Limitation Busting 101

Life is hard…or so we’ve heard. We’ve all got stories, memories, and fabrications of our own and others’ identities that have been passed down to us generation to generation. We’ve been convinced that whatever problems we have are stuck to us like crazy glue, and are a cherished part of our uniqueness – when in fact the problems are what make us so alike.

Saturn could be doing the worst thing ever in somebody’s chart, but it is never Saturn’s fault for what goes wrong in that person’s life. Pluto could be pushing out so many toxins at once that a breakthrough feels like a breakdown in whatever area of life he touches, but this small planet has nothing to do with it really. A transiting grand square with Uranus involved can spoil our best laid plans, and bring us face to face with exactly what we’ve been afraid of, but this would have happened anyway at some point in time, if our fears were strong enough to manifest this situation. Why? Because we get to choose what we’re going to do with the cards, star positions and everything else we’ve been dealt.

If you like your fears, delusions, and limitations please don’t read any further, because you’ll be happier if they stay just where they are. Problems and the limitations they bring are easy enough for anyone to come by and to accumulate, whether firsthand experience, complex legacies, gossip, or just by turning on the evening news…great way to program the subconscious before going to sleep. Some of the problems are trivial, while others are quite huge. I recognize that the outer reflects the inner, and so I take responsibility for what I have contributed to the whole. Also, I’m thankful for these reflections and indications of the areas where I can evolve.

I’m going to set aside my toolbox here, meaning forget about astrology, channelings, runes and even intuition for a few minutes. Since the limitations we call problems are a part of existing in physical bodies on the Earth, this information is as relevant today as it was centuries ago. All religious, political and spiritual views aside, what I’ve learned in my life is:

The harder it gets,

the more it hurts,

the more obsessed,

the scarier it seems,

the more limits imposed…

I’ve got to want freedom strong enough that my need to break free (to experience life as I’d like to) outshines my habit of clinging snug and safe to the illusions and delusions of my miserable yet familiar comfort zone. When a brilliant idea comes to me I’ve got to explore it immediately, without hesitation. This is the willingness to change.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be so over what’s been playing over and over like a broken record, that you’re finally ready to move on to something better?

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom, or get so sick and tired of being sick and tired – so fed up with your fear, pain, and perfectly valid reasons for feeling stuck that you say “I don’t give a fuck about my ‘story’ anymore! I’m here NOW. How may I become more alive in the here and now, which is all there is, was, and ever will be?”

If this happens to speak to you, I’d like to invite you now to simply make a conscious choice – do a ritual if it helps, perhaps write it down and flush it down the toilet, cry, or scream into a pillow. Maybe going outside to smell roses would do the trick. Shed the stories of whatever was, and venture into the vastness of Being.

Life is shaped by how clearly we perceive it, yet there is no wrong or right save the barometer of our own vibrations, and the perpetual cycles of embracing our likes and rejecting our dislikes. The space around us responds to our perceptions. We can look through our eyes as well as through our hearts. The possibilities are limitless…


2 thoughts on “Limitation Busting 101

  1. What brilliance in writing. Yes, absolutely. You are a miracle, and so it is, in my mind, we are inexorably compelled, as in Carl Jung’s teleological theory, towards our own evolution… towards what is most desirable to us in our hearts and souls. We are always moving and evolving towards greater Beauty. Thank you Beauty, for your exquisite contribution to humanity. ❤

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