Zoning Out & Whatnot…with Void-of-Course Moons

There is a New Moon in Pisces today, but oh no – upon becoming new it immediately goes Void! Of course! This happens a lot with lunations, although it’s not something that is often spoken of. It refers to the moon’s limbo-like state as she drifts away from the last major Ptolemic aspect (named after Claudius Ptolemy) she made to another planet, before entering into the next sign. Every couple of days this occurs but it usually doesn’t last more than a couple of minutes or hours so we barely notice it.

Those of you who use an astrological ephemeris have heard the words void-of-course or seen the v/c symbol many times. I could write an entire book on this subject, as it’s often the most neglected aspects of astrology that intrigue me the most. The v/c, VOC, or void-of-course moon marks an underrated time that I find rich and filled with possibilities, but only with the proper approach…

When the Moon is “void”, we’re often being asked to slow down, take a breather, and to be nonattached to the outcomes of whatever we’re doing. We’re asked to just BE.  People often zone out or space out anyway during this time, despite their own or the best efforts of those around them. Big plans often go “null and void” or just plain weird. Whatever’s clever is the game. The infamous saying about the VOC Moon is that “Nothing will come of this”. Nothing can be a strong word, and so can the void. These words scare people. So let’s not jump to conclusions, but let’s explore these possibilities. My observations have shown me that there is definitely something to that saying, but as with anything else, there are exceptions. This Universe is made up of mysteries and surprises, and keeps em comin in uncountable ways.

One of the best musical pieces I ever composed on my piano keyboard was during a VOC Moon in Pisces. It was completely and mysteriously erased several months later however, and I have not since tried to recapture the haunting melody. When the Moon is in the sign of Pisces, whether or VOC or not, romance is heightened, and we may see lovers and those we admire through rose colored glasses. A helpful question to ask ourselves today would be “How may I be of service?” since the way out of personal suffering is often by turning our focus to others in need. Pisces is one of those signs, in addition to Taurus, Cancer, and Sagittarius where the Moon is said to function somewhat well despite being VOC, due to the blessed influences of Jupiter and the Moon. Still, it’s best not to push the river unless you don’t mind the unpredictability of the currents.

Although as the earth’s satellite the Moon has a certain dominion over our most primal urges and emotions, we are not merely her puppets. We undoubtedly have free will, so we all choose how to react to energy currents whether they come to us from above, below or within. The Moon represents that automatic, subconscious aspect of our minds and nature that makes it possible for us to even function. While the Sun rules the heart, we may think of the Moon as being in charge of the actual rhythm of the heart. All bodily fluids, the waves of the Sea, and all liquids are influenced by the Moon and her moods. As the fastest moving “planet”, the Moon’s frequent shifts help ensure the flow of necessary changes in our lives. The Moon rules memory as well, which is why without her we might all be at a loss.

Knowing about things that are happening, or that are likely to happen based on the planets, other indications of nature, and/or common sense, is just “half the battle” so to speak, in this big crazy world we live in. We have to contend with that knowledge, and do something about it with or when the occasion strikes. There are no guarantees, whether scientifically or spiritually, as much as we’d like to think we have things pinned down and explained to a tee. As a general rule, we define the world and our own realities on a daily basis with our actions and expectations. There come moments when going by the books or the weather forecast will only work against us, because the mere idea of doing so distracts us from living authentically, instinctively, intuitively, and spontaneously, in the now. Being consciously in the now is exactly what the VOC moon can help facilitate for us.

A few VOC Moon Examples, & Highlights

Random examples of how “nothing” and certain other things come of major events during VOC Moons:

  • Every presidential candidate from 1900 to 1972 who announced their presidency under a VOC Moon lost the election. Jimmy Carter’s 1980 nomination was under a VOC moon. Al Gore’s 2000 and John Kerry’s 2004 nominations were also made under a VOC moon.
  • Lady Diana and Prince Charles were married during a VOC moon, and although they had children together, their marriage ended in divorce.
  • On a minor scale, many items bought during VOC moons do not serve their intended purpose. A beautiful garment that caught your fancy might end up as a gift for somebody else. Many surprising or previously lost items appear from out of the blue, while other ones that you seek become elusive and obscure. Events such as board meetings, job interviews and honeymoons tend to fall through, pan out in strange ways, or are otherwise ineffective. Ordinary and routine tasks usually go just fine. That is because like the Moon’s energy, they are so automatic we do not have to think much about them.
  • Many people you meet for the first time are also not at all what they appear under a VOC moon. An example is an attractive person of the opposite sex that seems like a dream date come true and turns out to be a nut case you need to dispose of. Obviously, some people are born while the moon is VOC, and it doesn’t mean their lives amount to nothing. To the contrary, they are known to be eccentric, pioneering souls. They have quite a different way of viewing life than those who don’t have the moon VOC, and one of their primary differences seems to be where they place their priorities. They generally don’t follow the herd, nor do they seem to follow any rules that don’t make sense to them personally. Strongly justice-oriented, they came in with their own compass, to steer their own ships.
  • As I rewrote this the moon was VOC, even though I began writing this article several years ago. What better time to dive back into it than during a VOC moon, which is wildly unpredictable, and during Mercury Retrograde which supports the culmination of things of the past. This same article has actually been rewritten several times over, for different purposes. How typical, considering the astrological factors involved 🙂
  • VOC Moons are generally not considered prime times to begin new important projects and enterprises, or to make large investments, unless they are musical or artistic. Even then, the actual impetus for these creations most likely came before the VOC Moon, and now they are being expressed. Events such as first dates, job interviews, and other important meetings tend to fall through, pan out strangely, or are otherwise ineffective. Destiny is at work, so your best laid plans that don’t work probably weren’t even meant to and the ones that do were preordained by the gods (who knows?). Ordinary and routine tasks usually go just fine.
  • VOC Moons are sometimes like staying up late at night, way past our bedtime. Interestingly, great inspiration often comes to us in our tiredness, when we have dropped our defenses. However if we stay up past midnight we typically don’t have the best of judgment or energy, not as we would say at around noon. We are possibly a bit delirious, absent-minded or reckless at the wee hours of the morning. Petty arguments seem to often spring up during VOC Moons, but are just as quickly forgotten. Therefore, a VOC Moon is generally not a time to get a tattoo, get married or prepare a 7-course meal. But then, it is such an unpredictable time that sudden bursts of energy and windfalls may seem to pop up out of nowhere, maybe even when gambling in Las Vegas. Knowing the way that VOC Moons work, don’t count on it. Don’t count on anything. It’s the ideal time to dream and let things run wild while you merely kick back and watch, much like the way you might watch a Jackie Chan or Mr. Bean movie, not taking anything too seriously.
  • The erratic energy flow of VOC Moons seem to closely resemble that of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto combined. What the VOC Moon has in common with these planets is that its effects can be incredibly powerful yet subtle at the same time, beyond the control, reasoning, and structure of Saturn. In a deck of playing cards, it would be the wildcard or joker, meaning one that cannot be clearly interpreted.
  • All in all, there is no real challenge to a VOC Moon in and of itself, unless we try too hard when we should be taking it easy. Think of it as Nature’s own way of saying “Time Out!” – a real pain-in-the-arse of an inconvenience for modern society. This time out necessarily takes us out of our ruts and routines. There are fewer inhibitions at this time, so as a result certain things not of our choosing may decide to run automatically without any conscious effort on our part. Go with the flow, relax, and expect the unexpected, or nothing at all as the case may be. Remember, this too shall pass.
  • A friend once pointed out that VOC Moons are among the greatest times to clean and make way for the incoming energy of the Moon when she transits into the next sign. Perhaps this is thanks to the vacuum effect that the VOC moon tends to have. Cleaning as well as simply resting are both wise during these times so that when the time is right to act, our results will be more efficacious than if we had frittered away our energy trying to accomplish things under unfavorable conditions. Many people find the VOC Moon periods to be perfect times in which to detoxify in some way and break stubborn habits. Autosuggestions from the past can easily be broken now.
  • While each VOC moon is in part influenced by that last aspect it made to a certain planet, it is also shaded by the actual sign it is floating through. By paying attention to the sign the Moon is in whether void or not, we can go with the flow instead of against it and achieve the most beneficial results.
  • Being a “tween time”, the VOC Moon often functions as a portal leading us to other dimensions, surprising territories and states of consciousness, particularly for those who dare to venture. These dimensions could be anywhere from Faeryland to the Underworld to galaxies beyond our own. VOC Moons hold a great deal of potential for spiritual growth, insight, and empowerment, favoring practices such as yoga and meditation. It may or may not be the best time to take affirmative action, but is almost always a great time to sit back and listen. The inner world beckons…

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