Falling Into Place

Go with the flow…

Mercury goes Retrograde on the 23rd in the watery sign of Pisces, until March 18th. This is a time to go with the flow rather than against it, that is, if we are interested in the best possible results of our energies and efforts. Moods and memories are heightened, while the call of the mysteries and the wild draw us away from ordinary concerns and more toward what gives meaning to life.

So much becomes easier during Mercury Retrograde cycles (and many other times for that matter) when we simply ask and look for ways to things to fall easily into place, and when we allow ourselves to be in the right place at the right time. When too much gets overwhelming, jumbled, or confused stop to see if the solution is right beneath your nose. Maybe you’re trying too hard. If tasks are too difficult to accomplish, it might mean that patience is called for, or simply that it is time to place attention elsewhere for the time being. When obstacles continually appear in some area, our enthusiasm might be dampened and so what is called for before pressing onward or giving up is to pause to look deeper within for guidance about the situation. This could be the perfect opportunity to complete old projects, clean out old cupboards, or follow through on things you didn’t have time to do before.

On February 18th the Sun will enter Pisces, and Saturn will go Retrograde in Scorpio until the New Moon in Cancer on July 8th. This is a month people are hungering for answers and truth, although there is still much shrouded in secrecy as a whole and we are not yet being given all that we seek, not on the surface anyway. We’re diving deep into the waters of our subconscious minds. Mystical and magical pursuits are on the Piscean menu, or for some a getaway of some sort, as there is a growing desire for romance and escape from routines.

The recent meteor to streak through Russia on the 15th heralds a rise of consciousness that indicates changes needing to be made in both our inner and outer lives than can no longer be ignored. Ironically the asteroid DA14, as predicted, was observed to just miss the Earth at a safe distance (we were warned indirectly, yet consoled simultaneously), while the unexpected meteor shot down with frightening speed at almost the same time. Uranus – the great awakener was conjunct the ascendant of the Chelyabinsk region on Friday morning, making a near exact sextile with expansive Jupiter in the 2nd house. A cluster of several planets in Pisces in the12th house adds to the mystery of the fiery meteor that was said not to even fall directly, yet managed to injure over a thousand people. Supposedly this is why actual pieces of it have not been found or reported. Something about this whole situation is so surreal that many of us may wonder how real it was, as though there is more to this story than meets the eye.

As humans we tend to think of our own mishaps and troubles as personal matters, erupting and bubbling within our own little worlds. In our self-absorption, we often don’t notice the correlations between our  suffering and that of our neighbors, mothers, and those in faraway lands. We don’t usually link our changing moods and levels of energy and awareness with shooting stars, polar shifts, and ocean tides. Unless we regularly pay attention to our surroundings, and utilize the tools and information provided by quantum physics, transpersonal psychology, astrology, and even science we tend to forget how interconnected we are with each and the Universe we live in. Contrary to popular spiritual beliefs, the deeper we delve into science, the closer we often come to spirituality, for we see how subjective everything is to us…and how the “Butterfly Effect” is a great analogy for the way not only movements but thoughts and feelings travel through space.

And so the month continues on in a dreamlike fashion, with two planets going Retrograde in water signs. It’s as though many people still on the Earth are floating in a sort of limbo, wondering…where am I, who am I, how did I get here?

2-25-13 Full Moon 7 degrees of Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo is opposed by Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, causing a psychic shower of emotions, impressions, and strange frequencies to invade any areas of humdrum in our lives. The Moon’s trine to Pluto both heightens our issues and enhances our ability to cope with what’s coming up. Retrograde Mercury and Mars are conjoined in Pisces, so thinking is quickened, yet on an inner plane that is very reflective rather than forward moving. The need or desire to make amends, repairs, or do something about the things we are remembering or sensing will be strong. It is a time to make right whatever we perceive we have done wrong, to take care of whatever we realize we have neglected, or even perhaps to rescue someone that comes to us for help. This may especially be true of our health, our work, and the needs of pets or other small animals in our vicinity. Jupiter in Gemini squares the Full Moon, and may either seem like a highly agitating influence or a helpful one, depending on what inner voice we are listening to at the moment. It would behoove us to be careful of our dietary intake now, because the Jupiter squares cause many to overindulge, or to experience difficulties in digestion and elimination. This would be exacerbated by the Virgo moon itself.

The Full Moon energy is further powered by the King of Clubs energy of this day, backed by its planetary ruler the 6 of Spades. Intuition is sharp and should be acted upon without delay, and the ability to clear heavy debts is also strong now, due to both the Piscean and the 6 of Spades influences.

The next day Mercury and Mars will be joined in Pisces for the second time this month, doubling the influential nature of this potent combination. Awareness of desires, needs, and the ability to “call” them forth is strong, yet we must remember not to tread on anyone’s toes in the process. Mercury, in its detriment in Pisces could be causing us to get mixed messages and misinterpretations about others’ words and meanings. With Mars in the deep watery realm of Pisces many people want to charge ahead with their sexual passions and interests, but this might not be a conductive time to do so. It would be best to cool off a bit and wait for a more clear-minded and auspicious time, when there is more of a sense that it’s the right person, place, and conditions to move forward.

Wherever Virgo is and whatever planets we may have near 7 degrees of Virgo in our charts is an area that will be addressed in terms of what we need to improve, purify or clarify in no uncertain terms. Meditation techniques can be especially helpful at a time like this, when trying to pound things into place might only lead to more frustration. Just let go, and let things fall into place!

Venus in Pisces

Just a few hours after the Full Moon, Venus enters Pisces, where this planet is “exalted”. It will transit this sign for a few weeks, shifting our values from the material to the subtle realms. On the 28th Venus forms a conjunction with Pisces’ ruler Neptune, heightening and mystifying the senses, growing our capacity for compassion. The Moon is Void-of-Course in Libra that entire day and night, which in many ways increases and reflects the confounding and superfluous energies of Neptune. Both Neptune and Libra’s ruler Venus are lovers of beauty and romance, and both stir the creative imagination. Getting caught up in smoke and mirrors or experiencing sweet salvation that day would depend on the nature of one’s previous thoughts, plans, and motivations.

During the next couple of weeks, it would make both couples and individuals feel happier to think in terms of what can make others happy than to satisfy primal or self-centered urges. A potential challenge will lie in the areas where we feel victimized or taken advantage of by others in some way. This is where responsibility must be taken for both actions and emotions, because we are the ones in charge of taking our personal power back when and where it has been lost. Our personal power is never handed to us on a golden platter by someone else.

This is a time when people may feel more delicate, both physically and emotionally, because the watery nature of the transits diminish many of the normally established boundaries that we have. Remembering to be kind and gentle with ourselves and each other helps to overcome feelings of inadequacy or humiliation that sometimes spring from the Piscean desire to clear the karmic slate.

Venus in Pisces, due to its refined nature can greatly enhance our sensitivity to beauty in all forms, so this is a wonderful opportunity to dive into doing what brings us inspiration and makes our hearts sing.


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