Strawberry Supermoon – Bring it On!

This day and entire last week of June is very potent, ripe with a more clear sense of the infinite than we have collectively experienced in a very long time. We are being drawn inward to find resolve in both releasing the past and reshaping our vision of the future. This present delicate state that we are finding ourselves in requires our attention and participation in gathering the best of our resources, skills, and energies, lovingly guiding them toward the specific areas that we would like to see transformation. This wouldn’t be up in our faces if it wasn’t possible, but the prospect may seem foreboding or frightening to some. What we fear more than anything right now is our power. When power is combined with love it can heal, inspire, and manifest many of our hearts deepest desires.

This coming Full Moon on the 23rd  is the largest appearing moon of the year as it is super close to the Earth, thus it is called a Supermoon. The June Full Moon is generally known as Strawberry moon because it is the peak season for harvesting strawberries. Pluto is loosely conjoined with this Full Moon in Capricorn, but close enough to pack a wallop in any number of ways. I seriously think this Full Moon is just as much about fun as it is about facing our shadows, as contradictory as that sounds.

It’s bringing up a lot of whatever has been buried in our hearts and minds, including lost hopes, dreams, and aspirations. It may be bringing up very intense emotions, of the sort that seem difficult to shake because they’ve been in captivity so long. When they’re set loose these emotions will act like un-caged animals, some of them stalling, not knowing what to do with their newfound freedom and others going crazy, all over the place. Profound insights are coming at us at lightning speed, and yet we must slow down to assimilate them.

At 2 degrees of Capricorn, this Full Moon has the Sabian symbol:

“A Human Soul, In Its Eagerness For New Experiences, Seeks Embodiment”

Capricorn, with its ruling planet Saturn, is a sign that relates to the building and sustaining of structure in our bodies, livelihoods, and our lives in general. We are currently looking at what truly sustains us, and what no longer doess – what never did must now be released. We’re looking at what builds us up, rather than tears us down. What inspires us rather than wears us out? We’re not on a cloud, but we’re on Earth, each of us here for a reason. Some changes will certainly need to be made, and we are ready.

The Sun conjunction with Jupiter on the 19th has been ushering in a new level of peace, understanding, strength and higher realizations to the world, and it seems auspicious this occurred just the day before the Summer Solstice. Today as the Sun moves into Cancer, Jupiter prepares for it’s entry into the sign of Cancer on the 25th for a year’s time.

Neptune is Retrograde in Pisces in a trine with Saturn in Scorpio, which has been month long and will continue to be in effect for several weeks. This configuration will further be activated in this Full Moon, as a kite involving the Sun, Black Moon Lilith, and Jupiter all form a Grand Water Trine with these planets. To add to this deeply mysterious concoction we’re swimming around in, Mercury stations to go Retrograde in Cancer on the 26th.

Other than backing up all your important computer data, and solidifying any last minute plans – I suggest to get ready to get ready – we can never really guess exactly how Mercury Retrograde is going to play out for us. This Mercury Retrograde cycle is about reconnecting us with our roots, relatives, and what we reach for to tend to our personal needs. Minds may seem fuzzy and vague, overly influenced by feelings during this time. Just remember this too shall pass. Since Cancer is so strongly highlighted, this Mercury cycle lasting until July 21st relates to the depths of our beingness and is also getting us ready for what we really want, so we can truly invite that into our living space and experience.


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