Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter month moves into Cancer this month on the 25th, until July 26th of 2014. It takes twelve years for Jupiter to make his round through the zodiac. Along his way he brings growth, expansion, and opportunities wherever he travels, but particularly in this sign, where he is “exalted” in astrological terms!

Jupiter is indeed jovial in this sign  as the kind and caring qualities of Cancer are expanded by his presence. Due to this the ability to attract these qualities in others are enhanced. Since this is a water sign, our watery natures both physical and emotional will be heightened to the nth degree during this transit. On the Earth, water will be more available, and/or expensive, and will become somehow stronger in force. Emotionally, we are in for the full gamut of whatever can be experienced.

Ambitions are strong in this sign, but in a way that one considers the feelings of others, and moves in an intuitive manner toward goals. Part of this comes from the belief in a higher power and a powerful sense of ethics. We simply won’t be able to act without becoming aware of others’ nuances and considering the effects that our actions will have on others during this time. There is emphasis on homelife and those with Jupiter in this sign often have clear sharp memories in relation to their family history and upbringing. Building a sense of security and comfort for themselves and their loved ones is very important to them. While Jupiter is in Cancer we will all in general have this pull toward recognizing and reconnecting with our roots, ancestry, and seek to enhance whatever brings us the feeling of being “at home”.

Cancer’s tendency to moodiness is heightened with Jupiter and must be tempered occasionally with invigorating physical outlets . There can also be weight issues and fluctuations, usually overweight. In the case of being underweight, there is something else being overdone rather than overeaten that prevents the weight from evening out. It can be very helpful for Jupiter in Cancer natives to meditate on the impermanence of all things.

When all else fails, what they most need and benefit from is a good belly laugh! If any of us are taking ourselves too seriously right now or anytime, we are missing the boat.

Material success and manifestation of what is desired may be delayed but rarely denied in this sign, for their is a tendency for life to improve with time, experience and the accumulation of wisdom. Success often comes in middle age with Jupiter in Cancer “babies”, and when this transit comes around. The common Jupiter in Cancer talents include work with the public, especially work that involves food, real estate, interior design, culinary arts, the healing arts, and in a less public way caretaking (esp of pets, children, and elderly). These livelihoods are all aided by the sympathetic and emotional responsiveness that comes so natural here. Prosperity consciousness along with the capacity to attain great wealth are the gifts of Jupiter in Cancer.

Whenever Jupiter is present we can overdo it – so in this case we’ll need to be extra mindful about what we eat and how much, what we feel and how we handle it, what we want and how we choose to go after it. We can make a lot of progress but will still need the help of Saturn to discipline ourselves and not bite off more than we can chew. We can have fun, but in Cancer we’ll also be reminded of those who are less fortunate, and hopefully this will fuel our desire to share what we have.


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