Be the Change…

We say that we want things to change but we often resist when they do. We say we want to be different but we feel terrible when we are ostracized for being so. We say we want solutions to our problems, love when there is none, and all the perks of what we believe is “the good life”…

Change is upon us. Love is real. Life is what we make of it.

Mercury in Aquarius now winds back into Direct motion today but will not fully emerge from its Shadow phase until the Spring Equinox of the 21st. The ongoing ruthlessly cardinal grand square with Mars, Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter now intensifies as Mars prepares for Retrograde motion until the 19th of May. The grueling occurrence of Mars in retrospective motion in the sign of Libra brings up the subject of social and interpersonal injustice, showing the previously armed where they are now quite unarmed (the tables have turned) and the previously disempowered are now fully equipped with ammunition – but must wield it well lest they destroy themselves.

In Aquarius Mercury seeks forward movement – not backward. This is the Revolutionary mind in action. It despises what it perceives to be stagnation, stupidity and mediocrity, so let’s explore what that really means, particularly through the lens of Mercury in Aquarius:

Mediocrity means the succumbing to hypnotic superimpositions of nonsensical rules, regulations, and rituals enforced by various institutions – in effect the blind leading the blind, perpetually programmed from an organic state of humanity to one of roboticism.

Humanity implies that a divine intelligence now operates through personal and collective consciousness where free will combined with awareness changes the very nature and meaning of cause and effect itself.

That is the exact interpretation that came through me this morning when I woke up, as Mercury went Direct.

Let’s be as real as the Love that we are made of, and be the change we wish to see in the world.


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