Year of the Green Horse 2014

A final shedding is taking place as we transition out of the year of the deeply emotional and slow Black Water Snake into the year of the lively and quick moving Green Wood Horse.
The party hasn’t yet begun, and things right now may seem far from celebratory as we bring closure to many of the things that have lived out their purpose for us. Heartache, loss, and humility are some of the keynotes that people are experiencing at this time. Hold on – this too shall pass.
Venus has been turning Retrograde toward the end of the Snake year – since December 21st of 2013, greatly heightening the emotional and physical sensitivities. Coincidentally, it will be turning Direct on the very same day of Chinese New year , which in this country will be January 31st, the day after the New Moon in Aquarius. In China this will be February 4th 2014.
Horses are held in high regard as magical creatures in many cultures across the globe, representing travel, good fortune, freedom and adventure, as they were known as our first means of transportation. The Green Wood Horse Year is foreseen to be one of forward movement, progress in endeavors, victory over challenges, and possibly unexpected romance.
The Wood element and Wood Horse is particularly attuned to the elemental kingdoms, the trees, plants, herbs, and in general the greenery of nature – thus the Green color is attributed to it.
Horses are sacred to the faeries as well as to humans, and I spoke a little bit earlier about the significance of humanity’s growing connection to the faerie realm being heightened at the onset of 2014. There are many legends and accounts of magical horses, such as “fairy steeds” in Celtic lore, unicorns in Asia, pegasi and centaurs in Greek mythology – all creatures of the Faerie realm. This year brings a chance for humanity and the devic kingdom to do some deep repair work together to heal the damage that has been done to our ecosystem, as cooperation is needed from both sides at this point.
This is a great year to “go green” if you haven’t already, increase the greens in your diet, connect more intimately with nature, or bring more biodiversity into otherwise sterile environments.
This is going to be a year we can connect more easily with the power, wisdom, magic, and sensuality of Horse medicine to help us advance in areas that we are truly ready to advance in. 2014 is a Seven year numerologically, making this a year of the Chariot to boot – a Chariot that is often driven by horses. We need to be clear about our goals and move toward them with confidence, not wasting our time with that which does not resonate in our hearts. We’ll need to figure out and speak out what we want speedily, or possibly suffer from the quick decisions of others that effect us. Horse will help us reach our desired destination, and perhaps more importantly – to enjoy the journey!


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