Full Moon in Cancer

The full moon at 25 degrees Cancer on January 15th connects us with the Cosmic Mother, the Earth Mother, our inner and outer mothers, and creates collective awareness of the need we have for emotional and motherly nurturing. Many are feeling vulnerable at this time, and many deep emotions are rising to the surface, as though turbulent waves have just pulled up and rolled ashore much that was buried in the murky depths of the subconscious. Dreams are heightened, and very old memories are being stirred.

This is a time of emotional release whether good, bad, ugly, nice…whatever feelings are surfacing are so intense that some kind of outlet may be necessary so that they do not explode or implode in harmful ways. Family history, baggage, and patterns are reflected by the Moon’s opposition with Capricorn. There is a pivotal moment to remain in the entrapment of the chains of pain passed down to us, or to break free by responding differently to both actions and emotions that arise.

Now and during the week we may deeply connect with the primordial wisdom of the waters of the earth, the waters that comprise our physical shells. It could be healing to be particularly conscious about the water we drink, bathe in and utilize in any way, as the life-giving and precious commodity it has become. We must ask ourselves what we have done to bring ourselves to the present moment, without  placing blame or judgment on ourselves anyone else. It is as though we are tracing our origins, in order to free ourselves from all of the emotional weight we have accumulated in the process of discovering what it is to be fully embodied in human form. We may come to realizations similar to that of the Buddhist belief that “all sentient beings were our previous mothers”. This symbolizes our interconnectedness we share in the grand scheme of existence in this Universe.

The Black Moon Lilith – a mysteriously moving astrological point in the heavens is exactly conjoined with this Full Moon, highlighting the paradox we all experience at some point of both the holy and harsh aspects of the mother goddess. The sacred and profane are currently juxtaposed, and in our face so to speak. Basically the Black Moon Lilith is the moon’s furthest point in its orbit around earth. She holds mysteries, magic, and wisdom that is both accessible and ineffable to us. Right now her magic and wisdom runs deep and ancient, through the world and through our veins, touching the core of our being. This is not a full moon encouraging us to press on in a struggle, which can create further resistance against the very thing we hope to attain. Ultimately we have nothing essential to do but to receive, let go, and allow.


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