Saturn in Sagittarius and the Search for Truth

Saturn is about tradition, discipline, delays, rules and learning while Sagittarius is about soaring to new heights in physicality and consciousness. The planet and sign are not necessarily opposed but they don’t speak the same language either. By the time Saturn has firmly laid the groundwork for any given plan or established a set of criteria for some purpose, Sagittarius says “Great!  Seeya…wouldn’t wanna be ya!” In one scenario, on Sag’s way out the door of a monotonous setting he stumbles, soon realizing that he can only go so fast with a haphazard plan, a fractured hip or some other odd form of rebellion. But nothing stops him (or her). By the time he has the will to act contrary to what he has been sold as truth, he will stop at nothing but death. By the way, Saturn in Sagittarius also wants to have some fun while he’s at it.


This is actually similar to an internal dialogue that can occur for those born with this placement of Saturn, and when the planet transits Sagittarius as it will from December 23rd of 2014 until December 19th 2017. There is a conflict between the way things have been done and worked thus far in the outer world, and the creeping sensation that there are huge limitations to our old patriarchal systems and programs. The attempt to move beyond them seems very daunting, so for a period of time some people will cling to their own status quo for dear life. The danger for any us during this period of time is that if we are personally affronted in some way or suddenly find some terrific flaw in a model of behavior that we have blindly followed, we may be tempted to charge against it with upraised weapons or vehemence without thinking things through at all, and the results can be to our own detriment.

A period of time that people may feel quite stumped by Saturn will be when it turns Retrograde back into Scorpio from June 14th to September 18th of 2015. There may be some karmic retributions and backlash felt by those who didn’t use any of their opportunities in 2014 to clean up their acts. It is possible that climate control and pollution comes up for debate with even greater prominence than before. Not doing anything about the ecologic challenges we’ve created and now face is less and less of an option for the “middle class”, while being proactive will be the rising trend now and over the next several years.

Since Sagittarius relates to travel and transportation, my guess is that cars that run on air may become more easily accessible and widely used. New forms of free energy may be re-introduced to our society, particularly during the later degrees of the transit during 2017.

Raising the Bar, Raising Awareness 

At the onset of this transit late December of 2014 Saturn joins with the goddess asteroid Pallas Athene, while Mars and Jupiter face off, ringing in a new year of great vision and tremendous aspirations, not to mention a thirst for power and domination. Religious preachers and spiritual warriors from the jihad to children of the “New Age” may either be fighting for their ideologies or exclaiming for joy their victories.

While Saturn transits Sagittarius our own levels of understanding within religious structures, widely accepted philosophies and traditions will be greatly challenged. Certain things tend get worse before they get better, so before awareness is raised a narrowing of vision may initially appear most evident during this time. The gurus and “Billy Grahams” of the world will probably have a lot to say about that at this time. A marked rebellion will likewise rattle within the collective as whistleblowers continue to reveal both the corruption and vulnerability of those wielding and abusing ultimate authority. With the three-year Uranus Pluto square and Saturn’s exit from Scorpio, many protests, campaigns and boycotts have already been cropping up seemingly like out of control weeds, while governments have cracked down with the same levels of ferocity on those who opposed them. There may be a lot more of this yet to come. Through more inflictions upon both innocent and guilty parties alike, people will eventually realize their corporate slavery in a very ancient battle that cannot be won through any ordinary means, and certainly not by outrage. What we need is greater knowledge. In this way, our similarities are greater than our differences as cultures, as races, and as those who have long conformed to various world views, wherever on Earth we may live. Winning together will call for extraordinary means that combine willpower, clarity, compassion, love, precision, and an inner form of discipline that tempers the emotions and enables us to unite as family rather than tear each other apart as enemies.

Knowledge vs Wisdom

Saturn in the realm of higher learning poses an interesting challenge to education and philosophy in general, in that it can initially inhibit these areas but potentially strengthen them considerably in ways that many people would not have previously imagined. Saturn is not here to take away our goods and progress or prevent us from success but to work harder for them.  This means harder work for us all, in both the development and maintenance of a more efficient or fair economy. Fairness might seem impossible goal, but by the time Saturn reaches this sign we have already recently been schooled on the ineffectiveness of greed and segregation which does not make anybody happy. By this time we will at least attempt to make appropriate adjustments where necessary, even if that means more of us risk looking like idiots in the process.

Knowledge itself as a collection of memorized bits of information can easily go to waste but Saturn in Sagittarius shows us that wisdom is what is required for true progress to be made. We must unlearn the fear of making mistakes, and especially the insidious fear of being punished for good deeds. Sometimes to become wise we must consciously be willing to first be or least appear to be fools.

Saturn’s Unschooling Methods

I find resonance in the Unschooling philosophy and methodology, which could be a relevant topic to Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius. The term unschooling is a relatively new one and refers to a radical practice and philosophy that rejects compulsory school as the primary means of learning. Similar to homeschooling, it stretches even farther from the norm by insisting that a child should not be forced into specific pursuits but be supported in the uncovering and fostering of their own particular skills and interests. Whether homeschooling, unschooling, or some other such method it is apparently imminent that a parent or guardian devote some of their own precious time toward that child’s progress rather than merely leave them in the care of a system that primarily teaches them to bow to authority and doesn’t necessarily impart true life enhancing skills.

A love of culture, learning, and reading may be the saving grace for many who experience Saturn’s transit through the sign of freedom and exploration of a higher purpose in the cosmos. As far as widespread knowledge goes, this will be a game changer, that much is sure.

Let Go and Laugh

With Saturn’s most recent and upcoming transits we will have effectively learned a few hard lessons about our interconnectedness, equality vs inequality in various areas (Saturn in Libra ), money, distribution of wealth, secrets held by those who seek control over others (Saturn in Scorpio), expansion of ideologies and philosophies (Saturn in Sagittarius) and greater resourcefulness and responsibility (Saturn in Capricorn). At some point during all of this we will also beg for and almost certainly receive comic relief from the myriad ways we take ourselves far too seriously.

Whether more people begin crumpling up their so-called homework, their taxes, or their contracts to organizations that have made more than their share of profit from the poor, the peculiarities of religion, education, medicine, and politics will become less important than their effectiveness and putting them into practice for benefiting others. Unschooling is a term, a practice and I believe and appropriate metaphor for our breaking free from rules and falsities that have kept us gripped in fear as they no longer make sense to us, no longer serve us, and no longer sustain us, highlighted by Saturn’s sojourn through truth seeking Sagittarius.


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