New Moon in Aries – Breaking Free

3-30-14 New Moon 9 degrees Aries

With the New Moon in Aries, we have a fresh clean slate for the spring season. What are some of the hopes, dreams, and visions you’ve had for the year of 2014 that have so far been on hold? It is time to move forward with plans, which may begin with clearing the way for things to become manifest and welcomed into our world. The exuberant fire sign of Aries is all about new beginnings, but we do still have two heavy planets moving retrograde – Mars in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio. Much of what we are beginning now are renewed cycles of interest and commitment in areas that pertain to our personal growth. Because the preceding sign is Pisces where Mercury currently huddles close with Chiron not too far from Neptune, we are given an opportune moment to recognize and release deep seated patterns and addictions which have interfered with our well being and ability to reach our goals.

Uranus in conjunction to the New Moon further signals this to be a rare chance to break out of cells, molds, and conditions that up until the present moment have seemed somehow certain or stuck. Rebellion toward religious and political institutions, or any programming that infringes upon human and divine rights are rising to the fore of collective consciousness. This alignment also amps the T-square between Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter which push for action but show us where we lack drive, initiative or information – and what we need to do about this in order to improve. This T-square will soon again become a Grand Square that includes Mars in mid-April which push our buttons even further, becoming a “do or die” force ultimately for the betterment of our often fragile conditions.

The Sabian symbol for this new moon is:

“A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms to Traditional Images; Revision of Attitude at the Beginning of a New Cycle of Experience.”

This New Moon is a very potent one, completely disarming to some of our most cherished discontents. We get to remake ourselves, based on reorienting our relationships to what has happened in the past. In this process we are definitely facing hardcore addictions – which almost all of us have in some form or another, whether major or minor. Our addictions can show us the methods that we use to avoid deep pain and issues that make us uncomfortable. One of the things that we seem most addicted to in our society is bad news. There is plenty of it to go around – what’s certain is that we won’t be running out of it any time soon. This bad news breeds self sabotage…at least this is what we’ve been led to believe and shown how to replicate.

The goddess asteroids Ceres and Vesta with Mars conjunct the North Node in Libra ask us what and who do we really stand for, lest we “fall for anything”. Relationships that we maintain now and develop in the near future must become more meaningful, supportive, and enriching than some of those we’ve held onto, or they will further push us into states of degeneration, where we have yet more seemingly endless opportunities to confront darkness, addictions, and areas where we feel powerless.

In relation to Ceres in Libra, the subject of nurturing, food, and how this brings together friends and community can be symbolized by a recent sweet story shared online about a center that teaches children how to garden and cook, called The Pumpkin Patch. The woman who began this center has a blog you can check out here.

This New Moon may help us to count our blessings, recover from our misfortunes and be done with things and activities that have kept us tied down. There is nothing worse now to fear than fear itself. Onward we go into the year of the Wood Horse!



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