focus on with great intensity of emotion will soon wind up in our face, on our lap, in our space, or in our cells.

Much as been said about December 21st being the end-of-times, according to the Mayan calendar. Just as many have misinterpreted and reworded the Bible for instance, many of us have misunderstood the implications of this calendrical system and what the Great Shift truly signifies for us on both global and personal levels.

Being Here Now is a gift to us, for we have the opportunity to surmount great difficulties and develop compassion in ways many of us may never have done before. As outmoded foundations crumble around us, we have the precious opportunity to build community, and be free of the chains that have bound us for decades, centuries, eons, and lifetimes. This is a time we need to draw together to share our similarities rather than our differences, all religious, relational, and other personal preferences aside.

But why is it that we tend to focus on all the bad things that are happening, as helpless victims caught in the vicissitudes of whatever poisonous fumes are pumped out through the media for us to devour and be devoured by? Why do we just automatically believe what we hear about the Gulf of Mexico and its present status, or that chemtrails have descended and are waiting for our demise right above the backyard? Both bad and good things have always happened on the planet Earth. It’s up to us to bring consciousness into the present moment which is all we have, to both enJoy and to effect positive change for the future.

Nature, of which we are a part is Miraculous. It knows how to purge itself, nurture itself, and heal itself, as do we. We have been trained to think otherwise. Now is the time to shed baggage, falsities, and tears if we must, in order to reclaim our right livelihood and remember that we are divine! As divine beings we have the ability to help ourselves, living harmoniously with nature and each other.

What about  Palestine being accepted into the United Nations, the Right Livelihood Awards in Sweden, the shrinking of the Antarctic Ozone Hole and all the Good News radio stations, TV shows, and magazines out there in the world that keep us informed about what’s healing, who’s helping, and how things can get better? We get what we focus on…what we seek we shall find. If we are looking for evil, we will most certainly run into it. If we seek clarity, wisdom, and goodness it shall be ours.

Don’t get me wrong – I know that there are plenty of things to cry about, and there are terrible, god awful things happening every second. However, just as new diseases spring up, old ones are being dissolved. As someone dies, a baby is being born. The energy is so intense right now that many people are either becoming so sick they cannot tolerate it anymore, or they are simply choosing to leave this plane. Change starts within each of us. We can affect change by the kinds of thoughts we circulate, the kinds of feelings we perpetuate, and the kinds of actions we take to back up our convictions.

Now more than ever…

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

Om Shanti


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