Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

Although I already spoke of the upcoming Full Moon Eclipse in the April Forecast, it has been such a powerful building influence all month that it seems quite relevant to say more.

Scorpio as the 8th sign deals with matters that humans have often labeled as taboo. Scorpio asks where does sex begin and the afterlife end. It often has no qualms about asking us questions we cannot even answer. It is about probing into the mysteries of our very existence.

art by Josephine Wall

Scorpio is also a deeply emotional water sign ruled by the fiery planet Mars which can be vengeful, combative, and passionate, and its “higher octave” planet Pluto, which is purgative to both the bowels and emotions, and potentially may transform us to the bone….as well as to the brain and entire psyche.

All throughout the month, especially on the New and Full Moons and on the 17th when the Sun joined Mars, the forcefulness of Mars has been strong in effect, its effects destructive and explosive, as we have seen in the Boston marathon and bombing in Afganistan. These explosive effects have been experienced by many on both personal and collective levels, while on the flipside there have been energizing and constructive opportunities available to us. Mars is the ruler of Aries, where the New Moon was highlighted this month on the 10th, as well as the original ruler of Scorpio, where the Lunar Eclipse will occur on the 25th. Saturn is Retrograde in Scorpio, in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn, also involved in the wild Martian-Uranian-Transneptunian “collision” that that has been occurring.

The dark edge of Scorpio’s sword uses its sharpness to cut and wound where the perceived opponent or victim is most weak. Deep hurt spurs Scorpio toward acts of utter cruelty. One of the highest possible expressions of Scorpio is that of healing, or the mending any level because with Scorpio we see deep into the heart or cause of any illness, ruptures and blockages. There can be incredible powers of rejuvenation and rebirth when and where this sign’s energy is present.

Combining this Eclipse with the Black Water Snake representing the year 2013 is bringing us face to face with whatever we choose to call our shadows or demons – the dark face of the goddess, the fear of the unknown, the fantasies and fatalities. Scorpio and the Water Snake share many of the same qualities with each other, as the snake is one of the symbols for Scorpio. Our own “shedding” of old skin might seem like an uncomfortable and ugly process but it often facilitates a much clearer state than before.

What we are working with at this time is the result of many past actions, both positive and negative, with the choice as to how to respond to their demands for attention. This is thanks in part to Saturn’s retrograde through Scorpio, causing a great deal of digging and introspection on what works and doesn’t particularly in the realm of emotions and relating to others. Adding the Moon in her fullness to the mix intensifies the subconscious aspects of this process, and the pull toward resolving things from the past.

Guilt, repressed anger, and transgressions by or toward us are up for release. Neptune may either be of help or hindrance in this area, bringing a fog of confusion and depression or otherwise compassion and higher knowing into our hearts and conscious minds.

At this time even those who don’t have a prominence of Scorpio within their birth charts may be feeling a wide range of the emotions associated with Scorpio, including abandonment, loss, rage, sorrow, and revenge. The more empowering expressions will be new levels of confidence, clarity, determination and divine union. There is no pulling the wool over a Scorpio’s eyes, unless that Scorpio person is so entrenched within their own victimized or victimizing mindset, in which case they may become underhanded, manipulative, and deceitful. The ultimate desire now is for what is real and meaningful, as the rest can “go to hell”, as far as Scorpio is concerned. Superficiality, insignificant chit chat or casual encounters won’t do.

While Scorpio relates to legacies, inheritances, and large sums of money from unusual sources, it also points us toward higher values if we are willing to move toward them. It shows us who we can and cannot trust, as it urges us toward connections and commitments that resonate within us. The energy now is extremely raw but with this is a rare and precious jewel of an opportunity for us to reach deep into our own souls for wholeness and truth.


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