Radio Fundraiser

Do you enjoy listening to talk shows or interviews with some of your favorite healers, psychics, artists, and musicians? I have a fantastic set of interviews with all sorts of interesting, well-educated, and inspirational speakers lined up for early 2014, but need some help in sustaining the radio position that I have. Yes a few of these people are famous, whatever that means to you!

You can tune in to my Radio Shows on Tuesday mornings 9:00-10:00 PST

Pretty soon I might need two different radio shows – one for the bad-ass musicians I bring to the station and the other for metaphysical teachers, shamans, and healing facilitators. Interviewing cool people has been super fun and mostly easy, but doing all of this while spending my own resources is not going to work for me anymore.

On my radio shows you get the chance to receive FREE intuitive readings from me, learn a lot about astrology and healing, and hear the voices of musicians in categories such as devotional chanting to folk rock to hardcore djent metal (you can say I’m that kind of California “hippy”). Most of my shows haven’t even been uploaded yet, but there is a large archive!

I’d be ever so grateful for your help by checking out what I do here, spreading the word if you dig it, and donating toward my cause if you are able. Click here to find how you can become an Underwriter to support my continued air time with KOWS radio. I’ve donated my own time and resources to participate for two years. If you are so moved, you can even donate to me personally via PayPal because you love free readings and fun interviews.  The email to send it to would be

KOWS Community Radio is operated in Sonoma county of California. Those of us who are members don’t make any money doing what we do there, but we often spend it on the station. We depend on our sponsors to keep the good times rolling! Please help us to help you as listeners, as we have so many great shows and much to offer.

Our current goal is to raise enough money to significantly widen our bandwidth in 2014, giving us a stronger signal and wider audience. The shows are already live streaming on the internet.


Thank you, and blessings!!! 😀


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