The Horrorscope of Facebook

With all of the recent Facebook allegations, grievances, and leaks spilled within the past several weeks, wouldn’t you love a peak into the innermost motivations of possibly the most power-hungry and voyeuristic website known to man? The “I can see out but you can’t see in” is game over with the grand slam of Cardinal Grand Crosses this year, involving Pluto in Capricorn to boot.

So far, Facebook has been accused of stalking users browsing history, collecting data to serve us more targeted ads. Its facilitators have admittedly performed all kinds of experiments on human behavior, toying with human emotions and personal information. Some of its team members were nice enough to apologize for doing what they deem as ultimately for our own good.

One thing that isn’t new about this situation is that ever since money has been in the picture for us as a species, everything that is and can be named has been for sale. At least, attempts have been made to sell, clone, and manipulate everything, driven by insatiable lust and greed. When we find out what’s going on we tend to get worked up about it but forget that we are often either participating or enabling the process to continue.

This whole prying on, and preying on humanity really is nothing new. For example, for close to a century the Soviets have extensively explored what has been called Controlled Offensive Behavior, defined as “research on human vulnerability as it applies to methods of influencing or altering human behavior”. Some of the reported techniques used have been things such as sights, sounds, chemicals (chemtrails and so much more), alterations of magnetic fields, hypnosis, and even astral projection.

So what makes Facebook tick?

Well for starters, Mark Zuckerberg, its founding father born May 14th 1984 has some very fixed energetic signatures in his chart. Taurus Sun with the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio, with quite a few Retrogrades. Earth and Water are visibly predominant, but his exact time of birth is not known. It’s said Scorpionic people can be the sinner or the saint with no in between,  but we’re left to wonder what to make of his character when we consider Mark’s words that “hacking isn’t about ‘breaking and entering, it’s about ‘being unafraid to break things in order to make them better. “ By the way, Facebook Headquarters is located at 1 Hacker Way in Menlo Park of California. Of course the joke is on us. Mark was born on a 5 of Diamonds day, and these 5D folks are known to make at least one major about-face on their entire value system at some point in their life, perhaps right before death.

To get a fairly clear picture of the inner workings of Facebook we need to consider the birth dates of both its public launch and its actual inception..

Facebook is an Aquarian (a people person) child, “born” to the world on February 4th, 2004, but it had already come into existence about six months earlier under a different title so this was more of a rebirth for Facebook. It was reborn on an 8 of Spades day. That alone could drop a huge hint at just what kind of influence this internet beast is capable of. All eights represent power, and the spade suit is the strongest in its impact. The temptation to abuse this power comes with the territory. Neptune is conjunct Facebook’s Sun in Aquarius, making for a juicy combination of spiritualism, inspiration, addiction (it has been dubbed “Facecrack”) and confusion pertaining to large groups of people. Facebook’s Mercury is conjunct Chiron in serious Capricorn so the conversations about woes and wounds are all too common here.face-in-book1

The poor baby appears to have Moon in Cancer, so as much as it might inadvertently hurt others it seriously doesn’t like its own feelings hurt. It wants to be LIKED. This is also the sign best known for putting on a front and mimicking others. A chart is both subjective and projective, depending on what view is being taken. Obviously Facebook is not a sentient being, but it is an entity nonetheless, exerting its influence as well as receiving influence from those of us who interact with it. Therefore, it is like everything else, ultimately what one makes of it or doesn’t, as the case may be.

Facemash, the Facebook’s predecessor, opened on October 28, 2003 but some sources say it was launched in July 2003. Apparently, at 11:09 pm on October 28th Mark typed in “yea, it’s on. This is exactly what we want in astrology, the moment of inception.” But what we get with this chart is a bit more of the same stuff as what came later but in a different package.  A need for attention, fun, and love of the spotlight is evident with Facebook’s Leo Rising. Strong feelings and emotions that seek expression and connection with others while struggling with severe episodes of jealousy can be related to its Venus in Scorpio in the 4th house, Moon conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius in the fifth with the Moon conjunct the Galactic Center, which represents a sort of ginormous psychic radio signal in the Cosmos. Chiron in Capricorn exactly opposite of Saturn in Cancer makes for some touchy areas for sure. The Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio are ready to dole out as many opinions and points-of-view as it can muster. Attitude is not lacking. Being in the 4th house though, Facebook’s secret gathering motivations and vulnerabilities are generally hidden from view.

Facebook’s inception took place on a 7 of Hearts day, a card signifying sacrificial and even spiritual love. We do see that this “open book” has a soft spot for the underdog as much as for those clamoring for love and affection with their puckered-lip selfies.

Facebook’s Saturn/Chiron opposition has been hit hard by Pluto lately, so it comes as no surprise that leaks, breaks, and spills are abounding within and around this entity’s domain. This, not to mention Saturn’s transit to FB’s Venus should soon make it all the more interesting. Remember that in the ever-increasing world of A.I. computers don’t have feelings. People do. Animals do. Plants do. We as the most sentient beings mold the world with our thoughts and actions. All of this leads to the question worthy of reflection: Will you allow an outside entity to dominate you or will you rise to the occasion that life presents you with, with or without the aid of the data-collecting spectacle called Facebook?

*Controlled Offensive Behavior, by Captain John D. LaMothe, Controlled Offensive Behavior – USSR, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington D.C. July 1972


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