Full Moon in Leo – What is Love?

As we approach this Valentine’s Full Moon in romantic Leo, we might wonder why our brains seem to be melting out of our ears or like we’re on some kind of acid trip that landed us on planet Mars. It’s not that things are all bad, but they just don’t seem quite logical anymore, especially when we try to interpret them as so. At least the Full is positively in synch with Mars, lending us some energy to continue breathing. Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius opposes the Moon with the opposite of objectivity, making everything around it subject to very nebulous, if not interesting perspectives and outcomes aided by the soft “edge” of Neptune.

The Moon in Leo means drama with a capitol D – and this can be very entertaining indeed. We want to play, laugh, sing, and dance – and we should! Celebrations can create more to celebrate. They don’t necessarily stave off danger but they up our vibrations, so that we are invigorated and ready for the next round of madness.

With Pluto joined by Venus in a waltz with Retrograding Jupiter in Cancer memories may seem stronger and reach farther than they ever have, as startling discoveries about the past take us deeper into our origins and those of the blue green planet. Saturn square the Full Moon is like a thorn or itch in our side that nags us, pushing us to not just see and feel – but to do something about all of this stuff coming up. It’s just so hard to be decisive in our actions when we’re crying like Yosemite Bear man who saw the double rainbow, wondering aloud “What does it MEAN!?”

image by Peterio

(image by Peterio)

So what about the romance (good luck with that!)? I answer with the question – What Is Love? This video says it all (rated PG):


4 thoughts on “Full Moon in Leo – What is Love?

  1. memories are so intense right now, and seemingly random due to lack of sensual stimulus of said memories…all of the sudden, bam! there you are in this vivid recollection with all the emotion! thanks Yerevan 🙂

  2. Good question . What is love
    Love is an action ( masculine )
    In order to provide a state of being.(feminine )
    1). Give; to provide

    Security 1st chakra
    Pleasure. 2ed chakra
    Intimacy and caring
    Reduce fear of loss

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