No Guarantees

Imagine a world where there are no guarantees of any kind and nothing is certain other than uncertainty itself. Does this sound bleak, troubling, or chaotic? It shouldn’t, because this is exactly the type of world we already live in, only we have fooled ourselves into believing the opposite is true. We depend on clocks, computers, doctors, religious leaders, and other authority figures to keep us logged or plugged in to the program of so-called life. We’re told that if we abide or do not abide by this code, standard, or set of circumstances we are guaranteed certain results. But most people know that even a weather forecast is not set in stone. Nature does not abide by our rules, and we are a part of nature, which means that we are in many ways as unpredictable as She. In our many clever attempts to define and even alter reality, we have forgotten that we are part of a never ending tapestry that is merely responding to our projections.

Let’s say you want something – a car, a lover, a new wardrobe, or perfect health for example. You are willing to do whatever it takes to gain that in your life, so you look outside of yourself for the things, people and places to make this part of your tangible reality. Maybe you have given up hope, believing that since you see no way for this to manifest there is none. You push, pull, wait, and wonder why it has to be such a struggle. You search both consciously and unconsciously everywhere for the thing you want, and then you spend the next segment of your time with that thing searching for the perfect guarantee that it will either bring you satisfaction or will forever remain undisturbed in your life.

There is no such guarantee! If we had guarantees about everything good and bad that would happen to us if we did this or that, we would never grow and evolve. How liberating to let go of expectations, judgments and the illusoriness of any guarantees! It would free us to take chances based on what resonates in our hearts and souls, to explore more of the mysterious beauty both within and surrounding us. We would let go of attachments to the outcomes, and enjoy more of the unfolding process that we’re in. We would acquire new skills rather than replaying the same old stories and going nowhere like a hamster on a wheel. No matter how devout a religious believer you may be, is there truly any guarantee you will go to heaven when you die? Then again there is also no guarantee that such a heaven even exists in the way that you have been taught! So why live according to someone else’s book of rules?

We exert far more energy in trying to label what things are and what they mean than we do when we ride the waves of change, reflecting, asking, and acting when inspired. I like using astrology and other systems for the deeper revelations they stimulate inside of me, but do not depend on them or glorify them as the absolute truth. With curiosity I marvel at life’s synchronicities and ask more questions, because they are as fun to ask as it is to allow the Universe’s response. We are after all, in a constant dialogue!

It seems to me that week’s Solar Eclipse along with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio has been pressing our buttons in some big ways. It has been asking us how we have been not living authentically, and in what ways have we been grasping for security where it does not exist. In a bottomless pit of neediness, we have no choice but to face our shadows. So what would you dare to dream or do if you could live without fear of failure (or success) or without any guarantees?

Thank you Ilona Mialik for use of this photo 🙂


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