May Forecast 2013

Happy Beltane season! The first of May marks the beginning of the pastoral summer season, and the air is generally rich, colorful, bright, filled with cheer and romance at this time of year. If you’re not feeling quite relaxed in your easy chair or hanging out at the beach with a pina colada and some friends, you’re actually in good company. Although it is the season of increasing light we are also in the midst of great changes reflected to us in three back-to-back eclipses, the first of which we experienced on April 25th. Over a period of weeks eclipses help us purge, weed out, and release what no longer fits into the overall picture of our lives and is even detrimental to our health or progress in some way. They serve as cathartic, catalyzing agents for the changes that we know deep down inside we need to make but find it hard to initiate on our own. During an eclipse God descends into flesh and form, and extends a hand to us in our time of need. Something may die or be taken away, hopefully leaving us with a profound sense of liberation. The new is not yet visible but we may sense that it is underway, or that something is on its way. As sparks of God or Divinity we must remember that we called this change forth from the core of our being. We must exercise our powers of will to move forward, yet be receptive enough to know when to surrender…”Not my will but Thine be done”.

Eclipse image is courtesy of NASA DFRC

Runes for May 2013 – Mannaz and Tiwaz

Before I could even reach into the bag of runes, one flew out as I shook it, and it was the rune Mannaz.  Mannaz is the rune which literally represents Mankind, as a whole. In its highest aspect is the rune of the Divine intelligence within humanity, on both individual and collective levels. It relates to various aspects of intelligence such as reasoning, memory, and concentration, and to the spiritual aspirant it indicates that pure self-realization is attainable now. Whenever Mannaz shows up it’s time to look in the mirror and to our own skills and resources instead of projecting outward onto others, whether for good or ill. We must take responsibility for our actions and decisions, realizing that no matter where or what position we may find ourselves in we always have some degree of personal choice on some level. It may be that whatever we seek outwardly is closer than we realize, and is to be found within ourselves.

A supporting influence for Mannaz this month turned out to be the rune Tiwaz, so named after the sky god Tyr. This rune indicates that justice, focus, and leadership are qualities to be developed or utilized. Victory and the ability to overcome longstanding challenges is possible now. Mannaz paired with Tiwaz point to the importance of knowing where our true strengths lie, and drawing upon these for success, whether in business, relationships, or other pursuits.

5-9-13 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

This could be what is called moon of mixed blessings, for indeed the moon is exalted in the fertile comfort-loving sign of Taurus, while other factors are adding an edge to the new beginning we are experiencing. It is a beginning that will require definite endings, in order for us to begin anew in certain areas. The Solar Eclipse occurs at 19 degrees of Taurus, closely connected with Mercury and Mars. The energy here is both strongly inquisitive and acquisitive. The South Node conjunction involved in this eclipse is underlining to us what kind of  baggage we’ve been carrying around for ages, and what kind of people, places, ideas, and things that we tend to cling to for better or worse. We are up face to face with what is possibly the world’s most prominent mental stress factor which is our resistance to change. The test here is truly letting go – letting go of whatever does not serve us, support us, resonate with us, and does nothing but take up our precious space and energy in order to sustain merely for its own survival rather than for any real benefit.

Taurus relates to a few basic things that make the world go around: Money, Self-Worth, and Values which have no set price other than those we personally assign to them. At this juncture many will ask themselves what they are working toward, struggling for, and saving up for a rainy day. In addition, they will ask WHY. What adds to or takes away from personal esteem, and what seriously needs weeding out in order for us to not just survive but thrive? What are we spending too much money on, and what would be very worth spending money on and yet we hesitate to invest where we need to most? World currency may also become even more of a hot topic in the coming weeks, as global currency revaluation and exchange rates are shifting rapidly.

Taurus, ruled by Venus is also about beauty, and so relates not only to some of the basic necessities in life, but some of the luxuries that make life sweet. Floral bouquets are available at the grocery store because they feed the senses, and function as enhancements to many occasions. In love, Taurus likes a lot of physical affection, so at this time it will be easier to express affection to loved ones.

This New Moon eclipse is in conjunction with the major asteroid Pallas Athene, named after the goddess of creative intelligence. In the sign of Taurus this goddess represents the perception through and expression of all the beautiful and enjoyable aspects physical existence. Taurus is a very feminine and “tactile” sign, where touch is important and a conscious connection to the earth is second nature. This placement encourages and enhances our relationship to ecology and earth medicine. It also stimulates us in artistic ways, toward the outward manifestation of our creative impulses through a wide variety of mediums.

In regards to this Solar Eclipse in Taurus I think of Kokopelli, a Hopi fertility deity depicted with a flute and seeming hunched back upon which he carries seeds, unborn babies and burdens. His burden basket that appears as a deformity holds the hopes, fears, needs, the wishes of many – in a sense the weight of the world upon his back. In essence Kokopelli is gladly willing to carry this heavy burden for us, but he is however as much a trickster as he is a healer. We must be willing to see our own projections and take responsibility for our actions. Like Kokopelli we can choose to consciously carry ourselves, our obligations, plans and our burdens with dignity, or we can try to escape the harshness of our current reality through a variety of addictions. Inner and outer lightness don’t occur through avoidance, but through purification. Perhaps it is time to empty our own basket, respectfully, or to reevaluate what’s inside of it. What has slipped down to the bottom and become insignificant or taken for granted? What brims over at the top surface, constantly demanding our attention? It actually takes more energy for us to maintain our clutter than to take that “extra time” out in order to clean up and organize our interior and exterior space.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon Eclipse is:

“Wisps of Winglike Clouds Streaming Across the Sky”

When we look up to the sky we can choose to shrug and look back down, or to fear what may be chemtrails, or better yet to sense our connection with nature’s vast intelligences that communicate to us through the moving clouds as they take on various shapes. At this time we are being made aware of spiritual forces at work both within and around us, whether or not we can see them with our physical eyes. Our angels are looking out for us.

This is a 10 of Diamonds day, which signifies great blessings and possible financial reward. The Diamond suit is very much aligned with the energy of Taurus, as both represent material values, and can also help facilitate the manifestation of spirit into matter. When the 10 of Diamonds is present we are encouraged to make a wish, and release it to the Universe in total trust that its manifestation or the next best thing to that which is in alignment with us is on the way.

5- 24-13 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The Lunar Eclipse hits at 4 degrees of Sagittarius, putting us in the mood for adventure, exploration, and sky-diving of the mental and even physical kind. The Moon’s trine to Uranus heighten daring attributes as well as intuition, but as is always the case what we choose to do with our emotions, urges, and psychic impressions are up to us and entail personal responsibility.

Conflict or resolve? Either we will find that we get to choose or that a choice is made for us at this time. The urge to get away from it all is strong, but where another sign such as Pisces seeks to escape through drugs or fantasy, Sagittarius literally seeks for the nearest exit from any restrictions by taking immediate action. There is a need for vigorus physical outlets and a propensity to travel. This sign will challenge many of the other signs or attributes that tend to get stuck in a rut, and will ask things like “Aren’t you sick and tired of being sick and tired?” or blurt out things like “If you don’t like it, change it!” The Gemini polarity indicates that disagreements or tension with siblings, neighbors or even distant relatives could be an issue, or that perhaps this is a time for reunion with such others. There could be a very restless, stir-crazy, claustrophobic energy with this eclipse for many, as though any existing limitations have been held in place for far too long. The rubber band is about to snap. Something must give…way…to freedom.

Sagittarius is the sign related to our search for knowledge and truth. It pushes us to expand where we feel limited and to aim higher where we’ve aimed too low or settled for less. Travel of the body, mind, and spirit are favored when this sign is strong, and it may be time for many of us to journey, whether this is inward, outward or a combination of both. On the other hand Sagittarius may point to areas where we overdo or overstretch ourselves, due to Jupiter’s influence. Just as we took a look at what habits and items needed to be discarded with the Taurus solar eclipse, we may now need to further size down and simplify in some area where we have pushed ourselves too far, said, or eaten too much. So…for some this could mean a time to fast or diet.

A square to Neptune in Pisces might be the cause of confusion for some who are already prone to illusions, delusions, and feelings of inferiority. While we’ll want to be on guard in certain situations, we may desire to experiment with different possibilities. What is certain is that nothing is certain and especially now. Strange, unusual, and enigmatic encounters and physical symptoms are likely to spring up in profusion. On a brighter note, this aspect could very well indicate profound visions and experiences of a spiritual nature. Pay close attention to dreams at this time, the weeks leading up to and after this eclipse, as they may turn out to be highly symbolic of changes needing to be made, or may be prophetic.

The Moon loosely opposes Mars in Taurus and with this many will find that conflicts are no longer worth the effort, and that either it will be time to give up, make up, or walk away. Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter clustered in Gemini bring us levity and laughter in some of our exchanges, and can help to ensure that we don’t fall too far deep into any emotional slumps that may have resulted from the past lunar eclipse in Scorpio.

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon Eclipse is:

“An Old Owl Sits Alone On the Branch of A Large Tree”

The owl has long been regarded in superstition, folklore and shamanism as a symbol of wisdom, hidden fate, and death. The owl moves silently in the night and its hooting call evokes mystery in some, fear in others. We are advised to look beyond the surface of things, situations and people now, because our deeper understanding will become useful to us on many levels.

This Full Moon falls on the day of the 8 of Clubs, which is the card associated with mental power. Eight a very power filled number, which laid out horizontally becomes the symbol for infinity. It is also very fixed, and especially the 8 of Clubs, so whatever we fix our minds upon now will hold extra force. Greater physical strength may also be available to us as well, so whatever we do we must choose wisely, so as to generate the results and success that we seek.


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