Aquarius New Moon Supermoon

This New Moon in Aquarius today (January 30th) commences the Chinese New Year of the Green Wood Horse, as Venus prepares to turn back into Direct motion after a very emotional Retrograde cycle since the Winter Solstice on December 21st. We can breath a sigh of tension relief as the water bearer heralds this time of increasing clarity and inspiration.

The Aquarian energy nudges us to express our creativity and to support this in others. Each and every one of us is completely unique, carrying both challenges and gifts that are valuable to the overall picture of life on Earth! No matter how individualist we may be, we need each other in order to achieve our goals. Illuminations about what brings us together and raises the collective consciousness are both rising and being poured forth.

This New Moon is a Supermoon, indicating its closeness with the Earth, being in direct alignment with the Sun and Earth. With Mercury in the shadow phase of a forthcoming Retrograde cycle (February 6th to 28th), the new beginnings we are inspired with now are based on those things and relationships that have already been initiated but have perhaps not brought to completion or upgraded to a new level of relating and involvement.

Rest is and will be important for a couple of weeks as is the willingness to look at certain challenging emotional issues with an angle of objectivity and gratitude for how they have caused us to evolve. It can help us to just slow down in order to assimilate the hardships, lessons, as well as blessings that we have experienced in the past few months, or even those that have affected us during a lifetime. With this slowing down we can recognize the greater purpose of these occurrences and reach new understandings about those that have crystalized into a static or chronic situation we now have the choice to consciously release.

Much of the previously perceived nature of reality is crumbling around us at warp speed. How prepared do you feel to drop cherished notions, or in some cases people and possessions? What we must be particularly prepared for in the weeks, months and years to come is the falling away of both certain aspects of human life that we have taken for granted and that we have clung to, holding them as ultimate truth. As Mercury enters Pisces and then turns back to review Aquarian values during the next few weeks, it would behoove us to pay attention to our inner signals as well as outer guideposts that are indicating to us where we stand with the levels and nature of reality that we are currently creating for ourselves.

All of this being said, remember that there is a special star that shines above you, and that…

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it however”.  -Richard Bach


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