Full Moon in Aquarius 8-10-14

The Full Moon at 18 degrees of Aquarius becomes exact at on August 10th. The building currents of energy leading up to this moon have been ferociously beautiful, unnerving, and enlightening in an “in-your-face” kind of way. Rebellion with a capitol R has been revving us up for profound transformation as a global community. We cannot continue to be mesmerized by minor problems, gossip and media without our own worlds shrinking.

Assisted by a thrill-seeking sextile from Uranus, this Moon’s archetypal energy may well be described by Oya, the African goddess of thunder and lightning. Her very presence and actions are said to be like that of the flight of birds, the rustling of leaves, the rolling of waves, the buzzing of bees, the sound of music, and the roar of lions – depending on the time of day and her mood. She is threshold guardian who ushers her followers into a new life, or the afterlife. With an ego-crushing force similar to Kali Ma’s, her rites of passage can be both brutal and kind, sweeping clear obstacles with her howling hurricanes, thunder and lightning.

oya by Francisco Santos

Oya by Francisco Santos

If we want something to happen and we enlist Oya’s aid, she’ll usually begin by serving us the exact opposite of that thing. She reminds us that something old must be destroyed before something new can be birthed. If we need to relocate, divorce, or buy a new car, she’ll get on the ball with making whatever is dysfunctional in our life no longer available for us to waste our precious time on. She helps us to properly redistribute the energy and level out the relationships in our lives, without the same kind of hemming and hawing as Aquarius’s buddy Libra.

Mars in Scorpio’s approaching square along with a fixed T-square from Saturn to this moon is bringing deep wounds and injustice to light. To Oya, injustice isn’t a matter of conversation but of direct action that many will be compelled to acknowledge and heed. We must carefully consider the ramifications of anything we think, say, or do however, because Aquarius’s sudden impulses can easily get us into trouble. Sensuality and sexual merging are also highlights of Mars in Scorpio, and in contact with the Full Moon. Martian outbursts of energy or neither good nor bad until they have seized control of individuals and nations. Being “possessed” by anger and extreme stress can shorten our telomeres, but conversely utilizing the raw power that Mars represents with a calm intention we can make significant and appropriate change in our lives and on our planet, deepening our love for ourselves, each other and nature.

Oya is also a wielder of fire. Have you ever wished someone who wronged you or others would burn in hell? Chances are they already did, are and will. The greater challenge in this situation is to override the false sense of satisfaction in knowing with a genuine wish for that person to finally be relieved of their suffering. In this way, humanitarian pursuits which are a strong tendency for the Aquarian do not condone the wrongdoings of criminals or people who make grave mistakes. Such pursuits mean that the person involved works to become a warrior for peace by taming the beast within, serving as an example and guide to others.

Some of us don’t figure out what we’re capable of and how we affect the world around us until it’s too late. This Full Moon, granted that we are still alive and breathing shows us that we stand at some critical choice points toward what can make or break our future selves.


2 thoughts on “Full Moon in Aquarius 8-10-14

  1. I like this sentense: “We cannot continue to be mesmerized by minor problems, gossip and media without our own worlds shrinking.” Great post, so right on, as always!!

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