Healing & The Whole Person

How can anyone expect to heal from anything if they isolate a part of themselves from the rest? Sometimes we forget how interconnected we are, both in inner and outer ways.

Healing implies a coming together and a mending of what has been broken, malfunctioning, and undernourished. It implies that in some instance or area of our lives, we have lost our sense of Wholeness. Holistic healing refers to the Whole person in order to heal, versus just one of that person’s parts. You will have a chance to hear one of the key healers who helped me to not only heal but transform my life and the way I viewed myself in it…

Alex Trevisan – licensed acupuncturist of over 18 years, certified hypnotherapist, nutritionist, kinesiologist, naturopathic, chiropractic, and homeopathic practitioner will be a guest speaker on my radio show Healing Arts next Tuesday morning from 10:00-11:00 AM PST on KOWS Radio, streaming live on the internet. Alex is also a Reiki master, Tiankong practioner, tai chi and martial arts instructor. He holds a 7th degree black belt as a professor in Shaolin Kenpo and has a background in various martial arts. He is also a physical trainer who combines internal martial methods to weight training, agility, flexibility, speed and power training. This man has many pearls of wisdom to share!

Just to give you a little idea of how sick I once was, here is a true but abbreviated story. Several years after I had been seeing Alex for treatments, we had become friends. One day we were having a light-hearted little chat, and he candidly said to me “I honestly didn’t know how you were living like that or if you’d survive – the shape you were in”. Amazingly, in those earlier times, he never really let on the extent of his concern…

It was precisely his ability to override worry with an attitude of optimism and humor that gave me faith when I felt weak and afraid. He did not sugar coat my reality, but did not give it more weight than I already perceived myself to carry. He saw and treated me as a spirit having a human experience rather than just a physically dense person riddled with symptoms and scars. This is a vital key to healing on any level – for any person. When we are in the process of healing, we need to lighten up, and take our illnesses a bit less seriously instead of identifying so closely with them. This is not to say we should throw all caution to the wind and not take care of ourselves to address imbalances, but our problems multiply when we over-identify with them.

No matter where you are on the journey of healing, remember to view the totality of Being – not just the outer shell or what seems obvious on the surface. There will always be emotional factors, physical factors, and unexpected factors affecting our health. See the potential of Self expanding to touch and become something much greater. This can actually help facilitate the realization of both our wholeness and our limitlessness.


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