Year of the Snake & Forecast 2013

The Ultimate Upgrade

The energy of 2013 is bringing on what I see as the ultimate upgrade as we move away from very old patterns and create new ones with purposeful intention. Like operating an already brand new computer that soon gets an amazingly new upgrade – all instructions included although not necessarily understood in an instant, we’ll be dumbfounded with change, tickled with wonder, and generally delighted that things are running more smoothly, quickly and easily than before.

Some key highlights this year are that we will be entering the year of the Snake, experiencing the fourth year of the Uranus-Pluto square, Neptune’s influence through Pisces, the continued transit of Saturn through Scorpio and the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto.

In the year 2012, we experienced many completions, many of which were painful, while others came as a relief. The 2013 is one that will be filled with dynamic changes that may bring in more of what we need, raising us to the next level in our endeavors, relationships, and perceptions. This shift may be easier for some than others, based mostly upon how and on what areas we cling tightly to the past. Comfort is not an essential ingredient for progress, and yet it is what we as humans tend to seek at the expense of progress. That overall tendency will be changing this year, as many are fueled by a burning desire to create more of the lives of their dreams, versus what they’ve been accustomed to settling on due to self-imposed limitations. It appears on a broad scale that we can no longer blame the world, the politicians, or any outside power and influence for the experiences of limitation and suffering in our lives. We’re being shown how we each affect the whole, through our own thoughts, words, and actions.

Here at these last couple weeks of the Black Water Dragon year, many of us are experiencing the unpredictable nature of the Dragon’s temperament, particularly in the realm of the waters and the emotions. We must be strong in the face of adversity, and not mistake what is being released for the illusion of what is falling down on us.

Year of the Black Water Snake

The year of the Snake begins on February 10th, right after the New Moon in humanitarian and futuristic Aquarius. This is a 2 of Spades day in the Destiny card system, so cooperation and working with others, particularly with a partner is highlighted. The day that the New Year starts on does indicate in part what kind of energies are in store for the year, so the keynotes of cooperation and friendship endeavors are in effect for the whole year. Efforts made now will bring great results and possible fortune in the future. Mars in Pisces forms a square to Jupiter in Gemini this day, creating an itchy friction between emotions and intellectual ideas, yet this irritation and the energy it brings may help trick us into making changes for the better. We must be on guard against going overboard in any direction with our moods or impulses. Venus in Aquarius’s square to Saturn in Scorpio may put her and many people in a serious and sobering kind of mood regarding love.

The energy of the Snake and the Black Snake especially is quiet and reflective, self-reliant, avoiding noise, confrontations, superficiality and excessive social interactions. There is a focus upon work and serious matters, along with a certain cunningness such as that of the snake, to reach unusual places and to attain hidden knowledge. Snakes seek for refuge and protection, needing something to secure themselves onto or warm themselves under. This may be a year when many people wish to retreat from the demands of corporate, chaotic, or otherwise unfulfilling jobs, cut down on the number of party outings, and take to journaling, meditation, and yoga. Whatever nurtures our life force energy rather than detracts from or drains it will become increasingly important.

Those of us who were born under a Snake year may be particularly sensitive to the currents and uncoilings of this year, whether this comes in pleasant or sharp ways – most likely a combination of the two. Overall relationships and professions will improve for Snake people. One of the other features that snakes represent is intuition and psychic awareness. It will benefit all of us, Snakes or not, to pay close attention to signs and synchronicities that occur this year, as the effects of our actions or passiveness upon these will likely have long-standing results.

snake priestessSnakes are an especially powerful totem for women, as they symbolize fertility, transformation, and sacred sexuality. There are many snake priestesses who find empowerment in taming and dancing with these strong beautiful creatures. This may therefore be a year for womens’ empowerment in general, and we will see many who “shed old skins”, break free of constrictions, and rise to great heights. This enchanting (and Copyrighted) image of a snake priestess is of one that was painted and given to me by an artist named Michael  Kowslow. It has brought many smiles to me and to my friends.

Healing and transformation are two of the most powerful aspects of the Snake and its medicine. The snake’s ability to shed its skin shows up in Snake people and during Snake years with the increased ability to regenerate after stress, trauma, or injury. The symbol of the two snakes wrapped around the caduceus has come to be widely used as one that represents healing and the medical profession. It is believed that originally this caduceus, or “herald’s” staff was the winged staff of the messenger of the gods, known respectively as Iris in feminine form, and Mercury in masculine form. The caduceus may therefore in this instance represent the communication of our own lower and higher selves, as we, in emulation of the gods deliver messages to the yet higher form of Deity and receive an even more powerful influx of energy in response to our request for desired change. The alchemical interweaving of our male and female energies, and the opportunity to shift our consciousness from base concerns to higher realities, may mean that we are also working with a great deal of sexual energy this year, symbolized by the kundalini, serpent energy observed to lie coiled at the base of the spine before the rise of full awakening and enlightenment.

The strong Scorpionic and Plutonian energy of this year are definitely highlighting the sexual energy, but in a way that needs conscious directing so that it becomes healing and empowering rather than destructive. For those who have always been curious, this could be the year to study Tantra (for best results through a qualified guide), which actually goes beyond sexuality and often involves mental disciplines that can greatly speed our evolution.

Snakes, like arachnids often evoke a sense of fear in people, but they are beneficial to the ecosystem in that they control overpopulation of creatures that are considered pests. The venom of snakes also has medicinal purposes, specifically in helping both animals and people to become immune to snake poison. This is a year when it would be of benefit to look at how something we fear and avoid may actually serve us in some way, when we know how to harness its energy. Allowing the intuitive wisdom within our hearts to guide us in the right direction will be key.


3 thoughts on “Year of the Snake & Forecast 2013

  1. Correction….Mars is Squaring Jupiter, not trining it……cool article …….you could add an interpretation for mars square jupiter…..

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