2014 – Year of the Chariot

We are soon stepping into something entirely new…a way of life we may not even be familiar with and have yet to define. 2014 rounds out to the number seven in numerology, indicating this to be a highly spiritually charged year. Seven is the number that represents the bridge between the realms of the mundane and mystical. There are seven days in week, seven major traditional planets, seven main musical notes, and seven colors of the rainbow, just to name a few “sacred sevens”.

Until now we have been purging, preparing, learning and unlearning so many things so that we would be ready for what is yet to come. Some have been recognizing where their true values lie, whether of the material and/or subtle planes of existence.

2013 being a six year has been about partnership and balancing the scales karmically and monetarily, whereas the coming seven year will highlight the progress made along our paths, potentially actualizing ideas into physical manifestation. It’s time to wrap it up with important contacts, which has been sweet in some ways, highly uncomfortable in others. The Tarot card of 2013 is the Lovers, so we’ve been looking intensely at relationships that reflect us, drain us, nurture us, and elude us. We’ve been doing some deep soul work to make amends not only with others but within ourselves. This work isn’t over, but it will be raised to a whole new level.

The Tarot card that corresponds with the number seven is the Chariot. The Chariot symbolizes new beginnings within our careers and within our consciousness. It relates to the sign of Cancer and the time period between the Summer Solstice of June and the end of July.  The charioteer is depicted being pulled either by two Sphinxes or two horses, symbolizing movement that is liberating. However there is also a very masculine and defensive energy associated with the card, and hints that there are both battles and bad habits to overcome. The worst battles we fight are within ourselves, and the inner beast is what must be tamed before our dreams and goals will be fully attained.

All year and especially during this time period we may seek for and expect the following themes to show up prominently:

  • Goals are being attained
  • Heightened spiritual awareness
  • Greater self control or loss of control
  • New work and career opportunities
  • Relocation
  • A long or significant journey
  • Strong messages from the Universe

As the Grand Cardinal Crosses continue to exert their pressures into the year 2014, those who are Cancer or any of the cardinal signs (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) might feel that this an especially key year for both transformation and actualization on many levels, especially during the Summer. Jupiter in Cancer bestows his blessings along the way.

This year is going to be so potent that it may look unlike what many of us have experienced before in our current lifetimes, bringing in many unique situations, people, and opportunities. This may partially be due to advancements in technology, combined with further natural disasters, and a heightened awareness of the processes of evolution, involution and devolution. Like animals whose cages have just been flung open we at first may move slowly, with some hesitation. From here, we get to choose our directions. If we don’t act with appropriate assertion, then we risk being dominated by those around us who claim greater control. The year 2014 will require courage, and it will require focus. With determination and applied effort, victory and celebration will be ours. These are the gifts of a seven year.


7 thoughts on “2014 – Year of the Chariot

  1. Wouldn’t the Fool be new beginnings And the Chariot would be the victory Parade of those beginnings ? Just wondered

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