Grand Sextile – July 29th

The coming Grand Sextile on July 29th is significant in many ways to us, and its effects have slowly been building over the past several weeks. It involves a sacred geometrical “galactic interface” between the long-lived Grand Water Trine of Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune and a Grand Earth Trine of the Moon, Venus, and Pluto. Together these two feminine trines form the shape of the Star of David, or Star Tetrahedron in the heavens.

A configuration such as this is quite rare, as the last grand sextile occurred February 7, 1945. Similarly to that time, in which the Second World War had just ended, there is a sensation that a struggle is beginning to end, and a new dawn has arrived. It appears that the birth by Kate Middleton and Prince William on the Supermoon, so close to this Grand Sextile was a divinely timed event. What comes of this young boy….we shall see!

This Star of David pattern offers us a tremendous opportunity to recalibrate in alignment with our own Divine Purpose here on the Earth. We must remember that sextiles, trines and other aspects of ease – no matter how Grand they are can sometimes seem so subtle in effect that we collectively miss them or take them for granted…the things that are going right can seem like “small miracles” in comparison to all of the hardships that have been endured. What we each do with this cosmic awakening of beauty and ease will be unique to each of us, with the choice of stepping through the portal to a new life or remaining in the old one we are familiar with.

Due to both trines involved being in feminine signs, the theme of Birth is indeed pertinent. The Moon is exalted in the fertile sign of Taurus where she will be ignited. Furthermore, this stellar aspect falls on a Queen of Hearts day in the numerological Destiny Card system. The Queen of Hearts is the Loving Mother card, suggesting that the power of motherhood, magnetism, all types and levels of love, as well as the sensual side of sexuality are highlighted. What are we seeking to birth into our lives? The Star tells us that we have planted the seed, the time of birth or blossoming is very near. Still, that which we give birth to will need the same degree of nurturing and protection that is given to a newborn child. The interlocking of two triangles also signifies the uniting of polar opposites, male and female. Many are currently being drawn into alignment with their “Soul Mate” so to speak, whether on the physical or spiritual planes. On a yet even deeper esoteric level this Star signals our merging of the Finite and Infinite Self in the current playground we call reality. The line between the mundane and mystical blurs at this sacred time, reminding the Collective Mind of what is inherently known to us within the memory banks of both our cells and our souls.


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