Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Mercury stationed retrograde today (October 21st) in Scorpio where it will appear to tread backward until November 11th. It almost goes without saying that around this time it is best to be a bit cautious and extra patient around appointments, computers and electronic devices, and general communications. There are often breakdowns, delays, and miscommunications of all sorts with MR. These mixed messages are the Universe’s way of trying to get us to slow down, listen or pay closer to attention to something in our lives or environment. These Retrogrades do not favor new beginnings but rather the reparations and completions of what has already begun or has been done unsuccessfully. They are our naturally provided chances to bring the balance in those areas.

Scorpio is a feminine, fixed water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. Its nature is deeply perceptive, passionate, emotional, and powerful, with the potential to either do great harm (when disturbed) or to heal (when aware). Scorpio gets us in touch with taboo topics, and stirs us in ways that we may have tried to hide or deny. It shows us where we need to clear and release whatever has become stuck in body, mind, and spirit. Since it will be in Scorpio the whole time, one of the sole themes of this particular Mercury Retrograde cycle is to release stubborn patterns that have affected our lives in so many ways. It will assist us in clearing our minds of excess baggage and old stories that fill us with hopelessness, apathy, indecision, worry, and falsity.

This Mercury Retro cycle offers us some precious opportunities to:

  • Forgive – others who have hurt us as well as ourselves for any shortcomings we have perceived or judged harshly in ourselves
  • Release  – whatever is taking up the space of what would actually benefit us, whether this means objects, relationships, habits or all of the above. How can we attract or even accept what we want when there is no room for it?
  • Reclaim – our passion in life, our sense of purpose and/or power
  • Just say no – I loved what Ilona Mialik had to say about this in her latest blog post It’s Your Job

This could be a time when physically we are nudged to clean our dietary intake or just make time for deeper rest and rejuvenation. We need to focus on the exhale just as much as the inhale, and recognize where we are holding stress in our bodies so that we can release it consciously, rather than through more complicated illnesses. The water element is especially healing now, both externally and internally…drinking plenty of pure water can be very helpful and important in releasing toxins.

To quote from the October Forecast post:

“This Retrograde is an emotionally charged and transformative one and will have transited Saturn three times during its course. This may be the point when we actually let go, walk away, cast out, say no, or simply know that the past is over, the future is now. What is it that you’re so over and ready to be done with, whether it’s a job, physical condition, a mental, relational or other one?”

The flower essence that sprang to my mind for Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio this time around is Mimulus, otherwise known as Monkeyflower ~ in all of its different colors and forms. There is a Bach brand of Mimulus flower essence generally administered for releasing and working through fears, and I think of the title Monkeyflower as literally relating to the quieting of the “monkey mind” that causes so many types of mental afflictions and fears. Even connecting with the energy of this flower spirit through visualization or meditation may help to allay some of the fears that are coming up for release during the next three weeks.

A saving grace of this Mercury Retrograde transit with be its trine to Jupiter in Cancer, bringing nurturing and optimism in moments and areas where we may least expect it. This also helps even out the heaviness of the Saturn influence with some lighter feel-good vibes.This could well be the insightful period that we’ve been hoping or praying for for months. As much as we often dread the MR process, it can bring some great things, solutions, and reunions that we wouldn’t have otherwise thought to ask for or consciously pursue. My sense is that we will make huge progress during this time and if we are seeking for the positive within it we are sure to find it.


5 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

  1. Thanks for the tip on mimulus flower essence. and also the opportunities we have with it.
    I signed up for an e-course on line this morning and it was postponed due to tech difficulties.! Now I know why.

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