Full Moon in Taurus

TarurusTaurus by Josephine Wall

This Full Moon is 25 degrees of Taurus, reminding us to consciously connect with our senses and the Earth. This Venus-ruled sign is all about physical touch, beauty, both enjoying and accumulating the finer things in life. For the past few days we’ve collectively been looking at makes life worth living and what we can no longer bear that takes far too much of a toll on our beings. Essentially this means getting in touch with our core values as well as coming up with our own means of security, particularly when it comes to physical needs such as food, shelter, and the physical aspects of relationship. In a word these values may be summed simply as as money, but it’s what money can buy and the security that having money means to us that is most relevant. Taurus also highlights our self-worth, and it is time now to look at what undermines or supports this in us.

We are taking a good look at what goals and actual practices are aligned with our personal value systems and this means weeding out what doesn’t truly support or enhance our wellbeing or have anything to do with where we wish to be or who we wish to associate with. This Moon is asking us to slow down and savor life, or at least check out what’s preventing us from doing so so that we have better chances of enjoying life in the near future.

The Moon is conjunct fixed star Algol, which has somewhat of a malevalent reputation that is finally being reevaluated for its actual properties and influences. The head of Medusa from Greek mythology is represented by this star, regarded by the ancients as the most evil star in the heavens. Its name also means “demon” in Arabic, while Algology has become a medical term for the study of pain. While it may be that we are looking our pain square in the face whether this is physical or emotional pain, doing so could finally grant us the release from its bondage, because we are looking at not only the effects but the causes of our suffering. Tears may fall, and yet great ephiphanies and bursts of laughter could be the result!

We were all as innocent as Medusa once, before she was raped by Poseidon and then cursed into a hideous creature by Pallas Athene with snakes as hair and a petrifying stare. Many symbols exist in stories such as these that are relevant to our modern day lives. There comes a point in our journey where our deepest wounds become wells of deep wisdom, and what was once our personal poison becomes a medicine that we can offer to others in times of need. At this time we may begin to realize the benefits of and even appreciate the hardships of our past, as they shaped who we are today. We may also possibly befriend those who we previously considered to be our enemies.

The Full Moon is also conjunct with the asteroid Kleopatra, heightening our focus and appreciation of beauty even more than we would otherwise. This interesting bone-shaped asteroid asteroid has its own two moons, and may be reflecting to us the dual nature of our desires and focus of beauty that is internal versus external.

On the 19th, two days after this Full Moon the comet Chiron, the Wounded Healer goes Direct after its long Retrograde in Pisces since June 16th. This is yet another influence that is helping us to finally clear many of the imprints from our childhoods or instances in which we felt injured and powerless.

Jupiter went Retrograde in Cancer on November 6th until March 6th of 2014 which is probably a topic for another post…however the theme it highlights for the next four months does coincide with the energies of this full moon in bringing greater structure and physical manifestation to our goals – assisting us in working toward them in more focused ways and therefore being able to achieve greater success in our endeavors.


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